Best Friends


Best Friends

"I'm so bored!" I said

"I'm so hot!" said Vanessa.

Vanessa was my best friend. We've known each other since kindergarten, and now we were in grade 11. We were about the same hight as me, we were both blondes and we both had some of the biggest tits in our school, which is why all of the guys like us. While Vanessa's ass was round mine was kind of flat. We knew every thing about each other, even our sex life. We haven't officially had sex with a guy, but I've given my last two boy friends a blowjob, and Vanessa has given her last 3 boyfriends a blowjob. Both of us masturbate almost every day, and since we have jobs we went out and bought us some toys, from the sex shop. But we've never had sex with each other or seen each other nude.

"If you haven't noticed it's the middle of summer. Its so pose to be hot. " I said.

We were laying on my bed, she was on my stomach. We were still doing nothing.

"Well I'm bored to, why don't you turn on the air-condition. "

"It's broken, why don't you just take off your shirt and shorts.

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But before she responded I pulled off her shirt. That exposed her pink and blue bra. I was starting to get turned on. I also took off my shirt and tossed it on the ground. I pushed Vanessa off me then pulled off my shorts showing my purple thongs. Vanessa also took hers off and we laid down again. This time in stead if her lying on my stomach, she went in be tween my tits. Having been reading some of my brothers collection of porn magazines, we were a bit horny. So I started pinched Vanessa's tit.

"What was that for!?" she asked angrily.

"Nothing, I'm just bored, and horny. "

"Then take of lf your bra and we'll have some fun. "

I pulled of my bras exposing my bulging tits and rock hard nipples. Vanessa striped off her panties and shoved her vagina into my face. .

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