I turned mom and sisters into my website whores!Part 1


We live in the country and Mom is a High School 10th grade teacher in town so most of her students are either eighteen or soon will be eighteen. I have heard through the younger crowd that lots of teen male thinks mom is hot and would love to fuck her. On the weekends, she likes to dabble in real estate.

I know a son should not think of their mom and sisters in sexual contents. My sisters and I are siblings of a black father and white mother. My father left when I was about 15 years old and I have never seen again, I don’t even know where he is and I really don’t give it much thought.

The only thing I know I inherited from my father is my huge cock. I remember going to the bathroom with my dad and he packed a whopper, maybe 10 inches and thick. I knew that fully erect I had what women refer to as a monster cock, 12 inches and thicker than my dad. I didn’t have to brag, just ask any of the high school girls I banged. There were no condoms that could fit me, so I was very lucky and I didn’t get any girls pregnant because I sure popped a lot of cherries and they kept coming back for more.

My name is Brian, I am 21 years old and still live at home. I was the football team quarterback in high school, but I did not want to go to college. After I graduated I wanted to start my own Cyber Security business, so I built my own man cave in our basement, so in short I still live at home. I have been working on creating a hot-wife website to make lots of money from porn.

I also have two beautiful sisters, Brianna and Jordan.

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   Brianna just turned 20 and Jordan is 18 and will graduate high school this year. Brianna is away in college. Brianna has developed into a very voluptuous young woman and Jordan is quickly getting there. Brianna is more outward than Jordan. When Brianna is home, I lustfully look at her and think whomever is fucking my sister is damn lucky. I know, I shouldn’t thing this way, but I know I would bang Brianna if I had the chance.

Jordan is more the inward type, but very developing into a beautiful woman. She won’t go out dressed like this, but at home she wears real tight short shorts. Half of her ass cheeks hang out and she looks so hot, I could just pull those shorts off and just bang the shit out of her.

My mother Elizabeth was a very young looking light brunette almost blond and green eyes. Mom is 38 and a woman with very long legs and very much a modern woman that still shows off her legs wearing shorter skirts then maybe women her age would wear, but I am not sure about that. I like to see my mom is high heels because it seems her skirts or dresses get shorter and I always try to get a peek up her skirt or dress. I have gotten lucky a several times and have seen her different color panties.

On one occasion mom was very busy on her laptop at the kitchen table and I was repairing a window blind and dropped a screw. Without really thinking about it I bent down to pick the screw up and unintendedly looked her direction and she had her legs spread, she had no panties and I saw her luscious pink pussy.

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   Boy, did I get a hard on. Mom was so busy, she did not notice. I stood up finished the repair, quickly left and went off the bathroom to jack off thinking of mom’s pink pussy.

Much like her male high school students, I fantasized banging my mother including my two sisters only my fantasy went a lot further I wanted to use my mom and sisters as whores on my porn site. I had to develop a plan to make it happen. It might take a while, but I was determined to make it happen. I had friends in high school that said if they had the chance they would fuck my mother. I still hung around with most these guys. Some of these guys have 18 year old brothers in mom’s classes. My friends told me their young brothers say the same thing, if given the chance they would bang their teacher, she is so hot! I had friends that would love to bang mom so I am sure I could setup a weekend gangbang and just have several guys bang mom all weekend and I could capture all the action on video and post it. After a weekend of mom getting constantly banged by multiple men, would definitely make her a nympho whore. After that I could start using her as my whore and make her fuck any guy I wanted her to fuck and post the action on my hot-wife site and keep the traffic high on my site.

I wanted to capture any and all the sexual moments I could with mom so I started to make myself more available to go shopping with her, or anywhere else. I wanted to expand the opportunities go get closer and see if I could see her goodies more often. My availability started to pay off.

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   On one occasion, she was driving and paying attention to traffic. Mom had to suddenly break and her purse almost fell off the seat. Without looking down, mom dragged her purse back and did not notice her skirt attached to her purse as she was dragging the purse and raised her skirt where her red panties were in full view. I started getting an erection, so I was working hard to cover it up, I said it is a little cool and reached back and got my light jacket and threw it on me. When I reached back, mom must have realized what she did, because her skirt was covering her again. I thought bummer.

On another day, Mom was loading groceries as I was coming out from the store and it was a windy day. Mom leaned down to place the grocery bags in the back of the SUV and I could see the top of her nude stockings, suddenly there was wind gust and her skirt flew up to her waist and I quickly saw her tiny sheer white panties that covered little and her ass cheeks hung out. I decided to hold back and see all I could, a second or two and it was over. I wasn’t not thinking of my mother as a mom anymore, but the woman I wanted to fuck and ravage. I thought to myself, I wonder what mom would do if I just suddenly grabbed her at home and started eating her pussy. Would she scream and call the police? I just had to fuck her!



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