An Unexpected Encounter: The Passenger



It was a pretty miserable Friday. Overcast, gloomy, and worst of all, slow. But at least it was the weekend. You were optimistic about what you’d get up to, though in the back of your mind you knew it probably wasn’t a lot. At least you wouldn’t be working for another two days.

You climb onto the bus with the regulars. As everyone busily scrambles on board, you get squished in amongst the crowd and feel people up against you on all sides. It’s somewhat awkward – but also arousing in a weird way. As you find yourself a seat towards the back of the bus, your mind wanders. You wonder whether people get any satisfaction out of feeling your body pushed up against them. You look around the bus trying to survey the scene – it’s a pretty average crowd. The passengers blur into a single grey mass of nothingness. And just as you swing your head back to the window, one passenger catches your eye. Standing in the aisle about 5 metres from you, you notice his eyes fixed firmly upon you. You quickly glance away and stare out the window. Without even looking at him, you can feel his powerful gaze fixated upon you.


   A sense of unease falls over you, as your heart rate starts to increase. Who is this mysterious guy? Why is he staring at me? The questions bounce around in your brain over and over, but no answers are coming.

As the bus stops, you look over to the aisle and the man has disappeared. As a new wave of passengers board the bus, you look around trying to find him but can’t. You let out a frustrated sigh. There was something about him that you couldn’t help but feel drawn towards – that aura of confidence and mystery was incredibly alluring. As were his pristine blue eyes and piercing stare. You turn your attention back to your phone, put your headphones in and switch to a new song. As the bus takes off and you stare back out the window, you realise you just missed your stop. The mysterious man had completely unsettled you.

A few minutes pass, and the bus eventually stops again. You get up from your seat and move over to the doors, squeezing through the crowd of people. As you finally get off the bus, you start walking down the street.
Despite your best efforts, you can’t shake him from your mind. With music playing in your ears, and his image running through your mind, you find yourself in your own little world, oblivious to everything going on around you.

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   As you turn the corner off the main street and keep heading towards your house, you suddenly feel something reach around you from behind. As it pulls you around aggressively, you realise it is an arm. Startled, you spin and all of a sudden, those piercing blue eyes lock hold once again. Before you can say or do anything, he reaches up with his spare hand and forces a cloth over your mouth. You try to scream, but all you can manage is a muffled noise, before your world fades to black…

-Part 2-

Your senses gradually come back. You hear some muffled noises in the background, and realise your eyes are closed. A pleasant but alluring smell wafts through your nose. You force open your eyes and survey your surroundings. The room is dark, with only a few small candles providing light. You notice a bed in the corner of the room, and a small side table, with a bunch of random items collected on top. You can’t make out what they are. As you look to your right, you see a cabinet, again with a clutter of items neatly arranged as if they had been prepared. At this point, you try and stand before realising you can’t. You look down and notice that you’ve been stripped down to your underwear. What the fuck? You think to yourself.

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   At least I wore clean underwear today… Your wrists and ankles tied down to the chair make it impossible for you to move. You squirm a little bit and try to move into a more comfortable position.
As you slowly regain more and more of your consciousness, you call out…”Hello?”. No answer. You call again…. ”Hello?” You hear some shuffling sounds from behind the door, before it swings open. You’re blinded momentarily as a flash of light fills the room from the corridor. As your vision returns, you hear the door close and then he appears, right in front of you. Those powerful, blue eyes stare straight into yours. You freeze. Your brain slowly tries to comprehend what is happening but words escape you. All you can manage are emotions. Fear. Panic. Lust.

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   Arousal. The perfect concoction of emotional hormones begins to fill your body.

“Nice of you to finally wake up. ” He says to you with a crisply, and with an air of confidence. You gradually come to the realisation that he’s been here before, done this before, and knows what he’s doing. You’re in his world now, and he’s in control. Your brain knows you should be trying to escape – to get anywhere but here. And yet, your body has already made up its mind. It is RIGHT where it wants to be.

He pulls over another chair, swings it around with its back to you and sits down. His eyes roam up and down your body, taking in every inch of you. “Who are you?” You manage to mutter. “That isn’t important. But you can call me Tommy. ” He quips back.

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   “What’s your name, beautiful?” He adds. “What should I call you?” “…Phoebe…” You manage.
“Phoebe…. what a lovely name for a lovely young girl. We are going to have a lot of fun together Phoebe. ” He adds calmly.
You can feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins; the feeling of not knowing what will happen next, and the excitement of not being in control. As you squirm in the chair, you feel that familiar feeling between your legs. Warmth, moisture. Fucking hell! What is going on with me?? I’m enjoying this? I’m actually enjoying being kidnapped by a stranger?? Fuck. I am really enjoying this, you think to yourself.

Tommy gets up, and moves the chair over to the corner of the room. As he does so, you look him over. He is tall, with short dark hair left in a mess. He’s wearing a tank top and short footy shorts; every rippling muscle is visible.

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   The tattoos on his big biceps shine in the candlelight. As your eyes wander, they make their way to his powerful thighs. Fuck this guy looks like he was carved from marble you think to yourself.
Tommy notices you looking him over. “Do you like what you see Phoebe?” he asks you. Unsure what to do, you awkwardly pause. Tommy walks towards you, and slaps you across the face, knocking your head to the side. The stinging peels around your face and you let out a yelp. You feel his hand on your chin as he brings your head back upright. “When I ask you a question Phoebe, you answer me,” he says calmly. “Do you like what you see?” he asks again. “Yes…” you manage hesitantly. “When you address me Phoebe, you will call me Tommy or Sir. So, I’ll ask again, do you like what you see?” he adds firmly. “Yes sir.

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  ” You reply, meekly. Satisfied with your answer, he steps back and takes off his singlet, exposing his ripped abs. You can’t help but gasp as you take in the perfect picture in front of you. “How about now?” He asks smugly.
You nod feverishly, “yes sir. ”
“Good. Now, I think it is my turn to see what we are dealing with. ” He says.

He walks towards you, leans in, and moves his head close to yours. Your lips are just millimetres away. You feel an uncontrollable urge to kiss him, but you manage to contain yourself. As he moves his head to the side, you feel his breath on your cheek. He kisses down your neck, gently. Tenderly. As his lifts his head up, he runs his hands up your thighs, across your stomach, and up to your breasts.

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   Still in your bra, you feel his hands reach around behind your back and unclip your bra, sliding it down from your shoulders. As it catches on your wrists, he reaches over to the cabinet and grabs a pair of scissors. He cuts the straps and throws the bra onto the floor. “You won’t be needing that anymore. ” He says in justification.

As he puts the scissors back, you take a second to absorb what is going on. You can feel the hot, wet, mess forming in between your legs. You realise how badly you want him to touch it – well, how badly you want him to touch you in general. You’re brought back to reality when you feel his hands gently cup your breasts. He moves his hands around them swiftly, before gently pinching your nipples. “Perfect. ” He says in admiration. He leans in and kisses them gently, stopping to nibble on your, now erect, nipples. Each movement, each touch, each kiss, each sensation builds the growing storm inside of you. As he pulls away from your breasts, he slaps one.

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   Hard. Again, that sudden sensation of pain crashes over you, but before you know it, he is back kissing it again, and the pain is replaced with pleasure. Then the same with the other. Pain. Pleasure. Your mind and body cannot cope.

As he runs his hands down your stomach to your thighs, he begins to squat down in front of you. His hands run across your underwear, which are now soaked and doing nothing to hide your excitement. “Well well, what have we here?” He asks jokingly. “Are you enjoying yourself Phoebe?” he adds. “Mmmm yess sir, very much so. ” You mumble in pleasure. As you respond, you lift your bum off the chair, encouraging him to remove your panties. He duly does as you wish. Again, the panties get caught at your ankles, and he reaches for the scissors.

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   This time, not only does he cut your panties away, he cuts the ties around your ankles, freeing your legs. Before you can react, he lifts your bum off the chair, and spreads your legs nice and wide, before moving his head in to get a really close view of your smooth pussy. “Glorious. ” Is all you hear from him, before you feel his tongue gently begin to caress your clit.

Fucking hell, I’m not going to last very long here you think to yourself. You close your eyes and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure that is starting to engulf you. Each delicate movement of his tongue along your clit sends tingles through your legs. He is an expert, a master. No movement is wasted, each glide of his tongue, effortless. You start to push your pelvis into his face, as if to encourage him, knowing full well he is in control and will do what he wants when he wants. He begins to increase his pace, but still maintains complete control of his movements. Gliding across your clit over and over, the pleasure continues to grow, and the pressure starts reaching breaking point. You let out a soft gasp, as you feel your body being to tense up. His pace increases, constantly tickling your clit over and over, perfectly in sync with your pleasure. You try to fight it, but you can’t help yourself.


   “Oh fuck” you yelp, as you feel your eyes roll back, your toes curl, and your body shake as wave after wave of pleasure crashes across your body like a tsunami. And just like that, a complete stranger has brought you to the most earthshattering orgasm you’ve ever had. And you know you want more. And you want it now.

As you come back to reality, Tommy places you back on the chair and walks over to the cabinet. He takes a quick drink of water, before grabbing the scissors again. As he walks back towards you, you notice the sizeable bulge in his pants. You can’t wait to play with it, and as soon as he cuts your hands free, they spring straight to the bulge. You run your right hand over the outline, taking in its size. “Wow. ” You murmur. “Would you like to see it Phoebe?” he asks. “Yes sir,” you nod, enthusiastically. He pulls down his footy shorts and underwear, and his hard cock springs forward into your face. You quickly grab the shaft and begin to stroke it gently.


   You start taking it all in – you notice his extra thickness, the perfect shape of his circumcised head, and the impressive length. Never before have you wanted to play with a cock as badly as you do with Tommy’s.

You pull his hard cock close to your lips, and gently slide it inside your mouth. You feel the warmth of his hard cock between your lips and begin to run your tongue around it. As you start to increase your pace, sliding it faster and faster, you begin to slide your hand up and down his shaft at the same time. You feel his hand rest gently on the back of your head, moving your hair away out of your face. You can hear him start to let out some soft moans, and just as you feel like you’re starting to take control of him, he pulls his cock out of your mouth and slaps you across the cheek. “No. You’re in my world Phoebe. ” And just to prove his point, in one swift motion, he stands you up and bends you over the back of the chair. Without any hesitation, you feel him force his big, hard cock deep inside your wet pussy. You let out a squeal in pain as he thrusts into you with reckless abandon. As his cock reaches deeper than you’ve ever felt before, he grabs the back of your hair, pulls your head up, and whispers into your ear “you belong to me now Phoebe. ” You know it is true. And you love it.

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And as if to prove his point, you feel his throbbing cock slide out of your dripping vagina and slam back in, deeper than you thought possible, with his balls bouncing against you. You let out a squeal in pain, but he doesn’t slow down. Instead, his pace quickens. With every thrust the pain begins to subside, and in its place, you begin to feel immense pleasure. The sheer size and power of his cock has taken over your body and gives you nothing but bliss as it effortlessly spreads your tight pussy. He lets go of your hair and moves his hands down to your breasts, cupping them tightly, as he continues to thrust in and out of you. You can feel your legs starting to give way as your body is immersed in nothing but sheer, animalistic pleasure.

You can feel it building again. That unmistakeable but often illusive feeling. It is looming. Growing. With each successive thrust, you get one step closer. His cock, his body, they feel as though they were crafted by the gods. Your breathing increases, your body starts to shake. And with one final thrust, you cannot contain yourself anymore.

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   You lose all sense of control, of time and of space. The humungous wave of pleasure crashes over you and fills your body with pure ecstasy as you reach your climax. As your pussy spasms around his cock, you hear him let out a deep guttural moan, and you feel his glorious cock throb inside of you as he shoots wave after wave of his hot load deep inside of you. Your pleasure perfectly entwined.

As he slides his cock out of your pussy and lets go of your body, you collapse to the floor. A hot mess. Panting, and with your hair everywhere, you can feel his cum starting to drip out of your thoroughly used pussy. As you regain your composure, he tosses you your clothes. “We are done here. Put them on,” he says. You sheepishly do as you’re told. As you get dressed, he offers you his hand and helps you to your feet. He eyes you up and down once more for good measure, then slams you up against the wall. “You’re mine now, Phoebe. Don’t forget it.

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And with that, you know it is true. Your body, your breasts, your pussy, your ass – they aren’t yours anymore. They aren’t your boyfriends. They’re Tommy’s. As he shows you to the door, he gives you a card – “back here Monday, same time. Don’t be late. And bring a friend. ” You’re still trying to process what just happened, but one thing is for sure – you fucking loved it. And you’re already trying to think of a friend who could join you.
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