All in the Family part 2


      The phone was ringing as I got home from a lunch date. Jennifer, my friend, who I was eager to turn into a friend with benefits, had been my date. We had been sitting close together, and under the table, she ran her hand up my thigh, turning my cock into a stiff rod, sliding her hands over the eager, throbbing bulge. Her loose dress had a wonderful gap in the front, she had been eager to lean foward as she pressed against me, my eyes gazed down into the valley between those luscious melons. She whispered to me that maybe it was time to go back to her place, and add the benefits to our friendship. Then fate stepped in, her cell phone went off, and her boss called, he was in a bind, and her needed her to come into work, NOW. I sighed, damn the bad luck. Jennifer apologized, and told me that our benefits would have to wait a little while. I drove her back to her place, so she could take her car to work. Looking mournfully at the hard bulge still tenting me up, she patted me.

     "Our benefits are only postponed, not canceled" she said, smiling at me, "And you will get a benefits package that will make the wait worthwhile. "

     With a quick kiss, she was gone. I drove home, my cock refusing to shrink. Looked like I'd have to stroke the lust out of him, maybe fantasize about Jennifer's awesome body, how she'd look naked, while I stroked, giving myself a sort of mental preview of when we got together.

     Walking in my front door, I picked up the ringing phone, and what a nice surprise. It was Margie, Roger's hot boxed wife, who loves to to be fucked hard, fantasizing that she's being raped.

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     "Hello you little rapist, is your prick nice and hard? Looking for someone to ram your prick into, and fuck them senseless? I can just bet your cock is getting all nice and hard, imagining the hard rape you want to give me, right, you little fucker?" she growled.

     Oh I had indeed grown very hard. The remembered heat of fucking her, after she came over to "avenge" my fucking of her daughter, had turned my rod into a stiff pole, eager to ravage her tight holes again. And now, with the timing, it couldn't be better. Fate could indeed be a capricious thing

     "Ok you little horny bitch, I'd be more than happy to fuck your ass off!"

     "Ok you prick. Get your ass over to my home, Roger's gone for a few days, and I want you to put me in my place, and rape me!" she growled.

     With that kind of invitation, I was there very quickly, my cock steel hard, so eager to "rape" her tight cunt and mouth. Margie, the wife of my boss, is a real knockout, 38 years old, with sky blue, twinkling eyes, a great smile, long blonde hair, very generous, nicely formed breasts, a great hourglass shape, and when she turned around, I had seen that see she had a gorgeous, heart shaped ass. I was also introduced to their daughter Jeanine, who was almost a carbon copy of her Mom, who I had taken out during the party, and kept her out for an all night suck and fuck. Margie had come over to have it out with me, for taking her daughter out. It had been just a pretext, as she was very quickly out of her clothes, and had me "rape" her, taking my hard cock up every hole she had. After such a frezied fucking session, I had been hoping I'd get to relive that scenario again.

     She opened the door, and oh fuck, she was ready. Those eyes, that long blonde hair, those fantastic tits, and that ass, all so hot and eager for it. As if I needed any more incentive, she was wearing a black garter belt, long black nylons, and black crotchless panties, her muff was trimmed down to just a very sparse, fine fluff, and I could see her juices had slicked her up, oh yes, she was ready.

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     "Hmpf, I'm just ready to get all dressed up to go out, and here's my rapist again! So, you little prick, are you going to fuck my brains out again?"

     I grabbed her, pulling her along towards the bedroom, and growled, "Yeah, you horny bitch, I'm gonna fuck you until you see stars!"

     In the bedroom, there were two sets of handcuffs on the bed, a butt plug and a bottle of lube on the nightstand.

     "You little prick, I'll just bet you're going to cuff me to the bed, and rape the hell out of me! That's just what a horny little fucker like you does, isn't it?"

     "Yeah, you slut, that's just what I intend to do!"

     I shoved her down on the bed, the first set of handcuffs cuffed her wrists together above her head, and the second one looped through the chain of the first set, and I locked her upraised arms to one of the brass rails of the headboard.

I stripped, my cock springing free, she gazed at it, her breathing deep.

     "Look, look at that horny little fucker! The same hard cock that fucked my pussy, and now, you're going to rape me again, aren't you, you little bastard?" she growled.

     "Yeah, a horny bitch like you needs to get fucked, good and hard, and I'm going to fuck you until you see stars!"

     This time, she put up a fight, flinging her legs around, giving me a rush as I pinned her legs down. I forced them apart, and getting quickly between the spread of her thighs, I notched it against her.

     "Here's what you want bitch, it's what all you horny bitches want!" I growled.

     I gave a hard thrust, and buried my entire 8 inches, right to the balls. She let out a loud howl.

     "Yes, yes you fucker, rape my cunt, fuck my cunt, rape the horny little slut, rape me!"

     Grasping her behind her knees, I hoisted her legs over my shoulders, the sight of her pinned to the bed on my cock, her arms stretched up and cuffed to the headboard, her face a wild, feral mask of burning lust, drove me crazy. I savagely rammed into her, her breasts bouncing up and down as I powered fucked her, my lust burning, as she growled like a tiger, and grunted and squealed like a stuck pig, in the grip of an almost animalistic fucking rage.

     "Rape, rape, rape me, rape my cunt, rape me!"

     I roared towards orgasm, feeling my prick swelling with a massive urgency, Margie howling as she felt me get bigger, pressing tightly against her cervix then splitting her open, and I exploded. Fuck, I felt like a fire hose, squirting again and again, her squeals urging me own, as I emptied my throbbing cock into the burning lust pit of her hungry womb.

     After I had filled her up, I got up, and told her, "I'm gonna leave you there like that for a while bitch, when I come back, I'm gonna do some more!"

     Her eyes wild, she growled, "Yeah you little fucker, leave me cuffed up and waiting for your next raping!"

     I hopped in the shower, taking my time. I was going to make her wait, I smiled as I toweled off, then I walked right past her, out to the kitchen, and had a little snack.

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   I sat down in front of the TV, and watched a movie. Two hours later, I figured she'd waited long enough.

     I walked in, grabbed her and rolled her over, so she was on her knees, her hands still cuffed together, stretched up and cuffed to the headboard. I grabbed the butt plug, and placed it right against her tight rose shaped pucker.

     "Hey you prick, no one but my husband takes my ass, but a horny rapist doesn't care about that do you, you prick?" she growled at me.

     "Damn right baby!"

     I pushed, hard, listening to her howl as she took the butt plug, 5 inches of hard rubber forcing apart the tight walls. I grinned, and decided to make her wait a bit more.

     "I'll be back bitch, don't go anywhere!"

     I roamed the house for about 10 minutes, I would have taken longer, but my cock was back up, throbbing and eager, and I was going to fuck her ass off.

     Back in the bedroom, she growled, "And now you're going to pull out the plug, and fuck my ass aren't you? Even thought I only let my husband do that, you don't care, you just want to rape my holes, right, you prick?"

     "Yeah, exactly!"

     I lubed up, pulled out the plug, and positioned myself. Gripping her hips tightly, I drove in, the extra tight clamp and her howl as I drove in right to the balls, making my prick sizzle.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck, give it to me, rape my ass, I'm just a dirty bitch, rape my ass, rape me, blow your load right up there, RAPE ME!"

     Gripping her hips tightly, I did exactly that, driving my throbbing prick in and out, again and again, Margie's howls, squeals and cries of pleasure urging me on. I felt my balls draw up, and with the extra tight clamp of her asshole gripping at me, I let it go, gushing a thick volley into her tight back door.

     Just as I pulled out, Roger, Margie's 40 year old husband, appeared.

I had a hell of a shock, and was ready to run for my life, when I saw his cock, 8 inches of rock hardness.

     Margie taunted, "Yeah, just what you wanted to see! Had so much trouble getting it up, until you saw me getting fucked didn't you? Did you enjoy hiding in the closet, did it get your balls all excited, watching your perfect little wifey getting her cunt raped, turning her into a hot boxed little slut? Is that what you want, little man? Want to rape my cunt also?"

     Rolling her onto her back, with her hands still cuffed up above her head, Roger quickly mounted his wife, letting out a loud growl as his 8 inches penetrated her, ramming it in. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 


     "Yeah, fuck yeah, give it to me, your horny bitch of a wife, fuck me, ram me, drive it in, rape me, rape me hard, you little fucker, RAPE ME!"

     I watched, my cock starting to firm up again, as Roger drove his cock in, growling as her rammed Margie's steamy box. I decided to get in on the action. Kneeling over Margie's head, I presented my revived cock to her mouth.

     "Yeah, and my other rapist is going to force me to suck his cock, and swallow his cum, isn't that right you big prick?"

     "Open up bitch, so I can rape your mouth!"

     As she did so, I grabbed the back of her head, and forced my 8 inches in, touching the back of her throat, and began fucking her face, the heat of her mouth bathing my cock in that tight, wet heaven of sucking mouth, and tight milking lips.

     Roger growled again, and couldn't tear his eyes away, as he watched his wife give hot head to another man's cock. I was watching him fuck his wife's horny, burning pit of lust, and I could feel the cum stirring, Margie really was a cock sucker par excellence, and I knew I was going to fill her mouth. I growled, as orgasm grabbed me again, and I fired a volley into her mouth, giving her hungry mouth a taste, she eagerly swallowed my load.

     As I pulled out, Margie growled, "See that? One rapist had fucked every hole I have! Are you going to force me to do the same, like to rape every hole I have?"

     "Yeah, yeah you little bitch, every hole!" Roger growled.

     "Yeah, rape me, I love it, rape me, rape me, rape my cunt, rape my fucking cunt, yes, yes, FUUCCCKKKK!"

     Her voice rose to a shriek as she exploded, her body jerking and shaking wildly.

     Roger growled, "Yeah, yeah, take my load you little whore, fuck, FUCK!"

     He started thrusting wildly, and Roger was cumming, too, his cock erupting deep inside his wife's burning lust furnace, thrusting and grunting and spilling his sizzling spunk deep inside her. I figured it was probably a good time to take my leave, sounded like Margie was still hot for more "rape", and Roger was more than happy to play her rapist.      


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