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Everyone has had one of those nights. . . where you wake up and don't know where you are. Well, I had quite a wild night last night. I had met this stud while I was out on the town and we got along pretty well all night long. I woke up to his morning wood pushing its way between my naked butt cheeks. As I laid there, I recollected on what a cock slut I was. And how soar my bum was!He had fucked me properly last night. I started feeling dirty and I thought it would be a good idea to hop in the shower. I slowly moved his strong arm off of my waist and slipped out of his bed and made my way to the bathroom, walking around naked with my cock flopping around. I turned on the water and let it pour all over me. I started touching myself as I thought more of the night before. He must have heard me start the shower, because after a few minutes he strategically popped in. I opened the curtain a bit and let him catch a glimpse of me as I lathered myself.

"Looks like you could use a hand.

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  "he said as he started going to the bathroom. I gave him no reply, but turned and squeezed a little more soap down my backside. He dropped his shorts. I looked down at his massive cock and thought I would like to suck the beautiful thing again, as I had sucked it repeatedly last night. He stepped into the shower and moved in to kiss me. He wrapped his strong arms around me and helped me rinse the warm water down my crack. I felt like putty in his hands as he made it clear what wanted. I pushed him back and kneeled down into my familiar position. He grinned lustfully and guided his cock up to my lips. I decided to tease him for a bit and made sure I only put only the tip into my mouth. But I made his cock grow even larger. I couldn't believe I was able to take that thing as much as I did. Shit no wonder my ass was so soar!He got tired of my teasing and grabbed the back of my head. Almost pulling my hair. He forced his cock into my mouth and made me take him all.

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  All 8 thick throbbing inches of him!I took control and gave him the best blowjob I had givin yet. I had to suck him good just to stop him from fucking my face. After all. . . Thats what my booty was for anyway.

"Come here. "he ordered me. I stood up and turned to face the shower wall. He gave my butt a few gentle slaps, and reached around to grab some body oil. I put my hands up and arched into his massive erect dick.

"You can't wait for this cock again can you?"He said in a forceful tone. Again, I gave him no repy and instead just reached behind me and stroked his rod. He poured the oil onto my lower back and down my crack. With a firm hand he opened my hole and let the lube seep in.

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  he pushed me up against the wall and used his cock to tease my hole, spreading the oil all over with it. He slapped it again, only much harder this time. Then he forced it into me. His hard massive cock all the way into my no longer virgin ass. I moaned with approval as I braced myself against the wall. I knew what was coming next. Now it was all coming back to me. He had fucked me very properly the night before. I remembered what a bitch he had made me into. And I could tell now from his facial expression that he was about to give me the worst fucking yet. I looked back and gave him that look that says, let's see what you've got. He began pounding away on that booty, as his massive rod thrust deeper and deeper into my throbbing ass!I could hear the sound of my cheeks getting slapped as he fucked me harder and harder. I didn't think he would be able to last much longer at this rate, but he kept up the violent thrusts for what seemed like forever. I couln't help but moan loudly now as he fucked me like a little bitch. Little did i know,he had much more in store for me too.

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  He suddenly stopped and spun me around. Staring me all the way down to his cock again. Without even hesitating, I put that dirty dick right into my mouth again and gave him a few good sucks. He shut off the water and said, "Lets bring this back to the bed shall we". I hungrily agreed and led the way to his bedroom where I was violated all night long. He tossed me onto the bed, and I conveniently landed on all fours. I layed flat and arched my ass high into the air. Just begging for him to give it to me properly again. And did he ever!We must've been over an hour going at it again like the night wasn't over yet. He fucked me doggy style for most of it. That seemed the best position to give me the hardest fucking possible. But for his finish he pulled me onto him and laid back. It was now my turn to work my ass on that fuck rod. I spun around and guided his dick back into my butt. I gave him a nice show as slid back down onto him.

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  With my hands I felt the base of his cock and slowly, sensually grinded back and forth up and down his shaft. He gave me enough time to shoot my load off all over the place. Some even landed on me. But, after I did he shoved me over again onto my stomach. Flat on the bed. He entered into me again, wasting little time. Now he fucked me sooo hard!I couldn't help but scream and moan as I was violated yet again. It was over quick and he layed into me and shot his hot man juice deep into my booty. .

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