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I had been baby sitting this family for a while and the father of the kids always drove me home. Mostly when I sat I had my bf come over which I wasnt suppose to do but I didnt think anybody would know. The kids were too young to know what we did and were always asleep.
The first night or two we started off just mucking about and fingering and stuff.  Later on we got down to complete nudidty and dry fucking. We also met away from that place and we actually began having sex in his car. One night baby sitting we had sex about three times it was so good. We had only ever done it in the car before but doing it in somebody elses place seem'd daring and exciting.
That night was just fantastic as not only did we fuck I gave him a head job as well and I tasted my first mouthfull of his cum.
He left about half an hour before the people were due home and all was fine when they arrived. I was sure we had not left any evidence around.
On the way home he said to me how was the sex and I said what do you mean. He said you and your boyfriend have had sex in my house. I said no way and he said I know what sex smells like and the lounge room stunk of your sex, believe me I know what sex smells like. My guess is you were at it for a couple of hours the smell was that strong - how many times did he fuck you.
Despite my denial he knew and started to make threats about exposing me.

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   He said my wife smelled it as well and you wouldnt want her telling your parents you use our place for your lovemaking would you - and loose all the babysitting work.
By now I was scared and I said please dont tell - it was our first time at your place. He laughed and said after all this time you expect me to believe you two dont fuck your asses off there.
Now he said I think you had better show me how good you are and I realised he was not on the route home but had driven into a new estate where there were only new houses being built and no lights or people to be seen.
Ok he said onto the back seat and get yourself ready and I mean everything off. I said what are you going to do - and he said finish off what you started and show you how good it can really be. My protests were only answered with then I tell your parents. I said they wont believe you and he said oh yes they will i have it all on the security cameras in the house. I have seen you two before but this is the first time I think you actually fucked with him. I havnt seen the tapes but I could smell your sex in the room. This was one thing I didnt know about - the security cameras and the smell of sex.
Ultimately I had to give in to him. He was naked also now and had his cock all hard and he opened the doors and joined me on the back seat and got hold of my legs and positioned me ready to fuck me and he didnt waste any time on foreplay he just got right into me. I had never been fucked by anybody other than my boyfriend before so this was completely different. There was no kissing or feeling he got right into me and began to fuck me.

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   His cock was a bit bigger than I was used too but it didnt hurt or anything and he made it feel really good. He really knew how to fuck. He had me bouncing all over as he was doing me really hard and the slap of his legs were really loud when he hit me as he went right up into me. He told me a couple of times I wasnt a bad fuck. Then he said I hope you are on the pill because I am going to fill you up with baby juice in a minute and I almost screamed - no dont I am not - we use condoms and he said well not this time and then he came and he really made a show of it. He really enjoyed himself as he fucked me really hard and fast and pumped his cum into me.
He pulled himself out and wiped his cock on my pants and said clean it up and I can take you home now. I was laying there completely fucked and out of breath and I hadnt even cum, he made it so physical I was exhausted.
He dressed and watched me get dressed and said nothing and once I was in the car he just drove me home. When we pulled up he leant over and kissed me hard on the lips and despite my effort to pull away he kept going and I just let him and actually when I did I liked it. He said if you get pregnant let me know and we can get rid of it.
Then he said I want to see you at my place on Thursday night I have something you might be interested in. I said is your wife going to be there and he said most definately, its her who has the idea we want to talk about.
I felt safe as he wouldnt rape me if she was there and I was certain thats what he had in mind.
He said you passed the test tonight you are a really good fuck - your boyfriend is lucky.

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   I said what the hell are you talking about. What I didnt say was he left my boyfriend for dead as a lover. He made it feel really great.    
He said all will be revealed on Thursday - just tell your mum its a normal sit job.
On Thursday I went as directed and what happened then will be the outlined in my next story.  Despite all my protests I could not stop them. First she had sex with me in front of him, and then he had sex with me. I had the first of many sexual experiences with another woman. I wont go into details now. That is for next time but believe me I will never be the same again.
Keep watching.  
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