Feeling is believing


Dorette was taking a stroll around her parents’ garden. While they were on holiday she was around
for a couple of days to look after the house and to make sure the staff did their jobs properly. Of
course, at nineteen she didn’t get as much respect from them as her father, who was a lot older, but
the fear of her passing any complaints on made sure that most of the tasks were done properly.
Grinning, she watched one of the boys pretending to be hard at work in the garden. She could tell
he wasn’t in a very good shape. Not so much because of the blazing sun that was straight overhead,
but more because he had kept her awake for most of the time that night. Well, not directly but he
seemed to her the kind of guy who had made the Spanish maid moan and scream with passion for
half the night. And, she had to admit, the noise hadn’t left her untouched but something inside her
made her feel too proud to get turned on by the horny grunts of het fathers personnel. . .
She walked over to Richard and looked at him inquisitively. When she got close to him he looked
up and saw the cynical smile on her face.
“Well, Richard, heavy work isn’t it? Or are you still worn out from last night?”
He shrugged his shoulders but she ignored the gesture, continuing her interrogation while she paced
up and down in front of the lad, just to irritate him.
“How come that a decent girl like Consuela sees anything in you? I mean, it was you who made her
moan most of the night, wasn’t it?”
The look on his face spoke a thousand words. Dorette knew she was on the right track and she
loved to humiliate those who were lower in rank than her.
“I can’t imagine you have anything to offer at all.

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   You don’t really look like an athlete. . . ”
She noticed him trying to have a peek underneath her short, denim skirt. Slowly, she walked away
from him, her eyes sparkling. Richard glanced around and followed her to a couple of trees that
provided them with some cool shade. Grabbing her by the arm he snapped:
“I might be a simpleton but I would like to see those posh gentlemen trying to get their dicks up
twelve times within twenty four hours!”
She looked at him mockingly: “Ha! If you think you can still perform after a night like that you are
free to have me right here and now!”
Of course she had hoped for a heated response from him but what happened next was even better
than in her dreams: He pulled Dorette with her back against his chest, gripping hers with both
hands. Before she knew it he had bared her small, sensitive tits and she shivered when his firm
hands touched her nipples. In between her buttocks something was swelling inside his pants and
she pushed her ass backwards against him. Richard didn’t need any more encouragement when she
shoved her miniskirt up: Het shoved her panties aside and his fingers moved through her pubic hair,
straight for her warm cavity.
Dorette shivered when she felt him touching her there. She moved her hips in such a way that she
was steering her pussy in the right direction. A deep sigh escaped her when he began to investigate
her inner lips. Behind her Richard smiled, especially when he noticed she was rubbing up against
his fingers. Just as he had done with Consuela the night before, he shoved one finger inside the girl
and right away he was rewarded with a flood of juice dripping down his hand.


He knew she would surrender to him now, even if he didn’t do anything more than this. The girl
was hot enough to make herself come on the handle of a rake. . .
Dorette couldn’t keep it up any longer. She jumped up, freeing herself from the prodding fingers.
She still had the illusion that it was her controlling the game but her body told her to follow her
feelings. . . especially those around her pussy. She turned towards the guy and dropped to her knees,
amazing herself on how fast she managed to get his dick out of his pants. She really had felt a hard
on against her behind a little earlier: Richard’s cock was standing at attention, awaiting new orders
and he grinned when he noticed he wouldn’t be disappointed. . .
With a hot look in her eyes Dorette moved her lips over his throbbing gland.

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   It was a tough job for
her to get it past her teeth and she only managed to get his dick half way into her mouth. Both of
them closed their eyes: He because he enjoyed the blow job and she because she finally got what
she had been longing for, for a long time: A large dick, where ever she wanted it. . .
Suddenly reality hit her: There was quite a chance that somebody could see them so she had Richard
stuffing his dick back into his pants again. This way they could make their way to the house.
Once there she pulled him into one of the many bedrooms. She didn’t give a damn about what
would happen next as long as her desire would be fulfilled. . . as often and intensely possible!
Without any resistance she had herself pushed into a chair where he grabbed her panties and pulled
them off. Her slender, tanned legs were shoved aside and she lowered them on the arm rests, offering
her pussy to Richard. His eyes glistened when he saw it. Because of all the excitement her inner
lips had swollen and had opened up like a flower, like a floral entrance to her pink hole.
And what she had been longing for, deep in her heart, finally happened.

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   The garden hand finally
took over control and decided what was going to happen next. He would fuck her, just the way he
wanted to, and that way was “I will give this rich slut just what she needs!”
And it excited her, to be used as a sex object, to be handled and abused. . .
Without hesitation his hands moved toward her pussy and pulled her lips apart. His head followed
next and she shivered when he placed his mouth right on the spot. After he had sucked most of her
juice away Richard licked her clit that was hidden like a little pearl in between her swollen lips. He
took delight in the fact that her body responded exactly the way he wanted it to: She was horny like
hell and ready for action!
Snapping at her he told Dorette to spread her legs even further while he undressed. Her large eyes
were staring at his giant dick. His eyes were glued to her pussy.
“Now, use your fingers on yourself,” he commanded, “Just like you wanted to do last night when
you heard Consuela coming on my dick!”
She obeyed right away and he grinned when he saw her rotating two fingers around her clit while a
third one was roaming around inside her slit. The sound of her juices made his dick stay in the right
position. To be honest, he had rather taken a little nap after last night but this arrogant little bitch
really needed to know what a good fuck was. . .

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He made her turn around with her ass pointing in his direction. Roughly he took her by the hips and
pushed forward. She sat on her knees on the chair and had to push her bottom backward as much
as she could. Her skirt was lifted up and she felt his throbbing gland against her labia. With a loud
moan he pushed his dick all the way in and Dorette had to bite the back of her hand to suppress a
painful cry. Her slit didn’t get the time to adapt to his weapon: he drilled it into her as hard as he
could. And every time his balls hit her cunt she had to fight back her tears.
A little later he pulled back and helped her out of the chair. She was glad that he wanted to undress
her himself. Now she had the time to catch her breath from that merciless fuck a couple of moments
ago. He sat down in the chair and told her to climb on top of him and stick his throbbing apparatus
inside her cunt. Slowly her lips folded around him and she was glad that she got the time to get
used to it. His hands explored every square inch of her body, especially her behind which he massaged
intensely. She stuck it out as far as possible when his fingers touched her little asshole. She
upped her tempo and her mouth fell open when the top of one of his fingers reamed her ass.

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though she really didn’t want to, she finally gave in to her animal instincts. She moved her hands
over her sensitive and beautiful little tits and her nipples became even harder than before. . . Moaning
loudly she let herself fall forward in an attempt to feel even more of his finger and his dick inside
Richard grinned when he saw Dorette coming like a wild animal. He had known all the time that
her body knew a lot better what it needed than her common sense. . .
It was about time he thought about his own pleasure again. He placed her in several different positions,
giving himself the space to fuck her as intensely as possible. He loved watching the muscles
of her stomach trembling and her little tits that were swaying about like gelatin puddings, following
the movements of her body. He shoved his eight inches inside of her with all of his might and he
was glad she was getting used to his ramming her. She started to move with him and soon reached
another orgasm. Surrendering completely to him she wanted him to see her body in the most exciting

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   Her writhing about had more of an effect on him than he wanted to: He would have
preferred to prod her tight, unused pussy for a lot longer but his balls indicated that his finale was
He commanded her to finish the job off with her mouth and was nearly disappointed that she was
ever so eager to obey him. Gripping her by the hair he shot his load, moaning loudly. Dorette closed
her eyes when he showered her face and tits, shivering when a few drops ran down her belly.
With her eyes only half open she stared at Richards dick which was still throbbing and murmured:
“I came, I felt, I believed and I came again. . . ”