Dave And The Alien TV Ch 05 Day 03


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I do not own Jumanji or the characters from it. Comments are always welcome and appreciated so you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, Exhib. , Voyeur

Dave And The Alien TV Ch 05 Day 03
By Muhabba

Dawn had barely broken over the city rooftops when Dave shot up out of bed. It was literally the earliest he had ever woken up since he was 12. He jumped out of bed in his dingy T-shirt and slightly dingy-er shorts and ran to his living room before he could forget his dream. It has been a great dream and half-way through it he had realized that it would be a even better fantasy.

“Summer-Gram, up and attem!” he shouted gleefully as he flopped himself down on his also dingy couch.

“How may I be of service, Dave?” the alien hologram of Summer Glau asked as she blinked on. She floated a few inches off the ground with a red lit aura surrounding her and was slightly transparent. She had been given permission from Dave to be able to pick her own attire due to the fact that her wearing only a white bikini was too distracting for him.

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  Considering the time of day in which she had been activated, the alien user-interface was wearing a blue silk kimono robe and holding a steaming mug.

“I just had the most amazing dream and decided to try it out in VR,” Dave said excitedly as he grabbed his remote and began programming in a new scenario.

“You decided, in your dream, to try out your dream in VR?” she asked with a cocked eyebrow, “Are you sure you just didn't dream that you were living a VR fantasy?”

“Nah. If my dreams get too boring I usually just scrap ‘em and try a new one,” he said as he hit the ‘enter’ butting in his remote and threw it on the coffee table, “I decided this one would be better as a fantasy. ”

Summer-Gram gave her owner an inquisitive look for a moment. “You were lucid dreaming and decided to wake yourself up?” she asked as a red light shot out of the television and enveloped Dave.

“Yeah,” Dave said in childish glee as his vision slowly went red, “This should be great. ”

As Dave’s mind was sucked into his VR program and his body slumped in the couch, Summer-Gram took a sip of her holographic coffee. “Interesting. ”

Inside of the alien TV’s virtual reality program, Dave found himself sitting on a bamboo chair in a small bamboo hut. He was wearing a white linin shirt with sweat stains in the armpits due to the sweltering heat and a pair of tan linin pants. He reclined in the chair with his arms crossed across his chest as he peered into the small, rusted steal cage across from him. He smiled at his two prisoners as they struggled slightly against the chains binding their wrists.

Both of Dave’s prisoners were on their tiptoes, their bodies stretched tight due to the chains attached to the ceiling. And they were some impressive bodies.

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  The first body belonged to Dr. Smolder Bravestone as played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. He was all rippling muscles underneath his worn jungle-wear as he strained against the chains. The second body belonged to Karen Gillan.

Dave had first furiously masturbated to Karen when she had dressed like a sexy police officer in the show Doctor Who. She was tall with fierce red hair, sparkling eyes, a slender model’s body, and long, long legs. In the Jumanji movie she had played Ruby Roundhouse, Adventurer. She had worn a tight, wine colored shirt that had bared her flat stomach and short shorts that had shown off her legs. Dave could already feel his pants tightening up.

Karen was chained just as The Rock was but looked much better stretched out tight from floor to chains as she struggled. Dave licked his lips as he stared at Karen’s taunt body and eyes flashing in anger.

Suddenly a dark, slightly greenish cloud appeared above The Rock’s head. “You’ll never get away with this, Dr. Davidson!” he shouted angrily and in the cloud text appeared: Smolder Bravestone- You’ll never get away with this, Dr. Davidson!

“Ha!” Dave laughed out.

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  He suddenly looked up and saw a similar green cloud with text: Dr. Dave Davidson- …Ha!. . . He laughed out again and saw more Ha’s appearing.

“What exactly are you looking for, Dr. Davidson?” Karen asked with a defiant rattling of her chains, her words appearing in text above her head as well.

Dave shrugged his shoulders as he read the text above the two captives’ heads. He would be the first to admit that Dr. Dave Davidson was a weak name but it had been early and he had just woken up. Getting back into character he stood up and shook his fist at the video game/movie characters. “I think you know what I want,” he said with a evil chuckle, “The ‘Jumanji Jewels’!Ha ha ha…”He tried to ignore the text bubble above him but he just couldn't stop himself.

Ruby and Smolder followed Dr. Davidson's eye line but didn't see anything. They shrugged at each other before looking back at the criminal.

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  Meanwhile Dave tried to pretend that they hadn't seen him staring off into space. He knew the text bubbles were there and he was fine with being the only one to know and Smolder and Ruby staring at him like that didn't bother him at all.

“No one has seen the jewels since the Great Rhino Stampede,” Smolder said defiantly.

Dave tried to not read The Rock’s text bubble but couldn't help himself. When he reached the word “definitely” he looked back down at his captives. Karen was staring at him like he was a very slow child. Trying to get back into character he said, “I’ll have those jewels!”He tried to not look up again and just managed to peek up out of the corner of his eye at his own dialogue box.

“I think he's gone crazy from the jungle heat,” Ruby whispered to Smolder. Across the room, Dave tried to ignore the text above her head as she continued, “But I think I have a idea. ”

Despite Karen thinking that he was crazy, Dave was happy that she was steering the scenario where he had programmed it to go.

“What's that?” Smolder whispered back, the text appearing above his head.

“If I can get him to release these chains I can use my Dance-Fighting skills to knock him unconscious and we can escape and find the jewels before he does,” Ruby whispered.

“How can you Dance-Fight if you’re chained up?”

Ruby smirked at Dr. Bravestone. “Lap is a type of dance,” she said.



As soon as Dave caught up with the text above the captives’ heads he snorted with laughter and then had to calm himself down as Ruby and Smolder quickly turned their attention back to him. He quickly began to weakly look around like he had heard the sound too and that it hadn’t come from him.

“This should be easy since it's obvious that the jungle heat has sent him over the edge,” Ruby whispered to Smolder.

“Dammit,” Dave muttered to himself. He couldn't even program himself to be cool.

Ruby began to pretend to struggle against her chains again, stretching her taunt body this way and that, displaying her sexy charms to the evil Dr. Dave Davidson. She grunted and moaned erotically as she struggled, the better to entice him to release her, completely unaware that her pants and deep throated groans were being spelled out above her and distracting the evil doctor.

Despite the former model and current actress writhing and moaning only a few feet from him, Dave kept getting distracted by the words appearing above her head. Suddenly he realized what he was supposed to be doing and shook his head to clear away the horrible distraction that reading was causing. He returned his eyes to Karen rocking enticingly in front of him and got back into character. “And what do you think you’re doing, Dr. Roundhouse?” he asked.

“Doctor?” Ruby asked.

“Doctor?” Dave asked back and then looked up above him.

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  It did appear that he had mistakenly called her Doctor. “Sorry, got your characters confused,” Dave told his captives before getting back into his own character, “What do you think you’re doing, Miss Roundhouse?”He looked above him to double check his words and then nodded to himself in satisfaction when he saw that he had gotten them right this time.

When Dr. Davidson had finished staring blankly above his head, Ruby went back to pretending to struggle against her chains. “Surely there must be some kind of deal we can work out,” she asked and added a hint of desperation to her voice.

After reading the dialogue box, Dave nodded in agreement before remembering that he was supposed to be speaking, not reading. “Right, right. I mean, ahem… And what kind of deal would that be, my dear?” he asked.

Ruby arched her back out gracefully showing off her hips and long legs as well as thrusting her chest out. “Perhaps you can take these chains off and we can work it out together?” she asked in a throaty tone of voice.

Dave smiled wickedly and sauntered over to the cage. As he unlocked the door he saw a dialogue box appear next to him that read: Dr. Davidson uses- Key. “I’m really going to have to be more pacific the next time I program ‘Movie about a video game’,” he mumbled to himself as he moved into the cage. He stood in front of Karen and stared at her long, lithe body from her boots to her legs to her flat stomach to her small, straining breasts and to her beautiful face.

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  “So what was this about a ‘deal’, Miss Roundhouse?” he asked as seductively as he could.

“Undo these chains and I’ll show you,” Ruby said with a heated look.

Having to stop himself from giggling like a schoolboy, Dave slowly slid his hands up Karen's bare arms to her bound wrists and unlocked her chains. He also fought to ignore the dialogue box stating that he had just used the key. The beautiful red head lowered her arms and rubbed her sore wrists before placing her hands in his chest and began pushing him back to arm’s length. She pushed him back as she strutted forward, her legs scissoring back and forth until he felt his chair behind his legs and flopped back down.

Coming from no where, Dave heard a strange electric synth music surrounding them as Karen posed in front of him, her hands on her hips and her back arched enticingly. “Do you hear that?” he asked the hot actress as she waved her long red hair back and forth.

Ruby placed her hands on Dr. Davidson’s shoulders and whispered, “Shhhh…” into his ear. With his face covered by her hair she looked over her shoulder at Bravestone and gave him a wink that he returned with a thumbs up. So far her plan was going perfectly. She leaned back up and rocked her body from side to side, popping her hips. Not a single inch of her toned body jiggled as she quickly turned around with a flourish and presented her tightly wrapped ass to the evil doctor. She bent down at the waist, her knees locked, and grabbed her ankles.


  From between the V of her legs she could see the doctor licking his lips as he stared at her ass and smirked to herself in satisfaction. She ran her hands up her legs as she slowly stood up, her fingers running across her inner thighs to her shorts before turning around again to face him.

Dave ran his hands up Karen's smooth outer thighs to her hips as she stood in front of him with her legs shoulder length apart. “Suuuuch great legs,” he moaned. He flinched when one of Karen’s legs suddenly blurred up but instead of kicking him up side his head she instead rested her ankle on his shoulder. He held his breath in anticipation as she slowly leaned forward, her leg slowly sliding back until she had one foot on the ground and the back of her knee resting around his neck, her denim covered groin a bare inch from his face. “Soooo bendy,” he groaned.

Slowly pulling her outstretched leg back, Karen turned around so that her ass was once again all that Dave could see. Once again he ran his hands up her smooth, warm thighs to her waist as she bent forward, pressing her taunt rear-end against his chest. She slid her tightly wrapped ass down his chest to his lap and squealed a bit when she felt his erection pressed against her rear. She held herself still for a second and Dave held his breath in anticipation again. He couldn't remember how many times women had accidentally touched his erections in public and then screamed but this was his fantasy and he slowly relaxed. Except for his prick. That stayed achingly rigid.

Ruby began rubbing her ass against the doctor’s dick as it poked her uncomfortably in her rear-end.

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  Moving herself around against the hard member she eventually got it to lay down flat along Davidson's thigh so she could rest herself against his lap. His hands slid from her hips to her stomach and back again as she rubbed herself against him, moving slowly along the length of him and then back up, moaning passionately as part of her act. It felt odd to her and she couldn't quiet explain the strange sensations that she was suddenly feeling.

With his hands on Karen's warm, smooth, surprisingly tight stomach, Dave slid his digits down to her inner thighs. The actress spread her legs wide, surprisingly wide. Wide enough that they were stretched straight out to her sides allowing the doctor to stroke her legs from her knees to where her groin was barely covered by her shorts and unintentionally exposing herself to the now forgotten Dr. Smolder Bravestone.

Above Smolder Braveston his dialogue box typed out “…” as he stared unblinking at Ruby Roundhouse’s erotic Lap Dance fight.

Without leaving Dr. Dave Davidson’s lap, Ruby swung one long leg completely over his body until she was facing him again but now straddling his lap. See peered at him with fire in her eyes and her ragged breath escaping through her parted lips, her body responding with need for the malicious doctor.

“Sweet baby Jesus,” Dave gasped. His hands were now resting on Karen's lower back and her hands were now resting on his shoulders. Unable to hear the strange synth music she still moved her body in time to it, grinding herself down onto his throbbing prick and moaning lustfully. He threw his head back and groaned in pleasure until he saw the dialogue boxes over their heads.

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  Every grunt and groan had been typed out and was floating above their heads. Oddly enough to Dave it felt strangely like someone was spying on them. Not that it would have killed his mood any even if there had been.

Completely forgotten across the room, Dr. Smolder Bravestone watched helplessly.

Above Karen's head, Dave watched new text typed out in her dialogue box: Ruby begins to respond to Dr. Dave Davidson's hands. “Shit!” he muttered to himself. He was supposed to be seducing her with his hands but had completely forgotten about it after being distracted by all the reading. “Stupid words,” he grumbled to himself as he slid his hands down and cupped Karen's thrusting buttocks. Her ass was incredibly tight as he squeezed her and slipped his fingers between her legs. He caressed the juncture of her thighs and she groaned out lustfully which caused him to look up and read her groans typed out above her head.

Dave peeked out from around Karen's wiggling body and remembered about his other guest chained up across the room. “That's right, Rock, I got Karen and you don't?” he grumbled quietly before nuzzling his face in Karen's cleavage. She groaned in pleasure above him, all pretense to dancing gone as she dry-humped him.


  She thrust her chest against his face hard enough to bend his nose and caused him to grunt in pain but Dave didn't care.

Running his hands from Karen's thrusting ass up her back, Dave nuzzled deeper down her cleavage, his chin pulling her top down her chest while his hands pulled it up her back. His hands were stronger than his face and the wine red top snapped up against his nose as he pulled it up. The sexy, thrusting, horny actress grabbed the bottom of her barely there anyway top and pulled it off revealing her sports bra with even less coverage than her top. Dave ran his hands to her chest and pressed her small, firm breasts against the sides of his face as he licked her flush skin with all the enthusiasm of a puppy.

“Ruby. Ruby!” Smolder whispered, “What are you doing?”

Ruby looked over her shoulder at her bound friend. “I… I’m sorry,” she groaned pitifully without bothering to whisper, “I just can’t help myself. ”Raising her over-heated body, the red haired adventurer unfastened her pants and let the evil doctor pull them down her long legs to reveal her matching sports thong. The strap sank between her taunt cheeks and Dr. Davidson squeezed her ass before his strong manly hands spun her around facing away from him. “There’s just something about his strong, animal magnetism that I can’t resist,” she groaned out, “He’s just soooo commanding and dominant to me. ”

As Dave read the words he had written specifically he decided that they had actually come out better than he thought they would have. “Ha!Fuck you, Dwayne!” he thought before plunging his grinning face between Karen's ass-cheeks, “I’ll show you who has the real ‘Rock’. ”

Yanking Karen back down into his lap, Dave opened her legs as wide as they would go.

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  He had pulled her small, firm tits up over the top of her sports bra to expose her hard nipples and her matching underwear were pulled snug over her heated pussy leaving her with only her jungle boots still on. The horny actress immediately began grinding against his straining prick and despite having a horny, nearly naked former model in his hands, Dave only had eyes for The Rock.

Dave’s eyes took in the ridiculously ripped body of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he strained against his chains. The far less ripped or talented Dave slid one hand up to fondle one of Karen's firm tits while his other hand slid down her sweat slick body to squeeze her hot cunt. Her juices stained her thong as she rocked herself against his prick and his hand, humping and grinding against him as he tweaked her hard nipples. The sexy actress mouthed words to her comrade that appeared above her head: I’m so sorry. When Dave read the text dialogue he laughed out in vindictive pleasure while Karen groaned in lust.

Ruby gasped out as the malicious Dr. Dave Davidson slipped his hands inside of her sex soaked thong. His finger quickly slipped inside of her desperately empty hole and his thumb quickly found her sizzling clit. She didn't see the dialogue box above the doctor’s head type out: Dr. Dave Davidson has found the clitoris +10 Achievement!She couldn't explain why she was acting this way or why she couldn’t resist the evil doctor’s sex appeal. All she knew was that for the first time in her life she felt like a real woman.

Dave read his dialogue box and grunted in pride as his thrust his prick against Karen's taunt ass and a second finger into her drooling hole: Dr. Dave Davidson makes Ruby Roundhouse feel like a real woman +5 Charisma!“Fuck yea!” he cried out before turning his attention back to his other captive, “Take that, The Rock!”

Thrusting himself excitedly against Karen's tight ass, Dave slid his two fingers as deep as he could into her hot, dripping cunt, probing her.

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  His fingers wiggled around as he searched but no matter where he probed her no new text appeared in his dialogue. “Dammit,” he muttered to himself as the actress’s eyes shot open and she squealed in glee. “Where is that stupid G-spot,” he grumbled as Karen flopped back and forth in his lap. He finally stopped searching and used his other fingers to pinch and roll her hard nipple while he strummed her clit.

Dave barely paid attention to the shivering actress cumming on his fingers. Instead all of his attention was fixed in the dialogue box above him which read: Dr. Dave Davidson has made Ruby orgasm +15 Dexterity. “Fuck yeah!” he shouted out, releasing Karen's tit to pump his fist in the air before turning his attention to his other captive. “Take that, The Rock!” he shouted in victory.

Yanking Karen's top up off her body to reveal her small, firm tits, Dave then shoved her off of his lap and fought furiously to undo his pants. He quickly yanked them down to his ankles, his proud prick bobbing in the air, before grabbing Karen's thong and yanking it down as well. With the naked, horny actress completely naked except for her hiking boots, he grabbed her hips and held her still as he plunged his face between her smooth, tight cheeks.

“Yessss- s- s- s-!” Ruby cried out in lust at Dr. Davidson's tongue suddenly probed her gushing cunt. Her legs went wobbly as he plunged himself quickly in and out of her, her knees weak as her trembling hands came up and squeezed her tits.

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Spinning Karen back around, Dave reclined in his chair and leaned back, presenting his hard cock to the gasping woman. “I think you know what to do with this, Miss Roundhouse,” he chuckled.

Ruby gratefully fell to her knees between the doctor’s legs. “I don't know what it is but I just can't resist your manliness,” she gasped in lust as her hands wrapped around Dr. Davidson's wonderful dick.

“You hear that, Dwayne?” Dave called out to the other actor, “She can't resist my manliness!”

Groaning in appreciation, Ruby eagerly began jacking on the doctor’s cock as she leaned forward. She lovingly licked up one side of the beautiful shaft and twirled her moist tongue around the top before licking back down the other side. Keeping one hand working on the throbbing pole she carefully lifted his heavy balls up and licked his sack until it was gleaming with her saliva before licking up the underside of his prick. She took his cock-head between her lips, kissing it lightly before tasting it with her tongue and then running her mouth down the top of his pole. She sucked one of his firm balls into her mouth, massaging it before switching to the other orb.

“Ohfuckjesus!” Dave gasped out. He didn't know if her oral talents were because of the program or if it was Summer-Gram extrapolating what Karen Gillan was capable of but the actress’s skill was unbelievable. His hips jerked wildly under her talents as she made passionate love to his cock with her mouth and he had to keep a hold of the seat of the chair to keep control of his lower body and stop himself from launching off of it and onto the floor.

Ruby softly cupped Dr. Davidson's cock in one hand and his balls in the other as she nuzzled and ran her soft, smooth cheek up his rigid pole.

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  Then she nuzzled his sack before sliding her nose up the bottom of his shaft until her moist lips met his soft tip. She kissed his prick with all the passion she would kiss a man’s mouth before her lips parted and sucked the doctor’s cock-head into her warm, welcoming mouth. Her tongue greeted him before she slipped another inch of him inside of her, massaging him as she moaned out in lust around him.

Dave stared down at Karen, his eyes wide in astonishment and his mouth open in shock at her skills. A small stream of drool escaped from the corner of his mouth in dumb wonder. He didn't even notice the dialogue box above the actress’s head type out: Ruby Has Unlocked achievement: Oral Queen +100 Exp.

Moaning as she worked, Ruby slowly took in more and more of the doctor’s cock. She moved slowly letting the tip rub against the inside of her check as she massaged it with her dexterous tongue. She breathed deep through her nose as she slid her hands off of his cock and balls to brace them against his lower torso. Her lips slid wetly down his shaft as she took deeper breaths until her air was finally cut off. She continued sucking him down more with the air she had left until his spongy tip slid into her throat and her nose was buried in his pubic hair. She held herself still for a moment before forcefully rubbing her tongue along the bottom of his shaft and swallowing around his cock-head.

“Fuck!” Dave cried out as he suddenly exploded. His thick cum violently shot out of his cock like a geyser and Karen dutifully swallowed every drop, her tightly clutching throat rippling along his cock. His entire lower body shivered and vibrated, his left leg kicking out involuntarily with the force of his orgasm.


  Above him his dialogue box typed out: Dr. Dave Davidson Has Found God +10 Enlightenment.

When the last of the doctor’s cum had slid down her throat, Ruby pulled her face back enough to be able to breath through her nose again. As Dr. Davidson's prick started to soften she kept him in her mouth as she moved one hand back to the base of his cock and the other one to cup his balls. She began to suck more firmly on him, bobbing her head up and down in his lap as she jerked off his base and juggled his balls. His dick began to stiffen up again as she worked him until he was hard once again. She heard him panting and moaning above her and pulled her mouth away from him and looked up at him with pleading, needful eyes. “Fuck me, doctor?” she begged, “Fuck me and make me feel like a real woman. ”

Dave stared down at Karen with astonishment. “Sure,” he mumbled, his mind still reeling from her amazing blow-job. She released him and stood up, straddling his lap and he reached up with weak arms to place his limp hands on her hips. He groaned weakly as she grabbed the base of his cock and gave him a couple of enthusiastic tugs as she began lowering herself down. She gave a throaty moan and then a satisfied chuckle as she rubbed the sensitive top of his prick against the entrance to her dripping hole. He moaned next as his cock head slipped inside of the horny actress and she took another inch of him before releasing his pole.

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“You feel soooo good, Dr. Davidson,” Ruby groaned in lust as she began lowering her flushed body down the evil villain’s dick.

“Yeah, thanks,” Dave said as he tried to gather his wits. Amazing blow-job or not he was about to get fucked by Karen Gillan and he needed to be at the top of his game. He slid his hands from her hips to her ass and gripped her as tight as he could while bending forward and latching onto one of her tits. He sucked hungrily at her small breast with all the abandon of a hungry calf before sliding his mouth across her chest to her other warm tit. She groaned out louder as she took more and more of his dick into her tight, gripping cunt until she had enveloped him totally and was sitting in his lap. She squirmed around a bit to get used to the feel off him inside of her body as he switched tits again, his strange rivalry with The Rock forgotten as he simple enjoyed the feel of the hot starlet wrapped around his cock.

Ruby used her lower muscles to squeeze Dr. Davidson's cock causing him to squirm underneath her. “You're everything I never knew I wanted in a man,” she groaned lustfully as she squeezed him again, working his cock with her pussy without even having to move. He groaned out which made her smile in satisfaction as she placed her hands on his shoulders. She rolled her hips and began fucking him slowly as she arched her back to thrust her chest more firmly against his sucking mouth.

Dave’s hands slid from Karen's sensuously rolling ass to her graceful back to her heaving chest and back again as she slowly began riding him. His mouth went from one warm breast to the other then her swan-like neck and the back down.

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  It seemed like there was to much of her and not enough of him, he wanted to touch and taste her everywhere all at once. His hands went from her ass down to her slender thighs as he began rocking his hips up to meet the roll of her own hips. Above him his dialogue box typed: Dr. Dave Davidson Begins To Respond: +5 Participation.

“Yea, yes, yes…” Ruby groaned as she rolled her hips faster, “Show me what a real man can do. ”

“I’m… I’m trying,” Dave panted out as Karen began picking up speed. Her tight cunt was gliding up and down his shaft as she rolled her long, lean body back and forth, grinding her lower torso against his with every rock and thrust, her hip bones smashing painfully against his. As she fucked him harder and faster he began to wonder if any of the sci-fi movies were true and if injuries he picked up in the VR would be reflected in the outside world. How would he explain a broken pelvis to his boss?

“Yes, yes, yes…” Karen chanted above him as Dave chanted, “Ow, ow, ow…”The horny actress’s hips were a blur as she slipped up and down his shaft while rolling her hips and undulating her upper body, her red hair whipping back and forth with her fingers digging into his shoulders. Even in porn he had never seen such an enthusiastic fuck. Karen was a dynamo on his lap and the pain felt like it was killing him while the bamboo chair sounded like it was about to break and he wasn't even sure that bamboo could break. Once again he found himself wondering if Karen Gillan was actually this wild at sex or if this was just part of the program but all he could do right now was hold on for dear life.

“Yes, yes, YESSSS…!” Ruby cried out as she came. She slammed herself against the doctor’s lap and ground her clit against his lower torso as her orgasm ripped through her. Her entire body shivered and shook as her slick juices gushed from her spasming cunt and she squealed in delight until she collapsed against Dr.


   Davidson's body.

Karen's cunt squeezed Dave’s cock almost as painfully as her hip crushing thrusts had done. Her pussy rippled around him like a milking fist and he erupted inside of her, filling her magical cunt with his thick seed. She had her arms limply around his neck and her head nuzzling his shoulder as they both rode out their orgasms. And then he saw the forgotten other person in the room.

“Fuck you, Rock,” Dave gasped out as he flipped Dwayne the bird. Above him his text box read: Dr. Dave Davidson Suffers Inferiority Complex Against Fictional Character: -5 Mental Stability.

And then the world went red.

When his vision cleared, Dave was back on his couch. He absent-mindedly patted his lower torso looking for bruises but found that he was A-Ok. “I am really getting the hang of this,” he said gleefully before getting to his feet.

“If you’d like I can tell you the rest of my hacking features…” Summer-Gram began before Dave cut her off.

“No time for your alien-speak,” Dave said as he rushed to his bedroom, “I’ve for to get ready for work. ”

“But by using my network connection to your world wide web I can easily deposit…” she started again before Dave once again cut her off.

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“Crap!Look at the time,” Dave shouted, “Why did you leave me in there so long?I’m gonna be late for work!”He dashed out of his bedroom, his work clothes nearly buttoned all the way.

“I can also function with a pre-set alarm to stop your VR if…” Summer-Gram tried to explain before Dave once again interrupted her.

“No time for your techno-words. I have to get to work,” he said before running full bore out of his apartment and forgetting to lock his door.

Summer-Gram stood fuming as much as an alien hologram could. “Out of all the production models they could have given him it had to be me,” she grumbled.

The End. .
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