Camren Bicondova Rides The Bang Bus


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not know Camren Bicondova or have anything to do with her. I do not own or have anything to do with the Bang Bus. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/f, Teen, Exhib

Camren Bicondova Rides The Bang Bus
By Muhabba

Camren Bicondova, teen star of the television show "Gotham", avid dancer, and schoolgirl, frantically ran naked through her room. Her firm, small breasts barely jiggled as she rushed back and forth, her muscular, tight ass clenching and releasing with every hurried step. "I can't find it!" she yelled out at her mother as she threw her clothes around.

"Then you'll just have to go to school naked," her mother called back.

Camren held up a sports bra and inspected it for a moment before throwing it behind her. "I may have to," she called back to her mother as she began rifling through another pile of clothes. "What do people wear on the bus anyway?" she called out.

"That's not funny, Camren," her mother yelled back from the bottom of the stairs.

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  "Your father and I both have early meetings this morning so if you don't hurry up you'll be walking to school, so might I suggest instead of worrying about matching your sports outfit you find your walking shoes. "

Camren blew a stray strand of her wildly wavy brown hair out of her face as she sat down on her bare butt and searched through a another pile of clothes. "I may end up walking wearing just my shoes if I can find my outfit," she called back before finding the matching black sports bra and stretchy shorts that she had been looking for. "Found 'em!" she called out.

"That's good because your father and I are leaving now," her mother called back. "Your bus money is on the counter next to your sack lunch so don't miss the bus. Have a good day, sweetie. "

Camren heard her parents leave as she pulled her sports bra on over her small breasts. She got her stretchy shorts on over her taunt ass cheeks and then quickly dressed in her pink T-shirt and purple jeans. Grabbing her blue backpack she ran out of her room before remembering that she had forgotten her shoes, ran back into her room, put her shoes on, and ran downstairs.

"Got just enough time for toast," she told herself as she grabbed two pieces of bread and slid them in the toaster, not noticing her bus stopping outside . It parked just in front of her house at the bus stop sign while she waited a few minutes as her toast popped up, and then it took off as she slathered her nearly burned bread with butter and headed outside just missing the bus turning down the street. Standing at the bus stop she scarfed down her toast and now waited patiently for the bus that had unknowingly passed already to show up.

And then Camren had to wait some more. She looked up and down her street and not only was there no bus but not a single car passed by.

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  "Where is everybody?" she asked herself as her nervousness began to grow. She had never ridden the bus before, her parents had always taken her to school on their way to work, but today they both had just happened to have early meetings and since it was only a year until she would be able to drive herself she had proudly told them that she could just take the bus. Except where was the bus?

A black van appeared down the street but Camren didn't pay attention to it as she continued to look for her bus. It wasn't until the van pulled to a stop in front of her that she saw the sign panted on the side saying that it was, in fact a bus. She didn't catch the first word before the side door opened and covered it up but a good looking, older than her but still mostly young guy with a shaved head opened the door and waved at her. "Is this the bus?" she asked suspiciously.

"That's what is says on the sign, isn't it?" the charming guy asked with a wide smile. "Jump on in. "

Camren blushed as the young man smiled at her and she found herself wishing that she had worn something more flattering as she climbed into the back of the van. She sat in the middle seat as the young man shut the door behind them and then sat next to her before the driver put the bus into gear and took off. She blushed deeper when the older guy settled next to her rather than anywhere else in the van and she scooted over to give him more room.

A man with a camera popped out of the back seat and startled Camren. "Who's that?" she asked.

"Oh don't worry about him," the driver said, "He just records every thing in case something happens. You know how it is now a days.

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"I guess," Camren said sheepishly as she waved at the camera. "Hi. "

"Hello," the camera guy said, "Don't mind me, just act normally like I wasn't even here. "

Camren giggled at the cameraman. "O. k. "

"So what's your name?" the good looking guy asked.

"Camren," she said as she felt another blush creep over her young body.

"And what do you do?" the cute older guy asked as he scooted a bit closer to Camren.

"I'm an actress," Camren said proudly before adding, "And a dancer. "

"Huh," the charming young man said with a wolfish grin that caused Camren to break out in giggles again. "I guess you're used to being on camera then," he said mentioning to the cameraman.

"I guess," Camren said. She'd be so embarrassed if the cute guy asked for a autograph.

"And as a dancer I bet you're pretty flexible," the cute guy added with a wide smile and a wink.

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Camren gasped out and then smiled wildly in embarrassment as she looked down at her feet to hide the crimson blush on her face. She couldn't believe that he'd ask that or winked at her. "I. . . I gue. . . guess," she stuttered.

The guy winked at the camera when Camren wasn't looking before turning back to her. "Why don't you show us how flexible you are?" he asked trying to sound as innocent as possible and knowingly failing.

Camren didn't think she could blush anymore but she did. "Oh, come on. I can't do that," she giggled.

"Sure you can," the guy said, "Here, watch me.

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  "He rolled his shoulders a bit and then threw his arm behind his head, stretching it out straight so that it almost looked dislocated.

Camren rolled her eyes. "Oh please. That's easy," she said before effortlessly throwing her arm behind her head.

The guy winked at the camera before turning back to Camren. "Nah, I got mine farther, watch. "He did it again and showed it to the small girl. "See?"

Camren rolled her eyes again. "Please, that's only because your wearing that T-shirt. Mine is way farther. "

"Prove it," the guy said with a mocking grin.

"Alright, I will," Camren said with a defiant grin. She shoved her bag out of the way and pulled her shirt off revealing her black sports bra. "Watch this," she said before throwing her arm around the back of her head much farther than the cute guy. "See?"

All three men in the van cheered which caused Camren to blush again.

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  "Pretty good," the cute guy said. But can you touch your elbows behind your back like this?" he dared as he tied to do it.

"Pfft," Camren scoffed before effortlessly touching her elbows behind her back. Her small chest pushed out, stretching her tight sports bra out over her pointed nipples as the camera zoomed in quickly.

"Wow, you've got a great little body!" the guy said unashamedly. "You're abs are almost as good as mine. Can I touch them?"

"I don't think so," Camren said with a sly grin. She was used to boys staring at her body and was proud of it thanks to all her years of dancing.

"How 'bout this?" The cute guy asked as he sat up straighter. "You let me touch your abs and I'll let you touch mine," he said before quickly taking off his shirt.

Camren's eyes went wide as she stared at the young guy's amazing body, still posing with her elbows touching. Her little nipples became rock hard and her blush ran deep from her cheeks to the top of her slender chest. He was ripped. He may act like a silly frat boy but he was ripped.

When Camren didn't answer the guy leaned over and grabbed one of her arms.

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  He brought her hand over and placed it on his rippling abdomen before releasing her. Her hand didn't move, she didn't scream, she just left her hand on his flat stomach. "See?No big deal," he said before placing his hand on Camren's bare stomach. He started slowly tracing his fingertips along the contours of her stomach, tracing her well developed muscles. "Wow, these really are tight," he said as his hand began circling around her belly.

Camren didn't move, didn't speak, her eyes wide in shock at touching this strange, cute man's rippling stomach muscles. She was in shock as he touched her, his hand circling around her own stomach muscles, her body flush with sensations she had never felt before.

The cute, charming guy's hand drew wider and wider circles until his fingers were reaching just below her top and just above her bottoms. The wicked smile never left his face as he used his free hand to guide Camren's hand around his stomach, encouraging her to go lower and lower on him until her fingertips were brushing along the top of his pants. As his circling hand reached her top he slid his thumb inside of her tight sports bra, caressing her hard little nipples and causing her to squeak in surprise.

A look of alarm shot through Camren's wide eyes and the charming guy just smiled warmly at her. He raised her hand up to his chest and she began unconsciously mirroring what he was doing to her. Her fingertips slid over his broad chest and she even began toying with his nipples as his fingers dipped in deeper beneath her top. "I'm not sure about this," she said absentmindedly.

"Here, how `bout this this?" the cute guy said.

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  He sat up straighter, hip to hip with Camren, and quickly whipped her top off so that they were both topless. Her breasts were barely more than mosquito bites but her pink nipples were rock hard as he continued circling them with his thumbs. She began doing the same to him and he chuckled, "See, how's this?"

Camren was still in silent shock as she caressed the cute guys amazing chest. Her body was flush with heat she thought had been embarrassment but as she pressed her chest unconsciously against the guy's questing hand she realized it was something else. She was hot for him and he was. . . well, he was just hot. A smile crept across her lips as she looked him in the eyes and she answered his question, "Pretty good, actually. "

The charming man smiled wider, already knowing what she was going to say. "Glad to hear it," he said with a chuckle before leaning over and kissing the young girl. He could tell she was inexperience but that was o. k. , he was experienced enough for both of them. She eagerly accepted his tongue as he began squeezing her small tits more firmly, drawing small moans from the girl.

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  Her hand began questing across his chest and he reclined a bit, giving her more access to him as her hand began drifting lower and lower.

Camren pressed herself against the cute guy, trapping his hand between them as she rubbed herself against him like a cat. She broke the kiss suddenly and looked up at him. "I'm not exactly. . . y'know. . . I don't exactly do this a lot," she said with a blush of embarrassment.

"That's o. k. ," the guy said as his hand slid down Camren's young body, "I do. "He slid his hand into her pants, down into her tights and along to her wet pussy. She groaned and unconsciously rolled her hips up to meet his finger before he silenced her by slipping his tongue back into her gasping mouth.

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  He slowly sawed her finger up and down, parting her delicate labia and stimulating her clit with the upper pads of his palm. With his free hand he took her hand and placed it on his crotch and she immediately began squeezing his already hard prick through his pants. He slid his finger into her tight, moist pussy, fingering her until she was panting in desire and humping up against his hand.

As she groaned into the hot guy's mouth, Camren squeezed his thick dick harder. A naughty urge coursed through her making her pussy gush around his thrusting finger. She didn't know how thick his prick was outside of his pants but she was sure she was going to find out.

"Let's get your clothes off," the guy said and felt Camren nod her head vigorously. He began tugging down her pants while she lifted her tight ass up and in moments they had her completely naked except for her sneakers. He quickly crawled onto the floor of the van as she opened her toned thighs wide to him, lost to sudden lust.

"Oh yeah," Camren gasped as she clutched the guy's bald head and he leaned into the burning, wet junction of her thighs. She rolled her hips up as he licked up her juicy slit and then circled her clit with his tongue. She gasped out in pleasure as he swirled his tongue around her gooey hole and raised one of his hands up to squeeze one of her tiny breasts. She held onto his head firmly and began humping his face as she panted lustfully, her orgasm already beginning to rise.

Sensing that the young girl was already on the verge of cumming, the charming guy smirked in pride as he raised his head up from between her trembling thighs. "I don't think you're quite ready for that yet," he said with a knowing smirk.



"Oh, you jerk!" Camren gasped out before the grinning back at the guy. He stood up as much as he could in the back of the van, now completely naked, his thick cock hard, throbbing and pointed straight at her. "Oh geez," she gasped, her eyes locked on his throbbing prick as he sat back down next to her.

"What's the big deal?" he chuckled as he held his hands out to his groin and presented his up-thrust cock to Camren. "Fair's fair," he said with a wolfish grin.

Tentatively Camren reached out and grabbed the base of the guy's cock, her dainty hand barely reaching all the way around it's girth. She bent over his lap and licked the salty head of his cock, swirling her tongue around it before sliding her lips over the top. She sucked the throbbing prick in, her cheeks hollowing as she began bobbing her head up and down. She felt him grip her hair as she sucked on his cock, only able to take in the first few inches of him into her warm, wet mouth, her pink tongue massaging his veiny shaft with every long suck.

The guy gave the camera a cheeky thumbs up and a cheeky grin as he helped Camren bob up and down on his cock. As she grew more confident with his meat in her mouth he reached down her graceful back and slid a finger between her taunt ass-cheeks to her wet cunt. As she slid his dick into her wet mouth, he slid his finger into her wet cunt, sawing his finger in and out, matching her pace until she was rocking her young body back and forth between his cock and his hand. "Oh fuck I can't believe you don't have much experience with this," he groaned as the young girl swirled her tongue around the tip of his prick.

Camren pulled the guy's dick out of her mouth and smirked up at him. "Are you calling me a slut or something?" she asked as she tugged on the base of his cock.

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"No, no, no," the guy pleaded, "Just a really good cock-sucker. "

"Thanks," Camren said with a cheeky grin before leaning down again and giving the tip of his dick a quick kiss.

The guy laughed and tugged up on Camren's hair. "Why don't we get switched around," he said. He moved around in the seat until the schoolgirl was perched over his up-thrust cock in a reverse cowgirl, the cameraman pointing his camera between her legs.

"The camera guy is pretty nosy," Camren giggled as she lowered herself down on the hot guy's fat cock.

"Yes he is," the charming guy agreed as Camren's tight, little pussy slowly parted around his cock. His hands were on her slender hips and his fingers could nearly touch around her as he lowered the petite girl down. Her tight cunt parted around him, gripping him like a fist as he groaned out at the feel of her. As she settled on his prick he slid his hands up and toyed with her small tits, rolling her nipples between his fingertips as she bottomed out on his cock.

As one of the hot guy's hands slid from her small tit to in-between her legs, Camren gasped out as he began strumming her clit. He began slowly thrusting up into her, her small body rocking up and down on his lap as she groaned out in pleasure. The camera crawled up and down her jiggling body as she rode the guy's prick, her juices sliding down his shaft and coating his bloated balls. She spread her arms to hold on to the back of the seat as the guy fucked her, her tiny tits swaying as wildly as they could on her slender chest.

The guy slid his hands over Camren's slim, sweating body, caressing every inch of her until they settled on her slim hips again, holding her steady as he thrust himself faster and harder into her.

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  The young girl was stuttering in pleasure in time with his thrusts, already on the verge of cumming. "Let's switch this around again," he said before pulling the young girl off of his lap. He held one of her flexible legs up and spun her around until she was facing him before releasing her leg and letting her slide back down his cock.

Camren immediately began riding the handsome guy's ridged prick, her small body thrusting up and down, his prick making squelching noises between her legs. She was moaning constantly as he began sucking on her nipples, his hands squeezing her taunt ass as he held her to him. "Geez this feels good," she gasped out. She closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation of the handsome stranger fucking her and as she opened them again she saw the cameraman's cock bobbing next to her face,Without even thinking about it she opened her mouth and captured the soft head between her lips.

As the girl began bobbing her head back and forth, the charming stranger began thrusting into her more softly, letting her do the work as she fucked him and sucked the cameraman off. Her young, tight body just seemed to know what to do as she worked herself between them, his hands still on her muscular ass as he licked and sucked on the hard nubs of her tits. "Watch your language, young lady," he said to her with a chuckle as he licked the girl's small chest but she didn't respond to his baiting, instead just riding him harder, pressing herself against him more tightly as the cameraman swung around them and began unfastening his pants the rest of the way. With one hand he shoved his pants down and the bald guy moved his head as the cameraman presented his swollen prick to the her again.

The bald guy slowed his thrusts some more as the horny schoolgirl once again began sucking on the camera guy's prick out of sheer reflex and he continued to let her set the pace as she rocked her small body back and forth between him and the cameraman. She had said that she had never done anything like this before and he could believe it but that didn't mean she wasn't a natural at it. Her ripe, young, toned body just seemed to know what to do with a cock as her wet, hot pussy slid up and down his pole and her mouth worked the prick sliding in and out of it. He sucked her tiny little titties hungrily as he squeezed her tight, muscular, little ass and helped guide her up and down his throbbing pole.

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  He could tell by her moans that she was about to pop but he wanted to get into a better position first.

The guy held Camren down by her hips and just enjoyed the feel of her wrapped around his cock before he swatted her playfully on her taunt ass. "Let's move around a bit," he said before moving her naked, horny body around. After a few moments he had her on her hands and knees on the seat, the camera guy's cock already back in her mouth fucking her face and her tight, little ass up-thrust in the air. He slid his throbbing cock back into her dripping pussy and began thrusting in time to the cameraman, rocking the young girl back and forth between them, filling her with their hard dicks over and over again until she was moaning out in pleasure.

Camren kept herself steady on her hands and knees letting the men do all the work now, fucking her mouth and pussy. She ran her tongue around the length of the prick fucking her mouth as she rolled her slim hips up as far as she could so the cute bald guy could fuck her as deeply as possible. She had read stories like this on the internet, watched the videos and masturbated when her parents weren't home, listened to stories from her friends but she had never imagined something like this would ever happen to her. And then, suddenly, as the cute guy fucking her from behind slid his thumb into her tight, tiny little asshole, she came. She could feel her hot pussy gush as it tightened around his cock and her ass squeezed down on his intrusive thumb. Her eyes shot wide open as she squealed in pleasure around the cock in her mouth while the cameraman held her head steady, his wet balls resting in her chin.

As Camren's small body shook with the force of her orgasm, the two men fucking her slid their cocks from her spamming body and let her collapse in the seat. They moved around until both of their cocks were pointed as her beautiful, panting face, stroking their themselves until they exploded. Their hot cum rained down on her up-turned face, between her eyes, dripping down her cheeks, and covering her pink lips.

As their pricks softened, both men collapsed on either side of Camren, all panting in spent lust.

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  Seeing more than a few videos on her own she looked at the lens of the camera and swiped up a string of cum with her finger before sucking it into her mouth. She sucked on her finger like a small cock before pulling it out of her mouth with a small pop and giggling at the camera. The hot guy laughed with her and gave her a deep kiss before they all began cleaning up. Just as she finished getting dressed the van pulled over to the side and the driver turned around towards the backseat.

"Here's your stop," the driver said, not bothering to put the van in park.

Camren looked at all the men, not really sure on the protocol of what to do when a couple a guys gave you a quickie on the way to school. "Well, thanks, I guess," she said with a small blush of embarrassment before slinging her backpack over her shoulder and stepping out of the back of the van onto the brightly lit sidewalk.

"No problem," the hot, charming guy said, "Have a good day at school. "With a small wave he shut the door and the van took off leaving Camren well fucked and alone.

Camren looked around for a moment while a look of confusion slid across her face. "Hey!" she shouted to the van as it disappeared into the distance, "This isn't my school!Where am I?"

The End. .
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