Chapter 4 Double Dip For Daddy Sammy takes Higher Education


Chapter 4 Double Dip for Daddy

Sammy's Takes Higher Education

"We could just tie him up, You know like use and abuse until we break him. " said Kim
"You do realize I'm awake?"
Kim looked at me "Ah the sex toy awakens. Get it hard, you've got three girls to service. "
"I think you missed something. Your my sex slaves who will do what their told, when their told, and how your told. "
"You haven't told him have you?" said Rachel
"I wanted to wait until all three of us were together and he was vunerable like now. "
"Told me what?"
"There's been a slave revolt, we're taking over and forcing you into servitude. " Kim informed me
"Yeah Daddy," said Sammy "we're the master's now. After we're done with you here, we're dragging you down to the basement, chaining you up and we're going to use and abuse you and if you don't perform to our satisfaction we're going to whip and beat you. "
"We don't have a basement. " I said
"Minor flaw in the plan," said Kim "Quickly Sammy grab his arm, Rachel in the drawer. " Sammy and Kim grabbed my arms and Rachel rushed to drawer and pulled out the silk scarves I had sometimes used to tie up the girls. I tried to struggle but Kim sat on my chest pinning me down. It wouldn't have taken much to throw the girls off but the excitement of being tied up and being used for sex by these three girls was starting to turn me on. Rachel took my arm, tied the scarf around my wrist and then to the rail of the bed head, she quickly did the same to the other arm. Kim and Sammy turned around and took hold of my legs and Rachel proceeded to tie me spreadeagled to the rail at the bottom of the bed.

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"It wont work," I said "you need me. "
"Other than sex what do we need you for. " said Kim
"Cooking, cleaning, money. "
"We'll send you out to work each day, and when you get home we'll chain you to the sink so you can cook. "
"I'll go to the cops. "
"Yeah right. " said Rachel in a mocking voice "Help me I'm being held captive by three teen girls and being used as a sex slave. Of course they'll believe you. Anyway we would get away with it. That horrible man chained us up in the basement since we were little girls no more than three or four and would come down every night to perform foul and despicable deeds on us. "
"We've established we don't have basement. "
"Even better, he would chain us up in a closet and drag us out to desecrate our innocent bodies. Imagine the world headlines 'Evil man chains daughters in closet for sex. ' We could make millions out of it, books, movies, talk shows, Oprah Winfrey would eat it up, your face blown up large, the audience could throw things at you. We, with our poor sad faces, tears on our cheeks, regaling them tales of the sick and perverted things you would to do us.

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"And how do you fit in to this?"
"Simple, you snatched me off the street, showed me the girls and told me if I didn't do what you wanted you would inflict unimaginable horrors on them while I watched. I had no choice but to submit. "
"You've got this all worked out, but you forget one thing, you can't make me perform. You need a big hard cock to fuck. "
Kim looked, raised her eyebrows and shook her head. "One sniff of a pussy and your harder than algebra. "
"You think I'm that easy. "
Kim lifted up my semi-hard cock "Need I say more. "
"That's as hard as it going to get, you want to fuck, try screwing a limp dick. "
"Give me two minutes and I'll show a limp dick. " She bent down, took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Her timing was out by about two minutes. She took my hard cock and shook it "'You'll never make me hard' he cried, your just too easy Dad. "
Rachel got on the bed and sat between my legs took my cock from Kim, bent down and started licking my cock, she sucked my cock for a couple minutes before Sammy put her hand on the back of Rachel's head.
"You going to keep that all for yourself?" Rachel lifted her head and Sammy took it in to her mouth and her little blond head started bobbing up and down on it.

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   Kim gathered up Sammy's hair into a ponytail.
"Would you believe this dirty little girl deep throated Dad last night. "
"The way she's sucking now, she's going to suck it right off. " Rachel replied.
Sammy ignored them and sucked harder, flicking her tongue around the head, her saliva dribbling down my cock. I started pushing my cock in to Sammy's mouth. Kim tugged Sammy's hair.
"Don't be so greedy. " Sammy sucked hard as her mouth slid up the shaft and my cock popped out. Kim bent down and took me in to her mouth. Kim started slowly, sucking gently, Rachel put her hand between my legs and fondled my balls. I pushed my cock in and out of Kim's mouth amd moaned quietly enjoying the double play.
"Dont make him come, I want to take it for a ride. " said Sammy who was rubbing her cunt
The girls stopped playing " Who do you want to get you ready, me or Rachel. " asked Kim
"I could sit on Dad's face and you two play with my boobs.

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  " suggested Sammy, she straddled my face and I poked out my tongue. Using my tongue to her best advantage she soon started rocking and rolling on my face. One of the girls took my cock in hand and started stroking it with long slow strokes. Before to long Sammy started panting, her hip movements became faster and harder on face. She lifted her twat of my face and scooted down my body. I saw it was Rachel who was playing with me, she held my cock still and Sammy slid down on it. Sammy gave little grunt.
"Uh, I didn't realize how sore I was. " despite her tenderness she started fucking me hard.
"Dont make him come, Kim and I want to ride him too. " Rachel came down the bed, put her leg across my face and lowered her twat on to my face.
"Stick your tongue out. Lets see how good you can bring me off. " I stuck out my tongue and did my best.
I heard Sammy quietly repeating 'Oh, oh' her body spasmed and shook and she gave a little squeal, she sat still for a moment enjoying her orgasm.

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"Your turn Rachel. " She lifted herself of me and sat beside me. Rachel moved forward and Sammy helped guide my cock in to her. It was now Kim's turn and she quickly sat on my face. My tongue was getting a little sore trying to lick three pussies but I did my best. It was some timebefore Rachel also came. She lifted herself of my cock and Kim moved up to take her turn. She fucked me hard and fast.
"Fuck, it's quite a turn on watching you two fuck. Tell me if your going to come Dad, I want you to come in Sammy. "She did everything she could to make her ride enjoyable.
"Darling, if you fuck me any longer I'm going to come. "
She lifted of me quickly "Do you want Dad to shoot his load in you. "
Sammy didn't need to be asked twice and took Kim's place. She squeezed her cunt muscles and fucked me slow and steady and it wasn't long before my hips started jerking.

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   Sammy pushed her hips down on to my lap and held herself still. I thrust in to her as best as I could and before long I rammed by my cock deep in to her and spat my load. Sammy leaned forward and pushed down harder on to me. My cock throbbed inside her and Sammy wriggled her hips and sighed.
"I could could get used to that. " she said and sat there while my cock went limp. She got of my cock and the girls untied me.
We lay back on the bed and the smell of three fucked pussies hung in the air. Some time later Kim rolled over.
"Do you want a sandwich Sammy?"
Sammy lazily said "I'm not falling for that, if you want a sandwich go make it yourself. " Rachel sniggered.
"You might want this sandwich, do you think we could do it Rachel?" Sammy looked at her curiously. I knew what the girls were talking about. We had done this a number of times with one or the other being the meat.
"I don't know we could try.

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"What do want to be the bread or the meat Sammy?"
"She should be the meat. " said Rachel
"Yeah you're right. " Kim rolled over, opened the drawer of the bedside cabinet and took out two strap-on cocks. Sammy looked at the rubber cocks with surprise.
"Your Dad's good but sometimes a girl needs more and these are always ready. I'll show how to use them. " Rachel explained how to put the cocks on and tighten the straps. When Sammy had the cock on she sat on my chest, took the cock in her hand and shook it.
"Ha, ha," she said "My cock's bigger than your cock, jealous. "
"It's not quantity, its quality. And thats a man speaking from experience of both. "
"Not personal experience though. " said Kim
"Never heard you complain about the quantity or quality. "
"Dad I love you, and I would never be so cruel as to shatter your delusions. "
"Well you got two big cocks there, lets see if they can give you the quantity or quality you so desire, lets see how long it is before you come crawling back to me.


"Come on Sammy and Rachel, lets show Dad how well we can use these cocks. Get of Dad Sammy and lie down"
Sammy got of me and lay down on her back. Rachel rolled Sammy on to her side, lifted her top leg, put it under her arm and started licking, kissing and gently fingering Sammy. Kim copied Rachel and started licking Rachel, Kim reached down and put Sammy's head between her legs. It was the perfect love triangle. I could hear the wet sounds of tongues and fingers fucking. Rachel was the first to come, Sammy followed then Kim's body spasmed as she to came.
Kim lay on her back, lifted her knees and spread her legs "You want fuck to me with that big cock sis?" Sammy looked a little confused. "Just get on top and do what Dad does. "
Sammy laid herself on top of Kim. "Lift yourself up on your arms your crushing me. " Kim reached down and took the dildo in her hand and guided Sammy in to her
"Now fuck your sis. " Sammy started sliding the cock in and out of Kim. Kim closed her eyes and put her arms around Sammy "Thats it, fuck me, fuck your sis. " Kim encouraged Sammy talking dirty to her.

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Sammy leaned down "I going to fuck you, fuck you hard like Daddy, you likemybig cock. " Sammy was getting in to it and enjoying fucking her sister. Sammy's hips were rising and falling, pushing the dido hard into her, Kim's hips were rising to meet the cock, panting softly.
I watched as my daughters fucked, Rachel got behind Sammy holding the the dildo in her hand as Sammy pulled almost all the way out of Kim, Rachel held Sammy's hips, slid the cock up her slit and pushed it in to Sammy, I could hear the intake of breath as the nine inch cock slid in to her.
"Uhh it's to big. " She tried to pull herself away from the dildo and pushed her dildo back into Kim, Rachel pulled her back then pushed her back in to Kim.
"Take it Sammy, you'll get used to it. " Rachel pushed and pulled Sammy's hips, pushing her in to Kim and pulling Sammy back on to the dildo. Sammy quickly got the idea and started moving between Kim and Rachel, fucking and being fucked.
I couldn't imagine a more erotic sight, the three girls fucking each other. My cock quickly grew hard and I stroked it for a few minutes watching before I got up behind Rachel.
"Do you think we could do four?" I didn't wait for Rachels answer. I grabbed her hips and shoved my cock in to her.
"Mmm" she moaned as I slid my cock in and out of her.
Sammy started moving faster "Fuck that's a big cock!" Kim hips rocked harder
"Come on sis, fuck me hard.

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   I want to come. " I could hardly hold on to Rachel as Sammy's arse slammed back in to Rachel pushing her hard on to me.
"That's It Sammy, uh fuck!" Kim's legs shot out straight "Ohh jesus. "
Sammy stopped ramming the dildo in to Kim but Rachel kept fucking Sammy and it wasn't long before she fell on to Kim. She let out an explosive gasp of air and made unintelligible sounds as she came. I continued fucking Rachel. Rachel was on her hands and knees breathing deeply almost grunting as my cock pounded her cunt. She lifted her head up, let out a cry, her body shuddered and spat out a glob of milky come. The two girls ended up on top of Kim breathing deeply.
"Get of," said Kim "I can't breath. " We got of Kim and laid back.
So started the fuck fest. The rest of the weekend was spent opening Sammy to new pleasures of vibrators, dildos and cock. I guessed by the end of the weekend Sammy had passed her assessment for the master class.


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