Giving In


“Baby, I want to try something new tonight. ” Angie stated as she came out of the master bathroom wearing her sexiest lingerie.   She was the sexiest woman that John had ever been with.   When she wore her black corset with her matching garter and stockings, the tiniest little g-string panties, dangerously tall high heels, and her gorgeous brunette hair down around her shoulders, he absolutely had to do anything that she asked.   She was a tiny thing, only about 5’2”, maybe 110 lbs. , but she had very nice C sized tits with an ass to die for.   She never really cut loose in bed though, or shared her fantasies more risqué than doing it in the hot tub on their back yard, so these few words peeked his interest.

“Yeah?  What’s that baby?  You know I would do anything for your ass, baby. ” John smiled, as he put his laptop on the side table next to the bed.   John was a big guy, 6’2” with a body shaped by hours in the company gym.   He worked long hours in the office, but he liked to stay fit for his woman.   He thought that things had gotten a little stale in the sex department lately, so he had also been thinking about staying fit for some of the ladies around the office, as well.   He was a good looking and successful man, and very popular with the ladies, but he still found his wife very sexy and maybe she had decided that she wanted some new tricks in the bedroom as well.

“Well, take off your clothes first, and I will tell you all of my wicked desires. ” Angie instructed, as she turned down the lights and walked over to the TV.   John quickly took off his shirt and shorts, truly pleased at where this seemed to be heading.

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    As Angie turned on the electronica station, turning up the volume, John turned to face her, completely naked.   His 8” cock began to thicken as he started imagining what might be in store.   Maybe she finally wanted to try anal.   He could only hope.

“Lay back in bed baby and close your eyes, you might just get a big surprise. ” she added.   John laid back in bed and Angie walked over to the bed, climbing on and straddling his chest.   “Do you trust me, baby? Angie asked with a little pouty face.   “Of course baby.   I trust you with anything. ” John replied.   She grabbed both of his wrists, leaning over to kiss him and bringing his hands up toward the headboard.   “This is going to be fun…”, she stated, grabbing the handcuffs that had been hidden and immobilizing his hands.   “…for me. ” She smiled coyly.


    John liked where this was headed, but he tensed up a little, not knowing what was to come.   Angie moved toward the bottom of the bed, taking the leg restraints out from hiding and securing his ankles, spread wide.   She left the bed and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open so that John could see her putting her hair up into a ponytail, and retrieving a paper bag filled with something.   She walked back to the bed with a stern look on her face.

“I have been thinking that things are a little blah in the bedroom, and I have decided to start exploring some of my fantasies.   I have kept them from you in the past, because I was afraid of what you might say, but I really need to explore some of my kinkier feelings.   Are you willing to help me out?” Angie asked, setting the bag on the bed and rubbing one hand down his chest, creeping slowly toward his cock.   “Yes, baby.   I would love to know what you really like.   I have always wanted this, but never wanted to pressure you.   Please, tell me how I can be of assistance. ” John replied.   “Well, in that case, we shall start lesson one into my deviant mind. ” Angie smiled.   “We will begin by you calling me Domina, when you speak to me.

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    Now, do you want to see what your domina has in store for you?”.   “Yes. ” John stated, forgetting the Domina and receiving a very hard slap across the face.   The shock of it caused him to stammer, but his cock immediately hardened at the pain.  

“Yes, what?” Angie asked.   “Yes, my Domina.   Forgive me. ” John answered, playing along at her game.   “Very good, my husband.   Now you get to see my surprise for you. ”  Angie reached into the sack and pulled out a bottle of lube, a riding crop, and a glass dildo, shaped similar to anal beads with each ball from the tip getting progressively larger until the final one rested against a large, flat base.

  This really surprised John, so he let out a small gasp which caused Angie to smile.   “You see baby, I know that you would like to fuck my ass.   And I must say, that I have been researching it and it seems like it could be really nice…. but first, I am going to let you know what it feels like to have something hard in your ass.

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  ”  She opened the bottle of lube and started pouring it on the dildo, stroking her hand up and down its length, causing the dildo to become slick.   John squirmed a little now, not so sure that he liked where things were going  at this point.   His ass?  He had never even really thought about it, but now is ass started to tighten up in anticipation.   “Now, now dear.   No need to squirm.   I will reward your help with what you really want.   My ass, tonight, in this bed, with video.   Just relax, and I assure you that this will be fun, and we are on the road to a lot of new experiences, if you are willing. ”  This definitely got John’s attention, and the thought that this could lead to finally having her ass, as well as getting to explore other fantasies, made him relax and actually start thinking that he might enjoy this.

When the dildo was lubed up, she placed the entrance at his ass, pulling up his legs slightly so that she could put a pillow underneath him.   Teasing him by putting the dildo at his entrance, and pausing, Angie looked to John.   “Tell me you want it. ”  “Yes, my Domina.   I want that dildo in my ass, please. ” John replied, somewhat hesitantly.

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    “Good enough,” Angie replied, starting to push the dildo into his ass, getting some resistance before she felt his ass give way and accepting the first bead.   John exhaled slowly, trying not to move, but that first bead had felt like a freight train entering his ass, he couldn’t imagine the largest bead being able to fit, it was at least 1. 5 inches wide.   Angie renewed her push and quickly fit the second of 5 beads into his ass, giving him no time to adjust or pause.   As he prepared to tell her to stop, he felt her push the 3rd bead in.   His ass was burning and he didn’t think he could take anymore.

“How is that, my dear?” Angie asked, smiling wickedly.   “It fucking hurts, my Domina. ” He replied, with a groan and a slight laugh.   “Ohhh, you poor baby. ” She replied.   She reached down and grabbed his softening cock, stroking it back to hardness.   “You will like this part”, she said, bending now and swallowing his dick until her lips rested at the base.   As he reveled in this new pleasure, Angie pushed the 4th bead into his ass, causing John to thrust upward.   He could feel the head of his cock inside of her throat, and it was divine.

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    “Oh wow, I am going to cum!” John yelled, unbelieving that he was ready to pop this quickly.   There was only pleasure in his body now, and no pain.   He wanted that 5th bead in his ass.   He wanted to take all of the dildo.   He pushed his ass down toward the dildo, feeling the last bead stretch his ass and slowly enter.   Angie quickly pulled her mouth from his dick, temporarily delaying his orgasm.   She took in a deep breath and said “Not yet my dear, I have other plans.   But, I can see that you like having your ass filled.   That’s good.   Really good. ”  She pushed the dildo the rest of the way into John’s ass, and then stood up on the bed.   She removed her tiny g-string.   She reached behind her back and slowly untied her corset, allowing it to loosen and her tits to bulge out the top.   She removed the corset and threw it on the floor.   She stood over him in just her stockings and garter now, looking down at him, looking so hot and sexy.

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    “Now, for the second part. ”

Angie squatted down over John’s face, lowering her dripping wet pussy to his lips.   He began to devour her.   He had always loved eating her out, and she didn’t let him do it often, but now she was very aggressive, pushing into his face, grinding against his nose with her clit.   She was extremely turned on and moaned with pleasure as John did the best he could to taste every part of her pussy.   She moved up towards the top of his head, so that his tongue could swipe at her ass.   John tried forcing his tongue inside, but she quickly moved away from him and stood up again, straddling him, and then slowly squatting down toward his standing dick.

  “I love your lips and tongue baby, but I need your hard dick to make me cum right now. ”   She grabbed his cock with her hand and impaled herself on him without stopping, taking his entire length in one movement.   He was fairly long, at 8 inches, but he was very thick, and she had never taken him in like that before.   The feeling was intense and he felt his entire body contract in pleasure.   There was no way that he would be able to last long, between her hot, wet cunt, the dildo in his ass, and the sexy attitude that she had right now.   He just prayed that she would get off quicker than him.

Angie moaned as the hard dick of her husband filled her pussy to the max, instantly causing her to have a small orgasm.   He was so thick, and it felt sooo good.

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    She slowly started riding him, shifting her angle to allow her clit to grind against his crotch.   She had wanted to live out her fantasies for so long, and after seeing the pleasure on John’s face, she thought that she had made a wise decision about trusting him to accept her cravings for new pleasure.   She reached back and twisted the glass dildo in John’s ass, causing him to moan and drive down toward her hand.   He wanted more in his ass, which gave her a good idea for next time.   She pinched her nipples with her other hand, alternating between the two.   She could really use his hands at this moment, but John being tied up was crucial for the last part of her fantasy.   She continued moving back and forth, sticking her finger in her husband’s mouth.   “Suck on it. ” she commanded.   He complied, sucking on it with fervor.   Angie reached for the riding crop now and slapped at John’s nipples, swift enough to cause him to groan in pain, but never stop sucking on her finger.   She began sliding it in and out of his mouth, slowly then quickly, while reaching behind and slapping his ass.   She repeatedly slapped his ass, speeding up her grinding on his dick, and beginning to raise up and slam down against his crotch.   She started cumming again and moaned out as she began slapping him very hard with the whip, repeatedly, at a quick pace.   Her hips were moving up high enough to leave just his head inside of her, and then slamming down against his body.

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    Her third orgasm rapidly approached.   

John was in heaven.   Between the fullness in his ass, her tight pussy grasping his cock, and the sting of the whip, he was about to lose it.   He tried to hold off, but he had to tell her.   “Domina, Domina, ohhh, I am about to cum!” he yelled out.   “Yes my baby, cum inside me.   I want all of your cream in my pussy. ” Angie moaned back, obviously feeling the pleasure of her third orgasm.   John thrust up and groaned as his dick exploded, releasing rope after hot sticky rope of cum into her tight pussy, causing him to curl his toes at his best orgasm ever.   He couldn’t believe how good it felt, and he slowly stopped pumping as his balls were emptied inside his Domina’s cunt.   He laid there with his eyes closed, catching his breath, and feeling a huge smile creep across his face.   “Ohhh, yeah baby.   Your cum feels so good inside my pussy.   I bet it tastes good too. ” Angie replied, causing John to come back down to Earth.

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    “Now, for the last part of my fantasy. ”

Angie got off of his dick and stood over him, moving to where her ankles were against his arm pits.   “Give me kisses, baby. ” Angie said as she squatted over his faith.   At first, John tried to turn his head.   Angie grabbed his hair with both hands and held his head in place.   She squatted until her pussy was right above his mouth.   He could feel the first drip onto his lips, and instinctively licked it with his tongue.   She took that moment to slam onto his face.   After tasting it, John decided to go ahead and continue with what she wanted, as he felt his dick begin to harden again.   He reached his tongue deep into her pussy and felt the warm, salty glob of his semen roll onto his tongue.   Angie moaned in pleasure as he began to devour her pussy, trying to clean up every last drop.   He began to like this role of being the slave for his Domina’s pleasure, and he hoped that there would be more where this came from.   As she continued writhing on his face, she reached her 4th orgasm of the night.   John continued to lick her until she rolled off of his face.


   And snuggle beside him.   She reached up to uncuff him, noticing that there was some cum smeared on his face.   She stuck out her tongue and licked it off, bowing toward his mouth to kiss him and share his cum.   They French kissed passionately and settled into a make out session.   As Angie rolled over to go to the bathroom to freshen up, John grabbed her wrist and slapped the cuff on.   “My turn. ” he said with a smile, as Angie felt her ass begin to tingle with pleasure.   .

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