Giving In. CH1


Topic: Giving In. CH1I pulled him into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. No one would hear us here; the music outside was too loud. I walked over and sat on the bench beside the sink. “James, we need to talk” I sighed. He had been hitting on me all night; calling me pretty, hugging me and mentioning how he wants to bite my neck. It was a bit overwhelming and even others were starting to comment about it. I wouldn’t have minded the attention if I was single. But I wasn’t, and what made it worse was that my boyfriend wasn’t even at the party tonight. James moved towards me and stood in front of me. He pushed my knees apart so he was standing in between my legs, looking me square in the eye. “Yes?” he answered, placing my hair behind my ear, exposing the right side of my neck. “Listen. You know I have a boyfriend. It would be different if I was single. I just can’t, no, I won’t do thi-“ I halted mid word, as he reached down and softly bit the naked skin of my neck.

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   It was so gentle, I couldn’t help but sigh. I snapped out of it, shook my head and gently pushed him away from me. I couldn’t let my body give in. I had to show some form of self control. My boyfriend means the world to me. We don’t have the best relationship; but I have to stay loyal. Oh how much I just wanted to give in. . . “God, you’re beautiful. ” He responded, smiling slyly. He began to move towards me again. I wouldn’t part my knees to grant him access again, so he leant forward instead. He kissed my forehead, then the corner of my mouth. I wanted to say no.

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   I wanted to push him off me. I wanted to run home and hide in my bed until the feelings wore off. But I couldn’t. I was getting all hot, my heart was beating faster. I wanted James more and more every second of the night. “Please” I whispered; my only means of defence. “Shhh. . . . ” he replied, placing a finger over my lips. He kept it there while he moved his lips to my neck once more. He bit it again, this time a little harder; still not painful. My knees parted as I gave in, and he was standing between them once more. He replaced his finger with his lips, kissing me.

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   I kissed back, unaware of what I was doing. As we kissed he got one of his fingers and started at my cheek, tracing down my face slowly. He continued down my neck and to my chest, [I was wearing a low cut top]. He slowly and softly traced around my cleavage, again and again. That raised my heartbeat even more, and our kiss became more passionate. He then grasped my right breast, over my top, squeezing it firmly. I felt my nipples hardening in anticipation. I moaned in his mouth, causing him to break the kiss. “I knew you wanted it” he winked, laughing at my shocked expression. I closed my eyes and tilted my head backwards, leaning against the mirror on the wall behind me, trying to think through what just happened. I felt his hands at my breasts again, softly squeezing them. I didn’t react at all; I was too busy hating myself. Then he brought his hands down my chest, down my stomach, and he stopped at the bottom of my shirt. He started to lift my shirt up my body, and I sat up willingly so he could get it all the way off. “Good girl” he cooed.

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   I kept my eyes closed the entire time. This left me in my black and red lacy bra, denim skirt, underwear and heels. He reached behind me and undid my bra, sliding it off me slowly, exposing my breasts; hard nipples and all. .