Asian Revelations


Asian Revelations


My wife Kim and I were finishing a job assignment in Seoul, Korea when this all began. We are now both in our mid 40’s and have been married over 20 years. Kim is petite, 5’0, 34c/25/26 and still cute after all these years. I am still holding my own; I work out and so far have been successful in keeping my hair, weight down and maintain try to a good attitude. Something that has been on the downswing for several years however has been our sexual relationship. Although we still have sex, it’s simply not exciting and “not enough” for me. Part of the problem has been our busy schedules with work, friends, and television. That’s right, Kim loves to watch Korean drama shows at night and by the time they are over, I’m zonked out in bed and getting ready for the next day. The problem I soon acquired was the Internet and specifically porn and XXX chats.   I quickly became addicted to them both. The stimulation I received from porn just further frustrated the sexual experiences I was lacking with Kim.


I used my cam to masturbate with other couples, sometimes single women, and even men if the moment seemed desperate. I sometimes sent pics of my wife to horny men that just needed a sexual release. After a while I felt this was dangerous since Kim’s privacy was at stake. I stopped the Internet chats for a while but then got frustrated again with our own sexual relationship, I felt like we were a tired out couple. No longer did we go out and run the clubs or seek excitement like we used to.

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   I had always loved to watch Kim among other men. Her flirting always seemed to be her strong point. We had even discussed on numerous occasions her being with another men, just to boost her sexual experiences. She played with the idea but never really took me seriously. I knew guys that wanted her. I could tell by their comments and gestures. I also sometimes wanted to have a sexual relationship with someone else. Perhaps someone else’s wife, but she needed to be Asian. I thought, “yeah, sure. ” Soon, I was hitting the Internet again and jerking my cock whenever I got alone with the computer.


Two months before we were to end our tour in Korea, I joined a sexually oriented newsgroup that was dedicated to men with Asian wives. It depicted pics of so-called members wives that I knew by experience were models copied from the web. There was an exception though; I found a message pertaining to a mixed American/Taiwanese couple with the wife being from Taiwan. The husband was Hank and the wife’s name was Lisa. I was fascinated by the messages Hank had posted because they each said the same thing, “that his wife wanted to be in a threesome or gangbang and that he wanted to watch.

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  â€ He also stated his area and was looking for active couples/men to join in. I remember him saying he was in Texas.


What really got me about Hank and Lisa was that Lisa’s pics on the site were real. They showed her in cute poses from her youth and some more current pics completely nude. She looked incredibly hot to me and I couldn’t take my eyes off her nipples in the pics I saw. Hank and Lisa was real people very close to my wife’s and my own age. I liked what I saw. I contacted Hank via e-mail and waited.



Hank replied to my mail and told me of his situation. I told him of mine. I told him how brave he was to post Lisa’s pics in the group for all the hard cocks on the site. He said he seriously wanted to swing with his wife. I told him we are very much the same. Both wives were shy about extramarital sex but the desire was there for all. Soon, I was trading semi-nude and nude pics I’d taken of Kim years before.

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   It really excited me to make this connection with Hank. I jacked my cock numerous times to Lisa’s pics as Hank and I chatted about fucking each other’s wife. Soon, I got busy with other things especially the pending move and I lost contact with Hank. I figured it was another sexual fantasy to remember, nothing more.




Just before leaving Korea, I was given opportunity to transfer jobs from my old job site to the Dallas Texas area. Since the new job meant a promotion and a better job, Kim and I decided together it would be a good move. The part we hated about moving soon became reality. We had to move to a new house, luckily, we sold our old home in a couple of weeks. The new house was such a chore though because our kids had recently moved out and I had to work off and on with the new job in addition to working around the new house. One thing I really liked about the new home was the pool. I had never had one before and there was the addition of an outdoor Hot Tub neatly concealed away in a gazebo structure in one corner of the yard that was well shielded by a privacy fence, 5 acres of land and the many trees just to the rear of our new home. It felt good to be away from the city lots we had lived in all our lives. I told myself, I’m going to get that pool going and the Hot Tub working tomorrow, but tomorrow was a long way off, too many things to do in the house and with the new job before I could concentrate on the backyard.



After a week of constant unpacking, moving furniture and hanging pictures, Kim and I both needed a break. I also needed sex.

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   We had not done anything other than a quickie since we had got into the house. Kim is a real slave driver when it comes to organizing things. That Friday, Kim and I said no housework today and ventured out to the Dallas Metro. We went to the Irving area and checked out the Korean restaurants there. It was after lunch but we wanted to eat a good meal. The restaurant we found looked like a diner but were crowded for that time of day. Kim and I sat at a booth and ordered our means. Kim mentioned to me she needed to find some friends. I readily agreed.



Soon, a couple came into the restaurant and sat at a table directly across from us. They were laughing at each other and actually quite attractive. I glanced over to see the husband was stocky and tall. He lacked the “pot belly” look at most men this age seem to acquire. His wife (or girlfriend) was very petite like Kim and about the same age. Her accent was a little different than Koreans (when they speak English) as she spoke to the waitress but I didn’t know where she was from.


   The couple seemed to be “new” at reading the menu they holding. The wife kept asking her husband what the items on the list were. The waitress said she would be right back to help and this is when Kim took the opportunity to help.





Kim walked over and explained the menu items to the couple. (Kim had been a waitress for many years). The woman giggled a little as she listened to Kim go over the menu, soon Kim was laughing too. That’s when I looked more closely to the woman at the table. She was incredibly cute and she looked somehow very familiar. The more I looked at her, the more I wanted to look. I tried not to stare but kept thinking in my mind that I had seen her somewhere before. I also noticed that the guy sitting with her was looking very unusual. He was staring at Kim as if he was looking at a porn magazine.


While my mind was lost in history, I heard Kim tell me to come over. I went over and we all introduced each other. After I introduced Kim, and myself they introduced themselves.

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   His name was Hank and his wife’s name was Lisa. It felt like fire alarms were going off in my head. “This couldn’t fucking be, I thought this can’t be the couple. ” I quickly remembered the Internet chats I’d had earlier. I never even saw Hanks image on line, but this had to be Lisa. Even when I saw Hanks startling eyes as we shook hands I was in shock. My cock suddenly hardened and I sat down to hide it. We had been invited to eat with Lisa and Hank and this would prove to be the most interesting lunches we ever had.


We all began some small talk and Lisa and Kim seemed to be one of a kind, they both like to joke and talk about Texas and just “getting old. ” They both also began taking “pot shots” at both of us. This was good, because Hank and I could finally break from our trains of sexual thought and have a real conversation. Deep in my mind though, I knew that Hank had seen pics of Kim naked just as I had seen pics of Lisa. We were probably both wondering what they looked like beneath their clothes right now. The problem is that I knew and it just made matters more intense.   My cock was a good indicator.

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   It was as rigid as the table-leg I was shaking my leg against. I enjoyed the little glances I was getting from Lisa. She was wearing shorts and a halter-top to combat the humid weather and she looked not a day over 38 years old. Kim was still holding herself together well; she still looked to



Be a young 40 years of age and her tits were standing firm under her blue Hawaiian Sarong she wore. She kept getting complemented about her dress by Lisa. Lisa even said, “Doesn’t that dress look great on Kim?” I’m sure that Hanks cock was saying “hell yeah. ” I pretended to drop my napkin and looked under the table. Hank had a budging hard on. Sitting at this table were two horny men in pursuit of each other’s woman. I didn’t know what to do.


During the meal, everyone seemed to hit it off. We all had many things in common and the fact that Hank and Lisa were residents of Dallas, were a definite plus to us. They knew the right places to go and how to enjoy the area. Lisa gave Kim many tips on shopping, activities, and even mentioned a couple of clubs that Hank and she liked to frequent. The only thing I knew during that meal was I was wanted to see Lisa’s tits again but his time in the flesh.

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   From Hanks expression, I knew he had similar thoughts about Kim.





We passed phone numbers and mentioned that we were still in the process of a move. Lisa said to put it off a little and Hank and she could help out during the weekend. We looked at each other and agreed. We decided to head home from there and meet Hank and Lisa at a club the following night. After I got a little time at the house, I signed onto my computer and found Hanks old e-mail address, I sent him a quick message and he soon responded. We chatted a few minutes and we both relayed our shock of meeting and seeing each other’s wives as if by destiny. We also both commented on how good Lisa and Kim looked in the flesh. Hank really liked Kim’s shapely legs and wanted to explore her body every inch with his tongue. I told Hank about how I’d love to fuck Lisa in a dozen positions. This conversation was just making each of us hotter. The last thing Hank said before signing off was that Lisa thought I was handsome. A short while later, Kim commented to me that Hank was cute and that he was looking at her strangely during lunch. I said; he must find you attractive. “There’s nothing wrong with that. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

  â€ Kim agreed with a smile. We went to bed that night but I didn’t sleep. I kept thinking about Lisa’s body and the thought of Hank playing with Kim. Kim was exhausted from working around the house so I didn’t bother her sexually. I felt myself harden over and over again all night. The next morning, Lisa called Kim and things started moving.


Hank and Lisa came over for brunch and helped me move a couple of items and sorted some window coverings.   Things were finally coming into place in the house and after we had got the big items settled in the, we turned our attention to the patio and backyard. Hank and Lisa loved our pool since it was a kidney shaped design with a waterfall off of one side. They were also amazed when we showed them the hot tub. It was so hidden inside of the gazebo and had several amenities, a small wet bar, low lighting and most important privacy. It would seat about 4-6 people. The problem was I had little knowledge about having a pool and less about a Hot Tub. Hank and Lisa had a pool also and said they would help us get things up.


After a few weeks of phone calls and a couple of visits to each other homes.

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   We all became friends. Lisa and Hank suggested we explore Dallas and Fort Worth together. We visited malls, stylish restaurants and even six flags. Hank helped me get the pool running and the Hot tub in order. They were both very helpful during our transition. The girls talked and visited while I was at work during the week. They seemed to be one in the same and I appreciated that they both spoke English around Hank and myself; that was always the downfall of Kim’s Korean friends in the past; I never knew what they were saying about me. Finally Kim relayed to me that Lisa and Hank wanted to go out on the town. I said “sure. ”







That night, we all went to dinner in Dallas and followed onto dancing. We went to a country bar and then onto a hip hop disco so we could relive some old times. I thought Both Lisa and Kim both looked hot in their summer clothes. Kim wore another sarong like she had worn before, although this one was shorter. Lisa had on a black tube knit top and a leather min-skirt. We each danced with our wives and after a few drinks, traded partners.


   I loved looking Lisa up and down as she wiggled her hips and tits. I noticed that both Kim and Hank were smiling as they danced together too. We even did a slow dance together and I could smell Lisa’s long hair as she tucked her head into my shoulder. I extinctive pushed a little harder against her body than I would normally do with Kim. Lisa didn’t seem to mind. We all were drunk by the end of the evening and ranting about old age and sex and anything we could think of. After sobering up a little at a Denny’s restaurant we separated and went our way home.


Once we got home, Kim and I Talked about our evening with Lisa and Hank. I wanted to be sure there wasn’t any jealousy between us. Kim mentioned that Hank and Lisa was an attractive couple. I said they think we are too. She said, “How do you know?” I said, “Hank mentioned it. Kim smiled as she got into bed. “Hank likes you”, I said. Kim replied with “how much” before breaking into a chuckle.

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  Â  I was still drunk so I said, “he told me you’re sexy. ” Kim blushed in the low light and began to caress my nipple. She asked me if Hanks attraction bothered me. I said, “No, it excites me. ” She told me that Lisa has a crush on me too. ” I couldn’t believe what Kim was telling me. Kim continued to touch my nipples and then I responded by doing the same for her she was only wearing panties now.


I asked Kim if she liked Hank looking at her sexually. Kim was already moaning with my soft caresses to her nipples and said. “I don’t know what to say, just keep touching me. ” I worked her nipples harder and Kim wrapped her legs around mine and pushed her pussy against my thigh. Soon I felt her wetness as she moaned. I finally asked her bravely, “Are you thinking about Hank?” She moaned out “yes. ” “Is it ok?” she asked. I said,” it’s perfectly alright.

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  â€ She told me to think about Lisa too if I wanted as she got up and peeled off her panties before climbing on top of me. Kim sunk her wet pussy down onto my cock and told me to close my eyes. I imagined fucking Lisa and she imagined Hanks cock. We fucked like that for a long time. Kim’s moans were very sweet that night. I felt like I could cum for several minutes. The second time was even better.



Another week passed and I got a call from Hank. He told me that Lisa was about to have a very important birthday. I asked how old. He said “50. ” I said, “Bullshit, she looks like she is in her early 40’s. ” He told me that’s the truth. Still amazed, I told Kim who was sitting next to me. I asked Hank if there were any plans.

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   He said, “No, Lisa didn’t want to let out her age. ” Kim got on the phone and told Hank to have a party. After a few minutes of coaxing, Hank agreed, we would set it up as a surprise at our house. Hank readily agreed.






We made preparations to have the party the night before Lisa’s real birthday. It would be Friday night after Hank finished work. We would first meet Hank and Lisa at the “Flashbacks” club where we usually danced and then make an excuse to go to our house, where we could party. We met as planned; Lisa and Kim looked equally sexy in their short dresses. The thought of lust occurred to me stronger now since Kim had told me of her sexual fantasy of Hank. After a few hot rounds of dancing and some drinking, Kim complained of a bad headache and her stomach was upset. I told Lisa that Kim didn’t usually get sick this fast and wondered if they would follow us home. They agreed.



Once we got home, Kim disappeared and I invited Hank and Lisa to sit in the living room. Next the pool lights went on and we walked out to the patio to see what was going on. Some 80’s Music also started in the background.

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   Kim was standing next to a patio table wearing her swimsuit. It was a black Lycra suit with a yellow zipper pulled halfway up the front, showing off some of her cleavage. Kim was smiling in front of a huge birthday cake and was getting ready to light the candles. Lisa laughed and remarked, “I thought you were sick. ” Kim said, “I’m sick of feeling old, lets party!!!” With that, everyone clapped and yelled and I went to the bar and mixed a couple of drinks. Lisa was surprised but we weren’t finished yet.


Kim pulled out a couple of gifts for Lisa. The first one Lisa opened had a very pretty gold ankle chain inside. Kim always wore one and this one looked even better. Lisa immediately tried it on and it did make her look sexier. The second box had a really nice dress inside that Lisa had admired when Kim and she had been in a mall a week before. She really liked it. Behind the dress was a two-piece swimsuit with a card. The card said, “you aint to old unless you let it get cold, shake it baby shake it!” Lisa looked over the swimsuit in awe. It was a French cut black bikini.


   It was a thong bikini. Lisa blushed over and over again. Kim urged her to try on the dress and the suit and join her in the pool.


After Lisa disappeared to change, I went up and got a pair of swim trunks for Hank. He changed also. After Hank, Kim and I began splashing around in our heated pool, Lisa returned in the new dress. It looked really good on her. Lisa smiled, left and returned again in the bikini. She was wearing a towel around her waist and acting shy. I decided to mix her a strong margarita and soon afterward gave everyone a shot of tequila. This helped to loosen up everyone and Lisa was starting to get into the music as well. We all ranted, “Let’s see the suit baby!” after a few more shy moments, Lisa stripped off the towel. We were all amazed that Lisa looked so good. Her stomach was taught and she had a curvaceous body. I went to the mp3 database I had and programmed the “I’m too sexy” Song.

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   I told Lisa to walk the catwalk as a model (I pointed to the diving board). Lisa was a little drunk so she lost her inhibitions. She walked the “plank” and walked back quickly. We said “again. ” She did it again like a model this time, slowly strutting down the board and turning with her hands on her hips. We all got a good shot that time of her thong and nice ass. I immediately got hard.





I then asked Kim if she could do it better than Lisa. She sucked down another shot of tequila and said “sure!” Kim strutted down the board, trying to out sex Lisa’s prance. Kim’s suit showed a little of her ass cheeks but Lisa’s suit was sexier. Kim took a second walk and shocked all of us, this time she made one full turn and unzipped the suit all the way down. Her tits nearly fell out and Hank let out a yell before making eye contact with Lisa. Lisa just laughed. This was becoming a competition between the girls. After each “catwalk”, Hank or I would give them a shot of tequila.

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Both girls were a little wobbly now and my dick was getting harder by the minute. Hank seemed to be in awe with Kim and he even yelled to me he wanted to see it all.

Lisa and Kim continued to walk back and forth, each girl would pull at her suit in some erotic way, and Kim pulled the material in the back up so the next time she turned we could see most of her ass. This thrilled Hank and got Lisa laughing again. I changed to music to some club dance rave. Soon, the girls took turns dancing on the edge of board erotically and much to our sexual amusement.


After a while of this Hank and I yelled “birthday suit. ” Hank yelled out, “Lisa, model your birthday suit. ” Three of us then yelled out “Birthday suit. ” Lisa looked at Hank one last time. Hank responded with a loud clap. ” Lisa looked at Kim several times and Kim smiled back.   Lisa asked for another drink. I nervously complied. I spilled more tequila than I delivered.

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   I was too excited. Lisa took the shot and said. “If it’s my birthday then it’s everyone’s birthday, ok?” Lisa was slurring the words.   We didn’t know what she meant but everyone nodded and said “ok. ” Lisa looked at Hank one last time. Hank responded with another loud clap.


Lisa stood at the beginning of the diving board, teased a bit and peeled off her top. Everyone gawked. Her tits were great! She then worked down the wet bottom. She had a thick bush and we again saw her cute ass. Once she was nude, Lisa ran and jumped off the board. She dove to one side and stayed there. Hank and I whistled and Lisa blushed. Kim was in shock but was just saying “wooooow. ” Lisa said who’s next. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   We all looked at each other, nobody moved. I could see Lisa’s tit’s moving around as she kept afloat towards the side of the pool. The tequila bottle was nearby. Lisa poured a shot and said, “Which one of you guys needs liquid courage?” Lisa motioned the shot glass to me. Kim said, “Go ahead. ” I took the shot and met eyes with everyone before pulling myself out of the pool. I was semi-hard but there was nothing I could do about it. Everyone was joking as I walked to the edge of the board. Everyone chanted “birthday suit” again. I looked at everyone, especially Lisa before I made my move. She looked incredibly cute and curious at that moment. Kim was just waving her hand, motioning me on. I stripped my bottoms and my cock sprung to life, still semi hard and very relieved to be outside that suit. I heard a wowwww from everyone. Before I got on the board, Lisa said, “show me



Your ass!” I couldn’t believe she said that but I did a full body turn before moving down and jumping off the board into a rotary dive.

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I swam over to where Lisa was. Lisa said, “Let’s see what you got Kim. ” We started to rant “Birthday suit” again. Kim didn’t need any more alcohol; she was feeling fine. She had some trouble climbing the ladder but made it up with some help from Hank. He made sure he pushed her by her ass as she struggled up the ladder.


One of Kim’s favorite 80’s songs was playing so Kim danced a little on the way to the board. She did a good job and had us all anticipating her strip. Kim teased all of us a little with her full-length zipper. She slid it up and down several times as she danced. Hank yelled, “don’t stop baby. ” Finally, near the end of the song, Kim let the zipper go all the way down and turned her back before peeling down the top. She turned again, showing her large tits and erect nipples. She turned once again slowly and peeled the suit down all the way, showing off her pronounced ass. Hank’s eyes were coming out of his head now.


   He whistled relentlessly. Everyone got a glimpse of Kim’s shaved pussy before she started for the board.   Lisa and I whistled too. Once Kim was nude, she ran down the board and fell of the right edge. Kim lost her bearings after the fall and swam into Hank. He was glad to help her out. His hands didn’t miss her tits as he pulled her to the side of the pool.


It was Hanks turn. Hank strolled along the side of the pool with his back partially turned as if he were hiding something. He tried to hesitate once he met the front of the diving board but the chant began again and he began to strip. As he pulled his shorts down, he turned his back again. Both girls yelled for him to turn around. When he did, the girls yelled out NICE!!! Hank had a raging hard on and Kim was shocked at the size! Hank then ran and did his leap in the pool.



With everyone drunk and naked in the pool we all loosened up a bit. I temporarily strung the volleyball net across the pool and grabbed an inflatable beach ball and we played volleyball between us.

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   First the girls paired up in the middle of the pool area. They were up to their necks in the water. Hank and I were at the shallower end. Whenever one of the girls jumped to hit the ball, Hank and I would marvel at their tits as they sprung from the water. Hank and I could hardly hide ourselves either as we were only waist high in the water so our cocks would flop out whenever we attempted a jump shot.


After a while we changed teams and Lisa joined me. Since we were on the shallow side, Lisa’s tits got a lot more exposure than Kim’s (although Hank and I got better close ups of each others wife as we played). After 10 points, we switched again, now with our own wives by our sides and Kim’s Tits out in the open for Hank to gawk at. We finally got tired of the game and rested in the water by the edge of the pool. The pool heater wasn’t working well and the girls started to shiver. I suggested the Hot tub and the girls nodded. I Jumped out of the pool and started the hot tub Jacuzzi jets so the water would circulate. The glow of the soft lights around the tub made it a romantic place for a couple.




Hank came out of the pool and ran to a table and grabbed some wine and the cake from the patio table and cooler. He put everything on ground level table next to the sunken Tub.

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   Hank and I settled into the Tub and waited for the girls. They ran over, screaming “strea-a-a-k. ”  Hank and I laughed as we saw the girls run up and come behind each of us at the spa. They didn’t dare jump in as the water, as it was very warm.



This was great since Hank and I could see our wives fully naked before they inched there way into the tub between us a toe at a time. The Hot tub wasn’t as large as I thought. We were in a circle and I could feel each of the girl’s naked body occasionally touch mine. Hank opened the Wine and I reached for some cake. I poured the wine in four plastic cups and passed them around.   The warm bubbling water and feel of everyone’s nakedness augmented the awakening in my groin. I was getting hard again. By the look on Hanks face, he was doing the same.


Since we were all drunk and were getting drunker, we had a very open discussion. It started with revelations of our married life, the happiness we all had experienced through each other and our children and in the fact that our children were now on their own. Our mutual “empty nest” syndromes had turned somewhat into a blessing.

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   It wasn’t long before the conversation turned to sex, obviously.


We talked about sex openly and told a little about each of ourselves. Soon we were detailing our sex lives to each other.   Kim mentioned she liked oral sex and Hank said the same. Lisa said she liked to experiment and got everyone’s interest. I said I’d like to try something new too but still loved what I got. (I was referring to Kim). The topic of swinging came up and we each told our own story of wanting to share but…. To keep sex safe, discreet, and most importantly to keep our own relationships very much alive, that was the most important thing.


We talked about other topics regarding sex, how far would we go? Bondage, pain, scat. We had all heard about these fetishes and topics via the Internet. Maybe it was the alcohol or just the mood but we all agreed we wanted to try something new. Soon, Hank and Lisa were kissing as Kim and I watched. It was a very romantic setting.   Kim looked frustrated and bottomed her glass of wine, squeezed her tits together and remarked, “Me so horny.

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  â€ Just like the girl from the movie, “Full metal jacket. ” We all laughed. Lisa said “really?” “Me too. ” We laughed again. Lisa reached over to the cake besides her and grabbed a handful of white sponge cake topped with frosting.











Lisa smeared some frosting on her lips and placed some into her mouth. Hank followed up and slid his tongue around and into Lisa mouth. I sat and stared as my cock swelled. Lisa took some more frosting and smeared it on Kim’s mouth. I was soon finding her tongue as well. The whipped frosting tasted so good in Kim’s mouth. Soon Hank and I got some cake and started helping ourselves. Next Lisa touched my arm and smeared some frosting on my lips. She kissed me lightly and I really loved it. Hank began to caress Kim’s shoulders and they too kissed.


   It was so hot. Lisa sat higher in the tub and put some frosting on her nipples. I began to suck them one at a time. Lisa moaned and I returned my tongue to her waiting lips. Hank and Kim were caressing each other now and soon Hank was sucking at Kim’s tits too while they both moaned. We switched off from time to time licking each other’s wives lips and tits, getting more into the mood. Everyone was moaning and no one was shy anymore.


Kim motioned for Hank to sit up and out of the tub. He did and Kim placed a handful of crème on his cock and stroked his hardness for a few seconds. Hank then lay down and relaxed. Kim just kept murmuring how huge it was. Hanks cock wasn’t longer than mine, maybe about 7 inches but very thick. His balls seemed out of proportion too. The head of his uncut cock was enormous and his body was matted with hair. That was a big turn on for Kim.

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   Kim licked at the crème on Hanks balls and soon had his thick cock stuffed into her mouth.


Lisa and I followed suit except I wanted to eat her. I raised her nude body up and she lay back with her feet still in the tub. I began licking at the insides of her calves and worked my tongue back to her toes before moving up to her thighs. As I had my first taste of her pussy, she moaned, then turned her head to watch Kim’s head move up and down her husbands erect shaft. Lisa moaned more as I pierced her pussy with my tongue. It tasted great!


While I was busy working Lisa’s pussy with my tongue, Hank applied some more cake topping to Lisa’s tits and said lets finish the birthday cake. Hank started to lick and suck at Lisa’s .

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