Breathless ... A torrid story of erotica, romance and passion


. . . Breathless


By Jay. . .

The day started off like any other day for Shannan. She was awakened by the soft kiss of the sunrise and the sound of the waves rolling up to her Malibu Beach Home. Her husband - like always -had already left for work early and hadn't bothered to make love to her or even kiss her before leaving. She rose from her bed and went out on the balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean - the same thoughts began to haunt her again---how had her life come to this. . . seemingly having everything. . . .

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  yet having nothing. . . everyday an emptiness that left her longing. She took a deep breath and stared into the Pacific horizon - the warmth of sun and sounds of the ocean intoxicated her-the warm ocean breeze briefly ran through her negligee and caressed her breasts ever so softly. . . she closed her eyes and touched her loveliness and thought of how it could be. . . . . . and should be. .

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  . . She lost herself in the moment pleasuring herself. . . . her heart and mind raced as she continued to pleasure herself ---she closed her eyes again and in those few precious moments she could finally see and hear and smell and taste and feel all that she wanted . . . . . all that she needed. . . .

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  . all that she must have! She explored herself with more and more passion with each passing second and then finally lost all control and collapsed from the pleasure. . . . Those few moments seemed like an eternity of pleasure -her lips gently parted, she opened her eyes, her skin still moist from the experience, her nipples still excited from her exploration of pleasure. She felt more relaxed than all the other times before and at the same time she felt a burning hunger deep inside for something different -a new life unlike any before---she knew the time had come for drastic change-her spirit needed to be renewed. . . there was no hiding from it any longer. . . . . not after today.

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Shannan took a shower and refocused. She got dressed in her best Versace and drove her Ferrari to Rodeo Drive to do some shopping and planning. As She began to walk down Rodeo a sly smile lit up her face as she relished in the aftermath of her experience this morning - this was it. . . . . . . her time to take her life back over and stop living a lie! She found herself standing on the sidewalk at Rodeo and Wilshire waiting on the red light to change. . . . she took advantage of the moment to indulge herself in a little daydreaming and reminiscing about her many delights of the morning . .

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  . . . several minutes passed. . . the light changed to green and eventually cycled back to red. . . she felt oblivious to it all and lost in the moment-----suddenly she snapped out of it as she felt 2 very strong hands grab her from behind and pull her quickly into a long black limousine and almost simultaneously she was met with another pair of hands that covered her eyes with a blindfold and put a cloth over her nose and mouth that had a deep sweet and pungent smell - she felt a warm calm rush overtake her entire body before she collapsed to sleep.

Shannan awoke later. It was night. She didn't know where she was but something felt eerily familiar to her for some reason. She tried to get up but was immediately confronted with the fine silk restraints that were holding her in place - they were tight but stretched and allowed for movement but not escape. She didn't feel panicked but her entire body was drenched in the same nervous excitement she felt on many of her 1st dates she had with men she desired.

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   She was greeted by moonlight gently streaming through a large glass dome ceiling that seemed like it was at least 30 feet above her- She was lying on her back on a raised platform bed that was in the middle of a large medieval castle looking room that was lit with candles and she could hear the sound of a soft waterfall in the background and music that she was unfamiliar with but she immediately liked. A very sweet and spicy scent filled the air. She heard a door open at the other end of the room and 8 men entered the room one by one- each of them very fit in their own way- some were very muscular others were less. . . some had long hair and others short but all had the body of Adonis in their own way---a partial mask covered each of their faces but she could still see in full view their lips and eyes-her body immediately responded at the site of them and she could feel a burning longing desire within her building with
each passing second.

The men took their positions surrounding her -the 1st man stood behind her, the 2nd was by her left breast - the 3rd by her right breast - the 4th was by her left hand - the 5th by her right hand, the 6th was by her left leg and the 7th was by her right leg. . . . . . she could not see the 8th man - the 8th man sitting in the distance nodded his head to the others for his approval to begin. Slowly each man began his assignment. .

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  . . to bring Shannan as much pleasure as possible for as long as she wanted. . . . . each man began to slowly, tenderly touch and massage her---their hands were so soft yet so very strong. Even though each man was massaging a different area in their own loving way they all seemed to be doing it in unison as if they were of one mind. . . . with one goal. . .

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  . Shannan's pleasure! She had never felt anything so wonderful in her life. . . both of her feet and legs and both of her hands and arms were simultaneously being gently massaged and touched while 2 men expertly explored her breasts with their full lips, loving tongues and soft hands----her body was becoming overwhelmed quickly ---the slow but steady pace of the all the men expertly loving her in unison was taking her over the edge. . . she was becoming increasingly intoxicated by the site of their masculinity-all of their hard cocks and muscles were quite a site---indeed! The 1st man that entered the room that was standing behind her started his turn -joining the others as he began to touch her hair and face and began to massage her head -Shannan's lips parted and she closed her eyes and he began kissing her---she felt an immediate electricity from his delicious lips and tongue and reciprocated intensely-the others sent her sailing----this man's kissing sent her over the edge-her body began writhing in ecstasy -her hips lifting off the bed - her body wrestling over and over with the fine silk restraints. . . . . . the 8th man could see it was his moment-she was ready. .

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  . . he quickly went down a small spiral staircase to the lower level beneath the bed -he positioned himself in the chamber and pushed the switch and the platform he was standing on raised up and at the same time a small area in the bed between Shannan's upper thighs opened up and then the 8th man's face rose up from beneath perfectly positioned to taste Shannan's loveliness. She felt his soft long hair against the sides of her thighs-he began to immediately tease and kiss her pussy with his full lips, soft skin and warm tongue---he was an expert-he knew exactly the touch she wanted---his tongue and mouth knew exactly when to lock on and not let go, when to lighten up and when to give it everything---the 2 men kissing and massaging her breasts working in perfect harmony with him -each of the touches with their mouths were like a perfect oral symphony on her nipples and clit sending her into deep shuddering orgasms over. . . . . and over. . . . . and over. .

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  . . .
---all while the other men continued their pleasure duties over her body without interruption.

A 9th man appeared in the room and signaled the others that it was time. . . Shannan did not see him at first---in one smooth perfectly timed progression the 7 men slowed down and let up and stepped aside away from the bed -the platform holding the 8th man's face between Shannan's thighs lowered and all the silk restraints released simultaneously just as she was finishing another orgasm. . the 9th Man was not wearing a mask - he was the most beautiful man she had ever seen in her life or her dreams. . . . She noticed he was wearing a very unique Ankh necklace. He lovingly embraced her and kissed her and began ravaging her lips, neck, ears and breasts with his mouth.


  . . . . she felt his hardness below and he mounted her at the perfect time and she had never felt a cock so perfect for her---it was perfect cock. . . . so hard it could cut diamonds. . . . it filled every inch of her perfectly-their was no room left . . she gasped immediately as he began to increase his thrusts bringing his cock all the way to the tip almost out and plunging back in all the way.

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  . . . . over and over and over ----waves of orgasms overcame Shannan ---the hunger inside her exploded and with no more silk restraints holding her back anymore she threw him underneath her and she mounted his perfect cock and locked in and began violently riding him-the site of his piercing eyes in the moonlight and his well proportioned muscles straining to increase her pleasure was toooooo much and her entire body contracted and shuddered with delight for what seemed like an eternity---she collapsed on top of him and he held her and gently stroked her hair and lightly kissed her. . . . . she felt whole and restored . . . . . she was in complete bliss and breathless.

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  . . she fell asleep in his arms and the next day she woke up alone in her bed in her Malibu Beach home and on the pillow beside her was the same unique Ankh necklace from the night before she reached for it and kissed it with her full lips and then held it to her breast. . . She closed her eyes and smiled and wondered when she would be . . . . breathless again. . . . .

© Copyright 2010 Jay Greenlees jaygreenlees.

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