Cleaning Lady


Cleaning Lady

Agnes Smith cleaned three big smart houses every day, she had the keys to them all and worked from Monday to Friday when the owners were at business. Agnes was a typical cleaner, she was in her fifties plump short , active and very direct in her dealingsexpecting cash every Friday.
Agnes always addressed Mr Appleby as sir although she had rather a special relationship with him. Mr Appleby would always arrive home early on Friday to pay Agnes and to taste what he called 'her perfect pussy. '
"Hello Agnes is everything fine I do hope you will let me taste that lovely pussy of yours if you've finished. "
"Oh yes sir its a real pleasure to have you take off my knickers I'm a bit sweaty today its been so warm. "
She sat down in the soft chair and lifted her skirt and Mr Appleby knelt infront of her easing down her big cotton white draws to show her big lipped hairy fanny.
"Oh Agnes that's a wonderful sight," he scented hercunt which smelt of sweat, fanny juice and pee, "can I put my face in and lick that gorgeous beast of yours its beautiful. "
Agnes just laughed, "oh sir what a dirty man you are what would your wife say eh?"
There was no answer Mr Appleby was buried in that big hairy beast lapping up her sweaty pee and she could feel his tongue beginning to arouse her and felt so good after a weeks hard cleaning work. As her juices began to flow so Appleby became more excited pulling her huge fat hips towards him and swallowing as fast as he could. He fastened his mouth over her expanding clitoris and rubbed it with his eager tongue and she felt two fingers inside her massaging the inner walls of her wide open pussy. Agnes relaxed and enjoyed his constant active attention she knew he would not stop until she climaxed, and she liked to make him work hard to give her top quality orgasm. His avid attention was soon taking effect and Agnes felt some wonderful thrills tingling all around her lower half, there was no doubt he was a master at oral stimulation it felt just marvelous to be handled so confidently.
Agnes felt his left hand come into play as his first finger stroked her arse ring she began to quiver her big fleshy hips shaking she felt as if he was right inside her stimulating every part pushing her towards the climax greedy to feel her cum. She began to struggle and rock her big hips as she felt the crisis arriving then she lossed control and heaved a mighty thrust into the struggling face "FFFFFFFuck "she cried aloudcrushing him with her weight and releasing her final load over the squirming man under her buttocks.
Mr Applebys face, hair, nose andlips were covered in sticky slime as he took a deep breath quite exhausted from his efforts he gazed at the hairy wet swollen cunt infront of him and as she lay there panting he began to clean up her labia and to tenderly lick her wet black hairs sucking off the sticky juices running his tongue over every bit of her genitals and all the surrounding flesh.

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   Agnes could hear as well a feel him as she lay there enjoying the aftermath. She could not help but laugh when he finally surfaced looking totally dishevel led.
"Oh Agnes I just adore your magnificent cunt you taste marvelous I just can't wait for Friday to come round again. "
"Well sir I'm on holiday now for two weeks but I've arranged for Sally to do my customers and she knows what you like I think she's quite looking forward to meeting you. "
"Agnes your wonderful tell her I'd love to lick her pussy and I'm thrilled to be given the opportunity. "
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