Enjoying with my Aunt…..and Uncle


Well, after that night I was on the top of the world, knowing that if I ever need to be satisfied and my boyfriend is not giving me the satisfaction I seek, I always have someone to go to. Of course I had to return home after the holidays were over but my aunt and uncle managed to persuade mom to send me over to their place in the long holidays. Both having their own secret agenda which only I knew about. Mom finally agreed and I couldn’t stop smiling. Even school seemed bearable in the following weeks. My boyfriend noticed my good mood and commented but I shrugged it off.

I decided not to go to school on the last day and spent my time packing for my adventure, so to speak. I made sure I packed all my sexy clothes on the bottom so as not to get mom suspicious. Being a mom she tended to read my actions and I was not a very good liar when put under pressure. Around 4 in the afternoon my aunt came to pick me up in a taxi.

We went over and since uncle was still at work we started playing around. Around 6 uncle called and asked us to get ready since he was taking us out for dinner. When we heard his car in the driveway, we went down and he took us to a restaurant. After that uncle decided that we could go to a quite spot. Upon reaching my uncle’s favorite spot we noticed there was a car parked there and the occupants seemed to be busy. Aunt asked uncle to park a little further so they wouldn’t notice us and we continued watching the couple fucking in the car.

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When it was over uncle drove away. All of us seemed pretty turned on. Aunt asked uncle to pull over so she could come to the back seat since she needed more room to relax. Of course relaxing was not on her mind. It was already dark so my aunt and I could finger each other slowly without uncle realizing. As soon as uncle’s attention was on the road again she put her hands inside my panties. I was wearing a skirt so she had easy access to my pussy. We were both so engrossed in the task that when uncle turned around suddenly we didn’t have time to move apart. Switching on the light inside the car he looked at us intently. I wasn’t bothered but aunt moved away with a guilty expression on her face. Everyone was silent the rest of the way to the apartment. I decided that since I was being fucked by both and was enjoying myself with both why not we do it together instead of being secretive about it.

So when we got inside I peeled off my clothes and reached for the nearest person. Which happened to be my aunt. She pushed me away and started to say something but before she could, my uncle pushed her against the wall and started kissing her passionately while ripping her clothes open.

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   I was getting wetter by the second. Not wanting to be left out I went and standing behind uncle took off his pants and briefs. Pulling them both down at once I started stroking his erect member. I felt him getting harder in my hand. By now my aunt and I were both fully naked and uncle was in his shirt. Realizing what was happening my aunt pushed uncle back and looked at both of us. I immediately moved in front of uncle and getting on my knees took his cock in my mouth. Uncle took off his shirt and motioned for aunt to join in. Kneeling beside me we started taking turns sucking his cock. Getting up I lay down on the floor and asked aunt to put her pussy over my face. My aunt moved and adjusted herself over my face, I started eating her pussy. While uncle adjusted himself so aunt could continue sucking his cock. I was fingering myself while licking my aunts pussy. Soon we were all ready to come. Aunt came on my face and I proceeded to lick up all her cum while uncle came inside aunts mouth and she swallowed every drop.

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   Getting up I lay down on the bed and opened my legs wide. Uncle came over and pushed his cock deep inside me. I moaned and arched my back. He started to pump into me slowly. His ball hitting against me. Coming over to us my aunt got over me in a 69 position and pushed her pussy back at me and gave me something. Looking at it I saw it was the dildo she had used to fuck me with previously. I put the head of the dildo on her entrance and slowly started to push it in. Soon I was fucking her pussy with the dildo as uncle was fucking me. The pace was increasing. Aunt was licking my pussy while uncle fucked me with his 8 inch cock. She was also licking and sucking his cock now and then. Once again all three climaxed. I came on uncle’s cock. Aunt came on my face while I licked it all up and uncle pulling out of me came in aunt’s mouth and she swallowed his cum.

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Like all my previous three stories this story is also based on true events. It has been told just the way it happened.

Your comments will be much appreciated. So don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think of this story. .