It should have never happened...


My name is Allison Jones. I've been married 18yrs to my husband James.   I married at 18 right out of highschool to my first love. We lived nextdoor to each other and did everything together. No one was surprised when we were married.   We always talked about our lives and How we would have several children.
When we were first married we'd tried to have children; but, failed. Then my husband and I had several years of financial hardship due to his business partner from his construction business imbezzling from us.   We decided to put off having children.   Now at 36  I really want children while I still can. James isn't too thrilled about the subject. We've been having several arguments about having a baby. I've recently started taking a natural fertility capsules I was given  by a friend who works for a doctor of eastern medicine. The fertility treatment takes about 3 months to make you your most fertile. This treatment basically makes the woman's eggs strong so that the fertilization takes. I also got the treatment for my husband; It makes the males sperm more motile and virile.

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He and I had a knockdown argument about that and he threw the bottle of tablets out. Saying,
"There's nothing fucking wrong with my sperm. " "I ain't using no damned pills. " "We ain't having any kids. " 
With that I grabbed the bottle of pills he'd thrown out and stormed out.   I got into my car and started to drive.   Talking to myself saying, "You selfish bastard I should go out and find someone to fuck me and get me pregnant. " "That will teach you. " I drove crying and trying to sort out my feelings. I realized that maybe James was right. We'd just gotten back on our feet and the economy isn't that great.   As I was turning my vehicle around to go back home I saw a familiar face; Wayne, a 20 yr old my husband had hired to do some work and recently laid off. Wayne is a good looking young man. He's got brownish hair with blonde highlights. He's got a great body.

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   I'd seen him several times shirtless while doing some landscaping and could tell he was well endowed in the manhood area.   I saw him hitchhiking and picked him up. He got into the car and said, "Allison, I'm surprised to see you in this area this time of night. " 
I said, " Well James and I got into an argument and I stormed out. " He said,"Damn, I thought that the two of you were totally in love. " I said, "It has nothing to do with not loving each other. " I then went into the fact that I wanted to have a baby and that James didn't want one. I told him about being on a natural fertility supplement and that I'd bought one for James as well but he was insulted and decided to throw them out. With that Wayne grabbed the bottle and looking at it said, "I never realized there was such a thing," He then began reading the bottle and  studying it. He tried handing it back to me and I said, "YOu might as well keep them and give them to someone. " "James will never use them. " Wayne got quiet and I could see he was thinking. I told him I'm sorry to tell you all that It's probably too much information. He said, "No, that's cool. " "It's just that it's been a long time since I've had sex myself.

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"Over a year since my fiancée left me. " I said,"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bring up anything painful. " He said,"It's okay. " We finally reached his destination and he said, "If you ever need to speak call me. " I gave him my number and he gave me his and left the car.   I drove home and didn't think more about it. A few weeks later I was out doing grocery shopping and I again saw Wayne. He and I spoke for a bit.   He asked me if I'd be willing to give him a ride back to the garage to get his vehicle. I found nothing wrong with that. We got there and His vehicle wasn't quite ready. Wayne said, "It's lunchtime and I'm hungry, Let me buy you lunch for giving me a ride. " I figured that would be okay.   We went to the small diner around the corner and enjoyed ourselves very much.   We ate the meal and I noticed Wayne looking at me with  longing.

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   I was feeling a little funny and had a little guilt. I felt Like a school girl with a boy on her prom night. KNowing I shouldn't but this Handsome young man was turning me on. We finished our meal and made our way back to the garage. Before he left the car he turned to me and leaned over kissing me. I was shocked and he appologized and got out of the car and ran into the garage. I could feel myself getting aroused. I said tomyself, "Allison you're a married woman" " You cannot allow yourself to be smitten by a younger man. " I drove home and put the incident out of my mind.
It has been a little over three months since I've started the fertility regimen and I would be at peek fertility within the next few days. I was planning a way of getting my husband slightly intoxicated and had gotten a natural supplement that works like viagara knowing that we'd make love and I'd get pregnant.   The day before I Planned to get my husband intoxicated He called me saying that he was going to be gone out of town for a few weeks. He said that He had an important meeting with the developers of a mall that was supposed to be built in our area. My husband said," HOney, I'm sorry about this but if this goes through it will mean lots of money and we'll discuss having that baby you want when I come home. " I said, "Really, you really want that?" He said, "Of course, We'll be able to give them everything they want.

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  " " You know I love you. "  He also told me that He'd hired someone to do ground work around our place while he was gone and that the person would be staying in our guest room because he was currently looking for an apartment.   I asked him who it was, he said,"It's the young man Wayne who I had to lay off. "
"He's a good worker; even though he's rough around the edges. " I'd known that Wayne had been in jail a few times and people had said that he  had gotten several girls and women in  the area pregnant. Of course you can never believe everything you here. He had that bad boy edge.    I hung up the phone. My pussy was a little wet thinking about the encounter Wayne and I had had.   I figured I was so aroused because The fertility treatment was taking effect and that I was close to my peek fertility.   I began to prepare for the next day when Wayne would arrive. He arrived at our place at around 8am and put his suitcase in the room.   He then told me he was going to work on the projects that my husband had left for him. I watched as he mowed the lawn. I was turned on by seeing him without his tshirt on.

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   I knew that I'd have to be careful with myself around him. I was at peek fertility. I was totally aroused by this young man. Even though I knew it was    wrong; I wanted so badly to have Wayne sleep with me. I put that out of my mind and kept myself busy around the house. I put out sandwiches for Wayne for lunch and left to do some shopping. I returned home and as I was getting Dinner on the Table I saw Wayne come walking out of his room Wrapped in a towel on his way to take a shower. He seemed to like the fact that I was watching him. He removed the towel to give me a look at his manhood and I let out a gasp and turned to leave the room.   Wayne got in the shower and about 5 minutes later I hear, "Allison, Shit I forgot my body wash would you grab it for me. " Without thinking I went to his room and looking around found his body wash. I noticed the bottle of male fertility tablets I'd purchased and he'd taken.
Out of curiosity I opened the bottle to see it was  almost empty. I realized he'd been taking these tablets. He was so young and now had all this virile sperm in his testicles.

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   This was getting me aroused. I Put the cover back on and took in a deep breath saying to myself, "Allison, You're happily married. " I then grabbed the body wash and brought it to Wayne. He opened the door and I couldn't help but notice that he was partially erect he smiled a wicked smile when he noticed I was staring at his manhood and said, "You want some of this. " I just handed him the body wash and left saying, "No. I'm a happily married woman. " We ate dinner in awkward silence. Wayne would grin at me everytime I looked  at him. He helped me do dishes and clean up.   We settled in to watching television.   I figured we'd sit and watch a movie. I asked him if he'd like a drink, He said,"Yeah, I'll have some beer. " I went and got him  beer and got myself a glass of wine. While watching the movie we both moved closer to each other until we were sitting side by side. He was working on his 4th beer and I was half done the wine.

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   Both of us feeling verygood and our inhibitions were lowered.   Wayne suggested we watch a porn movie. Normally I'd have told him no; I wasn't thinking properly due to the wine and fertility treatment. I was also feeling very horny. As the movie started Wayne laid me across his lap. He began running his hands on my body and breasts. I was getting very aroused. Wayne lifted me and began kissing. That was more than I could take. We began to undress and kiss each other. Soon we were totally nude and He'd lead me to my bed. I told him that If  he was going to fuck me he'd need to wear a condom; because, I knew that he was taking the tablets that He'd grabbed from me. He smiled and said, "That's fine I'll wear a condom. " He grabbed one and put it on his rock hard cock and began to fuck me with a vengeance. I was in a state of perpetual orgasm.

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   He had an 8 1/2 inch cock and I could feel its  head entering my cervix.  
Mu husband was about 4 inches erect and could never bring me to  that kind of orgasm. After about 10 min of fucking me Wayne said he wanted to fuck me doggy style. He pulled out of me and I got on my hands and knees.   I didn't realize that when he pulled out of me and asked me to get into the new postition he'd removed the condom.   Now that he was fucking me bareback he was really working me over. We went on this way for about 5 minutes and I'd had another orgasm when he said, "Lay on your back. " "Put your legs on my shoulders" I did as he began to finger my clit; This was  bringing me to orgasm and I was begging him to fuck me. Just as I was going to start my orgasm I saw him place his bare cock in my pussy and begin to fuck me. I knew I should have had him stop. I was so aroused knowing that he was going to pump me full of his virile sperm and my body was so ready to reproduce that I just    wrapped my legs around his waste.    He entered me with his cock and began fucking me as deeply as possible. It wasn't long before his breathing became erratic and I could feel another orgasm coming on. I was about to tell him to pull out before he came when My orgasm hit me. The muscles of my pussy tugging at his cock which was in me as deeply as possible the head in my cervix was all he could take.

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   He shoved once more and let out a loud moan; it was then that I felt it a years worth of his highly virile, highly motile sperm entering my uterus to do the job it was meant to do fertilize the eggs there waiting for them.   My body was reacting pulling his sperm deeply into my uterus. We quickly recovered only to continue our passionate fornication.   We fucked for about an hour and a half Wayne cumming into me about 6 times during that time. Me having countless orgasms. When he came the final time he pulled out of me and we collapsed into each others arms falling asleep that way.   A few hours later we again fucked each other until he came in me twice more and again he fucked me in the morning cumming in me three more times before getting out of bed. While he was showering I laid there thinking about what had happened. I felt guilt; knowing that I'd just cheated on my husband with a young man who had been hired to do yard work.   I was telling myself that maybe I wouldn't get pregnant; knowing deep down inside my conscience that I had already conceived with Wayne's baby.
 This is part one of this story. Let me know what you feel. I'll write the next part.