The girls were wearing shorts and tank tops that seemed stretched across their bodies with glowed with perspiration. One had light brown hair and the other jet black, but both had bodies to die for. Following them would be a pleasure if I could keep up. They were younger and in better shape and so slowly within the next kilometre they slipped from my view. The trail around Stanley park has many twists and turns as it makes way around the harbour and round to English Bay. A few more runners and cyclist passed me but non as fair as those two girls. I was just over two thirds of the way round the trail when to my surprise I there at the side of the trail was the black haired beauty from the group. She was sitting at the edge of the trail holding her left knee. As I got closer you could see that there was blood on her knee and she was in pain. My guess was that she took a tumble at speed and bumped and scraped her knee. No one was helping her and her friends were nowhere to be seen. So I decided to stop and offer assistance, but mainly to have a closer look at this beautiful lady. I stopped and said “Are you alright, do you need some help?”She looked up with her blue eyes, moving her hair away from her face and replied “No, that it wasn’t necessary. ”I looked at her admiring her long legs and cleavage of her firm breasts and said. “ your knee is bleeding, let me look at it, I have some water and a towel so we could clean it up a bit and bandage it till you get home. ”I was trying to stay focused by my cock was starting to rise.

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   So I knelt down beside her injured knee and removed my backpack. “Great day for a blade” I said trying to engage her in conversation as I got the towel and water. She nodded her head in agreement, and then removed her hand from the knee. She looked about 25 years of age, tanned body and shoulder length straight black hair. “My name is Greg Trums, what’s yours?” I asked. “Cindy, and thank you for stopping, this really hurts. ” She replied in a soft voice. “So where are your friends you were skating with? I say you pass me earlier with them” I asked“Well they are much better bladers and I couldn’t keep up with them. We were to meet at the pub by the beach at 6:30pm if we got separated. I would have hoped that at least one of them would have thought to come back since its 7:00pm now. ” She said in a disgusted voice. “OK, this is going to sting as I try and get some of the dirty out of the scrap, OK”Cindy tensed as I cleaned the cut and wrapped the hand towel round the knee to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. I then asked “ are you OK to continue blading or would you like some assistance to get you to the pub?”She replied, “I will try but yes your assistance would be appreciated. ”Fine by me, as I would get to hold this sexy girl…. I helped Cindy to her feet and copped a quick feel of her breasts as she steadied herself.

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   This was going to be harder than I thought as my cock was now starting to get rock hard and the bulge starting to show. This didn’t go un-noticed by Cindy, I could see her eyes give me a look-over as she got up and hesitate at my crotch. Once she was up we started slowly blading along the path, Cindy held my arm in a death clutch and her face grimaced as we went. It took a bout half an hour to make it to the pub where she was to meet her friends. She looking in and talked to one of the waiters who informed her that they had all gone home. “Those bastards” Cindy said. “Can you get home?” I asked“Yes, my car is round the corner, but we were going to have drinks and dinner, bastards” she replied. “Well”, I ventured, “if you like we could have dinner?”“I guess that would be OK, especially since you stopped and helped me. ” She said. “Lets go to my car so that I can get my shoes. So where do you want to eat?”“ Here is fine, unless you have a better place. ” I replied. “OK, we will eat here. ”I helped Cindy to the beach parking lot across the street and when she sat to take off her boots I could tell it would be hard with the scrap on her knee. I offered to remove her blades and put on her shoes for her, which she accepted.

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   I noticed she changed her position on the seat and had opened her legs more revealing the fact that her shorts were now so tight in the crotch that her lips were straining against the material and a small wet spot (must be perspiration!) had appeared right before my eyes. In the meantime my cock was just about to leap out of my shorts, thank heavens they weren’t as tight as hers or else I would be in pain! I fumbled my way through the task at hand, and a few times she caught me looking at her pussy. Once I was done, I could feel bits of pre-cum escaping from my cock and making it presence known on my shorts. Cindy leaned forward, giving me a full view of her cleavage squeezed in her halter-top, and then gave me a quick kiss on my head. We then went to the pub where I removed my blades and she got us a table. The waitress ushered me to where Cindy was seated and to my surprise it was in a secluded part of the pub where it wasn’t as busy. I slid into the booth and then Cindy slide closer, so that we were both at the back of the booth facing out towards the rest of the pub. The tablecloth drooped over the edges for about a foot giving more privacy to the booth. As the waitress took our drink orders I felt Cindy’s hand touch my side sending a shiver up my body and ensuring my cock stayed rock hard and oozing. I decided that I would return the favour and placed my hand on her leg and traced it to the knee and then back to the bottom of here shorts. Since no resistance was offered I left it there as her hand ran up and down my leg. The waitress returned with the drinks, two glasses of white wine and asked if we knew what we wanted. Now let me see, ‘Cindy naked on the table with a cherry on top would be nice’ I thought, but said “No, I need a few more minutes, unless Cindy you know what you want?” “Yes, lets have an order of chicken Nachos and a Caesar salad. Is that OK with you Greg?” she said as her hand rubbed my captive cock. “Sounds Fine” I squeaked out, and then coughed to try and hide the fact that Cindy had just squeezed my rod.

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  Cindy in turn smiled and licked her lips at me. The waitress left, and I leaned over to kiss Cindy. Our lips met and then her tongue rammed its way through my lips to dance with my tonsils. We continued to kiss for a while as we explored each others teeth and tonsils with each others tongues. In the meantime I moved my hand over her crotch and she spread her legs a little to give me better access. I gently rubbed he pussy lips which were pushing through the shorts and parted her lips stretching the fabric even more pushing it deeper. This caused more friction against the sensitive skin and I could feel the wetness coming through the material. In the meantime she was gently rubbing my cock up and down its 8 inch length making it leak more pre=cum which she could feel its wetness through the pants. Fortunately, or unfortunately for us, the waitress appeared with our food. We both eat without much talking or anything else as we had both suddenly realized how hungry we were. At the end of dinner while finishing our drinks Cindy said “ so Greg where do you live?” I replied that I was out here on business for three weeks and lived in Toronto. “Cool, where are you staying while you are here?” she inquired. “Harbour Hotel, with a room facing the harbour. ” I replied and then asked “ and you where do you live?”“I live in a condo in False Creek, you know down by Granville Island. ” She said.

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   Nice expensive area of town to live in. She must have a good job or a rich boyfriend or family I thought. “Can I give you a ride, in return for your assistance this evening. ” She cooed. “Sure that would be great, thanks”. I replied, then leaned over and said “ hopefully no one will notice my boner and wet spots on my shorts. ” She just smiled, rubbed my cock and then licked her finger with her tongue invoking another contraction of my cock and another drop of pre-cum to largen the wet spot. It almost put me over the top. I helped her to the car, using my backpack as a protection, Cindy just giggled. We got to the car and we made our way to the Hotel, it wasn’t far, but it didn’t stop either of us from rubbing each others crotches. Cindy’s legs were spread open and I had my finger extended and rubbing the crack of her pussy, she was responding by pushing her hips onto my finger and hand as we went. She would look at me with her blue eyes and made some low moaning sounds. In the meantime her hand was rubbing up and down my cock sending sensations from my cock to my mind that screamed for release. All to soon we arrived at the hotel, daringly I said, “would you like to come up and have a drink, I have some wine in my room?” I was expecting her to decline, and that this was here method of saying thanks to an older man who had helped her. “No, I don’t think that would be a good idea, sorry” she said and then pouted her lips and blew me a kiss.


  ‘Rats!’ I thought ‘so close and yet so far, I guess I will have to whack off fantasizing about her instead. ’ So I headed to the room rationalizing it as nothing ventured nothing gained. When I got into the room I stripped off my t-shirt, shorts and socks and stood there naked with my cock standing firmly to attention and pre-cum oozing out Best have a shower before bed and a cold one at that! I thought. Once I had finished my shower and dried off I hopped into bed naked and turned on the TV and went back over what had transpired that evening. My hand reached down and caressed my cock which was semi-hard. Stroking it back to life thinking about Cindy and her beautiful body, seeing those images of her skating and her legs pumping with well toned muscles her ass wiggling in the sunshine. Cindy’s hair flowing in the breeze she generated as she skated. My cock responded and grew hard and started to produce more pre-cum. I started stroking it harder to get it even harder and make my balls start to send the cum on its way. My thoughts turned to fantasy as I removed Cindy’s halter top and released her round tits and then to place my lips one nipple and squeeze the other with my hand bringing them to attention and causing Cindy to respond with soft moans of pleasure. Then lowering my self kissing her down to her shorts I then remove them pulling them slowly down watching them release her fabric bound pussy. The fabric looked like it was being torn away from her lips that they had been holding from my rubbing. Further moans of delight as her pussy sends signals to the brain. “Oh yes! Mmmmm” she moans. I then take my tongue and lick the entire length of her pussy, Cindy opens her legs more so that I can dig deeper.

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  Suddenly the phone rings, “Shit!” I exclaim, ‘it has to be my wife phoning she is the only one that would be calling at this time. ’ I answer the phone, it’s the front desk. “Yes Mr Trums, there is a Ms Cindy here who was asking for you, is it OK if I let her up?”Chapter 2 coming soonThis is my first attempt, its a little slow to start. Hopefullly you will like it while I work on the next chapter. For more hot stories visit the forum or our new story site www. bluestories. com.

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