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okay it may not sound like much, but I was fourteen when then happened. I was with my sister callie and her boyfriend, we all needed a place to crash so we went to his dad's house. Aparently, his dad was drunk, so they got mad and went to his room and I was stuck with his dad. I had just gotten out of the shower and was looking for my towel, I could've sworn I had gotten one, so I searched everywhere and could not find it. So I decided it was safe to rush out and get one, well when i looked there was none and I couldn't find my clothes either! So I yelled at my sister to let me use hers, she did but then I was stuck in the living room with his dad and I had no clothes on underneath the towel. . . So I decided to just not wear any panties and wear a night shirt of callies. She's alot bigger than me. . . . . . . So I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard callie whisper that they were going to a party and would be home to pick me up the next morning.

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   So I said okay and drifted off to sleep. I awoke around 2:00 in the morning to feel someone one touching me. It was codys dad! He began peeling my clothes off reveiling my unshaved pussy and my size 32 D tits. He started licking me, and then moved on to my tits. He started touching me, playing with me. He peeled his clothes off and shoved his dick in my mouth and told me to start sucking and blow him a good one. I started sucking and I had dreamed of sex and so I was doing my best. He finally entered me. He just rammed it in there. I sorta whimpered and then it felt good. I started kissing me and then flipped me over entering my ass he wanted to see my tits jiggle. He started sucking them. He finally got my g spot and I screamed a lovely orgasim. We made out and made sure to plan another one. Wanna fuck?.

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