first time i stripped/bouncing my boobs for a crowd


I'm Lori and a while back, my long time boyfriend, Joe,got me interested in going to a strip club for amateur stripper night. I had confessed to him that having strangers see me nude was a fantasy of mine, and he said his too. Myfantasy started with just someone getting a quick peek, but as we discussed it the fantasy quickly grew. I had no intention ofhaving sex with anyone except Joe, and he had no interest in seeing me having sex with another man. Both of us however got excited at the thought of me stripping, and guys staring at my naked body and maybe even getting my big boobs groped.
At the time i was in my early 40's. I'm 5 foot 6 inches tall with dark hair, blue eyes, weigh about 135 pounds, I have very well developed thighs and legs as I used to bicycle a lot, and a tight tush too. I have 38dd's that over flow the cup a little, well no, they over flow a lot, I should get bigger bras but I refuse to admit I'm bigger than a dd. My nipples are usually semi hard and about 1/4 inch long but will swell to 1/2 inch, sometimes more, when I'm aroused. Its hard to hide them in snug clothing. my aureola are close to 4 inches round. I am not fat or skinny but Joe says i have all the right curves. I have never had children so my belly is still fairly flat, but my large boobs hang and sag a bit.
Anyway we went on a road trip and Joe had looked up a strip club we could go to. we had made a bet and I lost (on purpose) so Ii agreed to strip, I even purchased a new bra and panties set just for that night, but Joe didn't know that. We located the club, found it was a 5 minute walk from our hotel and opened at 7:30pm, amateurs contest started at 8, so we had an early dinner and went back to the hotel.

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   I told Joe I was going to get a shower and get ready, he grinned with a glint in his eye and asked if I wanted help. I said no but would be out shortly.
I showered, and gave myself a good shave and lotioned up so my body glistened. I had picked out my outfit a week before. Something I would never wear in public, only for Joe at home to tease him. The outfit consisted of a red see through, very thin strapless bra that was stretched so tight it left nothing to the imagination and matching see through panties, a short black stretchy skirt that was constantly riding up, and an extremely tight white spaghetti strap tank top that showed about 2 or 3 inches of cleavage and stopped about 2 inches below my tits exposing my mid section If my big boobs had been bra-less, they would have peeked out below the shirt. My boobs in that strapless bra had the top pushed out so far that that I could fit my hand in the gap between the straps and the front of my shoulders with room to spare. The top was stuffed to bursting, it wasn't sheer but you could clearly see the red bra and make out the bumps of my nipples and even a few little bumps around them. My black fishnets that stopped about and inch below my ass and short red heels completed the outfit. To say I was very aroused would have been a serious understatement.
I walked out of the bathroom and into the hotel room and Joe's eyes popped out of his head. "Holy shit thats hot" was all he could stammer out. He instantly copped a feel and pinched a nipple. "Your tits look huge in this outfit" he said as he roughly groped both my breasts, and I leaned into his hands. I wanted him to fuck me right then and there! I was so nervous I was shaking.

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   Joe suggested a few drinks and I agreed. I pulled on a very see through white slip over dress, grabbed a light coat not that it was cold and out we went to the hotels bar/restaurant.
I didn't even taste the first two drinks and half way through the third tequila and lime Joe said, "you know Lori you dont actually have to do this unless you want to. " I said I know and finished my drink. Then I asked joe if he wanted me to strip or not. He said he would love to see guys looking and drooling over me yes, but he didn't want me having sex with anyone but him. I squeezed his hand and guaranteed him that his is the only cock that will be inside me any time soon. I did remind him of my fantasy of getting my boobs groped by some strangers, and he replied that there was no way a guy or gal could resist grabbing my big soft boobs, especially once they were revealed. I laughed and felt my nipples harden.
I suggested we go to a different bar for another drink, Joe said ok. I didn't tell him why, but I secretly wanted to take off my cover dress and just wear the coat just to see some reactions. I usually wear clothes that hide my body, but tonight the booze and adrenaline had me wanting to show off. Joe kept grabbing and squeezing my ass and my boobs as we walked making my nipples nice and hard . We got to the next bar and got our drinks. Halfway though I said I had to pee and went to the bathroom.

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   I took off the cover dress and put it in my bag. The coat really didn't hide much, my boobs burst thru the middle of it and my stiff nipples were clearly visible and if I tried to cover them I exposed my ass in my stretchy skirt that is always riding up. Only one thing to do I thought as I fastened the bottom button of the coat. This did two things, first it squished my big boobs together just a little which really put my tits on display in the front of the coat, and second, it put my ass on full display. I took a deep breath and walked back to our table . Joes jaw was almost on the floor when he saw me. He already had a second drink at the table for me. I drank 2 more as peoplegawked at me and it was time to go.

As we left I got my ass groped for the first time that night. Joe noticed and whispered something to the guy, and gave me a wink. We walked to the strip club and smoked a small joint on the way. We got to the strip club and went in. I was instantly nervous again, all of a sudden it was real. There was the pole, there are the stripping stages, all with a lot of lighting. there would be no hiding on a dark stage here.

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   It was then I noticed the whole place was very bright, not your normal dark seedy strip joint I thought. Joe asked if I was sure. I gulped and said yes. We went to the registration table by the stage and the guy asked my name. "I had not thought of that" I said as I took off the light coat. The man said "Mrs. Jiggles would work" as he stared at my tits and nipples poking out of my very tight shirt. Joe laughed and I said ok Mrs. Jiggles it is. He said so far I was the only person registered, but that could change in the next 20 mins.
I really needed the bathroom now and excused myself, I could feel the eyes devouring me as I walked and got my ass groped for the 2nd time that night. I washed up as I finished and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a stripper with my tits spilling out everywhere, nipples hard as steel and a skirt that kept riding up. My belly was exposed and my tits pulled the top out and down so much I am amazed it didn't rip. you could make out every inch of the shape of my tits even the bumps on my aureola the top was so tight.

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   I adjusted my tits up as they were dangerously close to slipping out the bottom of the shirt and took another look. Now my tits were mashed up and spilling out the top and sides of my top. My nipples were as hard as I have ever felt them, the looked huge. I took a deep breath and went back out to find Joe.
I soon spotted him at a table right next to the stage talking to the first guy that groped me at the bar. I was so surprised I didn't notice the guy come up along side me untill he squeezed a boob! I was shocked and froze, the strange man said," wow they are soft, they must be real" I came to and said yes they are and continued to Joe. He didn't see they guy grab my tit and I didn't mention it. I then asked what the first groper was doing here. Joe said he told him at the bar "why grope her when you can see her strip tonight". I turned bright red!
The regular strippers took the stage and the place started filling up. It was 15 minutes till show time. The booze and pot were in full swing, I was feeling little pain. The dj came up and asked if I still wanted to dance tonight because noone else signed up. I looked at joe, he shrugged and I said yes. he said he has me as mrs.

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  Jiggles, I shook my tits at him and said yup. he asked what song I wanted, I replied "Hey ya" from black eyed peas. he asked if I wanted a mask as guys took pictures some times. I said yes and he handed me one that covered most of the top of my face but not my lips. I put it on. He said it would be a few minutes.
Meantime the first groper was still staring at my tits and nipples poking out of my top. It was then I noticed a whole bunch of guys staring at me. I felt like I was on display. . . . . I'm normally very reserved and hide my figure so noone will notice me, now here i was, big tits on display almost begging to pop out, nipples poking and my skirt riding up over the top of my fishnets so you could see the curve of my ass.
Then the ladies cleared the stage and the dj went up.

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   My heart was pounding in my chest as he said there is only one amateur stripper signed up tonight. He yelled out "HERE IS MRS. JIGGLES!!!!!" It was time, my throat was suddenly very dry as I got up. As I walked past the groper and quickly guided his hand to my tit as I walked by, he got in a quick squeeze. I heard guys talking as I approached the stage.
"look at those tits!"
"did you see her let that guy grab her tit?"
"she put his hand on her tit, man!"
"look at her legs, damn"
""Damn, look at those nipples!"
"I see why she is mrs. Jiggles"
"think she'll do some private dances?"
"I'd love to squeeze those massive juggs!"
One guy even looked me in the eye and said loudly, " I cant wait to see your tits bouncing around on stage"
Two more guys got a grab of side boob and a few got ass pinches as I got to the stage. Then it was all very real to me. I was on a stage in a strip club about to show a bunch of noisy men my whole body. not just a cleavage peek, but the whole thing, pussy, ass, big bouncing boobs and all. I almost backed out, but then the music started, and i was moving .
I let my skirt ride up, and shook my hips and tits. I couldn't believe how hard my nipples felt! My puss was tingling and starting to get damp, and I could hear alot of guys hollering comment at me.
"bounce those big tits!!!"
"shake them girl!!"
" i want to fuck those big juggs"
"shake that fine ass"
"look at those damn titties bouncing around, that top is going to break. "
"she loves bouncing those titties!"
"I'd love to cum all over those big juggs!"
I started to jump and dance around, then I stopped, looked at Joe and put my hands over my head and really shook and bounced my big tits, it was a little painful to be honest but I loved it! The guys were going crazy, I started hearing the classic, "show your tits" chants and "let them out".

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   I was losing myself in the moment and really enjoying it. Then slowly I lowered my hand and caressed my tits, the cheers increased. I squeezed my big tits, the cheers got louder. I then realized I couldn't remove my top without taking off the mask, so I quickly spun around and shook my ass at the crowd as I wiggled out of my top and replace the mask. I hung the top over my tits as I turned around, then suddenly threw the top to joe. There I was with nipples hard as rocks it seemed like they poked out a half inch or more by now, and my tits were bulging out of a 38dd see through bra. The crowd loved it, I struttedaround with my tits thrust forward just inches from waiting hands and faces. I kicked off my shoes and really started dancing lewdly, I got on my knees and jiggled my tits and shook my ass as I crawled and slowly stood back up. I moved to center stage in full light and took a deep breath. I took a stance with my legs apart facing the crowd, I look at Joe, he was gawking at me, the gropers mouth was slightly open and he was filming me with his phone! I was going to do it I thought,I'm actually going to show my bare tits to the crowd, and I reached behind my back to unhook my bra, every guy was staring, over half were filming or taking pictures of me the big tit stripper on stage. I was so aroused I was actually having a little orgasm right there on stage and couldn't stop it!
I got ahold of myself and un hooked the bra clasp. Here it goes I thought, I grabbed the sides of my bra and very, very slowly lifted it up. . . .

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  . . . . . the room seemed to explode with noise as I felt them go one by one, first one tit flopped out and down and jiggled in place. . . . . then the other, I loved how it felt when my big tit fell out of the bra and bounced on me. I held my hands and bra over my head and just stood there for a moment to let everyone get a good look at my big exposed tits out on stage for the first time. I saw flashes going and knew guys were zooming in on my tits, I loved that thought, I loved thinking that they would jerk off to my tits that night, and I realized I wanted to see that. Then I started moving my shoulders making my tits sway, I was staring right a a guy in the first row as he stared at my jiggling mounds. It looked like me mouthed holy shit as he adjusted his crotch area.

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   I strutted right up to him and bent down so my tits were so close to him I could feel his breath, I grabbed his head and drug and smashed my floppy tits over his face and head as I stood up. This got a fresh round of cheers, I hit my knees again and crawled around the stage letting my tits hang down to sway and flop while i shook my butt.
I suddenly realized I didn't have my bra any more, I looked back and some guys were fighting over it by the stage. I stood up and took off my skirt, then hooked my fingers in the straps of my panties and prepared to drop them. I slowly bent down letting them see my hanging tits flop around as I dropped my panties and strutted around the stage. I heard the song and it was coming to the "shake it like a poloroid picture" line. so I started shaking my tits and ass like crazy, not worrying about any dance moves. I really had my tits flopping around for the crowd and all the cameras. I squeezed my tits together, I got on all fours and acted like I was getting fucked from behind so everyone could see my tits hang, flop and jiggle all over, I got up, grabbed my nipples and shook my tits for the crowd. I was really getting into it and so was the crowd I heard some guys yell "suck one!!!!" and I put a nipple in my mouth. The guys went nuts!! I let go of my boob and let the nipple pop out of my mouth, god I was being slutty! I started to slide a my hand down my side to my crotch andwas just starting to rub a little but the song was ending and so was my dance.
The dj came on stage raving about my massive jiggly tits and thats why she's Mrs. Jiggles. he gave me a small towel to cover up with and gave me a hug, he said "don't forget to get your tips". I hadn't thought of that.


I looked at joe, he was at the stage with money in his hand. I put my skirt on and went over to him. I bent down to hand him my panties and he put the money in my skirt, and then grabbed both my dangling tits squeezed and shook them and then pinched my nipples!
I heard the groped say, "holy shit I want to feel her big tits too!" I walked over to him, squatted down infront of him put my hands up in the air and stuck my chest out to him. He slowly grazed the sides of them as he put the money in my skirt, then as hemoved his hands back he took two big handfuls of my tits and kneaded them roughly. This was intense for me, a strange man was groping my big tits infront of a crowd, my fantasy was coming true! As I stood up he grabbed my nipples, causing my tits to stretch out as I moved and suddenly they popped loose and my boobs jiggled back in place, The crowd roared,I loved it!!!
I walked to the next guy who asked me to lean over him so he could bobble my hanging boobs, I noticed the guy next to him filming as I bent over putting my hands on the guys shoulders, suddenly I got my big hanging tits slapped hard left and right, they shook and jiggled all over You could clearly hear the slaps, then he grabbed my nipples and he swung my tits hard in circles and began to pinch my nipples even harder. I was so close to the guy filming that I could see his cock bulging in his pants, it was twitching. . . then I realized he was hard because of me and I was starring at his bulge. It seemed like 30 seconds went by as I stood there getting my big hanging tits swung around by the nipples. It was such an exhilarating feeling, I had another little orgasm as he was doing this. I then slowly stood up as my nipples finally sprung free of his grasp, they must have been an inch long now and hard as rocks! The crowd loved it! I went to the next guy, he absolutely mauled my tits, just squeezing them as much as he could, I let him go for a few moments and moved to the next guy, who squeezed my boobs hard and then pinched my nipples.
I was by the steps so I got off the stage and a guy just blatantly grabbed both my tits and flopped them around a bunch. As I moved into the crowd I must have gotten my tits and ass grabbed 20 times as guys stuffed money in my skirt, and I noticed my arms were in the way of getting tips so I raised my hands in the air. I was in a large crowd of men who were all getting their hand full of my big boobs, my ass and the occasional pussy touch.

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   As they were putting cash in my skirt, they were rubbing their cocks against me so I could feel how hard they were. But then a guy came up in front of me, he squeezed my tits and he moved in to suck on a nipple just as another guy tried to drop my skirt. The bouncers stepped in and broke up the crowd then and said no more touching allowed. The guys were bummed, I was slightly relieved as things were escalating too fast for me.
I collected the rest of the tips getting a few small gropes and loved the raunchy comments I was getting. I returned to Joe. I looked around for my bra and saw the guys had ripped it in 2 pieces and they each had half of it. I got my panties back on and sat down, leaving my tits hanging out for all to see.
I asked Joe for a drink, he said there is no booze here, but gave me his water, I slugged it and said I needed something stronger. I put on the sheer cover dress, this did nothing at all to hide my tits as if went from sheer to clear with my sweat and put my top in my bag and slid on the coat. As we started leaving and the dj came up and gave me my shoes and asked if i would dance again, they had an opening for a dancer at 11pm, and another amateur contest tomorrow night. He also gave me the 500 for winning that night. I ended up with over 600 dollars that night.
We said we wouldthink about it and left. I was so aroused right then I couldn't think straight.

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   We got lots of compliments as we left and Joe was handing out little business cards to everyone. When we got outside I asked what the cards were for, he handed me one. The cardasked the card holder to send a copies of videos and pictures to the number on the card. It was Joes cell number. I instantly got more aroused as we walked down the street thinking about seeing a video of me stripping and being groped.
While we walked I realized Joe must have known about the filming because he had those cards ready. We got an outside table at the bar, as my tits were still braless and on display in my see thru dress and Joe got us drinks. Joe was talking about how i made my tits dance on my chest for the crowd. He said he couldn't wait to fuck me from behind with his hands full of my tits as he came inside me. I loved that thought we were getting some looks and winks as we drank, I even recognized the guy who twirled my boobs by my nipples and gave him a smile. Joe came back with our second round, and a two bottles of water and his phone went off. I drank one of the waters as Joe's phone kept going off. He checked it and got a huge smile and said to slam the drink, we should go.
We left and started walking, we stopped in front of a store and Joe looked at his phone again. Then he showed me a video clip, it was me bent over a guy as he twirled my large hanging tits by the nipples, and they were really swinging around.

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   People were saying shake her tits, and pinch her nipples. I was almost having another orgasm watching and listening to it. Then I saw it. . . . . . there was a smile on my face!
Joe opened the next one, it was a close up picture of with my tits out and my hands over my heard and again I saw it. . . . . a huge smile on my face. The next was a video that showed the guy just outright groping my tits and flopping them around.

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   Then I walked into the crowd as people groped me. Joe started rubbing my tits as we watched the next clip of the me dragging and slapping my hanging tits on a guys face, then he opened one that said the full show. We slowly walkeddown the sidewalk as we watched. The video started with me getting up and putting the gropers hand on my breast as I went to the stage.
Joe asked me to take my dress offsaying he wanted to see my big tits jiggle as I walk topless back to the hotel. I hesitated but couldn't resist, i was too turned on. I handed him my bag and off came the dress. He turned off the video and started to film me and as we walked down the sidewalk and I knew we were going to fuck very soon. . . . .

there is more to tell from our night (or nights??) out, just wait for part 2. .
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