Doctor and Physical Chapter 02


It was half way through the flu season, and everyone around me was starting be caught by the bug, luckily I hadn't caught it yet. I thought to myself I had better contact my local GP and request a home visit so he could come and jab his needle inside me and protect me from this horrible bug.

I phoned just after I finished work on one of their later days and requested a home visit but they were too busy to accommodate this so they asked if I was available to come in and get it done as this would be more time efficient.

I agreed and was booked in for the following week, after putting the phone down I could feel my manhood begin to twinge thinking about the last time I saw the DR, his big eyes looking down on me as he fucked me in his office.

The rest of my week and weekend past and I was now heading to the surgery, my heart began to race with excitement, my legs trembling, the effect this guy had on me was insatiable my body didn't know what to do with its self.

I know one thing for certain, I had to calm down as to not make a fool of myself and act like some little school girl who had a crush although inside I wanted to.

I approached his room knocking ever so slightly before entering when I entered he was sat in his chair looking at his computer screen typing up his notes from his previous patient, he let out his hand and gestured for me to take a seat while he just finished up and apologised why he just finished.

I looked at him memorized taking in all of his looks not missing an inch of his face and neck saving it to my memory to use as a fantasy for later when I got home. I sat patiently waiting for him to turn so I could look him directly in his eyes and just get lost in them.

He seemed different today something about him was different but I couldn't tell what it was his hair longer maybe, more built from the gym or if it was that he was just being off with me since our last encounter? Ah It suddenly clicked he hasn't shaved in few days his stubble was slightly longer that when I previously saw him but he also seemed to be quite nervous too.

I snapped back to reality and put his looks and all previous thoughts to the back of my mind and explained to him that this was just a quick visit and that I was just here for a quick inoculation and then I would be on my way, I was playing it cool I didn't want him to think that he had affected me.

He gave me my injection and I left with a cheeky smile on my face wishing him a very good evening, I felt a little queer as I left but just put it down to the side effects of the he had just given me.

I awoke the next morning a started to feel a little under the weather I had started to get hot flushes and a lethargic feeling hit me like I hadn't slept in days. I continued to get ready for work as normal and left the house.

After a few hours I still wasn't feeling any better if anything I was feeling worse so I decided to take the rest of the day off and go home -- get back into bed and try sleeping and sweating it out of my system, whist keeping my body hydrated with plenty of fluids.

Later that night I awoke from my slumber looking outside there was nothing but darkness I had slept through the entire afternoon this was obviously my body's way of telling me that I wasn't well, so I got myself out of bed and made my self-something light to eat trying to keep what little strength I had to fight this infection.

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After eating I returned to my bed and tried to get some more sleep it didn't take long before I was back in the dream world and awaking to find it was morning, I turned and looked at the clock it was almost 11am I had slept over 12 hours and still I was feeling no better.

I phoned my GP and requested a home visit as I understood that having the flu inoculation was to prevent me from getting this ill but for some reason it felt like it hadn't and I wasn't sure if this was routine or if it was a reaction.

It was just after 6pm when I heard my door bell ring. I slowly got on my feet and made my way to the door, with nothing but my dressing gown on I opened the door, invited the doctor in, and returned to the bedroom with him following behind. Laying on top of it I greeted the doctor, my nose running my eyes puffy and my face flush from the chills I was having.

He placed his bag at the side of my bed and reached into it pulling out a thermometer and sterilising it before placing it under my tongue, letting it rest in place he placed the back his hand upon my forehead to see if I had a temperature his cool soft hands felt so nice against my skin and I wanted it to remain there.

He reached into his bag again and this time pulled out his stethoscope and placed it around his neck, he pulled out the thermometer and read what it said his expression gave it away obviously I was burning up.

He asked me to undo my dressing gown and proceeded to place the ends of his stethoscope into each ear, I looked at him bashfully and tried to undo my dressing gown whilst trying to conserve my dignity, yet he's eyes seemed to wander towards my crotch waiting to catch a glimpse.

I undid it enough for him to be able to access my chest, as he listened to my breathing he's breath slowly began to blow in between the hairs on my chest, this sent my heart racing which made him chuckle and smile, he obviously noticed my heart increasing thorough the sound of the stethoscope, but this was something I couldn't control.

He took out the stethoscope from his ears and put it back in his bag and began to write out a prescription and asked if there was someone who could pick it up for me from the local pharmacy to which I responded "no" so he made a quick call and arranged for them to deliver it.

My dressing gown remained open the whole time we were talking and he's eyes would glance at my chest, I could notice his eyes following my snail trail down towards my manhood, he must have been getting horny as he started to bite his lip ever so subtly.

I looked at him eyeing every inch of my body even in this condition he was obviously still attracted to me and was possibly wanting me, in my own house and in my bed. I thought to myself do I make a move or a better question was do I have the energy to participate in any sexual acts?

I swung my legs round off the edge of the bed ready to stand and see the DR out, he helped me up placing his muscular arm underneath mine, as he lifted me I could feel his bulging biceps tense they were like rocks, I just wanted to grab them and squeeze, lick and kiss why he flexed.

I eventually got up orientating myself as to not loose balance, and fall down. Thanking him for his help I slowly made my way towards the door.

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   Looking behind me I noticed the DR wasn't following I went back to investigate and saw him bent over, his tight trousers bulging at me his bum staring me right in the face, I just wanted to squeeze it.

As I moved closer his bum drawing me in I couldn't help lick my lips and become aroused at this gorgeous bum being flashed in my direction. I see him slightly moving like he was laughing it wasn't until I looked to the side and saw his face looking at me in the wall length mirror that it clicked he was doing all this intentionally.

I was beginning to get more flush at him spotting me in the mirror looking at his posterior and liking what I saw, he stood up his back to me, and reached his hand around aiming to grab my junk which was now poking through my dressing gown.

As he slowly started to wank me off, I just felt the electricity surging through my body convulsing at his touch, my body aching for him, longing for him to be deep inside. As I started to groan he's rhythm began to get faster and faster.

I undid my robe exposing my full naked body allowing it to fall to the floor behind me, he saw my reflection in the mirror and turned round and with his other hand he placed it into the small of my back and began to stroke up and down bringing his body in closer to mine.

I reached down and began to stroke his now raging member over the top of his trousers slowly squeezing any existing pre-cum to the tip milking it out making him sticky. Getting him hornier, he began to kiss my neck all the way up to my ears.

Leaning back, I exposed all of my neck to him hinting to him that this was something I enjoyed as he moved across from one ear lobe down to my jaw bone following it all along to the other side and down my neck.

I slowly unzipped his trousers and reached in and pulled his beast through his boxers and out of his trousers exposing most of his length. The precum dripping from the tip of his japs eye glistening in the low light.

He lowered his hand onto my buttocks and roughly started to squeeze it in his hand getting as much of a handful as possible.

I pulled away from his clasp moving to in front of the mirror and positioned him on his knees on the bed facing it so he could see himself and so he could watch me as I began to suck his throbbing member, taking as much as I could into my mouth.

He began to undo his shirt exposing his slightly hairy chest and ripped body each of his abs hard with such definition.

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   He threw his shirt onto the floor not caring where it landed and began unzipping his trousers so that he had more freedom to move.

I pulled away allowing him the time to remove his trousers but gave him a look that begged him to keep his boxers on and leave his member poking through it. He got back into position and placed his hand onto the back of my head and I proceeded to tweak at his nipple while I took his meat deep into my mouth.

I didn't need much more encouragement from him to get back to what I was doing, I was happy there just as I'm sure he was me being there. Groans began to come from the pits of his diaphragm as he watched my hole become more exposed in the mirrors reflection.

I lapped up all the precum that his big cock was willing to offer me, the sweet taste hitting the back of my throat, slowly trickling down the back, not wanting to waste a drop I made sure I swallowed regularly.

He retracted his cock from my mouth, brought me onto the bed pushed me onto my back, laid on top of me, and proceeded to kiss me passionately, pressing our bodies together the heat between us was just intense as we began to sweat slightly, perspiration oozing from our bodies.

I bent over exposing my hole to him inviting him to take a lick at it, to get his tongue inside as deep as it will go before finally inseminating me with his hot thick fluid.

As he begins to work on my G-spot with his tongue I can't help but just collapse in front of him in excitement. I brought myself back to my knees ready for him again as he started to stroke my aching, wet, dripping member. He Matched my stroking with the flickering of his tongue bringing me to a such intense climax.

He slowly started to introduce one of his fingers into me, I looked at him in the mirror adjacent to me, watching as he buries he is face deep into my ass. I try looking back at him wanting to kiss him to which he notices and approached me.

As he leans in to kiss me, I feel his junk pressing against me wiping his precum against my cheeks making my bum so wet and sticky.

I reached my hand around the back of me so that I am holding onto the back of his head, bringing him in closer so our faces are intertwined, his tongue inside my mouth massaging it just felt so nice and in response to this stimulation I used mine to intertwine it more getting our tongues into a knot.

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We pulled apart and he went back down on my tight hole spitting on it to lubricate it some more before reinserting his finger and slowly introducing another.

As he slowly started stimulating my prostate I could feel myself getting ever so close to climaxing but I wasn't ready for it yet, I wanted this to go on for some time.

I dropped my head into the pillow but raised my ass into the air some more, he had me at hello but I managed to keep my composure so far, letting loud groans into the pillows as he really went to town on me.

I felt him spit a few more times on my hole and then again but this time I didn't feel the wetness, I looked back in wonder and saw him rubbing his saliva into his own cock.

I could feel him preparing his cock at my entrance slowly rubbing himself against my tight pink hole, slowly just putting in his tip and then retracting.

After a moment of him doing this he then proceeded to insert more of his length inside me the pressure building inside me, stretching my hole wide to accommodate his thick member.

I took a couple of breaths in between to try and loosen myself up and relax allowing it to enter me without causing any friction or burning sensation.

As he started to pound harder into me, one hand on my shoulder and the other pulling on the side of my hip, I could not help but groan quietly at first but getting louder and louder with every sharp deep thrust that he forced into me.

I began to match his rhythm making it more and more intense for us both the sound of his balls banging against me skin made me hornier.

Just as I was close to climaxing he stopped.

He turned me around so that we were both parallel to the mirror and I was on my back, my legs spread and pushed back behind me as far as they would go so we could both watch in the mirror as he fucked me.

As he entered me again my hole having to re-adjust to the size of his member we both watched in the mirror at how our faces reacted to the stimulation.

He started off slow again pushing down on my abs as he went then began stroking them and running his fingers over them, teasing them, making me tense more with excitement as I saw him starting to get ever close to climax I started to tweak at his nipple twisting them hard and tugging at them like they were just a piece of meat.

He tilted his head back in excitement and opened his mouth wide letting out groans of ecstasy, I started to wank myself off my excitement building I just wanted to shoot now but also wanted this sensation to last forever.

As I was getting closer my speed began to grow wanking myself harder and faster, reaching down and playing with my balls stroking them getting whilst simultaneously massage my perineal area, all this pleasure was just too much for me and as I was about to climax I aimed for his chest and shot my load high into the air hitting his chest hair and just underneath his chin.

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A fountain of cum shooting out from my throbbing cock only got the DR more excited and brought him closer to climaxing too, so he pulled out of me straddled my face and hovered above my head and started wanking high above me.

I sat up so I could lick his scrotum taking each ball into my mouth one at a time my cock still throbbing from all this excitement as he started to groan more I pulled away but continued to play with his balls, licking his shaft as his cock began to pulsate.

He shot his load all over my face and into my mouth nearly covering it all in his cum alone. He obviously hadn't wanked in days as there was just so much cum to come out of him and the last shots came out I could feel his legs tremble and become all jellified.

I swallowed any load that hit my mouth with great pleasure savouring his sweet and salty taste embracing it as it slid down the back of my throat.

I looked into the mirror at the mess that he had made all over my face and was just so overwhelmed at the amount of it.

We quickly cleaned up and just laid in bed next to each other. I laid into his chest running my fingers through his stubbly hairs and listened to his heart beating fast. . . .

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