Birthday Present IIII


Anna, Emily and I lay by the pool recovering, when I finally got my breath back I said 'Right lets go into town so I can buy you two lunch. ' The two girls got straight onto their feet Anna grabbed Emily by the hand 'Lets go put some clothes on Emily, you will have to wear something of mine, but I am sure we can find you something. ' They both picked up their bikinis and wandered towards the villa. I sat up and watched them go hand in hand, my eyes were fixed on their pert little bottoms, and I sat there thinking that I was lucky enough to have a 28 year old wife who still had the body she had when I first met her, and now she had brought this gorgeous blonde barmaid to be my birthday present. I looked back at them as they went through the door and thought that bar the different hair, Anna with her long wavy brown hair and Emily with her blonde bob, you couldn't tell the difference between them from behind, and from the front, from the neck down, the only difference was that Emily had slightly smaller boobs, Anna was a good 34C Emily was slightly smaller, and Emily's cleaned shaved pussy and Anna with her brazilian. I shook my head not believing what was happening, life could not be any better. The only thing that worried me was the fact they were getting on so well, I had never known Anna speak to Emily, other than to order a drink, and the only time she had mentionedEmilyto me was to sending a warning shot across my bows as she thought were getting too close.

I headed inside to the kitchen and took a beer out of the fridge. I started to head upstairs to see what the girls were upto but noticed some highlights of last night's football on the TV so I sat down to watch it for 10 mins. When the football finished I wandered upstairs to the bedroom and found Anna and Emily trying on dresses like best friends. I shook my head and walked into the shower and got myself ready for lunch. When I got downstairs the girls were sat at the dining-room table with a glass of wine each. 'We ready to go then ladies? Lunch on me, whatever you want. ' I said. They finished their wine and stood up. They were both wearing summer dresses finishing just above the knee and it was clear to me neither of them were wearing bras.

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   Anna grabbed Emily by the hand and skipped to the door. I followed them and watched them walk down the hill into town continuing to hold hands. I was following about 5 metres behind them and just as we were entering town Anna let go of Emily's hand put it down to Emily's bum and lifted up her skirt to reveal to me that she was wearing no panties, she then moved her hand to lift up her own dress to reveal that she wasn't wearing pants either. I sped up to catch up with them, had a quick fondle of each of their bottoms, and then asked them to put their arms through mine. I wanted the entire town to know how lucky I was.

We chose a Tapas bar down by the Marina and I ordered a bottle of my favourite Rioja, this was soon finished so another was ordered to wash down the rest of the food. There was a fresh breese coming off the sea and it caused both Anna and Emily's nipples to become erect, Anna caught me staring, 'Is that turning you on Chris? If so come round towards Emily and look down. ' I did as I was told and moved my seat next to Emily's, I looked down to see Anna's hand rubbing up and down Emily's smooth pussy lips, as I was looking Anna start rubbing on Emily's clit and she let out a soft moan. I thought this would be the end but Anna continued to rub Emily's growing clit. I looked up and both Anna and Emily were looking me straight in the eyes. Emily suddenly gasped and I looked back down, Anna had inserted two fingers into Emily's pussy and was rubbing her clit with her thumb. I looked back up, Emily had her eyes closed and was panting, her breaths became shorter and shorter she pursed her lips and grabbed my arm as she came at the table, just a quiet sigh escaped her lips. Anna withdrew her fingers raised them to her mouth and sucked them clean. I looked at them both Emily with a smile on her face and a vacant look in her eye, and Anna with a cheeky grin from ear to ear. I just sat back and took a massive gulp of wine.

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'Right' said Anna, 'we are off to go shopping for something to wear tonight, I am taking us out for a night on the town and a slap up meal, you will have to entertain yourself for few hours. 'With that she again grabbed Emily's hand and they skipped off to the shops, their free tits bouncing provocatively and their dresses lifting up to show of their bare bottoms. I finshed the bottle of wine, paid the bill and headed back home. As i passed our local I decided another drink was in order so headed inside. Kayley was behind the bar and as I looked around it was only her and another barmaid in there. I walked upto Kayley and ordered a beer, before I had even finished my sentence she lent over the bar and whispered 'I can't get my mind off the fucking you gave me earlier, I really need to say thankyou. Head to the toilets and I will meet you in their in one minute. ' I did as I was told and just as I was going into a cubicle Kayley rushed in past me and sat down on the toilet. She grabbed my trousers and pulled them round my ankles, took my flacid penis into her mouth and went to work like a pro. I looked down at her little red-head bobbing back and forth furiously. As my orgasm built I grabbed the sides of her head and began to fuck her mouth. I heard a moan looked down and her hand was up her skirt rubbing herself. I thought to myslef that this girl really likes it hard so began pushing my cock in further feeling my helmet hit the back of her throat. With this I came and she swallowed every drop. When she took her last gulp she looked up, wiped some excess come off her cheek and told me my pint was waiting for me on the bar.

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   I pulled up my trousers and wandered back to the bar and pulled up a stool. Kayley came back a few minutes later muttering something about not being able to find something in the cellar to the other barmaid. She came over to me and we began to talk, I tried to quiz her about how Anna had oragnised all this but Kayley said she was sworn to secrecy. I finished my pint, gave Kayley a kiss on the cheek and headed back out into the afternoon sun. As I was walking home an idea sudenly flashed through my mind and I headed to the small boutique sex shop in the town. I emerged 15 mins later with handcuffs, a blindfold and an extendable stripper pole. All I needed for a long night with my two sexy slaves. .

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