Heated Friday Afternoon Part 2




Part 1

Selina and Malcom were still in the middle of trying anal sex when they heard a door slam. "Shit it's my brother put on your clothes!" Malcom tried to put on his pants but before he could even pick them up off the floor Donny walked in. "What the fuck is going on in here?! Dude did you fuck my 15 year old sister?! I'LL KILL YOU!" Selina jumped in front of Malcom. "Stop Donny! Leave him alone. I'm the one who wanted to do it not him. " "He's a grown-fucking-man! Your 15 in high school and he's 19 in college!" "Donny didn't you have sex with your ex two years ago when you were 18? She was only 15 just like me!" Donny thought about how his ex's brother felt and he let it go. "Donny please keep this quiet. Please!" "Fine but you have to do me a favor. . . fuck Tonny and me too. I need some fresh pussy and your my blood so this will be interesting. " Something came over her and she said yes.

Part 2

Tonny came in and started to undress.

Tonny was 6'3 he was short compared to Donny who was 6'11. "You have to be our slave if you don't want to get in trouble.

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  " "Fine. " Donny pulled out his 9 inches of cock and took her doggy style. While Tonny insterted his 7 inches into her mouth. "Take that shit all in and don't gag. " Malcom took her hands and made her give him a blowjob. "Fuck yeah. My my little sis you have the tighest pussy ever. I don't care I'ma cum in you. " Donny pumped her faster than ever. "Almost there. . . almost. . .

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  FUCK!" She moaned loudly as his cum shot inside her pussy and ran down her leg. "Next?" "My turn because Malcom already fucked her. "

Part 3

Tonny got behind her and stuck his cock in her ass and sat there for a second. "Yea bitch I'ma gonna break your ass. " "Give it to me!" Tonny grabbed by her waist and started to pound in her. You could her smacking sounds all the way down stairs. "Fuck yea. Oh God your ass is to tight. I can't take it!" He shot cum in her ass. "How did that feel you dirty slut?" She laughed then they told her to jerk them all off and they were gonna cum in her face. She took Malcom and Tonny in her hands and put her brother in her mouth. "I'm family I get special treatment. " She was so excited by what was going on she cummed. Then soon after they all stood in front of her and cummed on her face. "Lick it all up.

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  " Tonny and Malcom got dressed and went home while Donny and Selina stayed in her bed and went to sleep. Many days after that day they all got together to fuck her and sometimes only Donny got her.

* Sorry if it's bad ran out of ideas, but my next story with be better. Leave me ideas and I'll try and work with what you give me. <3*


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