Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 02


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Blue Girl or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 02
By Muhabba

Intro:Library inside of Sunnydale High School;

“Just because I’m stuck as a teenage girl and no longer a Vengeance Demon, I see no reason why I have to be here,” Anya moaned.

Giles removed his glasses and rolled his eyes at the brunette, now teen, girl. “We’ve explained all of this before, Anya,” he said in his precise British accent. “Since you are now human you need to integrate yourself into human society. And since you’re a teenage girl, that includes showing up to school on Monday mornings. ”

Anya threw up her hands and began pacing. “I already understand human society.

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  Buffy is the Slayer, scourge of vampires and demons. You’re her Watcher, stuffy mentor and stuffier librarian. Dawn is Buffy’s younger sister and former mystical key to open other dimensions. And Willow and Xander are the sidekicks, used for research and comedic asides. ”

“Hey!” Willow and Xander said at the same time.

“Anya,” Buffy interrupted the girl’s rant. “A. ) Nobody can know I’m the Slayer. B. ) Absolutely nobody can know Dawn is the key. ”

“C. ),” Xander interrupted. “Most definitely not a sidekick. ”

“Yeah,” Willow agreed.

Anya threw up her hands again as she looked around the room.

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  “Fine. Let me make sure I’ve got this straight. ”She pointed at Giles, “Not a Watcher that trains the Slayer, pretending to be a stuffy librarian. ”Next she pointed at Buffy, “Not the Slayer who kills demons, pretends to be blonde haired, blue eyed girl next door that is only suspiciously around when strange things happen. ”Then she pointed at Willow. “Red-headed Jewish girl who does not do research on paranormal activities and isn’t studying to become a powerful witch. ”Last she points at Xander, “Not a comedic sidekick but is a Viking in the sack. ”

“Oh goodness,” Giles muttered, hiding his face in his hand.

Buffy’s face lit up in surprise. “Xander!Oh my God!”

Willow stared wide eyed at Xander. “Xander?How could you?”

Xander stammered and held his hands up in surrender as he slowly backed away from his two best friends. “Hey now. It wasn’t my fault. There were circumstances and… and an impending doom… and, y’know, things. ”

“Xander, you dog,” Buffy said smiling, poking fun at her friend.

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“And furthermore,” Anya interrupted. “You don’t meet here in the library to discuss demony business. ”

“Yes, yes. Quite correct, Anya,” Giles said hoping to return the conversation back to business.

“Hey B, what’s the haps?” a sexy brunette with dark eyes said as she entered the library.

Anya stared at the new girl. “And who’s this?”

Giles nodded to the new girl as she flopped down in a chair opposite Buffy and hosted one of her legs up on the table. “This is Faith, the Vampire Slayer. ”

Anya stared in confusion at Buffy. “I thought there could only be one Slayer at a time?‘One girl in all the world…’ yadda yadda yadda. Shouldn’t that mean Buffy is dead?”

Buffy looked over her shoulder at Anya. “Oh, I was dead. Just a little and not for long,” she said cheerfully before returning to teasing Xander.

“Grrr…” Anya growled as she grabbed her backpack. “How’s a simple ex-Vengeance Demon supposed to understand anything around here,” she said as she walked out of the library.

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“What’s the big ta do, B?” Faith asked Buffy. “Why the big meet?”

“Xander had sex with a Vengeance Demon,” Buffy said, not even bothering to turn around.

“Xander, you dog,” Faith smirked as she began cleaning her fingernails with a large knife. “Don’t think it’s worth a whole, big meeting 'tho. ”Under her breath she added, “And I’d know. ”

Giles approached the table. “Actually, Xander’s private life aside, I did call this meeting to discuss demon activities. ”

“Might want to ask Xander then,” Faith said smirking as she waved her knife at Xander.

“Why me?” Xander asked as he finally made his way out from between Buffy and Willow who were still teasing him.

“Just sayin’,” Faith said. “Between Praying Mantis teachers, me, Vengeance Demons and your crush on Buffy, you got a thing. ”

Giles held up a hand for silence. “If I may?”

“O. k. What’s up, Giles?” Buffy asked, still leering at Xander as she sat down across from Faith.

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Willow sat down next to Buffy. “Yeah, Giles. What about demon activity?”

“It’s the lack of demon activity I wanted to talk about,” Giles said. “How did your patrols go last night?”

“Not a peep,” Faith said as she stretched her back. Her C-cup tits pressed tightly against her T-shirt and caught Xander’s attention. “I kicked off early and found a good bar that’s pretty slack on checking ID’s. ”

Buffy noticed Xander staring at Faith and felt a little pang of jealousy. She didn’t have any romantic feelings for him but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the attention he gave her. She began rolling her shoulders and making her B-cup, bra-less tits press tightly against her own shirt. She smiled as Xander tore his eyes away from Faith’s chest and began staring at hers. “I didn’t find any bars or any demons last night. I even had time to do some studying. ”

“Yeah!I hardly had to do any of it for her,” Willow chirped in.

“A sure sign that danger is imminent,” Giles said as he began pacing around the table.

Faith noticed that Xander was no longer paying attention to her, and just to get on Buffy’s nerves, she began rolling her shoulders and arching her back to push out her impressive chest even more.



Xander’s eyes immediately went to Faith’s undulating tits, causing Buffy to grow even more jealous.

“Something wrong, Faith?” Buffy asked as she began to slowly saunter back and forth in front of the table. She put an extra swish in her step, causing her sexy ass to sway back and forth and her bra-less tits to jiggle under her top with each step.

“Must be hives, B. Always said I was allergic to schools,” Faith said as she turned to stare at Xander. “Can’t wait to get back to my room and strip down and take a nice, long, wet shower. You remember my hotel room, right Xander?”

Xander licked his lips as he remembered the night that Faith had casually used him for sex and then simply kicked him out. “Um, yeah,” he quietly muttered. He had lost all rational thought as his erection throbbed in his pants and he stared at the sexy slayers.

“What my point is,” interrupted Giles, trying to keep the hormonal teenagers' minds on track, “is that there has been a decided lack of demon activity as of late. ”

Buffy returned her attention back to Giles. “So what do we do, Giles?”

The librarian turned to his young student, his eyes glancing across her hard nipples momentarily. He loved Buffy as if she were his own daughter but it was hard to deny her inherent beauty. “Tonight I will need you and Faith to question any demon you come across. We must find out what is causing them to hide.

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“5 by 5, G-man,” Faith said with a mock salute.

“What about Xander and me?” Willow asked hopefully. “We can be ready for the furious research. ”

Xander moaned in disappointment. He and Anya had already made plans that he most defeneatly didn’t want to miss.

“No, no. Thank you, Willow,” Giles said. “Wesley will be here in the library and I have some books of my own that I’ll be using. ”

“Ugh,” Faith stuck out her tongue as she groaned. “He hasn’t made it back to the motherland yet?”

Giles tried not to smile. “No, Faith. He is now your Watcher and despite his… enthusiasm, he’s here permanently. ”

“Fine, fine. Whateve,” Faith said as she stood up and began walking out. “I’m headed back to my room for a nap.

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  I’ll call ya if I find anything. ”

Xander watched Faith’s tight ass as she left, not noticing that Willow was enjoying the view as well.

“I guess that means we’re off to class,” Buffy said as she grabbed her books. She made sure to bend at the waist, giving Xander a front row seat to view her round cheeks. Faith may have her beat in the chest department but Buffy knew that she had a world-class ass.

“I’ll speak to you all tonight, then,” Giles said as he dismissed the 3 teens and made his way to his office to call the junior Watcher, Wesley.

Xander grabbed his books and quickly placed them in front of his groin to try and hide his massive erection. “Hey!How come there’s no making fun of Willow?”

Willow grabbed her backpack after stealing a quick peek at Buffy’s ass as it stretched her tight slacks. “Oz isn’t a demon, he’s a werewolf. Also, he only gets wolfy 3 days a month. And further also he’s at a gig in L. A. for the next couple of days. ”

“Speaking of fiends from Hell that Xander has the hots for…” Buffy grinned.

“So don’t have the hots for demons,” Xander muttered.

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“…has anyone seen Cordelia?”


Cordelia Chase was currently strapped to a bed in a private room at Sunnydale Memorial Hospital. Since being brought in she had tried to force herself on 2 doctors, 3 nurses and the 6 orderlies who had been ordered to restrain her in bed. No one had any idea of what to make of her overwhelming sex drive, except for the 5 people now surrounding her bed.

After bringing Cordelia to the emergency room Miko and Nin-nin had quickly made their escape before anyone had been able to question them. Now, after all the hospital personnel had left they had returned with their three allies and now stood surrounding Cordelia's bed. Even restrained she had managed to throw off her covers, her hospital gown had worked its way up above her thighs as she rubbed her legs together in desperation to cum. The horny student’s normally immaculately kept hair was mussed around her head and her full lips were parted as she panted erotically. Her large tits pressed against the thin gown and her aching nipples were pressed tightly against the material.

“…and she’s been like this ever since,” Miko finished telling the other three girls.

“Oh, Miss. Miko!You could’ve been hurt,” the youngest girl with pink hair cried. She ran to Miko and threw her arms around the older girl and nestled her head between Miko’s soft breasts.

“It’s O. K. , Kanako,” Miko said, trying to pull the young girl from her cleavage.

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  “I killed the tentacle demon and Nin-nin fought off the other one. ”

A girl with green hair bent over Cordelia’s writhing body and Cordelia used the opportunity to grope the green haired girl’s large DD-cup breasts. “Oh wow,” the green haired girl exclaimed as sudden, unexpected pleasure shot through her large tit. She let Cordelia grope her for a moment as she peered into the overheated teen’s eyes before standing back up. “It’s defenetly a spell but it should have faded by now,” she said as she readjusted the red top of her Gi.

“I know that, Yaku,” Miko said as she finally pried Kanako from her chest. “But it hasn’t yet. I’m guessing we have to cut it off at the source. ”

“Kill the beast, kill the spell,” the last girl said. She wore what looked like a one piece, green outfit similar to a bathing suit that rode up high on her hips and left most of her ass-cheeks exposed. She glared at Miko with a friendly rivalry as she pulled her long, curly, strawberry blonde hair back into a ponytail. “We have any luck finding out where that demon scroll is?The answer is probably there. ”

Miko glared back at her friend. “Nin-nin’s been tracking it, Fubuki. Nin-nin?”

Nin-nin was over at Cordelia’s side.


  Her hospital gown had slid down her shoulder and exposed one of her large, bronzed tits. Nin-nin was currently rolling the nipple between his fingers and cooing, “Rolly polly olly. ”

“Nin-nin!” the three oldest girls yelled as Fubuki threw a bedpan at him that bounced off his head.

“Yeeeeaaaaaouch!” Nin-nin yelled as he fell to the floor. “Ow, Miss Fubuki. What was that for?”

“Stop molesting the victim, you little perv,” Fubuki shot back. “Now where’s the demon scroll?”

Nin-nin rubbed his painful head. “I don’t have it. ”

Fubuki made to smack the little man but Miko stepped in-between them. “We know you don’t have it, Nin-nin,” Miko said. “Have you been able to find it?”

Nin-nin tried to hide behind Miko to avoid Fubuki’s glare. “No, Miss Miko. The tracking spell fell apart as soon as we got into town 2 days ago. There’s too much demonic interference. ”

Kanako stepped up closer to Miko, jealous that Nin-nin was rubbing himself against the older girl and she wasn’t.

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  “Which is strange since those 2 demons you fought are the first ones we’ve seen. ”

Miko chewed her lip as she thought for a moment. “O. k. guys, here’s the plan. Kanako, I want you to go out and talk to people. Try to find out what’s going on in this town, get a lay of the land. ”

Kanako nodded her head enthusiastically, always wanting to please her Miss Miko, “Yes, Miss Miko. ”

“Fubuki and Yaku,” Miko continued. “Before we left Japan we found out the name of those so-called demon experts, those ‘Watchers’. Find a Watcher and see if they know anything about the scroll we’re looking for. ”

Yaku said, “Sure. ” as Fubuki barely nodded.

“That leaves me for some demon Hide-and-Seek and…” Miko turned to her small partner,”…Nin-nin. You are going to have to stay here and look after the girl.

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  She may not be safe on her own. ”

Nin-nin nodded just as enthusiastically as Kanako had, looking forward to make up for losing the small demon from earlier.

“And no taking advantage of her, you little troll!” Fubuki growled. “You’re to guard her, not molest her!”

Nin-nin stood ridged and saluted. “Yes Miss. Fubuki. She shall be guarded as no one has been guarded before!”

“I bet,” Yaku muttered under her breath as she smirked and the four girls climbed out of the window.

Nin-nin began goose-stepping back and forth at the foot of Cordelia’s hospital bed as he guarded her. “Ohhh…” she moaned lustfully as he tried to ignore her. “Mmmm…” shegroaned low as she rolled her hips and he tried harder to ignore her. “Godddd yesss…” she panted, trying to thrust her hot pussy up as Nin-nin continued to fail at ignoring her.

“Nin… Nin-nin?” Cordelia groaned. “That’s your… your name, right?”

In a flash Nin-nin was standing on the foot of the hospital bed with a very obvious erection. “Yes, Miss. Cordelia?”

“Fuck me, Nin-nin,” Cordelia growled.

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  “I need you to fuck me hard. ”

Nin-nin saluted with one hand as he used his other hand to yank off his clothes, leaving only his hood and gloves. “Yes, ma’am!”In an instant he ripped away Cordelia’s hospital gown to leave her completely naked to his greedy eyes. Her dark eyes, full lips, large tits swaying back and forth on her chest, her flat stomach, small waist, long legs and hot cunt were all exposed to the horny ninja. “Banzi!” he yelled as he leapt forward on top of the horny girl.

The horny, little ninja landed straddling Cordelia’s chest and the hot schoolgirl wrapped her luscious lips around his small, hard cock. She used her warm, wet tongue to lash at his dick as he pistoned away into her mouth, face-fucking the beauty queen.

“Oh yessss…” Nin-nin groaned as he held onto Cordelia’s head and fucked himself into her warm, sucking mouth. “Soooo good. ”

Cordelia moaned in pure lust at the taste and feel of the small man’s dick on her tongue, “Mmmm…”

The vibrations of Cordelia’s moan danced across Nin-nin’s cock as he fucked her beautiful face and she lashed his cock with her tongue. “I’m cumming!” he yelled as he shot his thick, creamy load into her eager mouth.

Nin-nin fell off to the side of the bed in bliss, leaving Cordelia disappointed and unfulfilled. “You’re not done yet, are you?” she groaned. She loved the taste of the small ninja’s sperm but he had been so quick that she still hadn’t cum yet and she needed to cum so bad.

“Just… just need a minute,” Nin-nin panted.

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Cordelia licked the last of Nin-nin’s cum from her lips. “But you haven’t even fucked my tits yet,” she purred.

Faster than the eye could see Nin-nin was up on the bed, straddling Cordelia’s impressive chest and his small cock immediately erect. “Yes, ma’am!” he saluted again. He reached out with both of his hands and began massaging the large orbs, each one the size of his head.

“Fuck yesss…” Cordelia hissed, loving the way Nin-nin’s gloves scrapped across the sensitive skin of her large breasts.

Nin-nin began squeezing the tan orbs harder, kneading them like dough. He bent forward and stuck his tongue out from behind his mask and began licking and sucking on Cordelia’s hard, dark nipples.

“Yesyesyesyesyes Yes!” Cordelia yelled. Sparks of pleasure sizzled from her chest to her groin and she felt her pussy gush. “Fuck them, Nin-nin. Fuck my tits. ”

Nin-nin sat up straight and wrapped Cordelia’s firm tits around his hard cock. “Ohhhh…” he moaned out loud, loving the way the horny girl’s warm flesh felt wrapped around his dick. “So nice,” he muttered as he slowly began rocking his hips back and forth.

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  Her tits felt wonderful in his hands, so soft but firm, warm and silky. They almost felt as good as her mouth.

“Fuck my tits, Nin-nin,” Cordelia moaned out in lust. “Fuck my tits and cum all over them!”For hours after she’d been admitted to the hospital she pleaded and begged for any kind of sexual contact by any of the doctors, nurses or aides but they had all remained professional. But listening to the four young women she knew that Nin-nin would be more than happy to give her what she needed. What she burned for. “Squeeze them, Nin-nin. Squeeze my tits and fuck them!”

Nin-nin’s hips were a blur as he fucked himself between Cordelia’s meaty tits. They were smaller than Miss. Yaku’s, the few times he’d managed to grope her, but large enough to swallow his prick completely. He felt himself about to explode. “I’m cumming, Miss. Cordelia. I’m cuuuuuummmmming!” he shouted out.

“Do it, Nin-nin!Cum on my tits!” Cordelia shouted back.



Nin-nin released his hold on Cordelia’s large tits and began jacking his cock, his hand a blur as he shot his load across her heaving chest. As the warm cum rained down on her it triggered her own orgasm and she screamed out in pleasure, her own juices spilling out of her hot pussy, down her clenching ass-cheeks and onto the hospital mattress.

“Yes, Nin-nin!Yes, you feel so good!” Cordelia shouted as she came, her wide her hips thrusting up into the air. Her spasming body collapsed back onto the bed as Nin-nin bonelessly slid off her chest and then fell to the floor.

Nin-nin slowly pulled himself onto his feet and stared at the sweat slick, spasming teen girl.

Cordelia rolled her head to the side and looked at Nin-nin with a goofy smile on her face. “Good job, Nin-nin. Now get some water. You’re going to need it. ”

Nin-nin watched as the sexy, horny, sweaty girl erotically licked her lips before he fell backwards with exhaustion.


After classes finally ended at the school Dawn Summers finally saw her mom’s mini-van pull up to the curb. “Come on,” she said, grabbing her new friend’s hand and dragging her over to meet her mom. Dawn’s light brown hair danced behind her as she reached her mom with her new friend in tow. “Hi mom. ”

“Hello, Dawn,” Joyce Summers said, greeting her daughter.

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  “Who’s your little friend?”

“This is Kanco… Kinko… Campo…” Dawn stuttered, trying to pronounce her friend’s name.

“Kanako,” the pink haired girl politely said. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss. Summers,” she said as she bowed.

“Yeah. Kanako. Like I said,” Dawn said, trying not to blush in embarrassment.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kanako,” Joyce said as she held her hand out to the young girl.

“Thank you, Miss. Summers,” Kanako respectfully said as she shook the older woman’s hand. “It is an honor to meet you. ”

“Kanako’s from Japan and she’s starting school here,” Dawn chirped in excitedly.

Joyce smiled at her excitable daughter and looked back at Kanako. “And how are you liking the school?”

“Well' mom,” Dawn interrupted. “I thought that to help Kanako fit into class and the town and everything that it would be o.

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  k. to take her over to Janice’s to meet people…”

Joyce eyed her daughter suspiciously, “Well, I suppose…”

“And study there…”

“Perhaps…” Joyce thought she knew where this was going.

“And since we’ll obviously have to study late, due to the language-y thing and the metric system and all…”

“Hmmm…” Joyce cocked her eyebrow at Dawn and folded her arms under her B-cup breasts.

“And we’ll probably be hungry so we should totally just eat dinner there…”

“Totally,” Joyce said, trying not to smirk.

“And spend the night?” Dawn finished meekly but hopefully.

“Dawn, you know how I feel about sleep overs on weekdays,” Joyce said sternly.

“I know mom but it’s special. ”Dawn held her arms out at Kanako, “You don’t want her falling behind do you?”

Joyce thought it over for a few minutes. “Well, since your sister will be out… late tonight…” she had to stop herself from saying “Patrolling for monsters,” “…and I have a late meeting with Principal Snyder…”

Dawn began jumping up and down excitedly, her budding A-cup breasts jiggling in her shirt as she clapped her hands.

“…that just this once it’ll be ok,” Joyce finished.

“Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou,” Dawn gleefully said as she hugged her mother.

“Just make sure you’re inside after dark,” Joyce warned her daughter.

“I will, I will, I will,” Dawn agreed eagerly and began pulling Kanako down the sidewalk. “Have fun with Principal Snyder,” she called back to her mother.

“I don’t think anyone’s had fun with that little demon in his entire life,” Joyce muttered before she could stop herself.

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  She just hoped Dawn didn’t hear her being disrespectful to a teacher.


Later in the evening a voice sounded out in a dark alley, “I’m tellin’ ya, mate. There ain’t a badder demon than me. ”

A dark figure in a trench coat and fedora spun around at the voice behind him. “Spike. So good of you to come,” the figure said in a British accent similar to Spikes. He had arranged to meet the vampire known as Spike here in the alley immediately after sunset and now the vampire had snuck up behind him, making no sound with his approach.

Spike lit a cigarette, the light from the flame highlighting his pale face and short, blonde overly dyed hair. “So what’s this then about a new demon blowing inta town?” Spike asked as his ankle length, black trench coat fluttered in the breeze.

The dark figure felt the reassuring weight of the crucifix and holy water in his pockets. “It's name is Cathix, originally from Japan. He’s brought his own demons with him and he has big plans for Sunnydale. ”

“And what’s that got ta do with me, mate?” Spike asked as he sauntered in and out of the shadows, enjoying how he made the obviously human figure nervous.

“I came with an invitation,” the figure said.

“From Cathix?” Spike smirked.

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“From me. To join with Cathix. ”The dark figure tried to keep from shaking with fear. “You and I, joined with Cathix, could do some very interesting things in this town. ”

Spike thought it over for a few minutes. “Maybe I got some plans of my own. ”

“Just meet with Cathix,” the figure said. He knew that the less interested Spike acted meant the more he was actually interested. “See what he has to say. About his plans for Sunnydale, the Hellmouth and… the Slayer. ”

Spike cocked and inquisitive eyebrow. “The Slayer, eh?”

The dark figure knew he had Spike hooked.

Spike turned to walk away. “I got some people I work with, I’ll run it by them. But I wouldn’t count too much on it, mate.


  I may just hang back and see how it all turns out. Not really one for running with others. ”

The figure watched Spike melt into the shadows. “Of course, Spike. Whatever you say,” he smirked. He knew that Spike would eventually make an appearance one way or another.


Earlier in the day, while Dawn was talking to her mother across town from the ally where the dark figure would try to entice Spike, nearby her another dark figure watched Buffy Summers leave the school and start walking towards downtown. He’d spent all day criss-crossing the sewers trying to track down the town's usually rampant demon population but so far there’d been no luck. More and more he was convinced that they were hiding, waiting for something, but he had no idea what. At least not yet. He watched Buffy walk away from the school and remembered the night he lost his soul to her.

In his memory Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and whispered his name softly, lovingly and with just a hint of passion bathed in candle light, “Angel. ”

Angel wrapped his arms around Buffy’s slender waist and held her to him tightly as she molded her body to his. “Buffy,” he whispered as they began to kiss, their lips pressed together and the tongues entwining. He could feel the warmth of her body pressed tightly to his as her hands slid from his neck and down his back.

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Angel broke the kiss and looked down at his young girlfriend with a hint of concern in his voice, “Buffy…”

“I want this Angel,” Buffy interrupted. “I want you. I want us. Vampire or not, you have a soul. I love you and you love me. ”She slowly pulled his jacket from his shoulders. “I want you to be my first. ”

Angel let Buffy remove his jacket. “I love you Buffy. I haven’t felt like this ever. Not in all my two hundred years. ”

Buffy pulled the hem of Angel’s shirt up and exposed his muscular stomach as she bent down to give light, slow kisses to his pale abs. As she continued pulling his shirt up she continued kissing up his body, stopping only to quickly run her tongue over his nearly white nipples before pulling his shirt up and over his head. With his shirt completely off she ran her hands over his muscled chest and arms before leaning up and kissing him with all the passion a teenage girl could have.

Angel broke the kiss and leaned down, lifting the hem of Buffy’s shirt.

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  He began pulling up on the material and baring her flat stomach. He kissed her exposed skin and licked at her sexy belly button which caused the virgin girl to shiver in pleasure. As he continued lifting the shirt up he kissed up her stomach to her chest and freed her firm breasts. He lightly ran his tongue over her hard, pink nipples before pulling her shirt completely off, kissing up her graceful neck until he was once again kissing her lips.

Buffy moaned in pleasure as Angel’s tongue slid into her mouth and she pressed her naked chest against his, rubbing her stiff nipples against his cool skin. She slid her hands up and down his naked back and trailed her fingers around to the front of him. When her fingers reached his hard stomach she reached down and began unfastening his pants.

“Buffy…” Angel groaned into Buffy’s mouth.

“Shhh…” Buffy answered, placing one of her fingers against his lips. “I want this. I want to see you. ”The topless Vampire Slayer got down on her knees in front of the vampire and began taking off his shoes and socks. When his feet were bare she reached up and began pulling down his pants and underwear, making sure not to look at his groin yet. When he was completely naked in front of her she drew her eyes up from his feet to his calves and his muscular thighs. Going slowly up his legs she was finally rewarded with the sight of Angel’s naked prick.

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  Even only semi-erect it was long and thick and nearly pure white. She unconsciously licked her lips in anticipation.

Angel softly stroked Buffy’s silky hair. “Buffy, you don’t have…”

“I want to, Angel,” Buffy interrupted. She ran her hands up and down Angel’s muscled thighs and watched as his cock throbbed to life. “I want to taste you,” she whispered, her warm breath caressing across his now erect dick. She licked her lips as she placed her hands firmly on his hips before opening her mouth. They both moaned in pleasure at the same time and she felt his hips jerk slightly as she closed her lips around his spongy tip. She could taste his pre-cum at the head of his dick and ran her tongue around it, enjoying the taste.

“Oh Buffy,” Angel moaned in bliss.

Buffy had never done anything like this before and had almost no technique but she knew the mechanics enough from talking with friends. She let the hard cock rest on her warm tongue and sucked hard until her cheeks hollowed as she began to rock her head back and forth. As she got more comfortable with her undead lovers cock in her mouth she began working her tongue against the underside, wanting to taste every inch on his prick that she could.

Angel lovingly stroked Buffy’s blonde hair as he watched her take in the first few inches of his prick again and again. He steeled his will on controlling himself, not wanting to cum too soon.

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  But then, as his teenage lover locked eyes with him, he lost his self-control. “Buffy, I’m going to cum. ”

Buffy wanted to taste every bit of Angel that she could so she kept a firm hold on his hips to keep him from pulling away and locked her lips tightly around the tip of his prick. As he came his hips jerked with every shot, once, twice, three times and finally one last time as he filled her mouth with his thick cum. She found the taste of him odd, not like anything else she’d ever had before but not unpleasant, and swallowed all of it.

Angel moaned in pleasure as his knees buckled slightly and the head of his prick popped out of Buffy’s mouth.

The topless vampire slayer looked up at her lover expectantly. “Was I… was it good?” she asked hopefully.

Angel looked down at Buffy looking up at him worriedly as he felt the strength return to his legs. “Buffy, you were wonderful. ”

Buffy smile sheepishly in embarrassment and turned away as she blushed. She felt Angel bend down and slip his hands under her arms and lift her to her feet. He held her to his chest as she leaned down and kissed her just as passionately as before.

Angel made sure not to break the kiss as he pulled Buffy up into his arms and then carried her to his bed and gently laid her down. He stood back up and took a moment to burn the image of her laying on his bed, naked from the waist up with her firm breasts rising and falling on her chest and topped by her hard, pink nipples.

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  He leaned down between her out-stretched legs with his head at her chest. He cupped one of her firm tits with his hand and began teasing the hard nipple with his fingers as he bent his head to the other tit and drew the tiny nipple into his mouth and began teasing it with his tongue.

“Ohhh, Angel,” Buffy cooed as Angel teased one of her nipples while lightly sucking the other one before switching. She shuddered as he kissed her breastbone and began slowly making his way down her body, unfastening her pants at the same time. She raised her hips up slightly to let him pull her pants down to her thighs as his lips and tongue made their way to her belly button. As he slowly licked at her stomach she shuddered as every muscle in her body tightened suddenly and then slowly relaxed, her juices sliding from her pussy. “Oh, oh… oh Angel,” she panted. “I think… I think I just… just…”

“Came?” Angel answered for her. He smirked slightly at her embarrassment.

“I, uh… yeah. I think I just… came,” Buffy stammered as she blushed.

Angel slid Buffy’s pants completely off of her toned legs, leaving her naked on his bed. He spread her tan legs wide and licked his lips at the sight of her glistening, virgin pussy. He laid down completely between her legs with his face at her wet juncture and pulled her thighs onto his shoulders. He gave a long slow lick from her puckered asshole to her hard, little clitoris and caused the young virgin to shudder and clamp her thighs against his head as she came for a second time.



“Oh God, Angel!” Buffy yelled in bliss as she climaxed again. She gripped Angel’s hair and rolled her hips, pushing her heated pussy into his face. “Yesss…”

Angel smiled up at Buffy from between her out-stretched legs as she came down from her orgasm.

“Oh, wow. I just… just… came again,” Buffy blushed.

Angel smiled as she licked his lips, savoring Buffy’s cum. “You’re so sensitive,” he said.

Buffy looked at her vampire boyfriend in a mixture of glee and lust. . “Do it again,” she said as she grinned. “Make me cum again. ”

Angel didn’t say anything, he just smiled and shifted his eyes back to Buffy’s wet pussy. She kept a small patch of pubic hair just above her slit but kept the rest of it shaved clean. He gave a small kiss to each of her puffy labia as he slid his hands underneath her and cupped her spectacular ass-cheeks. He nuzzled the small hollows between the tops of her inner thighs where they met on either side of her heated groin.

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  He slowly licked her plump lips up and down, collecting the taste of her juices on his tongue before swallowing. “Buffy, you taste so good,” he whispered.

Buffy couldn’t hear Angel over the sounds of her own moans and gasps as he pleasured her. Ever since he had touched her with his tongue she had been gripping his hair to keep him between her legs as she rolled against his handsome face. Her eyes were closed as pure bliss coursed through her mind and body and her chest heaved with each panting breath. “Yes, yes, yes, yesyesyes. . . ” she panted over and over again.

Angel released one of Buffy’s firm ass-cheeks and brought his arm above her and placed his fingers on either side of her swollen pussy lips. He spread her delicate labia and licked at the glistening pink treasure inside and felt her body shudder in pleasure. He ran his tongue around the entrance to her virgin pussy and slowly gathered her gushing juices on his tongue, savoring the taste of her as he pushed his tongue inside, stretching her open slightly. He pushed his tongue slowly, like a tiny cock, in and out of her clutching hole as he ran his fingers up and down the outside of her pussy, his fingers meeting just above her hard clit.

Angel took a moment to look up at the beautiful vampire slayer; her sweating, panting body glistening with sweat in the candle light. He removed his tongue from her tight hole and replaced it with his finger.

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  He left his finger-tip at the entrance to her vagina and moved his mouth up to the top of her pink slit. He slowly filled her clutching pussy with his fingers, stretching the walls of her pussy as he began to slowly circle her hard clit with his lips before licking it with his tongue.

“Oh God, Angel!I’m cumming!Again!” Buffy yelled, tightening her slender thighs around Angel’s head and thrusting her gushing pussy against his face and fingers. “I’m cuuummming!”Every muscle in her young body clenched tight like a wound spring threatening to snap as her orgasm tore through her body. Wave after wave of pleasure rippled across her as she began thrashing around on his bed. Her body froze, her legs wrapped around his head, her hands gripping his hair, her body arched erotically. Suddenly she relaxed and collapsed back onto the bed as she came down from another orgasmic high. “Ooohhh, Angelll,” she moaned as a dopey grin teased at her mouth.

Angel wiped of his drenched mouth with the back of his hand and climbed up Buffy’s petite body to lay next to her and she immediately curled up next to him with her head on his chest. “Oh, wow,” she said breathlessly. “Just… wow. ”

“You’re welcome,” Angel smiled as he laid one hand on her soft stomach. He could feel her tight muscle fluttering beneath his hand as he stroked her and toyed with her belly button.

“Is it… Is it always like that?” Buffy asked hopefully as she craned her neck to look up at Angel’s face.

“I wanted to make sure you enjoyed your first time,” Angel said as he used his other hand to stroke Buffy’s hair.

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Buffy kissed the bottom of Angel’s chin. “And I did. Boy, did I. ”

Angel smile widely and gave Buffy a quick peck on her lips. “Your first time isn’t over yet. ”

In the shadows outside of the school Angel sighed, despite not needing to breathe, as Buffy turned a corner and was gone from his sight. They had spent the night exploring each other’s bodies and he had made sure that she had enjoyed every minute of her first time. Afterwards, wrapped in each other’s arms, he had felt his first piece of true happiness and it had cost him his soul. He’d become the monster Angelus again, terrorizing Buffy and her friends until Buffy had no choice but to kill him. But her choice to kill Angelus to save the world was made even worse when at the last moment he had regained his soul.

Angel had spent months, or years, or maybe centuries in a hell dimension when suddenly, for reasons nobody was sure of, he was yanked back to Earth. Buffy had nursed him back to health but they had no choice but to remain platonic friends. With one moment of pure joy he would lose his soul and once again becoming the monstrous vampire Angelus.

Angel ducked back into the sewers to look for the hiding demons, not noticing the small, purple demon circling overhead as he remembered the one night he had shared with his true love.


At full dark the small demon Modup made his way underground to the large cavern his Demon Lord Cathix had chosen for his lair.

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  Through some strange twist of geography various stones thrust out from the walls and floors like giant, erect cocks and all the entrances parted slightly like the opening to a woman’s vagina. The cavern was easily the size of a football field and was filled with Cathix’sminions. At one end of the cavern was a shallow wading pool circled by ancient, demonic ruins and at the other end sat Lord Cathix in his granite throne. The throne had been carved to resemble a woman’s spread thighs with the Demon Lord sitting in the red cushioned juncture and his arms resting on the knees.

As Lord Cathix stood to hear Modup’s report his demon legion parted to allow the small demon through. The demons were of all shapes and sizes, some nearly resembling humans and others nothing more than writhing piles of penis shaped tentacles. The Demon Lord towered above them all at 7 feet tall, thickly muscled with a humanoid appearance, a large tail jutted from his back and lashed behind him. He had an almost human face except for his fanged teeth, slitted eyes and pointed ears. Tufts of blood red fur spouted from his chin, shoulders, elbows, knees and covered his feet. His muscles flexed under his thick, grey skin, his large cock swung between his legs as he walked.

Cathix peered at Modup as his minion landed and knelt at the base of his throne, throwing his empty satchel to the side. “Modup, report,” he bellowed in a low, booming voice. “Why are you late?”

Images of Miko and Nin-nin flashed through Modup’s mind and in an instant he decided it was best to keep that part of his story to himself. “Preparation, Modup Lord. Many preparation all made perfect to Cathix plan.



Cathix smiled wide and sat back down on his throne, draping his dick over the top of his thigh. “Excellent. Tell me of the plan, Modup. Tell me of the first Slayer. ”

Modup swallowed nervously before beginning his report, “First Slayer crafty. Sneaky. Modup hide, place glamour of human on Modup. When first Slayer alone from friend and ally and Watcher, Modup use Stone of Throbbing Lust. ”


After leaving the school Buffy made her way to the only hang-out spot in Sunnydale, The Bronze, to wait for Willow to return from a field trip to UCSunnydale. The Bronze had a little bit of everything; a bar with drinks both alcoholic and non, a dance floor, game tables and usually a weekly band. But on a Monday night it was kinda slow. Which made Buffy an easy target for Modup.

After following the Slayer’s sister and her friend the demon Modup landed in the shadows off the alley outside of the school and waited for the Slayer. He followed her from the school to The Bronze and landed outback behind some dumpsters off to the side. He muttered a few words and instantly looked like a teenage, human male he had seen earlier.

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  The illusion was purely visual and if anyone tried to touch it their hands would either pass completely through the illusion or feel the small creature’s own thick skin. He reached into his satchel and pulled out a small stone about the size of a marble and grinned wickedly as he felt himself become erect.

“Tee hee hee, Slayer,” Modup giggled as he made his way into The Bronze. There were very few humans around which made it easy to avoid their touch and locate the Slayer. He made his way over to the beautiful teen as she looked around expectantly and he waited for the perfect time to strike.

A human male walked behind the Slayer and Modup reached through the illusion with one hand and pushed the human into the Slayer. “Ow, watch it,” the Slayer whined as she stood up quicklyThe small demon use the momentary distraction to slip the Stone of Throbbing Lust into the pocket of the Slayer’s tight pants. He slipped away from the two humans and felt his own passions begin to subside although his cock remained ridged. When he was far enough away he dropped the illusion and flew though and open window, cackling into the night.

The boy stammered as he looked down at Buffy, “Oh, uh, geez. I’m sorry. I think I must have bumped into something. ”

“That’s ok,” Buffy said as she straightened her clothes and thought about how lucky she was not to have been taking a drink when the young man bumped into her. “Accidents yadda, yadda excreta. ”

“Heh, yeah,” the boy chuckled.

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  “You’re Buffy, right?Buffy Summers?”

“Guilty as charged,” Buffy said, taking a moment to admire the boy’s fit body. “And you’re… Dave, right?A… friend of Cordelia’s?”Buffy had to stop herself from saying “boy toy”. She slowly licked her plump lips and began unconsciously pushing her chest out.

“Yeah, Cordelia,” David said. His eyes were drawn to Buffy’s suddenly hard nipples sitting up high on her chest. “Although I think she’s kinda mad at me. She’s been avoiding me all day. ”

“Oh?Poor guy,” Buffy purred as she arched her back slightly, pushing her chest and ass out. “Whatever would she be mad at little ol’ you for?”

David took a moment to watch his small, lithe schoolmate showcase her tight body for him. "Is she coming on to me?" he asked himself. “I, uh… um…” he licked his suddenly dry lips. “I kinda bailed on her last night. She hasn’t talked to me since. And now I haven’t seen her all day. ”

Buffy stepped up closer to David, tracing his chest with one of her fingers and smiling up at him.

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“I, uh… should go look… look for her. ”David was torn. He was positive Buffy was a sure thing right now but Cordelia hated her. If it got back to Cordelia that he’d boned Buffy… Then he thought about how easy Cordelia was, plus she had a platinum credit card. “Yeah. I should got look for her. ”

Buffy leaned into David, pushing her tits into his chest. “Well, if you get tired of looking for the town bicycle, look me up. I’m sure we could find something to do together… until she shows up. ”

“Yeah, uh… I, uh… um…”David didn’t even finish his sentence as his hard cock throbbed in his pants and Buffy pressed her hips against him, grinding against his hard-on.

“Mmm…” Buffy moaned erotically as she rubbed her heated groin against David’s obvious erection.

David suddenly jerked back from Buffy as he felt himself about to cum. He looked around to see if anybody had been watching as he hurriedly limped away.

"God, I'm so horny right not," Buffy thought to herself as she licked her lips. For some reason the instant she felt David bump up against her she had felt warmer and warmer.

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  Her nipples had hardened and were now sending electric shivers through her tight body as they scrapped against her shirt. And her cunt felt like it was on fire, burning with desire. “So fucking horny,” she moaned out loud in lust. Her hand trailed down her hot body to between her legs and began grasping and squeezing her hot groin.

A sudden noise from the stage startled Buffy back to reality with a jolt. “Oh my God. What am I doing?” she gasped aloud. “This can't be right," she said to herself as she looked around to make sure no one had seen her. "I've never. . . Oh geez," she thought desperately. "Giles!I need Giles!I has to be a spell. "She began gathering her supplies but a sudden twinge of lust suddenly shot though her nubile body. “Ohhh…” she moaned low in her throat.

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  “Bathroom. Need the bathroom. ”

Buffy scampered to the bathroom and locked herself inside. She threw her backpack down and ran to the row of sinks. “What’s wrong with me?” she asked her reflection in the mirror above the sinks. In her lust addled mind her reflection answered, “Nothing,” with a sly grin on it’s mouth. The reflection ran it’s hand up to it’s chest and grasped it’s sensitive tit, squeezing the plump breast and Buffy moaned in pleasure. The reflection’s other hand went to it’s tight jeans, unfastening them and pushing them down as Buffy moaned again.

The over-heated Vampire Slayer looked down over her body; it was her hand squeezing her tit, it was her hand now down her pants rubbing against her burning cunt. “Need to cum,” Buffy panted, “Need to cum and then find Giles. ”The fingers in her pants slid into her sopping panties and then into her tight pussy, causing her to shudder as she moistened her fingers with her slick juices and then used them to stimulate her needy clit. Her other hand slid under her shirt to her bra-less tits and she began pinching and rolling her hard nipples.

“Ohhh…” Buffy cooed as she finger-banged herself unabashedly in the girl’s restroom. "At least I'll be quick," she thought to herself. She’d found during her one night with Angel that she had a very sensitive body, quick to start and fast to finish.


  And she had spent so many years with so much pent up frustration that she'd become a master masturbater. She loved her cute little pussy and how even when she was aroused her pussy lips barely showed, it just looked like a tight, little slit between her thighs. But her tits were her favorite. They were the perfect size to fit in her palms and she loved to squeeze her silky flesh and tug her hard nipples. “Almost… almost there,” she panted out loud.

Buffy thrust her hips back and forth, humping her skillful hand and causing her pants to slide halfway down her tight ass to expose the top-half of her pale ass-cheeks. She pulled her shirt up over her tits and the cool air of the bathroom licked over her nipples. “Oh God, yes!” she said louder. She palmed one of her tits hard, her palm scrapping over the hard nub of her pink nipple. “Yesss!” she called out even louder as she released her tit and began pulling at the nipple of her other breast. The fingers of the hand in her pants slid back into her aching hole and grazed across her G-spot. “Yes. Yes, yes, yesyesyes…” she chanted loudly, her lust filled words echoing off the walls.

“Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohfuck…” Buffy yelled with each deep gasp of breath. Images of men danced across her mind; Angel naked in front of her, Xander trying to cover his obvious erections as he stared lustfully at her body, Spike groping her body whenever they fought, and even Willow as the redhead stared lustfully at the Vampire Slayer’s tight ass.

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  “Oh God!” Buffy screamed as an orgasm crashed through her. Every muscle in her body tensed at the same time and her pussy gripped her thrusting fingers as it spasmed. Electric light flashed behind her closed eyes as she yelled, “Yes!” and pulled hard at her nipple, pulling her plump tit up and out. She gritted her teeth, her toes curled and she pushed her fingers as far as she could into her steaming cunt as her cum flowed out of her and down her thighs. “Fuuuuuck!”

As Buffy’s breathing returned to normal her body relaxed and she released her abused nipple and slid her fingers out of her wet cunt. She gripped the sink until her breathing slowed down even more and she peered at her reflection; blonde hair mussed, tits exposed and flush, pants halfway down her legs and baring her pussy, thighs wet with her warm cum. “Right,” she said to her disheveled reflection. “Clean up and straight to Giles. ”

Buffy quickly used some paper towels to wipe the cum from her tan legs and sticky pussy before refastening her pants. She pulled her top down and readjusted it but her pink nipples were still rock hard and pressed tightly against the material. Her hair was a lost cause so she simply pulled it back into a pony tail before grabbing her backpack and unlocking the bathroom door. She swung the door open and saw the hall was blocked by 3 people. Dave had his fist up as if preparing to knock, next to him was the bartender and another man she didn’t know.

Dave stammered, “Um… we… yelling… ok?”

Buffy could tell by their blushing faces and obvious erections that they had heard everything and knew what she had been doing. “Are you asking if I’m ok?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

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The bartender nodded dumbly.

Buffy smiled wolfishly and licked her lips as she stared at the bulges all three men had. “I am now that you’re here. ”She grabbed the three men by their belt buckles, and using her Slayer strength to pull them into the bathroom, let the door swing shut behind them. She licked her lips again. “Let’s see what you brought me to play with,” she said gleefully as she quickly dropped to her knees and began undoing their pants.


“Excellent,” Cathix said, his booming voice echoing through the large cavern. “You have not yet disappointed me, Modup. ”

Modup bowed low, fearing what his Lord would do if Lord Cathix learned of his attack by the ninjas.

“And the other Slayer, Modup. Tell your Lord about the second Slayer. ”


Shortly before sundown Modup fluttered down into a dark alley with his satchel clutched to his side. He looked up and down the alley as the shadows lengthened with the seating sun. A sudden voice spoke up behind him and nearly caused the small demon to drop his bag.

“Right on time, mate,” a dark figure said as she walked out of the shadows.

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  The man was wearing a dark overcoat with a fedora pulled down to cover his face.

Modup peered at the strange human. “Are you… are you Modup Summoner?”The small demon shuffled closer to the dark figure. “Yessss. You are. Modup meet you at time o’clock. You have for Modup?”

The human held out a small container fill with pills and Modup snatched it up greedily. “Do you remember what I told you, Modup?” the figure asked in his British accent.

“Yes!Modup know. Two pill for man. Two pill for woman. Six pill for other Slayer,” Modup said gleefully as he shook the container in front of his face before stashing the the pills in his satchel. “Modup remember. ”

“Of course you do, Modup. Of course you do,” the dark figure said, trying to add a hint of pride to his voice.

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  “Now fly away, Modup. I’m about to meet a particularly nasty vampire and I’m not ready for him to meet you yet. ”

Modup leapt into the air with his bag of tricks clutched tightly in his arms and with a wicked smile on his face.

After making a stop at the older Watcher's apartment Modup landed on the roof of his target, the “Leather and Chrome” biker bar. He had tracked the second Slayer here the previous night before his run-in with the ninjas and knew the Slayer had plans to return. He laid down his satchel and removed the container with the last of the pills in it before sneaking into a vent that led to a back room and made his way to the front. The purple demon made his way up a wall until he saw the young woman he was looking for, the dark haired Slayer. As quick as he could he climbed up the wall using his claws and hung down from the ceiling, his cock wrapped around the rafter. He waited for the Dark Slayer to order something to drink.

After only a few minutes Modup heard the Dark Slayer slam her hand down on the bar. “Barkeep. Who’s a girl gotta do to get a drink around here,” she yelled as all the beefy men laughed and watched her up thrust ass. The bartender quickly filled up a mug and the Slayer leaned forward, flashing her incredible cleavage almost spilling out of her red top. She blew him a kiss from her scarlet painted lips and took a deep drink of her beer. All the men stared at her cleavage and graceful neck as she swallowed.



The Dark Slayer turned around facing away from the bar and all eyes followed her. "Yesss. . . " Modup thought to himself. "Free!"He dropped the six white pulls from the ceiling and watched as they quickly dissolved.

“Tee hee,” Modup quietly giggled as he made his way out of the bar, picking up his satchel and flying off into the night.

Faith took a big swig of her beer and nodded to the barkeeper. “Thanks, barkeep,” she said with a sultry wink. “Remind me to give you a big tip. ”She smiled seductively and licked her painted lips, letting the pink tip of her tongue poke out for a moment. She downed the rest of the beer and felt an electric giddiness wash over her as she swiveled around in her stool. “To bad there’s not a band. I got the urge to move. ”

One of the bikers quickly ran to the jukebox, slid in a five dollar bill and began selecting songs at random.

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  If that young, hot piece of ass wanted to dance he wanted to watch.

Faith pointed at the biker at the jukebox as she slid off her seat. “Oh yeah. That guy knows all about urges. ”She swayed to the center of the grimy bar’s dance floor with an exaggerated sway to her hips, her tight, leather pants stretched around the firm globes of her ass. She began swaying her hips more and her firm tits swayed under the thin material of her top, her suddenly hard nipples creating twin peaks from under her top. “Oh yeah,” she groaned as she felt a thick warmth fill her body.

All the men in the bar surrounded the dance floor, some sitting and some standing, to watch the young girl move her hot, little body. Everybody knew she was far too young to be in a bar but there was no way they were going to kick a fine piece of meat like her out. Their eyes were glued to her fresh body as they hungrily licked their lips and their hands itched to touch her soft flesh.

The Dark Slayer twisted her athletic body and swayed around the floor, her hips bumping and grinding to the beat and her full breasts swinging under her shirt. She ran her hands through her dark hair, over her chest, cupping her tits, down her flat stomach, in-between the junction of her toned legs, across her thrusting hips and back to her firm ass-cheeks. She gave a quick slap to the twin, leather wrapped cheeks and smiled as she closed her eyes and moaned, “Oh, daddy. ”

As Faith continued dancing her moves quickly turned into a strip tease. She began tugging and pulling at her tight clothes, giving tantalizing glimpses of her pale flesh.

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  She pulled the collar of her shirt down to just above her dark nipples, she tugged down the top of her leather pants to just above her groin and the crack of her ass to show off her tiny, red thong.

“Oh yeah, baby!Take it off!” a voice called out as another song started to play.

Normally Faith was a complete tease, enjoying the power she had over men but tonight she felt so warm and happy and uninhibited. She continued swaying back and forth on the dance floor, tugging and pulling her clothes, not even noticing all the men stepping closer to her sweating, gleaming body. Her hands continued pawing at her overheated body, gripping her tits, pinching her nipples, delving between her legs, crawling underneath her clothes. So into the heat coursing through her and the desire building that she wasn’t even aware as her Slayer strength began ripping and tearing at her clothes.

As the horny Vampire Slayer’s hands trailed underneath the front of her pants the buttons and zipper popped open. As her hands traveled down the back of her pants they ripped from the top to halfway between her cheeks with only the elastic of her thong keeping them from completely tearing away. As her hands slid up her body to underneath her top it ripped from the hem up to the neckline. And Faith never even noticed.

As the second song ended and the third began Faith stood in the middle of the dance floor to look at the effect her dancing had on the men. Her hair was wild, her cleavage and the bottom of her tits were completely exposed and one of her dark nipples was peeking out of the tattered remains of her shirt and her leather pants were halfway down her thighs, exposing her pale ass-cheeks and the soaked material at the front of her red thong. All the men were right next to her sweating body and they all had their hard cocks pulled out of their pants.

Faith’s chest heaved as she struggled to catch her breath and saw the bartender lock the front door and start walking towards her and all the horny bikers. She smiled devilishly as she grabbed a prick in each of her hands and started tugging on them.

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  The bikers began tearing her clothes off as she laughed and whispered, “Choo chooo…”


Cathix clapped his hands with amusement. “A fine plan. I had not thought you capable. Most excellent. ”

Modup bowed lower with pride at Cathix’s words. “Modup only wish to serve Modup Lord well. ”

“And you have, Modup,” Cathix smiled. “So far. And the Watcher?”

Modup grinned, “The same as other Slayer, Modup Lord. ”


After securing the drugs from his summoner Modup made his way to the Watcher’s apartment. It wasn’t easy to fly during the day and not be seen so at dusk he flew as fast as he could from the alley to his target. He quickly landed in some bushes next to the door and tried to think of a way inside to hide the drugs for the humans. He couldn’t count on an illusion since the Watcher was well versed in magic and would probably quickly see through it. There were no vents large enough to crawl through like the bar he had tracked the second Slayer to the other night, or any open window and breaking one would cause too much noise. That left only a direct approach.

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  He folded his wings down as much as he could, wrapped his penis around his waist, stashed his satchel deep into the bushes, climbed up to the top of the door and knocked.

“Yes. Just a moment,” a voice said from inside the apartment. He opened the door and looked out but he saw no one. He stepped outside to look around and didn’t notice the small, purple demon above him slip inside his apartment. “Bloody kids,” Giles muttered as he went back in and closed the door behind him.

A splash and a hiss drew Giles’ attention to his kitchen. “Bloody hell. ”He rushed back to the kitchen and pulled the boiling pasta from the stove.

From the ceiling Modup looked around the apartment, everything was as his summoner had said it would be. Modup had barely recognized his summoner because of the coat and hat pulled over his face but he’d been correct about everything he’d told Modup about his targets. Even here in the apartment he saw that everything had been done in twos; 2 chairs at the table, 2 plates at each chair, 2 settings of silverware and 2 glasses waiting to be filled. Modup found it hard to contain his glee but his summoner had stressed that silence would be absolutely necessary.

Modup stayed in the dark corners of the ceiling as Giles prepared a romantic dinner for two and lit candles around his apartment. A half an hour after he had accidently let a demon into his home he heard someone knock on his front door.

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  He looked at his clock, “Right on time,” and smiled. He quickly filled the two champagne glasses before walking over to answer the door.

"Yesss. . . " Modup thought with malicious glee. He popped his cock out of his mouth and took careful aim with his container of pills. He dropped the pills into he bubbling glasses and watched them dissolve. "Yes! he thought with pride at a job well done. He looked around quickly and hissed, “Now Modup trapped. ”

“Jenny, how wonderful to see you,” Giles said as he stood aside and let his girlfriend in.

“Rupert,” Jenny said as she entered the apartment. “It’s only been 4 hours since you last saw me. I don’t know how wonderful it could be,” she said, teasing her older boyfriend.

“To see anyone outside of that dreary school is a wonderful thing, Miss.


   Calendar,” Giles teased back. He love the fact that despite everyone calling him by his last name, Jenny insisted on calling him by his first. He took a moment to admire her; dark hair framed her face, her olive complexion gleamed in the candle light, her semi-sheer, white top that gave hints of the black bar underneath and a gauzy, ankle-length white skirt. “Especially you,” he finished.

“Oh, Rupert. You flatterer,” Jenny mocked as she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Now, where’s this ‘amazing’ dinner you promised me?It smells delicious. ”

“Mustleavemustleavemustleave!” Modup thought to himself. He still had three more stops to make before presenting himself to Lord Cathix and the meetings with the ninjas last night had left him running all day. He frantically looked around but it was the same problem getting out of the apartmen.