Interview With Blondness!


"Its an accident!" The cab driver commented in his Jamaican accent.

Soon Jason could make out the details. A red Neon had skidded and rammed
into an old pick up van ahead. While the two drivers were out in the
rain arguing, impatient motorists were trying to make their way around
the two vehicles.

"I think it will be a good idea if I get down here. " Jason said. "It
will take us half an hour here. " He pulled the leather wallet from his
pocket. "How much do I owe you?"

"Twenty" The cab driver responded.

After handing the cab driver two crisp ten-dollar bills, Jake was
walking towards the tall apartment building ahead. The wind and the
shower were both so strong that he had to hold the hat on his head to
prevent it from blowing away. "Jessica Blondness . . . " He whispered to
himself. "If it hadn't been for you I would never go through all this.

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He shoved one hand in the raincoat. When he arrived at the main
entrance, his clothes were soaking wet. On the buzzer he pressed # 717
and waited for the beep.

"Hello?" A husky feminine voice answered.

"Hi . . . its Jason Hallander from Life Style Magazine. "

The glass door clicked open and walked in. The lobby in which he was
standing was very different than what he had expected. It was clean and
well maintained but quite average. He wondered why a porn legend like
Jessica Blondness was not living in the super luxury condos he had just
passed. Slowly he walked towards the elevator and pressed the button.
When the door opened he stepped inside and found himself surrounded by
old mirrors that had scratches all over. He turned around and checked
his reflection on all three mirrors.

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   He was a tall and lean lad in his
early twenties wearing a knee length raincoat and a black hat. There
was a Cannon camera hanging around his neck and with the large specs
that he wore, he looked like the typical ‘geek' who had just stepped
out of college. As the elevator rose up, he found his heartbeat getting
louder and louder. It was obvious that he was nervous. In a few minutes
he was about to meet the porn goddess, Blondness. He had been a fan of
Blondness since the first movie he had seen of her. She was the
ultimate queen of his sexual fantasies and in his dreams he had fucked
her a million times ejaculating loads and loads of semen thinking of
her. Now he was about to meet her and see her from his very own eyes.
For some odd reason, he took out a mint gum and placed it in his mouth.
"YA RIGHT!" He smiled at the thought and closed his eyes.

The next minute he was walking up and down the hallway, looking for
apartment 717. Finally he knocked on the door and stood back. There was
no response. Just when he was about to knock the second time, there was
the sound of approaching footsteps that sounded like a woman
approaching in high heels. The door opened and his legs turned jelly
the moment he laid eyes on her.

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   She was a more mature than he had
expected, a woman with very light, almost platinum blonde hair and ice
blue eyes. Her shoulders were pulled back and her boobs jutted
outwards, stretching the fabric of her white blouse. Her waist was
narrow and as his eyes traveled down to her legs he noticed that she
had nice well developed calves.

"Hello" She said.

"Hi . . . I am Jason Hallander from Life St. . . " .

"Come on in. " She spoke before he could complete his introduction.

He smelled her perfume as he walked past her, inhaling the fragrance
deep into his lungs.

"Its pouring outside isn't it?" She spoke in her typical husky voice as
he removed his raincoat and shoes.

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"Yeah! Its crazy out there. " He replied.

"How about some hot coffee?" She closed the door and latched it.

"Sounds wonderful!"

She gave him a smile and disappeared in the kitchen. He walked around
the place examining the apartment. The living room was small and
simple, with a TV trolly, a nice couch on one side and a few floor
cushions to sit on. There was a reclining chair near the television
with a small glass table ahead. The living room gave way to sliding
glass doors that opened in a balcony. There was nothing about the place
that boasted wealth. It was neat and simple and had a very friendly
feel to it. He stood in front of the glass door and looked outside,
admiring the view of the shimmering city lights.

"Nice view isn't it?" She spoke from the kitchenette.

"Oh yeah!" He said and looked all around him searching for a waste paper
basket where he could spit the mint gum he had been chewing. There was
nothing except a small ashtray on the table. He took out a small piece
paper from his pocket and wrapped the gum in it to prevent it from

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   Then he placed it in the ashtray and sat down on the couch. A
few minutes later, she came out holding a tray with two large mugs. As
she bent low to offer him the coffee Jason tried to steal a peak into
her blouse. Blondness straightened up pulling her shoulders back and
jutting her boobs out in her typical manner. Then she walked back to
the reclining chair and sat down.

"So what questions can I answer for you?" She said crossing her legs.
Jason's eyes once again returned to her well-developed calves.

"Well . . . you see in Life Styles Magazine I do a column on people with
unusual lifestyles. In the past I have covered Navy SEALs, prison
inmates, police detectives and lion tamers, circus gymnasts. For the
coming issue I wanted to interview some one from the adult industry.

A slight smile was appearing on her lips, which made Jason relax in her
presence. He pulled out a small digital voice recorder and placed it on
the glass table in front of her.

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"Are we ready?" He asked.

She took a sip of her coffee. "Sure!"

"OK, the first thing I would like to know is . . . which school did you go
to, what were your early days like?

She looked at him closely, her deep blue eyes piercing into his
personality. Then she lowered her gaze. "I was the only child of my
parents. My name was Jessica Watson. My father was a tax officer and my
mother a . . . " She paused. "We will talk about her later. I was a shy
teenager, chubby with blonde hair that I wore in two pick tales.

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eyesight was weak so I always wore specs that people told me were too
large for my face. I was introverted and mingled only with a few
selected friends. In my class of twenty-two, I think I was the least
noticeable one. As far as grades were concerned, I was average. The
teachers still liked me because I was not troublesome like most kids in
the class. "

"Did you have a boyfriend?" Jason asked.

"Not at that time, no. Most girls my age were crazy about athletic guys
who were in track and field and the football team but I was different.
My crush was on a boy called Dillon. He was also shy and quiet like me.
I liked him because maybe I could see myself in him. "

"Did he ever approach you?"

"No. He was too shy to do that. This crush remained a crush. But I
always thought I would grow up and settle down with some one gentle
like him.

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   Little did I know that I fate had something else in store for

"Aha!" Jason said sipping his coffee. "So tell me. . . " He placed the cup
on the table. "How did you turn from a she teenager to a porn legend. I
mean what happened in your life that transformed you into this famous
adult personality that you are today?"

She leaned back in the chair for an instant and then sprang forward
again. "It was a series of events and not a single incident. " She
continued. "It's a long story but since you asked I will tell you. "My
mother was a housewife and stayed home most of the time. Whenever I
returned from school, I would find her sitting in the living room with
other women from the neighborhood. It was your typical "gossip
gathering" where all the frustrated housewives sat together and told
each other imaginary stories about their love affairs. It was a rather
strange gathering because there was seldom any truth to those gossips
and these women knew it.

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   But it served as an energy release and was a
source of entertainment for them all.

If it was not these women then it was Henry, our landlord. Since we had
lived in the same house for a long time, I had known him since I was a
kid. He was a hairy man with a stocky built and balding head. I would
often come home from school and find him sitting in the living room
with both feet on the table, smoking cigars. I had been so used to his
presence that I never questioned his purpose for being there. Yet in
spite of all these years there was something about that man that made
me feel uncomfortable.

Now one day I went to school and found a television van parked at the
main entrance. Cameras and electronic equipment was being carried from
the van into the school building. Seemed like some film was being made.
Students from my class as well as other classes were sitting in the
grass whereas they should have been inside their classrooms studying.
When I went inside the main building I saw the commotion outside the
principal's office. Mr. Stark, our principal was surrounded by
reporters and cameramen, as he tried to answer questions what seemed
like a barrage of ‘hostile' questions from the reporters. A few minutes
later, I found out that the teachers had gone on strike for not
receiving the salary raise.

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   No school today! I stepped out on the lawn
and hung with the gang for a few minutes. They were all talking about
how great it would be if the strike went on for a week. After an hour
or so I walked back home since other kids were also leaving.

When I opened the door and entered the house, there was the strong and
familiar smell of cigar in the air. I knew Henry was there. In the
living room a lit cigar was placed on the ashtray and soft moans were
coming from my parent's bedroom. I took off my shoes and placed my
school bag on the floor. Then tip toeing, I made my way to the master
bedroom. The door was wide open and in the oval mirror I could see my
mother getting fucked. She was lying on the bed naked with her legs in
the air and Henry was pounding viciously. His stocky, hairy body was
glistening with sweat as he pounded her. The fucking was so intense
that I could hear the sound of his balls slapping my mother's ass as he
drove his shaft in and out of her pussy.

"Ooohhh my Gooodnesss!" My mother screamed . . .


   "You are sooo good Henry
FUCK ME . . . Yaaah thaats it baby fuck me! Mmmmm. . . "

I stood in the doorway and felt my pussy getting wet. I was in my mid
teens back then and this was the first live sex scene I had witnessed.
Then I suddenly wanted to leave. I wanted to get away from all that so
I got into my slippers and left the house. But, since I had left my
school bag and shoes back home, my mother found out I was there. Her
attitude changed a lot towards me after than incident. She became very
‘distant' from me and I started feeling like an ignored child. To be
honest I had always felt neglected but after that incident it was not
the same.

One day I returned from school and found my father and this other man
called "Mr.

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   Baily". He wore a black suit and had neatly gelled hair. My
mother was also there and there were lots of papers on the table. Mr.
Baily told me that my parents were getting a divorce and I was to
appear in the court after a few days and tell the judge which one of my
parents would I like to live with. He acted very sympathetic towards me
as if the whole thing had come to me as a shock. To be honest, it did
not surprise me at all. My father took me in his room and comforted me.
He told me that I should feel free to choose either of them and he
would continue to meet me even if I lived with my mom. My mother on the
other hand ignored me totally so I knew who I wanted to be with.

After the separation my mother ended up getting most things. My father
and I moved out to a small apartment at the other end of the city and
Henry moved in that house with my mother. I changed schools and was
soon going to this new one, which was a very multi-ethnic place. In my
final year at school I met this one girl who later on became the person
to have the most influence in my whole life. She was a classmate and
her name was Tori.

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   Tori was a bronze skinned Latino/Puerto Rican with
long black hair and a killer body. The guys in the school were totally
nuts about her and that made the white girls very jealous. They hated
her like anything. To be honest I also wished sometimes that I was like
her. But, she was the total opposite of me in every way. I was shy and
introverted while she was confident and outspoken. I dressed very
conservatively and she would wear tight trousers and low necks. I hung
out with a selected few and she was always surrounded by a crowd. Other
than that Tori had this ‘been there done it' look in here eyes that
showed she was not easily impressed with anything. I would often look
at her and wish that I had that figure and that personality.

In our final year at school we were assigned a project in which we had
to do a presentation on any one country of the world. Since the topic
was extremely vast, students were paired together. And guess who I got?
Tori! Those two weeks that we worked together gave me the opportunity
to see this girl up close. While Tori was sharp and street smart, books
were not her thing at all. In this project she was totally dependent on
me for the grade.

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   This put me in the position of power and I loved
that. This girl who was literally the queen of the school and had never
even noticed my presence in the classroom before, was now looking up to
me for her grade. We worked very hard and in the two weeks that
followed, we became very good friends. She was often over at my place
after school and we would study till very late. Once or twice she even
slept over.

Finally when the presentation came I found myself getting very nervous.
I was a never the ‘public speaker' type and the idea of presenting in
front of the whole class scared me. Tori though less knowledgeable on
the subject was used to being the center of attention all the time. She
saw how scared I was and suggested that she would go first and
introduce the topic. I could join in later. I agreed. So she started
talking about Saudi Arabia, the country that we had selected. As the
session went on I started feeling confident with her presence. Soon I
took over the presentation from her. The class had always seen me and a
very shy and introverted person and they were now surprised that I
could speak so well.

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   The presentation went great and we got a lot of
applause from the class.

Now when I turned eighteen, my father became very ill. He started
getting migraines. He did not take them very seriously at first but
they grew in frequency and duration and finally when he consulted the
doctor he was told that he would be hospitalized. When they did tests
on him a tumor was discovered and he was shifted into intensive care
unit. Within a few days he lost his eyesight and the doctors said that
he his situation was very serious as he was approaching a coma. They
gave him pills and injections, pumped a lot of chemicals in him but
none of that worked and finally after three weeks in hospital he died.
I was not in contact with my mother but when he died she came to the
hospital. She hugged me and told me how nice it was to see me after
three years and how much I had grown. Then she took me out in the lobby
and told me that now that my father was gone, she would like me to move
with her and Henry. She said she knew that we had not been in touch for
a long time but we are family after all and we belonged together. I
went home, locked myself and cried. Moving in with Henry was the last
thing I wanted. I hated my mother for ignoring me and cheating on my
father and I felt that she was somehow the one responsible for my
father's death. If he had not gone through the trouble she had caused
he would have been alive.

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   Now I had no choice but to move in with my
father's murderers.

Next day I received a call from Tori. She told me that the presentation
grades had been announced and we had both gotten an A+ in our
presentation. She asked whether everything was all right and why I was
not coming to school? I told her about my father and started crying on
the phone. That evening Tori came to visit me at my place. We had a
long chat and I told her about my past and all.

"Jess . . . " She held my shoulder and looked at me in the eyes. "I
understand what you are going through right now. But you know you are
an adult now. You are eighteen years old! You don't have to move in
with those guys. You can find a part time job and live on your own. You
can move in with me if you want.

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   We can share the rent and it would be
cheaper for both of us. "

I embraced her and cried on her shoulder.

Three days later I had moved in with Tori. She lived in an apartment
building built on top of a shopping plaza. It was a lower middle class
area inhabited mostly by Hispanics and Puerto Ricans. Almost all the
shops and plazas on the ground level were owned by them. I stood on the
balcony of my new home and looked down at the shops. There were a lot
of stereotypes about colored people back then and as I looked down at
all these people, I felt a little intimidated. It seemed like a
different country altogether and I was the only "white girl" living

Then I went down in the shopping plaza in search of work. A few places
were hiring and I returned with two or three application forms. Tori
was lying on the couch in the living room talking to someone on the
phone in Latin. She was wearing her tight jeans as usual and playing
with her long dark hair as she spoke. She looked gorgeous. After some
time she hung up the phone and turned towards me.

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   "Any luck?" She asked

"Yes. There are a couple of places that are hiring. " I said.

"How is the money?" She asked.

"Not that good" I responded.

There a moment of silence.

"I was just speaking to the owner of the club where I work. " She said
still playing with her hair. "I told him about you. They are looking
for a waitress so they asked me to bring you along. Interested?"

"Of course!" I responded.

"Tomorrow is Saturday. Be ready at eight in the evening. "

The next evening Tori got into tight, black leather pants and a black

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   Instead of buttoning it up she tied a knot above her navel,
leaving her tight waistline completely bare. To me this attire seemed
very inappropriate for a workplace but I did not say anything. We drove
to this place called "Obsessionz". It seemed like a dance club from the
outside but when we stepped in, I got the shock of my life to see that
it was a strip club! The lights were dim and the music was loud. On the
square stage, a scantily dressed woman with flaming red hair danced for
the ogling male audience. They watched her as she undid her bikini top
and threw it in the audience. The applause and cheers got louder and
louder as the girls thong came off. Completely naked she strutted
around the stage in high heels, swinging the thong over her head. Men
rose from their seats and raised their hands in the air to receive the
souvenir. Finally she threw it at a group of sailors sitting in the
back seats of the hall. Then, completely naked, she danced seductively
for the men.

I had still not recovered from the shock of it all when this guy in
black t-shirt approached us. He was over thirty with long hair and
hooked nose. "Tori you are late. " He said in Mexican accent.

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"I am so sorry sweet-heart!" Tori leaned forward and gave him a peck on
the cheek.

"Get ready baby! You are going on stage in 5 minutes. " He said and
turned towards me.

"Angelo! This is Jessica. " Tori introduced me. "You know the girl you
wanted. Waitress???"

"Ohhh yes! Hello Jessica. " Angelo shook my hand. "Have a seat and give
me fifteen minutes. I will be with you. " He said and then disappeared
in the kitchen.

"Enjoy!" Tori smiled at me and walked away swaying her sexy butt.

The music ended and the redhead walked off the stage in applause. There
was silence for a few minutes. Then a Spanish song began and Tori
appeared from behind the curtain.

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   I was totally stunned to see her. She
was wearing high heels shoes and the tight leather pants that she had
worn from home. Along with the black bra, she wore long elbow length
latex gloves. Her dark hair was left open and around her tiny waist was
a silver belly chain. This girl had one hell of a figure. Though not as
busty as me, Tori was easily a D-cup. The black silk bra that she wore
held her breasts in place, giving her the deep cleavage you would
generally see on magazine covers. She looked amazing! As she strutted
around the stage swaying her hips men clapped and cheered. Soon the
beat of the music picked up pace and Tori was now dancing, her waist
producing waves that traveled up her body. Then she grabbed the pole
and swung around it with one leg in the air. A man from the audience
stood up with a five-dollar bill in his mouth. Tori walked towards him
and went down on her knees in front of him. She jutted her chest out
till her cleavage was just inches away from his face. He tried to bury
his face between into her cleavage but she pushed him away and turned
around giving him her back. He understood the gesture and his hands now
went to the clasp of her bra.


   As he undid her bra, the straps slid down
her shoulders allowing the silk bra to fall on the stage. Her breasts
were perfect! Round and well shaped, tipped with erect red nipples.
Tori pinched her nipples and then turned around towards the man. The
five-dollar bill was still in his mouth. He grabbed her from the waist
and buried his face into her bare chest. Her head fell back for a
moment and then she pressed her boobs together capturing the
five-dollar bill between them.

I was mesmerized by this performance when I felt this tap on my
shoulder. I turned around and saw Angelo. "Its too noisy in here. Wanna
come to the backside?" He asked me.

"Sure. " I said and stood up.

I followed him through this door to a stairway that took us upstairs.
There was an office like room upstairs with a desk and a revolving
chair. He offered me a seat and I sat down.

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   He made a quick phone call
first and then turned to me. He began by asking me questions like
whether I have done waitress work before or could I handle a cash
register and that stuff. He also asked me for my I. D since he wanted to
be sure I was of legal age. After speaking to me for a good ten minutes
he said "Thanks! That's all I want to know. You can join from day after
tomorrow. The meeting is over unless you have any questions. " I asked
him about my pay and timings and he explained to me everything very
patiently. I thanked him and came down into the hall again. He stayed
in his office upstairs and kept talking on the phone.

So that is how I got this job at this strip bar. Initially it was a
weekend job. I worked Friday and Saturday nights and was paid seventy
dollars per shift. The tips would be around thirty dollars so I was
earning roughly two hundred per weekend. Tori on the other hand would
make two to four hundred a night just from the lap dances.

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   I often
wished I could make that kind of money. The waitress job developed a
lot of confidence in me. In the beginning I was afraid to approach the
longhaired bikers and the other loud crowd that came, but I observed
how other girls talked to them and learnt how to handle different
people. The strippers were real bitches though. I never made friends
with any of them as they thought too much of themselves. They were
making big money compared to the waitresses so they thought of
themselves as a different class altogether.

Besides lap dances, the girls were not allowed to do any "favors" to the
customers. Angelo was very strict about this. But after performances,
most of these girls would go out of the bar, negotiate with the
customers and often drive off with them to their places. Everyone knew
about this but since these negotiations were happening outside the club
premises, Angelo never objected.

One Saturday, after the show was over I was cleaning up the floor. That
night I was supposed to be the last one out so I was making sure
everything was in place. After locking up the cash register and
dropping the money in the safe, I went into the dressing room to change
from my waitress uniform. Tori was sitting there on the stool munching
an apple. She had already changed and was now dressed in her tight
denim jeans and a checkered shirt, which instead of buttoning she had
knotted on her chest as usual, proudly revealing her flat tummy and
sexy waistline.

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"Want some?" She offered me the apple.

"No thanks!" I replied and slipped out of my black knee length skirt.
Standing in my panties I started unbuttoning my white shirt. As the
shirt gapped open my white silk bra came into view. My heavy breasts
were pressed together by the bra and formed a nice long cleavage.

"Wow girl! You have a nice RACK!" Tori said taking a bite of her apple.

"Shut up!" I laughed.

"I am serious! I don't think any of the girls here have a chest like
THAT!" She took another bite of her apple. I paused and thought for a
second. She was right. There were no breast implants at that time. A
heavy breasted woman who was not over weight was a rare thing back
then. I turned to the side and admired a side view of my chest. I took
a deep breath and watched as my breasts heaved up and then settled back
as I exhaled.

"Wow! Let me SEE!" Tori said jumping off the stool.

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"Get out of here!" I turned away from her but she grabbed the end of my
shirt and pulled me towards her. We wrestled and laughed for a bit and
soon I found myself pushed against the dressing table. "ALRIGHT! I'll
show you. Just relax OK?" I said and removed the shirt, dropping it to
the floor. Now I stood in front of her in just my panties and bra, my
huge chest heaving with the breathing. Tori extended a hand and placed
it on my right boob, feeling its weight through the bra. Her touch made
my nipples very erect and I just don't know what took over me. I pulled
her to myself and pressed my lips against hers. We were kissing each
other passionately the next moment, our hands exploring each other's

"I have to see you without clothes" I broke the kiss and said to her.

"Alright wait. " She said and undid the knot of her shirt, dropping it
off her shoulders the next instant. She was wearing a silk bra just
like mine but it was black. She then turned around and undid her jeans.
I watched her slim waist and perfect ass come into view as she lowered
the jeans down her muscular legs.

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   Seen from the rear, this girl was a
breath taking sight.

"Unhook my bra!" She said sliding a hand to her crotch.

I unclasped her bra and pushed the straps down her shoulders dropping
the bra to the floor. In the mirror I could see her high riding D-cup
breasts standing proud with erect pointed nipples. She then turned
around and faced me.

"Now take off yours. " She said.

I reached behind my back and unclasped the bra. Then I slid the straps
off my shoulders and freed my breasts.

"Wow!" Tori said and extended a hand to touch them. I closed my eyes and
dropped my head back allowing her hand to explore my mounds. My eyes
were still closed when I felt her lips on my nipples. When I looked,
she had knelt down in front of me and was sucking my nipples. Then she
began alternating from one breasts to another sucking each nipple till
both were fully erect. She then slid the panties down my thighs and I
stepped out of them.

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   The next instant her own panties came off and
joined the pile of clothes on the floor. I was pleased to see that she
had a nice well-trimmed bush. She pushed me back against the make up
counter and asked me to open my legs.

"Oh my goodness Tori! What are you going to do?"

"Just SPREAD em!" She said and separated my legs with both hands. I had
no choice but to drop my head back. She knelt on the counter in front
of me and pressed her lips against my wet pussy. I was a virgin till
then and though I had fingered my self under the shower or I bed, never
ever had I felt a tongue in that area. The moment her tongue licked my
slit I began to moan. The sensation of a wet tongue was far too great.

"Like it?" She asked.

I closed my eyes and dropped my head even further back. She separated my
thighs even further and began her aggressive licking. The sensation
wasn't like anything I had ever felt till then.

"Oooooohh my Goodnesssss. .

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  . . . " I moaned as she licked me, my right thigh
going over her shoulder.

She stopped and looked at me with naughty eyes. "You like it don't you
Jessica? Tell me you like it and I will continue. "

"Yes I like it. " I said. "Please lick me"

She dropped her head to my crotch again and began to lick with the same
ferocity, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I could not hold
it any longer and grabbing her head by her hair, I came on her face.

When she rose back on her feet my juice was all over her mouth.

"Want to return the favor?" She asked and licked my juice off her lips.

"Oh no!" I thought to myself. "You want ME to lick you now?" I asked.

She started laughing.

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   "Why you don't want to?"

I had no reply so I just stared at her.

"You will never know what a pussy tastes like. " She raised her foot and
placed it on the make up counter. "Try it baby! You might like it. "

I slid down and positioned myself under the leg she had placed on the
counter. As I looked up I saw two very moist pussy lips just inches
away from my face. I had no idea what they would taste like so I
inserted a finger drawing a moan from Tori. Then I licked my finger to
get a sense of taste. Then I licked them gently.

"Yes thaats it, but lick faster, harder. " She said.

I complied and soon I was licking her pussy with both my lips and

"Ooohhhh. . .

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  that's it Jess. . . mmmm good girl. " She said moaning. As the
licking intensified she started bucking her hips in rhythm forcing her
pussy on my face. Instead of backing away I intensified the licking and
soon she was grabbed me from the face and began spurting her juices all
over my face. At that moment I tried to pull away but she was holding
my hair and kept my face tightly pressed against her pussy. The next
instant I fell flat on the floor with her juice on my lips.

The incident in the dressing room totally changed my self-perception. I
had always thought of myself as ‘average' in looks but Tori convinced
me that my poor self-image was a result of my troubled past. She told
me I was a very desirable woman and I needed to discover my own beauty.
She suggested that I needed a total ‘physical transformation'. The
first thing she did was remove my glasses. I had spent my whole teenage
years hiding behind those huge specs.

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   She took them and said "You don't
need these unless you are reading so I don't want to see you behind
these unless you have a book in your hand. Then we went to the Dawn
Tiano, the most expensive hairdresser in the city. I had worn my blonde
hair straight in two pick-tails. Tiano suggested that since I had a
square face, I should cut and perm them to shoulder length. At that
moment I did not realize how that would make me look but after she was
done with the cut and perm, I was truly amazed to see how different I
looked. I had seriously never thought I could look so good. We also
decided that I needed a tan since my skin was too pale. For the next
week I spent an hour every day tanning on the roof. Finally it came to
my clothes. I was used to wearing loose clothes that would conceal my
figure. We went clothes shopping and got two dresses with spaghetti
straps, and a sleeveless blouse with very low neck.

Immediately I began to notice how differently people started treating
me. It was a different world altogether. When I went out heads would
turn. Men would smile and hold doors for me.


   Women would look at me
with envy. The sales clerk, who never paid attention before would
leave all customers and tend to me first. Minor changes in looks, dress
and hairstyle gave me this new power over people, something I had never
felt before. It was awesome.

When the weekend came I drove with Tori to work. Obsessionz was packed
as usual and a black Mercedes was pulling over in the parking lot. As
we walked towards the entrance passed the car, the door opened and a
familiar voice greeted us.

"Myyy. . . my. . . my. .

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  . look at you babes!" It was Angelo the club owner.
He slammed the door closed approached us and first gave me a peck on
the cheek and the kissed Tori the same way. This was the first time he
had ever kissed me.

"You girls look lovely. " He said and opened the door for us.

The inside was packed and noisy as usual. Waitresses were going around
tables balancing trays full of bear glasses over their shoulders. A
redhead named Keisha performed on stage for what seemed like an over
excited crowd. Tori went into the change room and I assumed my usual
position behind the counter.

"You came at the right time" Jeff the bartended stated. "I was going
nuts serving these people all alone. "

"Yup! I can see you need a hand. " I said and started pushing beer
glasses across the counter to waiting customers.

"Nice haircut" He said.

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After about five minutes, the phone on the counter rang and Jeff picked
it up.

"Hello . . . yeah she is here. . . can it wait? I am all alone at the bar. . .
Alright sending her right away. " He said and put the phone back.

"Jess! Angelo wants you upstairs in his office. He says its urgent. " He
told me and got busy.

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I had no idea why I was wanted upstairs in the office. My initial gut
feeling was that maybe I have caused a major screw up but then I
thought that cant be. I opened the door and walked up the staircase
leading to Angelo's office. It was the same office in which Angelo had
interviewed me four months ago. Angelo was on the phone when I opened
the door and stepped in. I sat down on the chair in front of him and he
carried on with his conversation. After a few minutes he hung up and
turned his attention towards me.

"How is it downstairs?" He asked.

"Busy. " I replied.

He stood up from his chair and walked around the table till he was in
front of me. Then he knelt down facing me.

"Jessica. . .

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  " He said and he placed his large hand on mine. "There is
something I want to ask you. Please forgive me if this offends you but
. . . you are a very attractive woman and . . . I want to make love to

This left me totally baffled.

"I wont force you into anything you don't want. " He continued with his
hand still one mine. "You have the choice to walk out of this door any
moment. I also assure you that if you walk out, it won't affect your
job here. But, before you decide to either stay or leave, I want you to
know that I have wanted you the day you walked in here. You were so
different than these dancers, beautiful in a subtle way and so.

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  . . so. . .
unaware of your own beauty. Totally unaware of this effect you have on
men. . . " He leaned across and planted a gentle kiss on my lips. " I
allowed him as this conversation had left me extremely aroused. He
moved his face away, looked into my eyes and then kissed me again on
the lips.

Since there was no negative reaction from me, he took that as a green
light. Grabbing me from the shoulders, Angelo rose to his feet raising
me along with him. He took off his t-shirt and began unbuttoning my
white shirt.

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   Once totally unbuttoned he guided his finger over the
slope of my breasts and allowed it to pass between the valley of my

"Have you ever seen a man's cock?" He asked as he unzipped his jeans.

My face was turning red at that moment.

"You are a virgin aren't you Jessica?" He asked and lowered his jeans
till his cock sprang out. He had no underwear on. Since it was the
first time I had seen a man's genitals up close, his throbbing hardness
mesmerized me. He stepped out of his jeans and then guided me to the
edge of the table. There he lifted my skirt till he could see my pussy.
I had not worn any panties that night and he smiled.

"No panties heh?" He pushed me back till I was sitting on the edge
looking down at his erect cock, wondering how that would feel inside my
pussy. The only thing that had so far gone in me were my fingers and
Tori's tongue. He pushed me further back till I was lying on the table
looking up at the ceiling. My shirt gapped open revealing my heaving
chest, with nipples pointing upwards.

"Wow! YOU have nice breasts! Better than any stripper I have seen. " He
said spreading my legs.

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"Its my first time Angelo. " I was breathing heavy as I said that. "Please
be gentle. "

While one of my legs was around his hip, he guided the other up over his
body till it was resting on his shoulders. Then very slowly, he pushed
his engorged penis in my hole. "Mmmmm. . . " I moaned and he asked me.
"You like it?"

"Yes. . . " I said and stared at the ceiling.

"Want me deeper inside you?"

"Yes. " I answered and felt his hardness being pushed in.

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"You feel so tight. " He said and pushed the whole of his dick in me.

"OH MY GOD!" I screamed with pain as he buried himself in me all the way
to the hilt. He stayed there for an instant allowing my pussy to
stretch. Then he pulled back and bucked his hips in me once again this
time harder and with more force. I bit my lip and the next instant he
was fucking me, his cock going in and out of my pussy like a piston.
With every stroke the pain subsided and was replaced with the feeling
of intense pleasure. As I lay on the table with one leg on his
shoulder, my shirt was gapped open and my large breasts swayed back and
forth with the force of his strokes. Through the valley of my swaying
mounds I could see his face as he gazed at my breasts and fucked me.

"You are so tight Jessica. " He said as he closed his eyes and drove his
cock in and out of me. "I love your virgin pussy. "

The force of his thrusts was now causing the table to move across the
floor. I thought I would fall off so I gripped both sides of the table
with my hands as he drove his cock in and out of me like a mad man. The
erect nipples on my swaying breasts hardened as I reached an orgasm.

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"OOOOHHHH . . . YAAAAAAGHHHH!"I screamed, as it was beyond doubt the most
powerful orgasm I had ever experienced. I came again and again as his
dick continued to go in and out of my pussy.

"Shhhhh!" He placed a finger on my lips to silence my screams. Then very
slowly, he pulled his engorged dick out of me and shot his semen all
over my belly. It was the first time I had seen a man cum and it was a
sight I would remember for the rest of my life. He then left me lying
on the table and went into the washroom. Lying there on the table, I
stared at the ceiling and pinched my nipples. I was getting to terms
with the fact that I was no longer a girl. I was a woman.

Angelo was known for fucking strippers in his office and everyone knew
that. But it was the first time he had fucked a waitress. In days to
come he convinced me that I had the body to be a stripper and I should
consider dancing.

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   After school I spent a lot of time with Tori
practicing dancing moves. There was a garage in our apartment building
downstairs and we would spend over an hour in there working out. Tori
had a background in gymnastics and was obviously more flexible. It was
not possible for me to do those splits on stage that she did so we came
up with a dance routine that was more sensual than athletic.

I was supposed to make my appearance on July 14th, my birthday. As we
approached the date, I found myself losing the confidence. I was
‘chickening' out. I told Angelo and he patted me on the back. "You will
do just fine. " He said. "You have such a body that no matter what you
do, you can't screw up. " His logic never gave me the confidence though.
I told Tori that I don't think I would be able to go on stage and face
the crowd. Knowing me from before she understood that I was telling the
truth. So in the last few days she came up with a wonderful plan.



Instead of me going on stage alone, we were to perform together. And, we
decided that we would both cover our faces with theatrical oprah masks.
This would prevent people from recognizing us and even if we screwed
up, no one will know recognize. Tori was an excellent dancer. She could
duplicate my dance routine easily for it was peanuts compared to what
she was doing on stage. It took us just one week of practice and after
that we were able to match each others moves almost perfectly.

When July 14th came I was sitting in the dressing room backstage and my
knees were shaking. I needed to cut myself from the noise and meditate.
I needed to go deep inside me and find myself before I walked on stage.
So I went in the toilet and locked myself. I closed my eyes and tried
to relax myself. I don't know how long I spent in there but I opened my
eyes when there was a knock on the door.

"Jess are you in there?" It was Tori. "Come on babe we need to kick some
ass out there!" She yelled and her voice gave me that sudden confidence
I was searching for inside me. I stood up and opened the door and found
Tori standing outside looking absolutely stunning.

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   She was dressed like
a dominatrix as usual. The high heels had made her at least three
inches taller than me. The leather gloves that she wore went all the
way to her elbows and the tight corset she was wearing made her slim
waist appear extra slim and wasp like. The low neck of the corset and
not only revealed a nice cleavage but also showed the upper swells of
her breasts. In her hands she was holding her whip as usual. Her black
hair was loose and she looked like a Goddess. In contract to her ‘bad
girl' image, I was dressed like a good blonde girl. My hair was tied
neatly behind my head and I wore a thin blue sundress that went down to
my knees. Under was silk panties and bra, which Tori was supposed to
rip off my body on stage.

"You look hot!" I said to her.

"You look lovely. " She said to me and gave me a slap on my ass. "Follow
me bitch!" She winked at me and I started walking behind her with my
eyes on her slim waist and peach like ass. "GENTLEMAN! Now coming on
stage are our next dancers . .

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  . . . . TORI and Jessicaaaaa!" The
announcement filled the house with applause and music took over.

We walked on stage and began dancing to the rhythm of the beat. Our body
movements matched perfectly as Tori chased me all over the stage with
the whip in her hand. As the music picked pace so did our movements and
Tori caught me from around the waist with her whip. She then pulled me
to herself and turned me around so that I was facing the audience. She
slid a hand under the strap of my sundress and with a sudden jerk, she
ripped the strap off. This caused a cheer to run through the crowd. I
tried to hold the ripped strap against my shoulder but as I was doing
it she ripped the other shoulder off. Now with both hands I was holding
the two traps against my shoulders and the crowd was cheering on. Tori
put her whip around my neck and began to drag me all over the stage
like her personal slave. It was going exactly the way we had rehearsed.

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Finally that moment came when she ripped the sundress off my body and
I was standing on stage in my bra and panties. The men were going crazy
at this point. She took the remains of my dress and threw them in the
crowd. This was not part of our routine but Tori seized the opportunity
at the moment and did that. Then she ripped my bra off and we were on
the floor wrestling. In a few minutes the panties were gone too and I
found myself struggling with Tori undoing the laces of her corset.
Tori's corset came off and we were on the floor topless. Her breasts
were pressing against mine as she pinned me down to the floor and
straddled me. We began to move our bodies together at the beat of the
music and when it stopped, we were out of breath and under the red
lights our bodies were glistening with sweat. The crowd stood up and
gave a wonderful applause.

So that was my first on stage performance and the beginning of my career
as a stripper. Now this was a time when lesbian routines were not
common on stage. Our performance had generated an applause unmatched
for in the history of Obsessionz. From that day on, every weekend we
would go to the club and perform for the audience. Our show became a
real ‘crowd getter' and started attracting people from far away places.

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The amount of money that I was making from the club was staggering!
Besides that, after our performance people would follow us outside and
try to negotiate with us to go with them. Many of these guys were super
rich business executives and were willing to offer ridiculously large
amounts of money. We started going with these rich folks and THAT
became the major source of our income. The performance at the club was
nothing more than an ‘advertisement'.

A few months later Tori started dating an Air force technician by the
name Jack Hallander. Jack was a lean and tall man with the
short-cropped military style haircut. They met in a shopping mall and
exchanged phone numbers. Jack had no idea Tori was a dancer. They went
out a couple of times and on their third date, Tori told him what she
did for a living and he came to the club to see a performance. I still
remember how he had sat on the front seat and ogled at a naked Tori as
she danced with me. After the show, men were approaching us and making
offers. Jack stood up from his seat, came to Tori and picked her up in
his arms. Without saying a single word he just walked out of the club
through the audience with Tori in his arms. It was obvious they were in

One September night, right after our performance I was in the dressing
room backstage changing when a waitress came in.

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   "This gentleman wants
to meet you. " She said and handed me a business card. It had the name
Tony Chang and he was the talent agent for a film company. "He is
wearing a blue shirt, sitting outside. " She said and left the room,
leaving me alone with the card. It was an offer from a film, I could
tell that. As I held the card in my hand I knew that my life was about
to change. After changing, I stepped outside and looked around. The bar
was full and all eyes were on me. Suddenly I caught sight of the
handsome oriental man who was approaching me with a polite yet
confident smile on his face.

"Pleasure meeting you. " He said offering a hand. "I am Tony Chang. "

We found a seat in a secluded corner and Chang ordered drinks for both
of us. As the conversation progressed I found out that his job was to
recruit people to work in the adult industry.

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   This was the time when
adult film had just jumped from an underground business to a billion
dollar industry and film producers and agents were going in strip bars
in search of ‘talent'. He asked me how I felt about doing hardcore
movies? I said I had never thought about it.

"With one movie most girls make ten times of what they make in a year
dancing. " He said. "But your are not ‘most girls' so this does not
apply to you. You can surely expect to get more. " I asked him if he was
talking about both me and Tori. He said he wanted just ME! That totally
left me baffled as I had always thought Tori was hotter. As we were
having this conversation, guys from the audience would approach my
table and ask me if I was interested going outside to "talk". I was
refusing all of them. Myers saw this and said, "See how you attract
men. They come after you like flies Jessica. You have no idea what you
are about to become. Call me when you have thought about it. " He said
and stood up from the table.

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I went back and told Tori. We had a long talk in the balcony. She
explained that Jack was not comfortable with her dancing. She wanted to
quit and move with him. Her declaration totally surprised me. I had
always thought that Tori was not the kind to settle down with one man.
She was too used to attention, that he settling down with someone
seemed unconceivable. Yet, what was even more strange was that out of
all the men that were available to her, she had chosen an Air force
technician who would probably make less than a half of what she was
making dancing.

"I think you should go ahead with the offer. " She said. "Cuz, I think I
am out of this game. Dancing is finished! We are finished. " She said
and we sat there out in the balcony till it was morning. When I saw the
sun come up from the horizon, I knew it was a new beginning.

Tony Chang's office was in the basement of a downtown complex.

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   I did not
have any problems finding it. The wooden door opened in a sitting room
with a reception desk. There was no one on the desk so I walked passed
it and knocked on an opened door, which had Tony Chang's name plate.

"Come on in!" He said and I went in.

He was sitting on his reclining chair going through the nude pictures I
had submitted him almost a week back.

"You look absolutely stunning!" He said. "But it takes more than looks
to be successful in this business. "

"Oh really? What else does it take?" I asked

"Performance! In this business you don't fuck for your pleasure. You
fuck for the audience's pleasure. Women who climb the ladder here are
the ones who can see themselves from the eyes of the male viewer. " He
placed the prints on the table. "Besides that . . . you need a new name,
a screen name!" He looked at me closely, his eyes examining every
detail of my appearance.

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"What are you looking at?" I asked him.

He kept staring at me. "How would I describe you to someone who has not
seen you?" He pulled out a note pad. "Blue eyes . . . clear skin . . .
naturally pink lips . . . blonde hair . . .

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  " He continued to write words on
the pad and then suddenly stopped. "From this day on, the world will
know you as . . . BLONDENESS!" He threw the pad in front of me and I saw
the name written on it in bold letters. I loved the name from the
beginning. There was some kind of magic to it. I signed up with him
that day and that was the beginning of my film career.

The first movie that I did was ‘Black and White'. It was the story of a
rich white couple's sexual encounter with a black couple. Interracial
sex was a big fascination back then and a lot of film studios were
doing that. Richard Myers, the producer from Erotica Entertainment,
phoned Tony Chang and asked if he had someone to play the white house
wife role. They had the other three characters so he only needed a girl
to complete the white couple. He specified that he needed a blonde.
Chang believed that this was the role for me so he sent me the movie



"I don't want you to start off with a complicated script. " He had said.
"If you screw up in the acting, no one would want to talk to you in the
whole industry. This script is simple. Go through it and see if you can
do it. "

It was a thick blue binder with typed pages inside. Tori had gone out
with Jack so I went outside and began reading the pages. The story was
set on an exotic beach of Bahamas. A rich white couple from Miami lands
there for fifteen days of scuba diving and boating. The hotel in which
they are staying has a tall black security guard who has hidden cameras
installed in every room. On the black and white monitor he once catches
the couple making love. Then he sends his black girlfriend, who is a
maid in the same hotel, to seduce the man. She succeeds and he watches
them have sex on the camera. The maid tells the husband that they have
been videotaped but instead of getting mad, the husband wants to view
the tapes that have been made of him and his wife. So he ends up
becoming friends with the security guard and the movie ends with a hot
foursome outdoor.

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According to the script I had two sex scenes. One was with the white
husband in the hotel room and the other out doors with all three of
them in the final foursome. I called Chang and told him I was game!

The film was set in Bahamas, but since the regional law in Bahamas did
not allow pornography to be shot in their land back then, we had to
shoot these scene on the beaches of California and make it look like
Bahamas. Just a day before leaving for L. A I came back to our apartment
after signing the papers and found Tori spread over the couch, her head
resting on her shoulder. The TV was switched on but Tori was not paying
any attention as she was staring at the floor lost in thought. I walked
in switched off the TV and we started talking. I told her that I was
leaving for L. A in two days and she congratulated me. Then she told me
that she was pregnant!

"Jack has proposed to me and we are getting married. " She said still
looking at the carpet. "The squadron that he is with is being posted to
Boston so I will be going with him. "

There was silence.

"We have both made choices. .

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  . " She continued, ". . . and now we both have
to go our own ways. This is where the road splits. "

Tori and I had been together for over three years now. From assignment
partners at school, we had become roommates, then she had helped me
find the job at the club and together we became the most famous dancers
in the city. Everything I was today I was because of her. Now, she was
saying that we could be together no more. And, she was right! We had
both made our choices and had to go our own ways.

The next day Jack and Tori drove me to the airport. I was resting on the
back seat looking out of the window. I wanted to give Tori something
for her kid but I had nothing at that time.


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  . . " Tori looked at me in the rear view mirror. "If we have a
daughter, I will name her after you. "

"Ya . . . Jessica is a great name. " Jack said.

"And what if you have a boy?" I asked.

"Jason!" Jack said while driving the car. "Then we will all him Jason. "

The car stopped at the passenger drop area. Jack stayed in the car and
Tori followed me inside. Suddenly, I knew what I wanted to give Tori.

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There was a silver pendent around my neck with a letter "J". My father
had given it to me and I had worn it since I was a kid. I took it off
and handed it to Tori.

"Tori. . . I want you to keep this as a gift for your child. Whether its
Jessica or Jason this will work. "

She looked at me with tears in her eyes. We embraced each other at the
airport and cried. Then picking up my luggage I went through the metal
detector and that was the last time I saw Tori.

When I landed in L. A, a limo was there to receive me. The chauffer
opened the door for me and I got inside feeling like a celebrity. I had
never been in a limo before and so this was very exciting.

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   First I was
taken to Erotica Entertainment where I met Richard Myers the producer
and the director. He was a middle-aged man dressed in a Hawaii style
multi colored shirt and Bermudas. We had lunch together at a Mexican
restaurant. There I found out that the person who was to play the
security guard in the movie was a famous black porn star called Jimmy
Helmet. I had seen him earlier at the office of Erotica Entertainment.
He was a tall black man who easily stood six feet three if not more. He
had a shaven head and a flat nose and looked like one of those tall,
lean and muscular basketball players you see in NBA Jam. When I had
entered the office, he was standing in the lobby talking to someone on
the phone in his Jamaican accent. I did not like him at all as he was
too intimidating. Myers told me that Jimmy Helmet was one of the most
highly paid male porn stars in business because he was exceptionally
"gifted" in the size department. Over the course of dinner I also found
out that my second co-star, the man who would play my husband in the
movie was a blonde, golden boy who went by the name "White Devil'.
Myers told me that White Devil was a bodybuilder and an underwear model
who came into the adult industry because he wanted to have sex with the
sexiest women in the world! He was also one of the most appreciated
pornstars in the USA and fans loved him because of the exceptionally
large quantity of semen he could produce. About the black girl, Myers
did not tell me much except that she was also a stripper like me who
had been picked up from a club a few years ago. After the lunch the
limo dropped me off at the hotel.

The pick up was at 9:00 am the next morning.

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   After having my breakfast,
I was taken to the office of Erotica Entertainment. Myers was sitting
outside on the steps smoking a cigar. I got down the limo and sat with
him. We chatted for a bit and Myers explained that the film was
supposed to have four sex scenes. Out of these two had already been
shot. The other two that included me had to be filmed. We were having
this conversation when this hot looking guy on a Harley Davidson showed
up. He was wearing aviator style sun glassed and was very well muscled,
with shoulder length blonde hair. As swung his leg to get off the bike,
I noticed that he had the best male butt I had ever seen in my whole

"Here comes the White Devil. " Myers said as he stood up to greet him.

So this was White Devil, the stud who was playing my husband in the
movie. The very thought of making love to him made my nipples hard
under the t-shirt. His real name was Matt and he preferred to be called
by that. "White Devil was only for the movie credits.

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  " He said. He was
an easy to talk to guy who was not egocentric like I had imagined an
adult celebrity to be. All three of us went inside and started
discussing what I would be wearing in the first hotel room scene with
Matt. Myers pulled out a bunch of catalogues from underneath the table
and we started going through the designs.

"I don't want her to dress sexy in the opening scene. " Myers said. "The
audience will be seeing her for the very first time so I want them to
imagine what she is like under all those clothes. "

We went through a lot of stuff and finally decided that I was to wear
jeans and a loose white top. The bra and panties underneath were to be
white as well as it would suit my blonde hair and light skin.

"Now Matt, this is not a ‘Wham bam, bye bye Maam' type fuck scene!"
Myers explained to Matt. "That stuff is for Helmet. You have to be very
intimate with her. You guys are on a vacation so it has to be sensual
and romantic.

Matt leaned back in the chair and stretched his legs on the glass table,
crossing his feet.

"The foreplay has to be long.

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  " Myers continued. "First you will take off
her top, then you must fondle and kiss her through the bra. Spend some
time doing that. She has nice breasts, so make the audience WAIT before
you expose them. "

"And you Jessica . . . " Myers turned towards me. "You have to respond to
his kisses. Don't stand there frozen. Most new comers have a tendency
to just "freeze" in front of the camera. I want you to be responsive,
you get me?"

I nodded.

"Good girl" He patted me on the back, stood up and went into the sitting

I looked towards Matt and found him staring at me. Instead of looking
away he winked at me.

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   I stood up and followed Myers outside leaving
Matt alone in the room.

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