Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 05


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Blue Girl or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: Muliple Character Pairings, Tentacles, Noncon-Con, Teen, Incest, First, Futa

Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 05
By Muhabba

Willow’s house.

Willow locked her front door as she followed Tara outside. “My, ah. . . my boy. .

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  . boyfriend left his van here,” she answered, not sure if she should be ashamed or embarrassed or angry at her behavior.

“Oz, right?Your boyfriend’s name?” Tara asked meekly, feeling the same unease as Willow.

Willow stopped and held Tara’s hands as she looked deep into the other girl’s eyes. “Yes. He’s Missyfriend. And you. . . ” she said as her voice trailed off.

“Are. . . are you em. .

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  . embarrassed. By what. . . what we. . . ” Tara started to ask but afraid to finish the question.

Willow leaned forward and kissed the blonde witch. “No. I love you and will say that to anyone that asks. I’ll shout it from the rooftops if you want me too. ”She smiled as Tara giggled and shook her head. “But that doesn’t explain our behavior.

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  My personal life has never been that interesting. ”

Tara slowly stroked Willow’s lovely face. “I know what you mean,” she whispered.

They held hands as they ran to the van parked on the other side of Willow’s driveway. Willow unlocked the van and both girls climbed in and Willow slid the key into the ignition. She took a moment and looked over at Tara. “Have you ever driven before?” she asked.

“No,” Tara said as she shook her head. “Have you?”

Willow took a deep breath and started the van with trembling hands. “In theory you could call it driving. There were keys, a vehicle and I was behind the stearing wheel. It was all the screaming and crying that I didn’t like,” she said as she slid the vehicle into gear.

Tara quickly put on her seatbelt as she asked, “Y. . .

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   you cried?”

“Actually that was the driving instructor,” Willow answered as she pulled onto the street. “I was the one screaming. ”

As late as it was there was almost no traffic and Willow found it easier than her last lesson but stayed to the back streets. With only about a mile to go she felt herself start to relax when a sudden shadow appeared in the headlights. “Angel!” she screamed as she slammed on the breaks.

Both girls screamed and were thrown forward as the shambling van screiched to a halt.

Angel ran to the driver’s side window. “Willow, thank God. ”

“Angel, what’s wrong?” Willow asked as she rolled down the window. “You look like you’ve been running all night. ”

“Almost,” Angel said. “You shouldn’t be out tonight. I think I’ve found a clue to why the demons are hiding. ”

“So did we!” Willow shouted with pride. “We were just going to tell Giles!”

“Can I get a lift?” Angel asked, already heading to the side door.

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“Sure. I don’t suppose you know how to drive?” Willow asked hopefully as Angel crawled in.

Angel smirked as he nodded his head and a look of relief filled Willow’s face. They traded places and he noticed the frightened looking blonde girl in the passenger seat. He tried for his most charming smile as he asked, “Willow, who’s your friend?”

Willow sat between the seats. “Oh, sorry,” she asked. “Tara. She’s a witch. Tara, this is Angel, he’s a vampire. ”

“A. . . a. . .

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   a vamp. . . vamp. . . ” Tara stammered in fear.

“It’s o. k. , sweetie,” Willow said as she patted Tara’s knee. “He’s a nice vampire. ”

“Um. . . right,” Angel said to Tara before turning back to Willow.

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  “So, what did you find out?”

Tara’s mouth opened, not knowing what to say as she slowly turned her head to Willow. Willow just stammered, “Ah. . . well. . . um. . . Ah, um what. . . ah. .

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  . What did you find out?”

Angel put the van into gear and slowly they accelerated as he spoke to the girl. “I was attacked earlier tonight by a Japanese girl. ”

“That couldn’t have been to bad,” Tara said.

“She was a ninja,” Angel replied.

“Oh,” Tara said, deciding not to participate in the conversation anymore.

“Even then,” Willow said. “With your vampy powers and the martial arts all demons seem to use, she shouldn’t have been to much trouble. ”

“Well, yeah, but. . . ” Angel said as he decided how much he could tell the young girls. “She was a. . .

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   ah. . . a special type of ninja. They have. . . ah. . . powers. She. . . ah.

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  . . used them on me. ”

“Are you o. k. ?” Willow asked worriedly.

“Fine, fine,” Angel answered as he licked his lips in nervousness. “She. . . she interrogated me. It’s kinda hazy, really. But the thing is that her type of ninja usually hunts a certain type of demon. ”

Willow reached over and held Tara’s hand and looked into her eyes as Tara turned towards her. She was sure they were both thinking the same thing about what had happened to them.


  Obviously it had something to do with the ninja and new demons. “You think this ninja is chasing this new type of demon and the new demons scared our demons into hiding,” she said without looking at Angel.

Angel pulled up the van in front of Gile’s apartment complex. “Yeah, hopefully Giles will be able to help us,” he said as they all got out of the van.


In the catacombs beneath Sunnydale Cathix bellowed in joy as the last of his demons walked, crawled, slithered and few out of the cavern. “Ha, ha, ha my minions,” he shouted. “At the full moon four nights hence all we desire will be mine!We shall rule first Sunnydale, and then America and then the World!Ha, ha, ha!”

Cathix watched the last demon slouch from the cavern and became erect with excitement. “Follow the trail Modup has left you and claim our victims,” he ordered before hissing, “I shall rule the world. ”


In a flash Buffy ripped her shirt off, baring her braless, tan breasts topped with hard, pink nipples. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she began to pant in lust. She slinked over to Wesley, her tits jiggling with each step, and licked her lips hungerly as she stared at the young Watcher’s cock.

His utter shock had allowed Wesley to shake off Ms. Calender’s advances but Buffy took her time stalking towards him, giving him plenty of time to ogle her young, topless body. He began stumbling backwards, nearly tripping over his pants as he tried to back away from the obviously horny teenager and his dick slowly hardened. “Now.

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  . . now, Buffy. Some. . . something strange is. . . is happening. . . ” he started before his naked ass struck the back of the couch, stopping his retreat and allowing the sexy Slayer to pin him.

Buffy cooed as she traced her finger down Wesley’s chest before ripping his shirt open to bare his pale chest. “Wes, you have no idea what strange is,” she cooed as she rubbed her warm, silky tits across his chest.

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Wesley placed his hands delicately on Buffy’s shoulders but she was far to strong and she just smiled smugly up at him. “Now. . . now, Buffy. . . ” he stammered.

Gripping Wesley’s wrists Buffy took a step back and placed his trembling hands on her firm tits and moaned with pleasure.

“B, B, B, Buffy. . . ” Wesley stammered some more as he unconsciously squeezed Buffy’s warm tits and her hard nipples scraped across his soft palms. “We. .

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  . we. . . we. . . ” he continued to stammer as she released her grip on his wrists. “We can. . . can. . . can’t!” he shouted as the young girl wrapped her delicate hand around his throbbing cock and began to slowly jack him off.

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“Pretty sure we can, Wes,” Buffy moaned as she bent up on tip-toe and quickly licked his lips.

Wesley used Buffy’s quick movement to slide away from her, his cock leaving a trail of pre-cum across her flat stomach. He immediately tripped on his pants and fell back against the wall again and the horny schoolgirl used her body to pin him to the wall.

“Ah, ah, ah Wes,” Buffy chided the scared Watcher. “I’m not done with you yet. ”

“Buffy, we can’t. . . ” Wesley pleaded.

Buffy gripped Wesley’s wrists and brought one of his hands to her ass, sliding it into her pants and his other hand to her heated groin. “We can and we will,” she cooed playfully.

Wesley gulped, feeling his ability to resist fading. Buffy’s body was pressed tight against him, his cock rubbing against her warm stomach and his hand at the juncture of her hot groin and she hissed in discomfort. “Buffy?What’s wrong?” he asked worriedly.

Buffy took a small step back and released Wes’s wrists before she spoke, “Just been a busy night, Wes.

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  Still kinda tender. ”

“Well, ah. . . we should get you to the hospital then,” Wesley said, hoping the young girl could finally see reason.

Buffy smiled up at Wes. “Nope,” she chirped. “Just need to give that a bit of a break. ”

Wesley sighed in relief.

“Luckily I’ve discovered something about myself tonight,” she said as she slid her formally tight slacks down to her thighs and turned around, pressing her spectacular ass back and trapping Wes’s cock between her tight ass-cheeks. “You get to be the first guy to fuck my ass. ”

Wesley surrendered as Buffy gripped his shirt and began bending down, pulling him on top of her, never breaking eye contact with him.

When she got down on her knees with her pants wrapped around her knees Buffy whispered to Wes, “Get it wet, Wes. Nice and wet and slick and then fuck me in my ass. ”

Nodding as he licked his lips Wesley used his fingers to collect some of Buffy’s slick, warm juices from her hot cunt and smeared them around the tight ring of her puckered asshole.

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  She hissed with discomfort every time his fingers touched around her tender pussy but she moaned in pleasure when he began to probe her tight ass. At first he got one finger in her up-thrust rear-end and probed around, amazed at the unbelievable tightness, he had never been able to squeeze his cock as tightly as her ass was squeezing his finger. Eventually he managed to get two fingers inside of the young girl and she moaned and began rolling herself back and forth against his questing fingers. Finally he managed three fingers and the horny Slayer was practically purring as he probed her. He placed his aching cock at the entrance to her virgin ass just as she stopped him from penetrating her.

“Nice and wet, Wes,” Buffy panted, practically vibrating with excitement. “Get that hard cock wet too. I’ll be o. k. ”

Wesley just nodded even though the sexy Slayer hadn’t looked over at him for several minutes. He gripped the base of his cock and slowly began sliding it into Buffy’s tight cunt. She hissed slightly in discomfort but he wouldn’t let that stop him, there was nothing that could stop him from living out a dream he’d has since the first time the blonde teenager had bent over in front of him. He continued the pressure and was amazed at the feel of being buried inside the Slayer’s twitching body. She was so hot, so wet, and still so tight. He didn’t know what had left her feeling tender but it hadn't stretched her out at all as far as he was concerned.

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  He moaned in pleasure with each inch he sank into her until his cum bloated balls dangled beneath her slick vaginal lips.

Buffy shivered with a mixture of pleasure and pain as Wes finally buried himself completely inside of her cunt. “Don’t cum, Wes. Don’t you dare cum. I want to feel you balls deep in my ass,” she ordered.

Nodding again, even if she still wasn’t looking at him, Wesley began slowly drawing his cock out of the horny girl. Buffy moaned out and he couldn’t tell if it was in pleasure or pain and by now he didn’t care. His cock popped out of her quivering cunt and he placed it at the entrance to her amazing ass and immediately began pushing forward, holding her cheeks apart. As he shoved the first inch of his hard cock into the heavenly ass of the sexy schoolgirl he released her firm ass-cheeks and gripped her hips as he moaned, “Oh, Buffy. ”

“Yesss. . . ” Buffy hissed. “Finally. ”She slowly pushed her body back, eager to feel a cock buried inside of her ass.

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  She couldn’t believe she’d never tried this when masturbating or her one night with Angel but from now on she’d definitely be paying more attention to her asshole. “Un-fucking-believable,” she moaned in pleasure as Wes slowly stretched and filled her. “Sooo goooood. ”

Wesley’s eyes were locked on Buffy’s amazing ass as it slowly swallowed his prick. The few times he’d actually had sex he’d been to proper to try anything like this but now he regretted it with every fiber of his being. Or maybe it was just her, her Slayer muscles gripping him almost to the point of pain. He licked his lips and sweat dripped from his head in concentration as he watched the last few inches disappear into the girl’s tight ass.

“Do it, Wes,” Buffy panted. “Fuck my ass. ”

Once again Wesley nodded and pulled his dick out an inch before sliding it back in. He slid back out again and pushed back, then out and in, out and in. He grinned as he began fucking her tight ass faster, her firm cheeks barely moving as he slapped against them harder and harder. He’d been on the verge of cumming the instant he’d finally buried himself in Buffy’s cunt and he felt the pressure in his balls boiling now. He reached underneath her and squeezed her firm tits and squeezed hard as he worked himself deep inside of her and she squealed in pleasure beneath him. “B.

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  . . Buffy, I’m. . . I’m going to. . . ”

“I’m gonna cum, Wes!” Buffy squealed. “I’m going to cuuummm!”Her whole body tensed as she came, her ass squeezing Wes’s cock like a vice and her cum spraying out of her cunt, covering both of their thighs.

“Me too, Buffy,” Wesley panted. “Me too. ”He began slamming his cock into the tiny schoolgirl, sliding her across the floor. Every hard thrust pushed Buffy forward, her slacks slowly making their way down past her knees to her calves. “I’m going to cum, Buffy!” he screamed as he buried himself balls deep inside of her and squeezed her tan tits, not noticing a small pebble rolling out of the pocket of her bunched up slacks.

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Buffy’s lust soaked mind suddenly cleared as she watched a small rock roll past her, the momentum from Wes’s thrusts sending it spinning across the floor. Her eye’s shot open in realization. “Wes’s thrusts. Oh God,” she realized. “Wes!Wait!Don’t. . . ”

“I’m cumming!” Wesley screamed as she threw his head back and bellowed in primitive joy, filling Buffy’s tight ass with his cum with every throb of his cock.

“Nooo. . . ” Buffy screamed as the feel of Wes’s cum triggered a second orgasm. She lost all strength and fell forward, the spasming Watcher’s cock popping out of her ass. She groaned as she felt his warm cum splashing against her golden ass and lower back.

Wesley watched his thick cum shower Buffy’s sexy rear and back before he collapsed backwards, his glasses askew on his face as he rested against the wall.


  He could see between the Slayer’s spread legs and watched as his semen dripped out of her formally virgin ass, a virginity he took, a cherry he popped. A strange sense of pride filled him and a goofy grin spread across his face.

“What the bloody hell,” Giles mumbled as he slowly stood up from the other side of the couch and straightened his glasses.

“Giles!” Buffy shrieked as she shot to her feet, unwittingly baring her naked, cum dripping and well fucked young body to her mentor. “Eek!” she chirped as she ran for the bathroom, tripping on her pants, catching herself with her hands and baring her up-thrust and sticky ass to the room before regaining her feet. She kicked out of her ruined pants, her tits and ass jiggling with each kick and ran for the restroom, slamming the door behind her. “It’s not what it looks like!” she shouted from behind the closed door.

Jenny regained her feet and both she and Giles looked at Wesley in open mouthed shock. Wesley looked back at them as he said, “As I was saying before, I believe something strange is going on. ”He adjusted his glasses as he stared at them, still to weak to cover his soft, cum wet prick.


At Janice’s house Dawn laid down naked on Janice’s bed while Kanako laid down naked beside her and her skilled hands slid along Dawn’s body. Dawn closed her eyes as Kanako leaned over her face and kissed her delicately on her pink lips. She shuddered as Kanako’s kiss turned more passionate and the Japanese girl began to lightly toy with her breasts.

Dawn had finally made Kanako cum as the pink haired girl kept trying to reach her friend on the phone. And as she came down from her orgasmic high she had told Dawn that it was now time to become a woman.

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  Dawn had laid down as Kanako threw the phone to her small friend and Dawn had quivered with anticipation.

Nin-nin was currently sitting on Janice’s chest, thrusting his small prick into the young girl’s sucking mouth as he tried to dial Miss Miko. His eyes were torn between Janice’s face sucking his cock and the four girls in a daisy chain across the room. He loved the sight of Janice sucking his prick but the sight of the four girls laying in a circle lapping at each others’ wet pussies was just as good.

Kanako toyed with Dawn’s puffy nipples as she ran her tongue around the inside of the American girl’s mouth. She didn’t know what flavor of lip-gloss Dawn used but she badly wanted to apply it to Dawn’s swollen pussy lips before she ate the brunette out, her mouth watered at the idea. She nibbled at Dawn’s neck, causing Dawn to giggle and making her firm tits jiggling around as she squirmed. Dawn cooed as she kissed down to her chest and lightly licked the hard nipple as her hand stroked down Dawn’s soft stomach.

Dawn moaned as Kanako softly sucked at her tits and stroked down to her fluttering stomach. Her breathing became harsher as Kanako’s hand trailed below her stomach to just above her wet, little pussy. “Oh yesss. . . ” she groaned as Kanako’s skilled middled finger slipped between her puffy labia. She panted as Kanako’s finger slid up and down her drooling pussy and she began to hump her pussy against the Japanese girl’s lovely, lovely finger.

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  She cooed as Kanako switched breasts, her tongue just as wonderful as her finger.

Janice angerly threw Nin-nin off of her. “You’re not even paying attention!” she chided the strangely clothed. . . stranger. He pointed behind her and she looked over her shoulder at the four girl daisy chain. “Oh. That’s o. k. then,” she said as she got on her hands and knees, her small tits swinging below her. “I wanna watch too,” she playfully chirped as she wiggled her ass at Nin-nin.

The small ninja leapt behind Janice, lining his small cock up to her wonderful pussy with one hand while he still held the phone in the other. When he was fully sheathed inside of her he laid Kanako’s phone on her lower back, hit the call repeat button and then gripped both of her hips before beginning to fuck her like a rabbit. His hips were a blur as he thrust himself again and again inside of the schoolgirl’s tight, wet, hairless pussy.

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Kanako released Dawn’s pink nipple from her lips and braced herself on one elbow while she rubbed her new friend’s little pussy. As tasty as Dawn’s tits were she would rather watch the American girl when she finally came.

“Oh God,” Dawn groaned as Kanako’s finger slowly entered her virgin pussy. She gripped the bed sheets as she began to hyperventilate and Kanako slid her finger up to her second knuckle and then back out. She moaned in passion as Kanako’s finger started sawing in and out of her, stoking her lust to a rolling inferno. Her body felt like it was on fire as she felt her pleasure build and build. She began unconsciously bucking her hips up to meet Kanako’s finger as she felt her rising passion begin to crest. “I’m gonna. . . I’m gonna. . . ” she started to say just as her orgasm spilled over her. “Eek!” she chirped as she came, her tiny pussy clamping down on her new friend’s finger and her juices flowed out of her as she found herself unable to breathe.

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“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” Janice said as she watched four of her friends lick each other out and heard her bed springs creaking as Dawn came and the small man fucked her gushing pussy. “Sooo fucking hot. ”

“Oh, oh, oh,” Nin-nin chanted as he felt himself about to cum. His arms were to short to reach Janice’s jiggling tits so he slid his arms around her plump waist and sent his hands between her legs. He began to strum her sizzling clit as he felt himself about to cum and wanted the young girl to cum with him.

Dawn relaxed back into the bed as she felt herself come down from her sexual high and looked up at her new friend. “Wow,” she said. “Just. . . wow. ”

Kanako giggled, “And that’s just second base. ”

A strange noise turned both Dawn and Kanako’s attention to the window that Nin-nin had crawled through. A pair of slitted eyes shone in the dark as a heavily scarred face became visible. “Demon!” both girls shouted out.

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  They both looked at each other, each one wondering how the other knew about demons before both naked girls flung themselves out of bed.

Several tentacles crashed through the window, knocking Nin-nin to the side and grasping the panting, moaning Janice just as she was about to cum. A tentacle wrapped itself around her waist and lifted her up into the air, leaving her feet to dangle above the floor. A second tentacle slid in front of her face and slapped her cheek causing her to scream and as her mouth opened it plunged inside. Her mouth tried to clamp shut but the tentacle was far to thick as it stretched her wet lips and began sawing in and out of her wet mouth and over her warm tongue, fucking her face.

Dawn and Kanako quickly crawled under the bed and bumped into Nin-nin who already had his clothes and was getting dressed as more demons crashed through the window.

A nearly human demon with wings grabbed one of the girls in the daisy chain and leapt to the other side of the room. With his demon strength he held her up by her waist facing away from him and lined his already erect cock up to the wet entrance of her pussy. With a sudden lurch from his hips he buried his foot long cock deep inside of the young schoolgirl, causing her to scream as she violently came. The demon used his arms to move the gasping girl up and down on his cock as his long tongue unrolled from his mouth, licking down the length of her back and began probing her tiny asshole.

Two demons, one humanoid with tentacles sprouting from his back and the other with a lizard’s tail and legs, grabbed the same girl and began trying to tug her away from the other. “Mine!” one said as the other responded, “I saw her first. ”The girl between them screamed and cried as the two demons dropped her to the ground.

“Fine. Heads or tails?” the half lizard demon asked.

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“Tails,” the tentacled demon responded.

The frightened girl sniffled and look up at the demons, expecting to see some sort of coin toss. Instead both demons looked down at her nude, trembling body and leered. “Agreed,” the half lizard demon hissed.

Both demons knelt on either side of the human girl and rolled her onto her back. The tentacled demon lined his bright red dick up to the entrance of her wet pussy while the half lizard demon held her head and forced her mouth open. The lizard demon thrust his scaled dick deep into the young girl’s mouth and down her throat as he began fucking himself in and out of her face. The tentacled demon plunged his hard cock deep into the girl’s tight, wet cunt and began fucking her rough and fast as his tentacles wrapped themselves around her tender tits and began squeezing. The young girl bucked and squirmed underneath the demons as she felt a unwanted orgasm begin to build.

The last two girls from the daisy chain were pressed together chest to chest and groin to groin as they were both ass fucked by another pair of demons. Their hard nipples rubbed together with each violent thrust and their wet pussies smashed against each other. Pressed together the girls began to feverishly kiss each other as their unwanted pleasure rose higher and higher and their tight asses were stretched around the invading demons’ cocks.

“Oh God!” Janice screamed in pleasure around the demon’s tentacle in her mouth as the other writhing tentacle shoved itself deep into her wet cunt, causing her to cum. The tentacle fucked her young pussy fast and deep and her juices dripped down onto the floor as her slender hips bucked up and down, meeting the tentacled thrusts. Drool escaped from the corner of her mouth around the tentacle fucking her mouth and her wet tongue lashed along it’s length.

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  Another tentacle slid up underneath her sweating, teenage body and began fluttering against her puckered asshole and she mewled in pleasure at the added stimulation.

Underneath Janice’s bed a naked Kanako whispered into a naked Dawn’s ear, ”We’ve got to get out of here. ”

“Wait," Dawn whispered sternly. “How do you know about demons?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Nin-nin whispered, now fully dressed. “We have to escape. We can’t fight all of them. ”

“Where’s our clothes?” Dawn asked as she watched the demon gangbang.

“Out there in the middle of the room,” Nin-nin whispered.

“Be quiet, both of you,” Kanako ordered, a plan forming in her mind. “When I say move we leapt through the hole in the wall where the demons came through. ”

Both Nin-nin and Dawn nodded their heads.

Out in the room the girl being fucked by the winged demon shouted, “I’m. . . I’m cummmiiinnng!”Her tight pussy gripped the impossibly long cock as her unwanted orgasm crashed through her and her body shook in uncontrollable pleasure causing the demon to lose his hold and drop the young girl.

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  The girl panted on the floor, unable to move as the demon grabbed her hair and forced her to her knobby knees. He held her head firmly and thrust his dick deep into her mouth and began fucking her face. The girl, lost to uncontrollable lust, braced her hands against his hips and began bobbing her head back and forth, sucking hard on the demon meat and moaning in pleasure.

The girl being fucked by the half lizard and tentacled demons squealed in lust as the tentacled demon used one of his tentacles to fuck her tiny tits. Her ripe nipples sizzled in electric pleasure as her tits were squeezed and molested and her tight cunt and warm mouth were filled with demon cock. The demons’ thick meat stretched, rubbed and stimulated parts of her delicate body that no human penis could ever reach inside of her, and her body throbbed in inhuman ecstasy as she was violated again and again.

The last two girls were laying on the floor in a sideways 69 as each of their tight pussies were fucked by their demon captors. Each of the girls’ tongues licked and stimulated the other girl’s as the demons’ cocks slide in and out of their now eager bodies. As each demon would bury himself in each girl the other girl would lap at the demons’ balls and before they pulled back out, over and over again.

“Yesss. . . ” Janice mumbled around the tentacle fucking her mouth as the other tentacle began pressing firmly against her ass.

Kanako braced herself as she whispered to her friends, “Get ready. ”The demon fucking Janice was mostly just a pile of writhing tentacles and appeared more massive than it really was but it occupied enough space to hopefully block the other demons’s view of the former window.

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  She just had to wait for the perfect moment.

With an audible pop the tentacle stimulating her ass thrust itself into Janice’s tight rear end. Her eyes shot open and she began thrashing around as she came. The tentacles redoubled their efforts, forcing the young girl to cum harder, filling her ass, pussy and mouth with their thick lengths.

“Now,” Kanako whispered to Dawn and the young girl scrambled from underneath the bed, giving Kanako and Nin-nin a eye full between her slender legs. Kanako went after Dawn, giving Nin-nin a eyeful between her own legs before leaping out of the window behind Dawn. Nin-nin quickly followed the young, nude girls into the night, not hearing Dawn’s phone as her mother’s name flashed across the screen.


At The Bronze Miko did a back flip up into the rafters to escape a demon’s sticky embrace. She had decided to investigate the small club due to it being one of the few building with lights on this late at night. Also she was reeeaaaly thirsty. And just as she was a block away the screams had started.

Earlier in the evening David hadn’t believed his luck. First Buffy had sucked his cock, then the bartender served a round of drinks on the house and then the British Road Manager guy had given away free tickets to his band’s next gig. And then lastly, she had walked in: Six feet tall, long pale hair, and wrapped in some sort of sheet or dress or whatever that hugged her every curve. And she had a lot of curves.

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  He felt his mouth dry as she walked slowly up to him and he noticed she was barefoot.

“Mmmm, hi,” the strange woman said as she traced her fingertips across David’s chest.

“Hey,” David said, trying to be cool.

The sexy woman peered around for a moment before turning back to David. “Are these ‘all’ your friends?” she asked seductively.

The woman stepped closer to David and pressed her large chest against his. “Y, y. . . yeah. Not to much business on a Monday. Plus it’s pretty late,” he answered. He didn’t know why but he was starting to get a really creepy vibe from this sexy woman.

The woman looked around again. “Oh, well.


  This'll just have to do,” she said as she dropped to her knees.

“What the H. . . ” David started to mutter just as the woman released his dick from his pants and shoved it into her mouth. “Oh yeah,” he whispered as he threw is head back in pleasure and he felt his cock start to stiffen. He slowly started rocking his hips, fucking the woman’s sexy face. He looked down and saw her shake the thin material of her dress off her shoulders and bare her large tits. Next she swallowed his cock whole, deep throating him as she used her tail to pull her dress down off her ass.

“Ah, ah, ah,” David panted in fear. He quickly looked around and saw a large group of. . . people? enter The Bronze and lock the front doors behind them. He looked down at the woman sucking his still hard cock and saw a pair of torn bat wings unfold from her back.

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  Then he screamed.

Miko had crashed though a window and ducked to the ground as one of the demons on the ground thew a pool table at her head and she had leapt up into the rafters. As the pool table crashed into a wall she leapt from the rafters and landed gracefully on her feet, unleashing a barrage of throwing stars at the group of demons. It was nearly impossible to stop the demon hoard, for everyone that fell to her throwing stars two more would appear and take one of the panicking humans.

“There’s no way to win,” Miko thought to herself. The young ninja closed her eyes for a moment, whispering a prayer of forgiveness to her ancestors before doing the only thing she could. She grabbed the two closest humans and leapt out of the window and ran away into the night. After three blocks she heard her phone beep, but with her hands full there was nothing she could do yet. “Can one of you grab that?” she asked her two rescuees.

Two pairs of hands began pawing and squeezing Miko’s tight ass, nearly causing the sexy ninja to trip. “Hey!Knock it off,” she squealed as a hand slid between her legs. She dropped the two people and stood a few steps away. She looked at the two men and saw that both were sporting hefty erections. “Oh, no,” she thought to herself. “I forgot about the spell.

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  They’ll stay like this until they finally get some relief. ”

The two men looked hungerly at Miko as she accepted what she had to do. She couldn’t leave them like this, they’d rape their way across the whole neighborhood so her only option was to use her Sexcraft skills to free them and hope they weren’t so far gone as the girl in the hospital. She gripped the front of her shirt and pulled it open, freeing her firm tits. “O. k. , let’s do this,” she said in defeat.

With a swift kick Miko knocked both men on their butts as she began to shimmy out of her tight pants. If she was going to be forced to fuck these two it was going to be on her terms. As she stepped out of her pants the the two horny men began crawling towards her. “No!” she said, sternly wagging her finger at them. They obediently sat down and continued staring at her. “One at a time. ”

Miko leaned against the wall and spread her slender legs, using two fingers to hold her lips open for the first man. She pointed at the older man and then pointed at her waiting pussy.

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  The man smiled goofily and hurried over to her spread legs. He threw one of her legs over her shoulder and began lapping away at her delicate pussy. She almost giggled as he mumble “Bloody well love America,” into her moistening slit.

As the older man eagerly lapped away at her cunt Miko relaxed and let himself enjoy the man’s wiggling tongue. Since she was drawing out the spell from the men’s bodies she didn’t have much to do but make them cum to release the demon’s spell. And as long as they didn’t cum inside her she was safe from them infecting her. “Mmmm. . . Yeah,” she moaned in pleasure as the older man made sure to hit all the right places with his talented tongue. “Oh yes,” she groaned as she kept one of her hands on the back of the man’s head for balance and started using her other hand to massage her firm tits.

Back in The Bronze, just as Dennis had screamed the strange girl with purple hair had crashed through one of the windows and began attacking the demons. The she-demon that had been sucking his cock released him and joined into the fight and he had just stood dumb founded, watching the fight and absent-mindedly stroking his cock. His eyes crawled over the nude she-demon as she and the purpled haired girl fought and he admired the purple haired girls tight, athletic body as he jerked off. Suddenly the purple haired girl had grabbed him, and the Road Manager that he had met earlier, and threw them over her shoulders before leaping back out the window.

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  As she ran down the street his hands had roamed and groped her firm backside before she had dropped them to the ground. The next thing he knew was she was taking her pants off and letting the Road Manger eat her out and now he felt left out.

Dennis crawled on his hands and knees over to the side of the couple and looked up at the pantless girl. Whatever God had not given her in the chest department he had made up for in her muscular ass. He gripped her tight cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her pink, puckered asshole and before she could stop him he rammed his tongue into her tight hole.

“Oh my God!” Miko yelled as her ass was violated, causing her to cum. Her legs tightened around the older man’s head as her juices covered his face and the young man behind her continued tongue fucking her ass. As her orgasm subsided she relaxed against the wall as the men continued lapping at both of her wet holes. She firmly pushed the two men away in an effort to get her breath back and they both sat there like two eager puppies.

Miko bent down and peered into the two males’ eyes. “Spell’s broken,” she thought to herself before looking down at the their erections. “But they’re still feeling the effects,”She stood back up and sighed as she mumbled, “Dammit. ”There was no way she could leave them like this, it would be cruel. “Stand up,” she ordered as she removed her top. The men stood up as she got down on her knees and began pulling down the men’s pants.

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  She looked up at the men as she began jerking them off. “I’m not swallowing. Got it?” she said sternly. Both of the bespelled men nodded yes as she began taking turns sucking them off.


On the campus of UCSunnydale Yaku sprinted across the main lawn following the sounds of screaming. The screams led her to a sorority house currently under attack by a demon hoard. “Of course it’s a sorority,” she thought as she now approached slowly. Her heightened senses told her there could have been up to a half dozen demons attacking, maybe more, so she took a moment to steel herself before launching herself at the open door.

Before Yaku’s feet even touched the floor a demon tackled her into the living room. She landed on her back and got her legs between her and her attacker and kicked him off of her. The demon landed across the room as she flipped up to her feet and peered around. The room was filled with naked collage girls, all being mercilessly fucked by demons. She grabbed the demon closest to her and flung it away from the girl it was viciously fucking in the ass and the girl collapsed on the ground as the demon landed next to the first demon.

Yaku made quick work of all seven demons, flinging them away from the vulnerable co-eds. The demons all quickly scurried to the other side of the room and simply stood there glaring at her.

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  She readied herself and waited for the demons’ attack. And kept waiting. And waited some more. She was getting to tense and shouted in surprise as one of the naked collage girls tapped her shoulder. “Ack!” she screamed and all the demons used her momentary surprise to escape out of the back door.

“Well, that should have been harder,” Yaku said to herself as she turned to the naked girls. There was about ten of them, all looking at her with pleading eyes. “Are you all o. k. ?” she asked the group, somewhat unnerved by their apparent lack of reaction.

All the girls smiled blankly and spoke as one, “We’re fine. ”

“I’m glad. We’ve got to. . .

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  ” Yaku said before stopping mid-sentence as all the girls began walking towards her.

One of the girls lightly gripped Yaku’s arm as she said, “We have to thank you. ”Another girl walked up behind Yaku and began massaging her shoulders as she said, “Thank you very much. ”Another girl gripped Yaku’s hand and brought it up to her naked chest, right above her heart as she said, “You have no idea the things we can do to thank you. ”

Yaku moaned in pleasure as the girls’ hands flowed over her, stroking her, caressing her, and she barely even noticed as the hands began undressing her. As her top was pulled down, releasing her large tits, two of the girls latched on to her already hard nipples and began sucking on the erect nubs. As her pants were pulled down two pairs of hands began sliding up her legs to her already wet pussy and as she closed her eyes in pleasure two fingers slid into her hot cunt.

“Yesss. . . ” Yaku hissed as all the young girls saw to her sexual needs. She felt like she was floating on a cloud of pure pleasure as she was serviced, as hands washed over her like warm water. “Oh, so good,” she moaned as two talented fingers softly sawed in and out of her body, already feeling herself about to cum.

“I’m gonna. .

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  . I’m gonna. . . ” Yaku stammered as she felt a warm tongue lick around her plump ass. The girls at her heaving chest gripped and stroked her large tits harder as the fingers piercing her cunt began to work faster. “I’m gonna. . . ”A loud thump shocked her eyes open and caused her to look over her shoulder. The demons had returned and were staring at her lustfully. The demons. The spell. “Trap!” she shouted in alarm.

The demons rushed forward an instant after Yaku leapt out of the ring of horny, naked girls.

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  Her large tits swayed opposite her body, almost acting as ballast as she made her way from the clutches of girls and demons. Leaping back and forth across the room the naked ninja made her way to the front door and leapt out, landing onto a herd of campus security guards. Just as she managed to disentangle herself from the group of guards the front door of the sorority house slammed shut.

Yaku shouted, “There!There!” as she pointed at the sorority house’s front door. “They’ve got the girls!”

Two of the guards made it to their feet and ran up to the front door, they weren’t quite sure what they had seen in the doorway but they were sure they didn’t like it. Using the security master key they unlocked the door and made their way inside.

Yaku and the other three guards made their way to their feet just as the other two guards returned. “Place is pretty tore up but everybody’s gone,” one of the guards yelled. The five guards looked at the naked girl, waiting for answers.

Yaku looked at the five guards one at a time. Three men and two women all armed with Tasers. Then she looked down at herself, naked. She had shaken off the sex spell before it could affect her but she was still aroused. Her body ached to be touched, filled, fucked. She looked back at the five guards and shrugged her shoulders causing her mountainous breasts to jiggle on her chest.

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  “How about you take me to The security office and I’ll do more that tell you what happened, I’ll show you,” she smirked.


“Fuck Yes!” Fubuki growled in pleasure. She’d seen the demons sneaking into the office building and had quietly followed them inside, the demons had forced a door open and made their way into the office. From the shadows she had watched them pillage the wooden desk until they had found something that appeared to interest them, a coiled statue. After grabbing the statue the demons had started bickering as to what they were supposed to do next. Not one to miss a snide remark she had let herself finally be seen as she said, “Why don’t you try for me next?”There were four demons and they took a moment to stare at her before leaping towards her. It had only taken a few moments to subdue three of the demons and to begin interrogating the fourth. She had thrown the fourth demon into the office chair, ripped her uniform off and proceeded to fuck him into submission. “Fuck that feels good!” she yelled as she rode him.

Fubuki started with the most human looking demon, almost completely human looking except for the odd patches of orange hair scattered across his body. She had sucked him to hardness and then began riding him mercilessly. “Fuck yes!This is just what I needed,” she yelled in pleasure. The demon’s cock was just big enough to stretch her needy pussy in all the right places without being painful and just long enough to reach even more of all the right places. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckfuckfuck!” she squealed as she came, her already tight cunt gripping and squeezing the demon’s hard cock, triggering his orgasm. “Yesss.


  . . ” she hissed as the demon erupted inside of her, his hot cum filling her twitching body.

“Oh yes,” Fubuki moaned as she collapsed forward, shoving her small tits into the demon’s face. “Heh,” she chuckled as she leaned back up. “I was so horny I forgot to interrogate you,” she said playfully as she flicked the demon’s nose.

The demon underneath Fubuki looked over at his comrades as they laid prone on the floor, almost pleading with them with his eyes.

Fubuki squeezed her lower muscles, squeezing the demon’s cock painfully and causing him to squirm in pain. “I’m only going to ask this once,” she said sternly. “Why all the trouble to come to America?”

The demon tried to plead with the sex-ninja, “I don’t. . . I don’t know. ”

“Meep. Wrong answer,” Fubuki said and began to flex a different set of muscles.

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“Nooo!” the demon screeched as a loud crunching noise rose from his lap.

Fubuki threw the demon to the side as she stood up, the demon’s crotch a bloody mess. She grew to seven feet tall as her skin turned green and she spouted fangs. In the middle of her chest a third green tit grew as she spouted wings. Her tail grew out from above her ass as the mouth between her legs spit out the demon’s cock. “Who’s next?” Demon Fubuki asked the remaining demons.

The largest demon gripped the talisman from the desk and looked at his neutered friend. “Grab your junk,” he ordered as he stood up on cloven feet and tried to hide his dangling prick.

Fubuki licked her lips, both sets, as the demon was joined by his friends. “You think you have what it takes?” she growled.

The demon lifted one of his cloven feet. “No,” he answered as he stamped his foot down and caused the floor to collapse in a cloud of dust.

“No!” Fubuki screeched as she flew into the cloud of dust. Her questing arms felt nothing as they swept threw the the cloud of debris. “Nooo!” she screamed as she crashed through the office window and began circling the building, waiting for the demons to come out and show themselves.

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  But as minutes ticked on it became obvious that the demons had escaped another way. She landed on the rubble strewn floor of the office and resumed her human form. “Dammit,” she muttered as she stomped her foot in frustration. “Stupid, sneaky demons. ”


As Anya walked down the dark sidewalk she stopped a moment to stretch, arching her back, thrusting out her chest and ass. She’d left her costume at Xander’s for him to wash since it was mostly his fault it had become as sticky as it was. “Like a house broken puppy viking,” she thought to herself as she smiled. She began walking again, eager to get home and take a nap since she was pretty sure that Tuesday was on of those days she was supposed to go to school. She pulled up the collar of her blouse against the cool wind and wished she’d worn jeans instead of the ankle length skirt that just seemed to encourage the wind to sneak under and caress her legs. “Ah, the life of a perfectly ordinary American teenage girl,” she thought dismissively.

A strange rustling from the bushes did nothing to draw Anya’s attention as she continued walking right past the rustling bush. As she turned the street corner a strange hissing noise also did nothing to draw her attention as she walked past it’s hidden source. As she looked both ways before crossing the street, like a safe human girl would do, a strange chuckling laugh also did nothing to draw her attention to the tree she walked under. Halfway down the next block a demon suddenly appeared and caught her attention, finally.

“Oh great.

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  What do you want?” Anya asked impatiently. It hadn’t been that long since she was a demon so she wasn’t very impressed.

The demon raised a clawed finger at it’s next victim before speaking. “I want you,” he hissed.

Anya raised her hand dismissively. “Oh, whatever,” she said. “Shoo. Go away. I don’t have time for you right now. ”She stared at the demon, waiting for him to move. He was probably 6 feet tall, covered in oily looking purple skin and completely bald and had all the anatomy of a Ken doll.

The demon hesitated a moment, unsure of what was going on. Where was the screaming, the yelling, the running away?“I want. . .

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   want you,” he repeated in case the human female hadn’t heard him correctly.

“Yeah, fine. I heard you the first time,” Anya said as she made her way past the confused demon.

“I. . . I. . . you. . . ” the demon stammered as the female shoved her way past him.

“Some of us have important things to do,” Anya said as she continued walking down the sidewalk. “Not all of us can just hang around street corners scaring the humans.

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The demon stared at the human walking calmly away from him, confused at her actions. This had never happened before and as he growled angerly he decided that it wouldn’t happen to him now. From his back and shoulders a dozen tentacles grew and one flew towards the human, wrapping around her arm and turning her to face him.

“Hey!” Anya chirped as she tried to swat the tentacle away. “This is my nicest shirt. ”Her eyes were drawn up the length of the tentacle to the demon’s oily body. Her eyes grew wide as the demon spouted a foot long cock the same thickness of a soda can. “Oh great,” the ex-Vengeance Demon said as she threw her arms up in surrender. “A Hentai Demon. ”

The demon kept Anya in place with his tentacle as he approached her. “I want you,” he repeated.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hold on a minute,” Anya said as she began unbuttoning her blouse.

The demon looked stunned as the human began taking her clothes off for him and he unknowingly let his tentacle slide from her arm. “I, ah.

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  . . I want. . . What?” he muttered.

Anya took off her blouse, revealing her plain bra and then began pushing down her skirt. “What are you so confused about?” she asked in a condescending voice. “You’re a Hentai Demon, right?”

“Well, ah. . . well, yes,” the demon said.

Anya stepped out of her skirt and began taking off her shoes. “And you’re planning on raping me into sexual submission, correct?”

“Well, yes. Since you mention it,” the demon responded, looking around for a trap.

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Anya unfastened her bra and let if flutter to the ground. The cool night air licked across her nipples, bringing them to full hardness. “And that usually involves ripping my clothes off to get me naked, right?”

“Yes, yes,” the demon said, more confused than any other time in his unnatural life.

“Well, this is my best set of clothes and I’m not having them ruined by the likes of you,” Anya said sternly as she slipped off her panties and stood completely naked in the middle of the sidewalk. “Don’t look so confused,” she added. “I’m an ex-Vengeance Demon. I know how this works. ”

The demon stood silently, still looking for a trap.

Anya held her arms open. “Well?There’s no way I can fight off a demon by myself so, lets get going,” she said, annoyed by the demon’s lack of ferocious behavior.

The demon continued looking for a trap as he shuffled meekly up to the human. He stretched out one of his muscular arms and began passively squeezing one of the human’s firm tits.

“Oh, for crying out loud,” Anya said as she rolled her eyes at the passive demon. She swatted his hand away from her chest and dropped to her knees. “A girl’s gotta do everything for herself,” she muttered as she used her hands to lift the demon’s massive cock up to her mouth.

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As the human female began licking and sucking his prick the demon continued looking around in a daze, still expecting a trap.

Anya gripped the base of the demon’s monstrous prick as it grew to full hardness in her talented mouth. “If this the the caliber of demon running around Sunnydale, I don’t see Buffy’s big deal,” she thought as she felt her pulse pick up and her pussy beginning to get wet. “Demons now a days certainly aren’t what they use to be. Buffy and her gang have it easy. ”


“We’re here,” Angel said as he pulled the borrowed van into the parking lot of Giles’ apartment complex. “Keep your eyes open,” he said as he made his way to the passenger side of the van and let Willow and Tara out. “Stay close to me. ”

Willow nodded her head as she grasped Tara’s hand and led the blonde girl behind Angel as they made their way to Giles’ apartment. “I’ll knock,” she whispered. “Cuz of. . . well, y’know. ”

“Because of me,” Angel finished.

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“He knows it was the gypsy curse, Angel,” Willow said as she knocked on the door. “At least nobody was killed. ”They waited patiently, remembering when Angel had lost his soul and became the psychotic Angelus and attacked Ms. Calender. The vampire Angelus had nearly broke the computer teacher’s neck and it was a miracle that she had survived.

The door opened a crack, illuminating Willow’s face as a cross-bolt was pointed at her face.

“Epp!” Willow chirped as the color drained from her face.

“Who’s there?” A voice asked from the other side of the door.

“Me,” Willow said meekly by way of a answer.

“It’s Willow, Angel and a friend,” Angel said as he moved to stand between the pointed bolt and Willow’s head. “We’ve got information, Wes. Invite us in. ”

“Oh, oh dear,” Wesley said as he lowered the crossbow and held the door open. “Of course, come in. ”

The two girls scurried inside and Angel followed them, right into another pointed crossbow bolt.

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“Wesley, perhaps we should have a discussion on the inviting of vampires into other peoples’ homes,” Giles said as he lowered the bolt of the crossbow to point at Angel’s chest, his whole body radiating barely contained rage.

“Giles!” Buffy shouted in alarm.

“Rupert,” Jenny said calmly as she walked up next to Rupert. “It’s o. k. I’m fine. Willow performed the spell. He has his soul back. ”

“Giles, please,” Buffy pleaded.

Angel tried to keep his voice even and calm. “Giles, I know you’re upset. And you should be,” he said. “I’m only here to help. ”

After several tense moments Giles lowered the crossbow and turned to Jenny. “What can I do to help you, Angel,” he said stiffly as he held his forehead to the top of Jenny’s head.



Angel looked around the loft; Giles looked like he had dressed hurriedly, Ms. Calender was wearing a gauzy blouse with a matching skirt and oddly enough no underwear, the junior Watcher Wesley was looking even more disheveled than Giles, and Buffy was wearing only a old thread bare T-shirt that was nearly see through and that barely covered the tops of her thighs and she was obviously barless. “I think we can all do something to help each other but first I think we need to play Fill-in-the-Blank. ”

Giles looked around and nodded. “Yes. I think we all need to be brought up to speed with each other. ”

Willow took a deep breath, trying to settle her nerves. “I’ll go first,” she said since she’d all ready decided it was the best course of action, even before running into Angel.

Buffy was soothingly stroking Giles’ shoulder, every time her arm reached up the smallest bit of the under swell of her ass showed and drew Wes’s attention. “O. k. What’s up, Will?” she asked her friend.

Willow gripped Tara’s hand and looked around the room. “Well. .

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  . um. . . you see. . . we’ve. . . ”

Feeling more collected Giles turned to look at Willow. “It’s o. k. , Willow. You can tell us,” he said, making sure his voice remained calm.

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“Um. . . well. . . ” Willow stammered. “I think I might be a little bit gay now,” she finally blurted out.

Willow told her whole story about meeting Tara at UCSunnydale and inviting her home. And leaving nothing out she told them about sleeping with Tara and their sudden feelings towards each other. And as she finished her story the group was completely quiet.

After several tense and awkward moments Giles was the first to speak. “Ahem, yes, well, very progressive of you Willow. Um, congratulations?”

The entire group stared dumbly at Giles.

“Well I didn’t hear any of you saying anything,” Giles said in embarrassment as he went to clean his glasses.

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  “I suppose we should go next,” he said as he reached for Jenny’s hand. After his story he looked around at the group, nervous of whatever they would say. Feeling as if he was being silently judged he blurted out, “Whatever happens between consenting adults is between them. ”

“Up until you attacked Wes,” Buffy snickered.

“Oh really, Buffy,” Giles said indignantly. “And how did your night go?”

Buffy quickly lost her smile and began toying with the hem of her T-shirt. She quickly blurted out her story, ending with her first attempt at anal sex with Wes. “It was terrible,” she blubbered. Angel held his arms out and she ran into his arms and he began holding her. “So, so terrible. ”

“Hey!I don’t. . . ” Wesley said before realizing that there was nothing he could say in his defence even though Buffy had clearly been the aggressor.

“It’s o.

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  k. , Wes,” Jenny said trying not to smirk at Wes’s embarrassment. “Just tell your part of the story. ”

Wes started his story, adding in a few extra fights and a car chase before he was attacked by Buffy. “. . . and then the pebble rolled under the stove,” he finished.

“I suppose that leaves me,” Angel said, releasing Buffy from his embrace. He glossed over the sex as much as possible, concentrating on the ninja and the scroll that she had said she was looking for.

“A ninja?” Buffy asked. “Like a ninja ninja?A ninja ninja doing all kinds of ninjaing stuff?”

“Not quiet that simple,” Angel said, relieved that Buffy was taking the news of is alley-way encounter so well. “These ninja use a special kind of magic usually referred to as ‘Sexcraft’. ”

“O. k.

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  , this is getting ridiculous,” Buffy said as she dramatically threw up her arms, accidentality baring her tight ass and pussy to the room.

“Think about all these attacks, Buffy,” Giles interrupted. “All of the attacks revolved around sex. ”

“Well, yeah,” Buffy said, trying to not think about all the sex. “Buy why sex?If you could base magic around anything, why sex?And who needed a demon summoning spell?”


Police officer Ethan Rayne walked up the sidewalk to the suburban home and knock briskly.

“Yes?Who is it?” a female, tinny voice asked from behind the door.

“Sunnydale Police Department, ma’am,” Ethan said. “Is this the home of one Buffy Summers?”

“Oh my God,” Joyce said worriedly as she threw open the door. “That’s my daughter. Is she o. k. ?”

Ethan puffed up his chest. “May I come in, ma’am?”

“Yes, yes. Of course,” Joyce said frantically. After the officer walked past her she closed the door and wrung her hands.

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  “Please, my daughter. Is Buffy o. k. ?”

Ethan took a look around, childishly enjoying how upset he was making the older Summers woman. “I’m sure she’s fine, ma’am,” he said in a condescending tone of voice. He slowly walked into he living room, letting the frantic mother follow him. “Have you seen your daughter tonight, ma’am?”

“Well, no. But she’s usually studying late at her friend’s,” Joyce said as the officer continued slowly pacing through her house. “Have you heard something?”

“Nothing like that, ma’am. Nothing like that,” Ethan said as he slowly made his way back towards the couch. “You have another daughter, correct?Dawn?Dawn Summers?”

“Dawn?What’s wrong with Dawn?” Joyce pleaded, moving past frantic. Her whole body seemed to be shaking.

“I’m sure she’s fine, ma’am,” Ethan said, enjoying the power he had over the lovely woman. He just hoped Modup had supplied her with the correct totem.


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  Why won’t you tell me about my daughters?” Joyce pleaded, her body flush with nervous energy.

“I’m afraid I can’t discuss a ongoing police matter, ma’am,” Ethan said as he looked up and down Joyce’s firm body.

It felt like a dam broke as Joyce went from frantic to desperate. She liked her lips as she felt a wet warmth spread through her body. “Well, look at me. I’ve been a poor, poor host. Whatever must you think of me,” she purred as she ran one of her hands through her hair and down her body.

“It’s o. k. , ma’am,” Ethan said as he watched the demon’s totem start to work on Joyce’s firm body. “As a officer of the law I’m used to the hard side of life. ”

Joyce sauntered over to the officer and placed her hands on his chest. “No, no, please. You’ve done a great service to the community,” she said as she licked her lips. “I think it’s time for the community to service you,” she finished as she trailed her hands down his chest to the officer’s belt.

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  She quickly undid his belt and pants, the weight of his belt pulling his pants down completely before pushing him back onto the couch.

Ethan grinned in childish glee as the Summers mother began unbuttoning her top. She made quick work of it and her bra, as she revealed her firm, medium sized breasts he reached up to grab them.

Joyce grabbed the officer’s wrists and held them away from her as she got down on her knees between his legs. “Uh, uh, uh. Don’t exert yourself, Officer. Just relax and let me show you the appreciation of the community,” she said as she grinned wolfishly and pushed his hands down and released his wrists. She freed his already hard cock out of the hole in his boxers and quickly swallowed the first few inches.

“Oh yeah,” Ethan groaned as the oldest Summers began bobbing up and down on his hard prick. He brought his hands up and gripped the sides of her head as she swallowed half of his dick with each bob. Her wet, talented tongue worked along the underside of his cock, driving him wild. “Yeah, suck it. Suck my cock,” he muttered as he began thrusting his hips up to meet her face each time.

As she sucked up and down Joyce brought her hands down below the couch and began unfastening her skirt. The material was too tight to pull over her shapely ass bent over as she was but she did manage to pull her skirt halfway down her taunt cheeks.

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  She moved her hands back up and gripped the base of the Officer’s cock and sucked hard, swallowing the hard shaft, deep throating him and causing him to gurgle and nearly choke as her wet throat rippled around his prick. Smiling to herself in pride she released the Officer’s pole, hitched the sides of her skirt and thong with her thumbs and stood up at the same time, pulling the last of her clothes off, so that by the time she was standing she was completely nude.

“Bloody ‘ell,” Ethan muttered. It was easy to see that beauty ran in the Summers family and with his cock in her mouth she was gorgeous. He began reaching for the nude, horny woman and she once again gripped his wrists to stop him.

“Now, Officer,” Joyce said as she used the officer’s wrists to balance herself as she climbed onto the couch and straddled his lap. “I told you to relax and I’d handle every thing. ”She released the policeman’s wrists and he immediately attacked her breasts with all the enthusiasm of a schoolboy. She tried not to giggle at him as he slid one hand down to grip her ass and began licking and sucking on her nipple like a hungry calf. He couldn’t be more than a few years older than her but he seemed so much less experienced.

Ethan attacked the older Summers’ body, his hands and mouth sliding over her f.