Buffy The Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 10


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Blue Girl or the characters from them. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs. La Blue Girl Pt. 10
By Muhabba

Ethan watched Spike stumble away from Buffy after their oddly loving sexual encounter before leaping forward. He roughly grabbed the Slayer's wrist and yanked her to a even farther away crevice than the one he had used for her sister and pushed her against the wall. He stared lecherously at her naked body, leering at her tan curves and licked his lips as his dick ached in need. He turned around to kneel in the dirt and began tracing geometric shapes on the ground as he muttered in various dead languages. "Not gonna be interrupted this time," he muttered to himself as he turned back to the naked girl and took another long look at her young body. She stared blankly at him, simply waiting for him to use and fuck her and it was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

"Right, turn around," Ethan ordered as he strode towards Buffy, "Hands against the wall and give me a good look at that arse of yours.

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  "The Slayer eagerly complied, arching her back gracefully, her firm tits dangling as she bent forward, her tight ass out-thrust towards him like an offering. Ethan fell to his knees in front of the Slayer's ass, almost reverently. "Your arse is proof hat there is a God and he wants me to be happy," he chuckled as he slid his hands over the teenage girl's silky flesh, "Although I can't imagine why. "He kissed and licked her tan skin until her cheeks gleamed with his saliva before running his tongue between her cheeks and over her tightly puckered asshole. She cooed, mewled, and shivered in delight as he slid his tongue down to her wet pussy, forgetting that Spike had spilled his cum there only minutes before.

Ethan ran his tongue into Buffy's dripping pussy, oblivious to the vampire's seed now covering his cheeks, as he groaned at the taste of her. She moaned in pleasure but he didn't care, he only cared that she was wet for him. He slid two fingers into her, collecting her slick juices before pulling them out and smearing them across her tiny asshole. She cooed and pushed her ass back, trying to get his fingers inside of her and he chuckled, "Bit of an anal slut there, Slayer?"He licked his fingers clean of her, and Spike's, juices before repeating again and again until her ass was coated inside and out. His face was dripping with her sweet, oddly musky juices as he stood up and placed his spongy cock-head against the entrance to her ass and she began pushing back against him.

Holding Buffy's slim waist, Ethan slid his cock-head past her tight ring of muscle as she cooed in front of him, pushing herself back, not wanting to wait for him to fill her himself. He slid his rough hands up her sides and underneath her chest to squeeze her silky tits, her hard nipples digging into his palms.

"Fuck me," Buffy groaned as she rocked her hips back and forth, trying to get the warlock's hard prick inside of her hungry ass. "Fuck my ass and make me cum," she pleaded as he finally bottomed out inside of her, his bloated balls resting against her wet pussy-lips.

Ethan roughly squeezed Buffy's firm tits as he giggled like a schoolboy before slowly moving himself in and out of her small, golden body.

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  "Gonna fuck you, Slayer," he chuckled as he slowly began increasing his pace, his balls slapping wetly against her pussy, "Gonna fuck you and make you cum. Gonna find out why everybody between your thighs falls for you. "He went faster and faster inside of her using her tan tits as hand holds while she rocked himself against him. "Gonna fuck you and then tell my good friend Ripper all about it," he laughed as he released her tits and began slapping her muscular rear-end.

"Ahem," a small voice called out from behind the fucking couple.

Ethan looked over his shoulder and his eyes went wide at the sight of a small demon holding a water bucket and a stack of wash cloths. "No!We ain't even half done yet," he pleaded, never missing a stroke with his cock, "Ain't no one cum yet. "

The small demon puffed out it's chest with authority. "I am here to clean the human. The vampire's seed may contaminate her love juices," it said simply.

Ethan remembered Spike fucking Buffy, pulling her off his lap as he coated her pussy and ass with his cum, vampire cum that was currently sticky and drying on his face. Suddenly his cock went limp as he tried not to think about what he had tasted earlier.


"This is just not working," Giles said in frustration as he pulled his half hard prick out of the teenage girl's wet pussy.

The face of Buffy Summers looked up from the rickety table, frustration covering her flushed face. "We were both about to cum, Mr.

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   Giles. This is getting silly. "

"Miss Miko, if you could not look like Buffy when you say. . . 'orgasm', I would be most grateful. "

The image of the spread legged Buffy shimmered and Miko was now laying on her back, her wet pussy on full display and dripping. She stood up and walked over to Mr. Giles as he tried to get his half hard erection tucked inside of his robe. "Mr. Giles, I understand that you feel like Buffy is your daughter but it's time to face facts. She's been taken by Cathix and you may have to fuck her to save her life. "

"I'm afraid that's easier said than done," Giles scoffed as he checked his pockets for his glasses so he could clean them.

"That's the thing about sex, Mr. Giles, it's pretty simple.

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"Oh geez, I don't think I'm doing this right," Jonathon said as he settled between Cordelia's widely spread legs.

"Jonathan!" Cordelia barked as she wrapped her long legs around Jonathan's hips, "Just fuck me already!"Even under the influence of the demon sex-spell Jonathan was one of the last people she would have chosen to fuck but everybody, and everything, else had already been having sex with someone, or something, else. With no other partners she had grabbed Jonathon and threw him up against a wall and got down on her knees. Looking down at her about to blow him he had immediately cum and she had cussed him for wasting it as a small demon had come to cleaned him up. She had switched places with him and then used his head between her legs to get herself off but his oral technique had felt like a blind, wet butterfly. So with no other option she had laid down and pulled him on top of her.

"Is this right?" Jonathon asked worriedly as he rubbed himself against all the wrong parts of Cordelia's hot, naked body.

Cordelia rolled her eyes in frustration and she shoved the small nerd off of her and pushed him onto his back before straddling his hips. "Just lay there and do nothing. Got it?" she ordered and he immediately nodded his head. She gripped the base of his cock and pointed it up as she began lowering herself down and felt him cum just as the tip of his prick touched her needy pussy. "God dammit, Jonathon!"

"Sorry," Jonathon mumbled, unable to look up at the naked woman trying to have sex with him.

Cordelia waited for the demon to clean up Jonathon's seed as she glared down angrily at him. "I swear I haven't had to work this hard to get laid since junior high," she said before grabbing Jonathon by the jaw and forcing him to look up at her. "I don't care if the world is ending, Jonathon, you're gonna fuck me before it happens.

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"Yes, ma'am," Jonathon said meekly.

"Whatever," Cordelia muttered as she lowered herself down onto Jonathon's sticky but still hard cock, enveloping him inside of her tight, wet, cunt.

Jonathon groaned in pleasure as Cordelia began slowly riding his prick. Despite being kidnapped by demons and forced to have sex for their diabolical plan, he had gotten to have sex with Buffy and now Cordelia. As far as he was concerned, demon apocalypse or not, this was the greatest day of his life.

Off in a slightly secluded spot along the cavern wall, Willow sat nervously between Oz and Tara. Sex spell or not she loved them both and with all three of them together she felt like she had a swarm of butterflies fluttering inside of her. All three of them sat nude and nervous, their fingertips brushing lightly across her pale skin as she sat shivering with anticipation, her hands in her lap.

Being the bolder of the three, Oz made the first move, leaning over and kissing Willow lightly on the lips and making her squeak in surprise. After a moment she began to return the kiss, their lips and tongues meeting tentatively before he broke the kiss and sat back. Tara then leaned forward and kissed Willow next, a bit longer than Oz had, before she broke the kiss and sat back up straighter, her fingers sliding more firmly along Willow's soft skin.

Taking the hints from her boyfriend and girlfriend, Willow leaned over and kissed Oz more passionately then he had with her, leaning against his body before breaking away and continuing the kiss with Tara. As she kissed Tara, Oz's hands began sliding up and down Willow's back from her shoulders to just on top of her pert ass. Breaking the kiss with Tara, Willow returned to kissing Oz as Tara's hands began caressing her legs to just below the juncture of her trembling thighs.

Becoming more dominate, Willow began kissing Tara as Tara's hands began lightly playing between her thighs and Oz's hands began sliding from her back to her chest.


  As Oz began caressing her breasts, Willow began kissing him and nuzzling against his neck as Tara began doing the same to her. Her hands began caressing her boyfriend and girlfriend's bodies, her hands quickly finding Tara's larger chest and Oz's hard prick, all three of them moaning in pleasure.

Willow quickly lost track of who she was kissing and when. It didn't matter if she was kissing Oz or Tara as long as. she was kissing one of them, their bodies pressed against her, their hands flowing over her. Their moans even seemed to mingle and become one as the pleasure they were creating became more and more passionate. Lips and tongues soon joined hands and fingers, all three of them anxious to feel and touch the others in need. Even Oz and Tara were touching each other, not in the most sexual of places but just in some sort of acknowledgment of the act that they were engaged in.

Oz pressed himself more firmly against Willow causing her to press more firmly against Tara. Tara began leaning back onto the ground, Willow leaning on top of her with Oz on top of Willow. As Tara reclined on her back she instinctively open her legs and Willow automatically climbed in between her thighs, their wet, needy pussies rubbing incessantly against one another. With Willow pressed chest to chest with Tara, Oz pressed himself against Willow's graceful back, licking and kissing his way up her bowed spine until he was nuzzling at her neck again.

As Oz nuzzled lovingly at her neck, Willow lovingly nuzzled at Tara's. The girls moaned in lust as their bodies moved against each other, Tara's larger breasts enveloping Willow's smaller ones and Willow firmly grinding her red haired pussy against Tara's. Oz licked back down Willow's back to just above her pert, pale ass and felt her shiver as he licked the dimples just above her cheeks.

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  He knelt behind her and pressed the soft head of his prick at the wet, burning entrance to her cunt and waited a moment for the timing to be just perfect.

Just as Willow rubbed herself forward against Tara, Oz slid the tip of his prick just inside of Willow's wet pussy so that as she rubbed back against Tara, Willow's pussy slowly enveloped Oz's hard cock. Willow moaned out in pleasure as Oz's dick slowly filled her, causing Tara's voice to join her's as they rubbed up against one another. They all three moved in perfect unison, their bodies fused together in pleasure, rocking and rubbing against and inside of each other as they panted and groaned with the sexual pleasure they were giving each other in the dimly lit cavern.

Oz and Tara looked at each other from across Willow's writhing body. Tara chewed her lip as she came to a decision about Willow's love for them both. She had never had any desire to be touched by any man and she could tell Oz was respectful of her by the fact he hadn't so much as tried to touch her and that right there told her about Oz's feelings towards Willow. He was her boyfriend and she was her girlfriend and it was a line he wouldn't try to cross. As he looked down at her she nodded her head curtly giving him permission for something he hadn't even thought to ask for.

With Tara's permission, Oz adjusted his weight, angling himself down more as he slowly thrust himself into Willow's tight cunt. He reached down and grasped Tara's shoulder with one hand and her rocking hip with the other, bracing himself with a better position to thrust into Willow more, pressing her down more firmly between Tara's spread thighs,The new position had both girls moaning and groaning more, their sticky pussies rubbing together, their hard, sizzling clits gliding along each other now as he reached new depths into Willow's body.

Tara reached up past Willow to hold onto Oz's neck with one hand and his waist with the other, holding him to Willow as they both thrust into and against the pale redhead. Their bodies were covered in sweat and gleamed in the dark as they moved together, their voices raising as their orgasms began to crest. Suddenly they all froze at once, a moment passing before the tension around them broke and they came as one. Their voices rose up, echoing through the dark as their shared orgasm washed over them like a warm tidal wave, their naked bodies tightening and shuddering as their pleasure broke over them.

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As Oz regained control of his spent body he rolled off of Willow onto the cold ground, Willow rolling off of Tara to snuggle between them. Oz and Tara's arms were around her shoulders as they pressed themselves against her body. It was the most comfortable and safe she had ever felt, demon spell or no.

As Willow and her two lovers cuddled on the cold, dirty ground, Faith attacked Cathix' cock with everything her lips, tongue, mouth and throat had to offer. She had tried several times to deep throat the massive prick but it was impossible no matter how hard or how often she tried. Her hands, of course, couldn't reach around his girth as she tugged on the base of him but her mouth shouldn't have been able to encircle his tip either and she took that as a sign that somehow she could fit the whole of him inside her.

As the dark haired Slayer pleasured him on her knees, Cathix was impressed with her enthusiasm. He had fucked thousands of women throughout his long life but he couldn't remember a better cock-sucker than the rogue Vampire Slayer. He held the sides of her head to steady her and that was all the action he needed to take, she was accomplishing on her own everything he wanted to do to her.

"Yes!Yes, my minions!" The Demon Lord bellowed through the cavern loud enough to shake the stone, "Fuck the humans to ecstasy and collect their love juices until the mystical pool is over flowing with energy. Take everything the humans have to give and give them everything they can take so this realm and the Shikima realm will be mine!"He took a look down at the dark haired girl and affectionately stroked her hair. "And you, my dear, are already mine," he growled before shoving her off his cock.

Faith fell back onto her pale ass, her toned legs flailing wildly, her wet cunt glistening in the torch light of the cavern as she landed on her back. Her breath caught in her throat as her lord Cathix leapt on top of her. She instinctively tried to wrap her legs around his waist but he was much to broad so they simply stuck out wide in the air as he began pushing his monstrous dick inside of her tiny pussy.

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  "Yes, Master, yes!" she screamed out at the pleasure his mighty prick was giving her as it slowly parted her wet cunt, stretching her to the point of snapping as it filled her like no other cock could.

Cathix could hear the human girl screaming in pleasure below him, writhing beneath him, and didn't care. He was not here for her pleasure, she was here for his and her tight, wet cunt gripped him very pleasurably. She reached around his neck to brace herself as he shoved the last few inches of his hard prick into her pussy causing her to shriek as an orgasm ripped through her. He could feel her pussy rippling around his shaft and growled in pleasure at the way it clamped down on him. He began rocking himself deep inside of her forcing orgasm after orgasm to take her to heights of bliss she had never felt before and smiled wickedly down at her sweat soaked face.

"We shall take the Shikima," Cathix said with a thrust and then a grunt from the Slayer. "We shall take the humans," he said with another thrust and a grunt. "We shall take the world," and another grunt and thrust. "And all will bow before me!" he yelled in triumph as the human screamed with the force of her orgasms. He felt the Slayer collapse beneath him and looked down as her brown eyes rolled back into her head. He chuckled to himself in pride at fucking the girl nonsensical with his sexual prowess as he pulled himself out of her, slick juices gushing out onto the dais floor, and flipped her over. It was a shame to conceal her firm breasts from anyone, least of all himself, but as he grabbed onto her hips and lifted her taunt ass up, he assured himself that there was a better prize to be had.

Holding the Slayer's hips up, Cathix pressed the tip of his cock against the tight entrance to her pink asshole. He shoved himself forward, filling her ass, making her scream out as another orgasm woke her up from her stupor.

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  As her scream of pain and pleasure subsided she began shoving herself back against him and he chuckled as she fucked her ass on his mighty prick.

"Yes, Master, yes!" Faith screamed out in mindless pleasure, "Fuck me!Fuck my ass and let me cum!" she pleaded in absolute need. Her body belonged to Cathix, her every little hole was his to do with as he pleased and she was absolutely fine with that. More than fine. His magnificent cock brought her to pleasures she never knew existed and he could use her however he like for the rest of her life

As she thrust herself back on her hands and knees, Faith's large tits dangled beneath her, thrashing wildly as she worked herself back and forth like a woman possessed, desperate to feel every inch of Cathix prick inside of her ass as possible. He held her hips lightly and let her do all the work as she moved her hips from side to side and her ass back and forth, a steam of drool falling from the corner of her mouth and spilling onto the ground. "I'm. . . I'm. . . I'm cumming!" she shrieked in joy as her orgasm crashed over her, her warm juices spraying from her empty pussy and coating her master's thighs.

Cathix let the Slayer's naked, thrashing body fall to the ground in front of him as she shook and trembled with the force of her orgasm. He aimed his cock at her body and fisted the base of his prick until he came, his thick load coating her like a fire hose.


  "You and this world are mine," he hissed in satisfaction. He could not be stopped. The Slayers were his to do with as he pleased and when the mystical pool was filled he would use it to destroy the world and rule the ashes.


"Maybe if you sneered more," Xander said as she thrust into Faith's tight, wet pussy. He was having problems concentrating with Giles trying to have sex with Miko who looked like Buffy at the moment as well as Angel walking around giving pointers. Originally the back of the Magic Box had seemed closer to the size of a small warehouse but now if felt surprising small.

"This is not a joking matter," Maria said with Faith's mouth as she wrapped her legs around the young man's hips and held his cock deep inside of her. The table she was reclined on groaned under the pressure of her struggling to keep a hold of him.

"Who's joking," Xander said defensively as he reached up and squeezed Faith's large, jiggling tits. "Faith is usually more, you know, 'Grr, Fuck me or I kick your ass,'. Maybe if you looked like you?" he asked meekly. Leave it to the Harris luck for him to finally be able to fuck the hottest woman he had ever imagined and for her to look like somebody he was usually scared of getting his ass kicked by.

Maria squeezed her legs to pin Xander painfully to her. "The point of this exercise is not to fuck me, Mr. Harris, it's to sexually dominate Faith.

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"I know, I know," Xander said meekly as he tried to free himself from in-between her abnormally strong legs. "It's just that. . . you know, Faith's usually kinda more scary. "

"And this makes you nervous?" Maria asked.

"Well, yeah," Xander admitted.

Maria released the young man and then stood in front of him. "Let's try this then," she said right before punching him in the face.


". . . and it was really thick too," Buffy said with a girlish giggle as she gently stroked Willow's tender breasts.

"I know, right," Willow agreed as she slid her hands up Buffy's golden thighs.

The two friends knelt in front of each, stroking one another's bodies as they caught up on everything that had been happening to them.

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"And when he was fucking my ass he was so gentle," Buffy cooed as she toyed with Willow's hard nipples. "I mean, I know he's probably been wanting to do it since he met me but the fact that he took his time to make sure he didn't hurt me was soooo sweet. "

"That sounds like something he'd do 'tho," Willow agreed before bending down and lightly licking one of Buffy's hard nipples.

"Oh, totally," Buffy said as she held Willow to her chest and let her graze there. "I hate to say it but Anya is a pretty lucky girl. "

"She's o. k. ," Willow said as she kissed up Buffy's neck. "But between Oz and Tara I think I'm the lucky one. "

"Willow, you slut!" Buffy giggled as she ran her hands down her friend's graceful back to her ass, "Really?Both of them?"

"Uh huh," Willow said with a giggle as she licked back down to Buffy's chest. She sucked lightly on one nipple before saying, "It was soooo sweet, Buffy," as she licked over to the other nipple.

With Willow bent over, Buffy could no longer reach her peachy little ass so she began sliding her hands back around to her friend's slender thighs. "And they didn't mind?"

"It was like they were perfectly happy sharing me," Willow cooed as she reached up and softly squeezed Buffy's firm tits. "I really think this could work. We'd be, like, a threeple.

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Buffy giggled as she reached between Willow's thighs and the red haired girl opened her legs for her. "I don't think that's a word, Wil. "

Willow moaned as Buffy lightly stroked her wet pussy and smiled wide. She slid her fingers between Buffy's legs and began stroking her in time to the Slayer's fingers. "Fairly certain I can make it a word and it felt soooo good," she moaned as she closed her eyes and relived the moment she and Oz and Tara had all cum together.

Buffy leaned forward, chest to chest with Willow. "And speaking of good," she whispered as she planted small light kisses around her friend's face, "I let Xander do my butt too. "

Willow opened her eyes wide in shock. "And you called me a slut," she giggled before kissing her friend deeply, their pink tongues slowly caressing each other. "I wish he were here, don't you?It'd be so great with the three of us together," she said as she briefly broke the kiss.

"Might even be better than Cathix," Buffy said as she nuzzled Willow's neck and slid her fingers into her friend's dripping pussy.

"Get out!" Willow gigged as she began softly fingering Buffy and rubbing their chests together. "Really?How did it even fit?"

"Must be magic," Buffy said with a shrug before returning to kissing the red haired girl. "He jumped me on my way from the Magic Box. "

"Magic Box," Willow giggled.

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  "I still haven't told anyone where the gang's been hiding out. To much sex," she said as she slid her fingers as deep as she could into Buffy's tight pussy while using her thumb to circle the Slayer's hard little clit.

"Me either," Buffy agreed as she began using her thumb on Willow's clit, "Even Ethan never asked. "

"Ew, you fucked Ethan?Him and Modup jumped me outside your house. " Willow grinned before kissing Buffy again.

"Hey, a cock's a cock," Buffy said with a noncommittal shrug before licking down to Willow's slight chest. "Besides, he couldn't finish after he found out that he was covered in Spike's jazz. "

Willow broke out into fits of laughter as Buffy licked her hard nipples. "That's so funny. You've been busy. "

"Mmm hmm," Buffy agreed as she gave Willow's soft tits a last kiss before nibbling back up to her mouth.

The girls began kissing deeper, harder, their tongues wrestling in their mouths as the fingered each other faster. The friends had caught up on everything the other had missed and now they just took the time to enjoy each other's bodies. The began humping harder against their hands, their pert asses clenching and releasing with each thrust, their firm tits smothered against one another. They panted and moaned in pleasure into each other's mouths as their orgasms began to rise until they finally came, drenching each other's hands in their warm juices.

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  They held each other close as they came down, simply enjoying each others company.

Not far away from where Buffy and Willow were enjoying sex, Cordelia was still trying. "Argh!I said to the left you little twerp," she growled angrily.

"Sorry, sorry," Jonathon said meekly as he changed positions between Cordelia's wide spread legs. He accidentally pressed his hand too hard against one of her large breasts causing her to grunt in pain and anger. Moving around again he accidentally pulled her hair causing her to cry out.

"Get off of me, you dork!" she shouted as she shoved him off of her.

Drawn by the shouts of people arguing, Anya appeared from around Jonathan's shoulder. "Have you tried just throwing him down and riding him?"

"I tried that," Cordelia said as she got to her knees, "He couldn't even do that right. He kept cumming too soon so I'd have to get off, get him hard again, and try all over. "

"What about having him do you from behind?" Anya asked helpfully. "Xander's great at that. "

Cordelia rolled her eyes at Anya's attempt at reminding her that the former demon was dating Xander now. "I know Xander's great at that, I taught him," she said with a catty tone of voice and a vicious smirk. "And every time dork-ness here tried he kept pulling out to far and poking me in the crotch and that's not even counting how many times he came to soon.



Anya thought it over for a moment before saying, "I think you're giving him to much say in the matter. Jonathon, lay down. "When the nervous nerd laid down she straddled his hips.

Cordelia rolled her eyes. "I told you I already tried that. "

"But you gave him to much participation. Jonathon, don't move," she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," Jonathon said meekly.

Anya lowered herself down slowly, letting her wet pussy slowly engulf the shy geek's hard prick. "Not to bad," she grunted as she allowed herself time to get used to him inside of her.

"Whatever," Cordelia muttered. "And he's just gonna cum to soon. "

"That's because you were letting him concentrate to much on fucking you," Anya said matter of factly, "You have to distract him. Jonathon, stick your tongue out as far as you can and still no moving. "

"Ness maom," Jonathon said after he stuck his tongue out.

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Anya slid herself up and down once on Jonathan's cock and when he didn't move she looked at Cordelia. "O. k. , climb on. He should be good now," she said as she began rocking her hips.

Cordelia straddled Jonathon's face and slid her horny pussy up against his tongue as she sat down on his face. She began rocking her hips back and forth, stimulating her clit with his tongue as he obediently stayed perfectly still. "You're right," she moaned to Anya as both girls unashamedly used Jonathon for their own pleasure, "This is much better. "

"You. . . you can learn. . . learn a lot in a few.

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  . . few thousand years," Anya panted as she rode the little geeks hard prick. She leaned forward and sucked one of Cordelia's nipples into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue before grabbing both jiggling orbs, squeezing and massaging them.

Cordelia moaned in pleasure at what Anya was doing to her and what she was doing to Jonathan. Already she could feel her orgasm rising and slid a hand between the ex-demon's thighs and began strumming her hard, little clit.

"Oh, oh wow," Anya gasped out as Cordelia's fingers starred to get her off.

Cordelia smirked with pride before kissing the former Vengeance Demon passionately. "I may not be thousands of years old, but you can learn a lot at summer camp," she cooed between deep, wet kisses.

Both girls rubbed their chests together as they used Jonathon, their hands running across their bodies as their tongues dueled in their mouths. Their undulating bodies matched each other as their mutual orgasms rose inside of them before crashing over them. Their bodies seized as they came together, pressed against one another, Cordelia's larger breasts enveloping Anya's smaller tits as they rode out their orgasms.

"Wow," Cordelia giggled with absolutely no concern that she was suffocating Jonathon with her gooey cunt as he still remained obediently still, "You have no idea how long I've been trying to get off with him. "

"No problem," Anya said as she started to stand up. "Hey, I saw a tentacle demon over by that waddling pool.

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  Wanna give it a shot?" she asked.

Cordelia thought it over for a moment before shrugging her shoulders. "Sure. What not?" she agreed before standing up off of Jonathon's face as he gasped for air.


As dawn broke in through the back windows of The Magic Box, Giles pushed Miko away from him a bit more forcefully than he meant to. Miko's illusion of looking like Buffy faded away leaving her naked in her normal form.

"You're not concentrating, Mr. Giles," Miko said a bit more sternly than she meant to, "You have to concentrate on what we're practicing or the demons will win. "

"I bloody well am concentrating," Giles snapped as he turned away from the naked Asian girl. He quickly found his robe and threw it on before looking around for his glasses. Taking a deep, not very calming breath, he turned back to the naked teenage girl,"I'm sorry for snapping at you," he said as he stared ashamedly down at his bare feet, "It's not you I'm upset at. "

Miko started to say something before she felt Angel 's cool hand on her shoulder. "I know what you're going through, Giles," he said as calmly as he could. Giles already didn't like him and that was before he had tried to kill the librarian's girlfriend as the evil Angelus.

"You bloody well do not!" Giles snapped again.

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"I said I know what you're going through," Angel said in a hushed, measured tone, "Not that I can understand it. Buffy is like a daughter to you, and believe me when I say she feels the same way but you have to concentrate on what you're trying to do not what you have to do. We've both done things we're not proud of to save her but they were worth it because, at the end, . Buffy was safe. This is no different. We'll both do whatever we can to make sure she is safe no matter how distasteful it might be afterwards. "

Giles continued glaring at Angel. "Do you have any idea how much more annoying you are when you're right?"

Angel allowed himself a small smirk. "Actually Buffy has mentioned that a time or two," he said as he gently drifted back into the shadows.

Giles took a deep, slightly more calming breath, and looked over at the nude Miko. "Well, I suppose no matter how distasteful I may find it, practice makes perfect," he said as he slid off his robe.

"Um, Kay?" Miko said, not sure if she should be offended or not.

Across the room as she lay back passively on a rickety table, Xander thrust his cock half-halfheartedly into Faith's tight, wet cunt. "I don't know, it just doesn't feel real," he said with a shrug. "Maybe if you scowled more.


  Or if you looked like your self. "

Maria glared up at Xander with Faith's face. "The point of this exercise is not to fuck me, Xander. Or even to fuck Faith. It's for you to get over your own insecurities around the Slayers and your allies and friends. "

"In that case, maybe you should try ignoring me more," Xander said flatly as he absentmindedly toyed with one of Maria's hard nipples, "Or tell me how much like a big brother I am to you,"

Maria rolled her eyes in frustration before slowly wrapping her legs around Xander's waist. "Is that what Anya calls you?" she asked knowingly and Xander responded exactly as she expected by thrusting a bit harder. "Is that what Faith called you, twice now?" and he began rolling his hips up, stimulating her clit. "Perhaps it's what Willow was thinking all those years she allowed herself to pine away for you," as he began gripping and squeezing her wobbling tit more firmly, "It was Cordelia then, I suppose, in the back of her car," she said with a wicked grin as the young man gripped her wide hips more tightly. "You have pleased all these women and yet you worry about your masculinity, Xander. Feel my pussy, Xander, feel how wet you're making me. "

With a grunt Xander threw Faith's legs over his shoulders and buried himself to the hilt in her wet, hot cunt and came. His body shuddered as he filled her with his thick load, groaning in pleasure as she came with him, her body trembling in pleasure. He looked down at her post orgasmic face and felt a sense of pride fill him at having made this beautiful woman cum. "Guess I'm not just the utility player then.

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"What's a 'Utility Player'?"

"I have no idea," Xander huffed.


"Mom, are you sure this is right?" Buffy asked from on her knees.

Also on her knees next to her oldest daughter, Joyce stroked Buffy's blonde hair lovingly. "Of course, Buffy, don't be silly. You're my daughter and I love you so why would this be wrong?" she asked as she leaned over and gave her daughter a small kiss on the lips.

"Yeah, Buffy. Don't be a prude," Dawn chided her sister before leaning up from her knees and giving her mother a kiss. Her kiss was a bit longer than the kiss Buffy and their mother had shared as she rubbed her young, naked body up against her mother's equally nude form.

"I guess," Buffy said with a shrug. She bent and broke her mother and sister's kiss, sliding her tongue into Dawn's mouth, caressing her tongue.

The three Summers women were in a small circle on the cavern floor surrounded by a large group of enthralled humans and demons, all eagerly watching the naked, horny family. No one tried to interfere as the three women pressed their hot, horny bodies together, slowly, delicately rubbing themselves against one another, their hands slowly trailing up and down each other.

Buffy's pink tongue danced between her sister and mother's mouths, dipping in and out as the tasted each other. They moaned in unison as their pleasures rose higher, pressing their bodies more firmly together, rubbing against each other. Her hands slid up and down Dawn and her mother's silky smooth backs to just above their pert assets, her fingertips teasing them just above the part of their cheeks.

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  She thrust her chest against her family, rubbing her breasts against theirs, their pink nipples scrapping against each other's. Her pussy was throbbing with desire and she could feel her juices trailing down the insides of her golden thighs.

Dawn was the most enthusiastic of the three women, practically humping her young body against her mother and sister. Her small, tender tits were pressed firmly against her family's chest as she bobbed her chest up and down, eagerly enjoying the friction she was creating. She slid her fingers into the cracks of Buffy and her mother's asses, over their puckered, pink holes and then farther underneath to both of their dripping pussies.

Joyce made sure to spend a equal amount of time exploring each of her daughter's mouths and bodies. She reached down to squeeze both of their asses and was a little shocked at how tight and muscular Buffy's was compared to Dawn's softer, plumper one. Taking a que from both of her daughter's she pressed herself more firmly against them like Buffy was doing and slid her fingers into their dripping pussies like Dawn had done, sawing them slowly in and out.

Buffy quickly slid a finger into Dawn and their mother's dripping cunts, slipping them in as deeply as she could and enjoying the moans she was eliciting from them. As her fingers delved deep inside of their pussies she made sure to slid her fingers along their puckered assholes causing them to start rocking their hips back and forth against her hands and rubbing their clits against her thighs.

Dawn quickly lost track of what she was doing and to whom. She just merrily humped her dripping pussy against who's ever thigh was between her slender legs as she frantically finger-fucked Buffy and her mom. Her rhythm was ragged and disjointed as she moaned and groaned feverishly into her family's mouths, gasping out in pleasure. She bent down and eagerly sucked in someone's hard, pink nipple, not knowing or caring who it belonged to.

Joyce squeaked in pleasure as Dawn latched onto her nipple, sucking hard on the erect nub.

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  She moaned in desire as Buffy quickly did the same, both of them nursing at her chest as they fingered each other. Their hands and fingers began humping and rubbing against each other as they sought out one another's horny holes so like any good mother, she showed her daughters how to share. With just a little bit of movement she positioned their fingers one at a time until they were all sharing perfectly.

Following her mother's example, Buffy slowly slide the finger of one hand into Dawn's tight ass while Dawn's finger was in her pussy and their mother's finger was in her ass. She could tell by the change in their mother's breathing that Dawn had caught on so that Dawn was fingering their mother's ass while she was fingering their mom's dripping pussy. She and Dawn were still sucking noisily at the oldest Summers' firm tits and she could tell that they were all on the verge of cumming already.

Dawn wanted to cry out at the pleasure she was feeling as she was fingered by her sister and mother but she refused to release her mom's tasty tit from her mouth. As her orgasm crashed over her, her cries of delight were muffled by her mother's breast in her mouth as her tiny pussy gushed, soaking her sister and mother's hands.

Joyce cried out in pleasure, her voice echoing off of the silent cavern walls. There was no other sexual acts going on in the demon filled cave, all eyes were on the Summers women as they came, their mixed juices dripping onto the dirty floor, their bodies trembling in pleasure until their muscles relaxed. Falling into a sweaty heap on the ground, the Summers girls began cuddling sweetly together, momentarily oblivious to the demons surrounding them.

"Bloody 'ell," Spike said as he positioned the tip of his throbbing cock at the entrance to Willow's gooey, wet pussy, never taking his eyes away from the Summers women.

On her hands and knees, Willow said, "You've got that right," as she slowly pushed her tight ass back, her horny pussy taking in the vampire's hard prick. She moaned slightly as Spike reached below her and began squeezing her small breasts while she began rocking herself back and forth, fucking herself with his cool dick.

Spike rolled Willow's pale pink nipples between his fingertips as she pushed herself back and forth on his cock, her tight pussy parting around him and gripping him tight.

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  Neither one of them looked away from the Summers family as the two of them fucked, it could have been any human in front of him and any demon behind her but with their history, sharing themselves with each other somehow made the spectacle of the Summers clan more intimate.

A demon moved, blocking Willow's view and she grunted in frustration as she tried to look around it. "Pull me up," she told Spike and he used her chest to pull her upper body up as he looked around her head. "Thanks," she grunted as the vampire began fucking her deeper.

"No problem," Spike said cordially as he slid one hand down to grasp Willow's waist and his other hand down to strum her clit.

Willow moaned as Spike circled her erect little clit with his finger as he fucked himself deep inside of her. She held onto his muscular thighs for support as she rolled her hips back to meet his thrusting cock, her hot juices dripping down the insides of her slender thighs. "This has got to be the hottest thing I've ever seen," she said as she began playing with her firm, pale tits.

"You can say that again," Spike agreed.

Across the cavern, Modup grunted in frustration. "Move," he muttered.

"Find your own," Fubuki growled as she made herself comfortable between Tara's plump, outstretched legs. She pulled the witch's thighs over her shoulders, wrapping her arms around them as she licked her lips at the sight of Tara's dripping pussy. Using her tongue, she parted the American girl's dewy pussy-lips, collecting her juices and moaning at the tart taste. Tara clamped her thighs tightly around her head and Fubuki smiled with pride into the horny girl's wet cunt.

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"Not fair," Modup grunted until he saw Tara raise her hands up to squeeze her large tits. The small demon quickly leapt up, landing on her chest and swatting her hands away. He gripped her pale tits and wrapped them around his long cock, fucking the young witch's breasts, his prick easily long enough to reach her panting mouth. She immediately trapped his cock-head between her lips, circling him with her tongue as he fucked her tits and mouth at the same time.

Fubuki looked up and her vision was filled with the small demon's purple ass and tiny, little asshole. "Fuck that," she mumbled into Tara's dripping pussy and quickly knocked the annoying demon away.

Modup squealed as he landed roughly on the ground. "Not fair!" he squeaked as he swung around and saw Fubuki climb onto of Tara in a 69. With both girls mouths and pussies occupied he had no where to shove his painfully erect dick and just stared at the sweating, naked girls. "Modup gonna tell," he mumbled before fluttering off.

As Modup flew off in a huff, back in The Magic Box, Maria cleaned the last of Xander's cum from her beautiful face. Completely naked she conferred with Giles one last time before they addressed the small group of nearly naked survivors in the back of The Magic Box. "Mr. Giles and I have been sharing information and we believe we have come to have discovered Cathix' plan. "

After an awkward moment Giles realized he was staring at the demon Queen's firm, thick ass.


  Tearing his eyes away from the beautiful, naked woman he adjusted the front of his robe as nonchalantly as possible. "Ah, yes, yes," he said before clearing his throat, "Based on our combined data it appears that Cathix is preparing to open the Hellmouth. "

Xander groaned while Angel stiffened slightly at the mention of the portal to hell. Maria looked around to let the news settle in as her naked daughter stared at her in confusion. "The Hellmouth itself is powerful and dangerous on it's own but we also believe that Cathix intends to use the Hellmouth to open a portal to the Shikima realm. "Now Miko's eyes shot open in fear.

Giles also took a moment to let the information sink in. "We believe that opening the portals simultaneously will cause an explosion large enough to sweep through the Shikima realm and destroy most of it's inhabitants as well as most of California. "

Maria nodded before adding, "Thus allowing him to rule over the rubble and remake both your world and the Shikima realm in his image. "

"I've really gotta move out of this town," Xander's groaned.

"Do we even have to ask when he'll be attempting to open the portals?" Angel asked flatly.

Maria looked poignantly out of the back window of the storage room. "At the rise of the full moon at the end of this week. "

Miko sighed in frustration. "Of course.

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  Why spoil a theme?" she muttered.

"But why the kidnappings?" Xander asked as he stared at Miko's tight little ass and Maria's large, swaying tits.

A blush broke out across Giles face and he nervously began cleaning his glasses. "Yes, well, ah. . . It seems that Cathix will be using, well, ah. . . "

Suddenly Maria broke in, "Cathix will use the love juices of his victims in his spell to open the portals. "

"Japan is so weird," Xander muttered.

As Miko began yelling at Xander in Japanese in defense of her home country, in the cavern, Cordelia looked down at Willow. "Well, I suppose you'll do," she said imperiously.

From on the ground Willow looked up at Cordelia standing above her with her hands on her hips. "Do what?" she asked.

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Cordelia opened her legs slightly and used her fingers to open her wet pussy to the smaller red haired girl. "Lick," she ordered.

As horny as she was, the thought of fucking Cordelia was still repulsive to Willow. "Yeah, I think I'll go find a slime demon instead. "

"I'll make you think slime demon," Cordelia huffed, "Now lick. "

"I wouldn't lick that with Modup's tongue," Willow said and as Cordelia glared down at her and she began looking around for help.

"Something I can help you folks with?" a voice called out from behind Cordelia.

"Buffy!" Willow shouted out excitedly.

"Hey, Wil," Buffy said as she walked naked up to Cordelia. "Why don't you lay back and relax while I talk to Cordy. "

Willow obediently laid down on her back and spread her slender legs.

Cordelia placed her hands on her hips and glared at Buffy as the naked Slayer walked up to her. "And what exactly do you want?"

Buffy smirked at Cordelia and pointed between Willow's wide spread legs. "Lick," she said matter of factly.

"Oh I don't think so, little Miss Slayer," Cordelia said with her usual snotty tone of voice, "I get serviced, I don't service.

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Buffy's expression never changed. "Lick or I find the slime demon and let him cum in your hair. "

Cordelia's eyes went wide with horror. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Lick," Buffy said again, her tone of voice not changing.

Cordelia's head swiveled back and forth between Buffy's face and Willow's wet pussy. She glared at Buffy again before sighing in defeat. "Fine but if you tell anybody, I'll make you pay. "With no choice she got down on her hands and knees, her tight ass up-thrust high in the air, her large breasts smashed into the dirty cavern floor.

Willow wound her hand through Cordelia's dark hair and giggled. "Lick," she ordered.

"Don't you start," Cordelia said from between Willow's wide-spread thighs. She wrapped her arms around the red-head's slender thighs as she extended her tongue and licked up Willow's slit from her puckered asshole to her clit. She felt her schoolmate shiver and decided that if she was going to be forced to fuck the little geek, she was going to prove who was the best.

Buffy smirked to herself as she watched Cordelia licking out Willow. She got down on her knees behind the wanna-be prom queen and gripped her flared hips.

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  She began rubbing her heated pussy against her rival's thick ass and wished that she had been able to pull off Miko's clit trick so she could fuck Cordelia doggy style for real. As the brunette girl began licking Willow more forcibly, Buffy began grinding against her more firmly, humping the bitchy girl and panting in pleasure. Never in her life had she wanted a cock of her own more than right now.

"Oh. . . My. . . Goddess," Willow stuttered in pleasure as Cordelia's tongue worked magic on her pussy. Her cunt felt like it was boiling in pleasure as the brunette girl ate her out. "Fuuuuck," she groaned as she uncontrollably bucked her hips up to meet Cordelia's tongue, wrapping her hair in her fists and pulling her against her gushing cunt.

"Gah!" Cordelia cried out in pain, "Watch it you lesbo freak. The only reason I'm doing this is to keep my hair in the first place. "She went back to work between Willow's legs using every technique that had ever been done to her and soon had the red-haired girl moaning out in pleasure and already on the verge of cumming.



"That's right, take it," Buffy giggled as she happily humped Cordelia's ass. She licked her lips and began smacking her schoolmate's rear-end hard enough to leave red marks in the tan flesh and make her yelp out in pain. Her gushing cunt sizzled in pleasure and she could feel her juices sliding down the insides of her thighs as she sexually dominated her rival. Suddenly her eyes flashed wide as she came, her hot cum splashing out and covering Cordelia's tight ass.

"I'm cumming!" Willow shouted as her orgasm over took her. Her hot juices gushed out and covered Cordelia's mouth as the brunette tried to lap up all of her cum. She threw back her head in pleasure, her eyes tightly shut as she rode out her orgasm.

As the last of Willow's cum leaked out against her chin, Cordelia looked around in confusion. "What the hell is going on here?" she asked as she looked around the bizarre cavern with glazed eyes, "Seriously, where are we?"

Buffy softly stroked Cordelia's ass as the brunette girl began shivering in fear. She slowly followed Cordelia's eyes as she looked around at all the demons surrounding them. Wasn't she supposed to be doing something with the demons other than just fucking them?

As Buffy peered around the cavern with skepticism, Cathix reclined in his throne as Tara rode his mighty cock. He pinched her hard nipples as her large tits wobbled in his face, his long tongue licking at her smooth flesh. "Soon, minions, soon!" he roared out with maniacal laughter as he felt his large balls tightening up, "Soon we will fuck this world into submission and rule the Shikima realm!"Suddenly he thrust up and came, filling the human girl's tight pussy with his thick, hot cum. The other demons may be denied the pleasure of relieving themselves inside of their captives but he was the demon Lord and he would spill his seed wherever he wished.

Ethan was sure he had found the perfect spot for some privacy.

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  "Now, you two sweet bits of fluff got your instructions straight?I don't wanna have to stop once I get going. "

From on their knees in front of Ethan, Dawn and Kanako giggled as the nodded their heads up at him.

Ethan clapped his hands in glee. "Then let's get started then. "

Dawn and Kanako giggle to each other before leaning into each other, their small chest pressed together and their hard nipples scrapping across their tender breasts. They kissed each other deeply, their pink tongues caressing one another in their warm mouths as they held each other close. They broke the kiss and smiled coyly up at the old guy before Dawn reached out and lightly gripped the base of his cock, giggling and blushing as she began stroking his shaft. Kanako reached under him and tentatively cupped his dangling balls, blushing and looking away from him in embarrassment as she began fondling him.

"Oh, you two are just little bits of heaven, aren't cha'. " Ethan with glee as he smiled wickedly down at the two young girls. The Slayer's sister lightly licked the tip of his cock before looking away in shy embarrassment and sent a throb of lust through his body.

Dawn and Kanako giggled girlishly as they switched, Kanako stroking the old man's prick while Dawn played with his balls. They kissed passionately before Kanako leaned forward and licked his cock-tip, circling his head with her tongue as Dawn bent down and slowly kissed his bloated balls one at a time. He groaned above them which caused them to giggle again and they once again switched. Dawn kissed the tip of his prick before slowly taking it between her pink lips while Kanako lapped at his orbs.

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Ethan held the back of the girls' heads as they licked at his dick and balls, his head thrown back in pleasure. Dawn was slowly, tentatively, beginning to suck his cock as Kanako began sucking on his balls. They switched again and the pink haired girl began sucking on his meat while the Slayer's sister struggled to get both of his balls into her warm, wet mouth.

Each using one hand on the old guy, Dawn and Kanako slid their free hands down each other's backs, their middle fingers splitting their ass-cheeks and then slowly working their way into their wet, little pussies. Kanako groaned around the guy's cock as Dawn fingered her and she could feel Dawn shiver in pleasure as she fingered her in return. They switched again, Dawn's head bobbing up and down as she blew the guy and Kanako lapping at his ball sack until it was dripping with her saliva.

"Who knew that heaven could be found surrounded by demons," Ethan said as he stared down at the two horny girls.

"Pretty sure heaven wouldn't have me in it," Spike said with a chuckle from behind Ethan's shoulder. He chuckled again as the old warlock nearly lost his balance, his cock popping out of the girls' mouths and hands. "And I'm pretty sure heaven looks down on sexually molesting teenage girls. "

Ethan spun around, his hard cock deflating as he remembered Spike's cum smeared on his face when he had tried to fuck the Slayer. "Wha. . . what're you.

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  . . What'd you need, mate?" he stammered at the naked vampire.

"Little bit of this," Spike said as he reached down and grabbed Dawn by the wrist, "And a little bit of that," he finished as he grabbed Kanako by her wrist. With a smirk on his face he pulled both girls to their feet and began pulling them away.

"But. . . but. . . but they're mine," Ethan said weakly.

"Guess heaven ain't exactly fair then," Spike chuckled. He passed Willow cleaning up Tara after the blonde girl's fling with the Demon Lord and pushed Kanako over at them. "Here ya go.

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  Heard you liked the fairer sex now. "

"Um, thanks?" Willow said as Kanako stared at her expectantly.

Spike pulled Dawn over to a semi-secluded spot he had killed a couple of demons for and looked down at the young, horny girl. "Right, here's what's gonna happen," he said sternly as he wagged his finger at her. "I'm gonna fuck ya. You're gonna take it. I'm not gonna care if you like it, we won't be staring lovingly into each other's eyes, we ain't gonna be all lovey-dovey about it. We're just gonna fuck. Got it?"

Dawn nodded her head enthusiastically. "Sounds good to me," she said excitedly before dropping to her knobby knees. She quickly gripped the base of Spike's cock and plunged it deep into her mouth as possible and sucked as hard as she could while rubbing her tongue firmly along it's length before bobbing her head back and forth, small streams of drool escaping from the corners of her mouth.

"Jesus Christ," Spike grunted in pleasure and surprise at the young girl's oral skills, "Are all the Summers women born to fuck?"He gripped the sides of Dawn's head and began fucking her face as she stared up at him, his wet balls slapping against her chin. Her eyes sparkled gleefully and he could tell she was trying to smile around his shaft at the expression on his face as she blew him. Trying to get more control of the situation he jammed his cock all the way into her throat expecting to gag her but she just took his entire length and hummed a camp song around his shaft. Already he could feel himself ready to cum.

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"Fuck this shit," Spike grunted as he pulled his throbbing prick out of Dawn's far to talented for her age mouth. "What the bloody 'ell is it with you Summers women?" he grumbled as the small girl just looked up at him and shrugged. "On your back," he ordered trying to regain control of himself. As she leaned back on the ground she opened her coltish legs to give him a good view of her wet, bubblegum pink pussy and he unconsciously licked his lips at the sight of her.

With a small growl, Spike lept between Dawn's slender legs and began devouring her wet, little pussy. She squealed in pleasure as his tongue and lips attacked her, her juices coating the lower part of his face. He worried her cunt like a cat until she was humping up against his face as he fucked her with his tongue and she was crying out with the need to cum, for him make her cum, to let her cum. His hands crawled up to her slender chest and he began palming her small, sensitive breasts as she mewled in need while he began pinching her hard nipples.

"Do it, Spike," Dawn cried out, "Make me cum with your tongue!"

In a blur, Spike sat up on his knees and held Dawn's slender legs out. "You'd like that, wouldn't ya?" he growled, "But yer gonna have ta beg me for it. "

Dawn tied to hide her smirk as she said, "Oh God, Spike, please make me cum. Fuck me with your big vampire cock until I'm cumming all over it. Fuck me like the slutty, little girl I am. Make me a woman, Spike. Make me your woman.


  "Boys were all the same no matter how old they were.

"Yer damn right!" Spike bellowed as he fell forward, his cock sliding balls deep into Dawn's waiting cunt. "Take it, you bitch," he growled as he barreled inside of her, her small breasts jiggling wildly on her chest.

Dawn giggled excitedly with a large smile on her face as she wrapped her legs around Spike's waist. She rolled her hips up to meet his thrusts as he ploughed into her and held her arms around his shoulders to hold on. With just a few simple words she had changed their encounter from him fucking her to prove something to himself to him making her cum to prove something to himself. She had discovered that it didn't matter who was on top, it was all about who was controlling who and as far as she was concerned his cock was now her's.

Spike continued jack-hammering into the small girl, the force of his thrusts pushing them across the dirty cavern floor. He could hear her as her breath caught in her throat and she came, her tight pussy clamping down and rippling along his shaft but he kept hammering into her young body. This was all about him and there was no way the youngest Summers girl was getting away with only one orgasm.

With her eyes wide, Dawn held onto Spike for dear life. She could feel the small stones and little pebbles digging into her back but she didn't care as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her. She couldn't catch her breath and a small stream of drool slid out of the corner of her mouth as her vision began to cloud over. She didn't know if somebody could die from too much sex and as the vampire continued fucking her to the brink of unconsciousness she didn't care.


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  . . "Spike stammered as his bloated balls began to boil. He pushed himself up on his knees again and pulled his aching cock out of Dawn's cunt with a lewd slurping sound. He straddled her slender chest and began fisting his cock, aiming himself at her sweet, panting, angelic face until he came. He drenched the young schoolgirl's face with his thick cum, gasping for breath as he finished himself off before collapsing on the ground next to Dawn.

As soon as she could catch her breath, Dawn looked over at Spike and smiled. "Thanks, Spike. But you never got to my ass. "

Spike refused to look over at Dawn. "Bloody Summers women. "

As Dawn lightly traced her fingertips across Spike's bare chest, Ethan fumed in impotent anger. "Bloody vampires," he grumbled before seeing something just past Spike and Dawn. A wicked smile spread across his face. "That'll do it," He said to himself before purposefully crossing the cavern, his soft cock hardening with every step.

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  "Come with me, luv," he said as he grabbed Faith by her wrist and led her off to a less populated area of the cavern.

Throwing Faith against the hard, stone wall, Ethan pressed his wrinkled body against her younger, firmer, naked flesh. She pressed herself firmly against him as they kissed, her arms wrapping around his neck as his hands traveled down her back to squeeze her taunt ass. His throbbing prick rubbed against her wet cunt as it slid between her thighs and she began rubbing her slit along it's length. He'd had to many bad encounters lately to wait and could feel his balls churning with the need to cum so he broke the kiss and spun the Slayer around.

Faith immediately braced her hands against the wall as she thrust her ass back and cooed in anticipation. Ethan gripped her small waist in one hand and the base of his cock in the other, aiming himself at her dripping cunt. With one shove he buried himself completely inside of her and groaned as he felt her tight hole ripple along his shaft. He wasted no time and began unceremoniously jack-hammering himself inside of her, sliding his hands up to grip her large tits as she threw herself back against his thrusts.

Ethan began nuzzling and licking the back of Faith's neck as he pummeled her tight, clutching cunt. "There's nothing like a bit of the young stuff," he whispered into her ear as he played with her firm tits and pinched her nipples. She threw herself back against him harder with enough force to make him grunt as he stumbled for a moment. "Easy there, pumpkin. Ol' Ethan'll take right good care of you," he smirked.

"Oh fuck me harder, grandpa," Faith moaned as she thrust herself back, trying to get as much of the old guy's meat into her as she could.

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  Her hard nipples were sizzling with pleasure as he pinched and rolled them but he just wasn't fucking her the way she wanted. Her horny pussy was throbbing with the need for him to fuck her harder and make her cum. She braced her arms more firmly against the wall as she began throwing her whole body back against the old warlock, desperate to cum on his cock,

"Easy there, kitten," Ethan whispered with a concerned look on his face, "No need to get rough. "He reluctantly released his hold on Faith's tits to grip her slender waist to better hold on to as she bucked back against him.

A small flare of anger flashed through Faith's eyes before she forced her jiggling ass back sharply and shoved Ethan to the ground. She turned around and glared at him with her hand on her hip. "Ain't your 'kitten' and rough is pretty much how I roll," she said with a evil glint in her eye.

"Now. . . Now hold on right. . . right there. .

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  . " Ethan stammered as the Dark Slayer stalked towards him.

In a blur of motion Faith was straddling Ethan's hips. "Try not to move to much and I'll go easy on you," she said as she slid her firm, pale breasts up his chest and then dangled them in front of his fearful face, "Or maybe not. "Grasping the base of his cock as firmly as she could without breaking it she impaled herself of his tool, her hot juices splashing out from their meshed groins. She moaned deep in her chest, not from any real pleasure from Ethan's cock but from the look of lust and fear in his eyes. Mostly the fear. "Just lay back, relax, and just let it happen," she growled.

"Oh, oh God," Ethan gasped as Faith started rolling .