Its so cold out there.


No it can't be! Can it?

This was how I found myself as I thought about posting a story.
Yes here I was,looking at my desktop,wide eyed and in shocked amazement. What I was looking at had to be - Just had to be fake - Can't be! Its just too clear,what is on screen and it had something displayed that no one on earth could have forseen.

Amazed that a web site could have gotten hold of these just installed airport security scanning views I was looking at. Imagine my shock at what lay before me,it was the naked image,minus head of my father-in-law! Add to that the size of his flacid appendage dangling several inches longer than his draping ball sack. Got me wondering just how long this cock really was.

Let me explain; I was convinced it was my dad-in-law because we, - My husband and I had dropped them off at the airport only several days earlier. - Him and mum-in-law. Further too that,he always,when seeking warmer climes,used his old 'naval money belt' rather old and unique,but instantly recognisable by the four stud buttons that I was now looking at laying across the belly of the torso in front of my eyes.

Having seen this belt on so many occasions I knew the buttons were about a half inch in diameter. With an element of excitement I now held a handy six inch rule against these buttons with the intention of then pacing it down the length of his cock. Weird maybe! but not when I get to the knub of this tale. Digressing still,I found that even soft his cock was about six inches long and one and a half thick. The thought and findings had had some effect by now on my pussy. The reason is as follows in this tale. .

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An arrangement was made,that we,my husband and I would drop them off at the airport. The fact that we'd be on a journey of about an hour and a half in each direction wasn't any problem. Then the snag! We're talking winter here. - No that's only part of it. - The snag occured when dad-in-law thought 12 hour clock,while the airport thought 24 hour clock. You've got it, we were kidded I suspect into a freezing cold nightime trip to drop them off about 3am YEAH! 03:00

Being a typical selfish female,I suggested their son leave this warm sexy woman in her bed while he faced the cold,cold early hours. Father-in-law was having none of it. - "Selfish bitch,leaving your husband to drive the return journey all on his own" But added too this was his genuinely jocular tormenting grin. I relented to his charm. - "Besides,with the non-driving navigator mummy at sonny boys side,it will leave me in the back to keep you warm" - Ajoke? or that was what everyone thought when he said it!

So come the departure,it was as he depicted,even before we moved away,mum-in-law had given my husband her son a few rules to get on with. - Like; "I'll have my eye on your speed mind,we're not getting late because of you getting pulled by the law and don't you dare drive like I know you do when you're with those crazy mates you've got"Dad-in-law gave me a nudge, "See,I told you. You shivering? Be okay as the heater warms up. Here get under this" - He dragged a woollen car blanket from the pocket behind the driving seat.

Instantly it became much warmer and off we went.

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   It soon became evident that the warmth created made us very snug and linking my arm under his I snuggled alongside him. He clearly had no problem with this because on me tucking in closely he pulled at my hooked in hand and brought me as close as possible. I never took much notice at that moment,but his hand did touch my breast but didn't linger.

It was as we got really into our journey that my mind took a shock as I felt his hand casually lay on my thigh then after a sort of smoothing up and down I felt a finger flitting over my thigh/belly area. Sensing it was directly where my pubic area was,I gently turned from being slightly leaning into his side to laying or rather sitting more squarely alongside his warmth. I knew he was glancing down at me and turned my eyes up towards him as I placed my hand on his to stop anymore hanky-panky. That devil little grin was showing at his lips,but he desisted.

I thought awhile later, - "You tormenting swine" - As once more his hand lay,now on my belly. I wanted to move but equally the dirty old swine was getting me at it and he knew it. Because he quietly moved the blanket up some at the same time palming across my nipple area on his side and with the flimsy bra' I had on he obviously felt I had hard nipples. I'm not sure whether this was took as a sign of affirming I would let him play,but I immediately felt his original hand smoothing across my belly again. Mother and son chaffed at one another,completely oblivious to what was happening only feet away behind them.

Then I trembled at what took place next. The movement on my belly was to all tense and purposes,harmless up till now,but as he smoothed to and fro' I became aware a finger was playing more naughty than his hand. - Understand,I am inclined to those very very small briefs,the ones that barely come above ones pubis.

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   - So,I now felt the rather rough surface of the naughty finger as it penetrated between two of the buttons on my dress and slid up and down on my naked belly. I also felt it becoming even naughtier as it tried to tuck under the waistband elastic of my panty's.

I again found as I looked up,this randy old sods eyes grinning down at me. With this eye contact and me very deliberately nodding NO! he in turn nodded YES! Coupled with that I felt his thumb join the naughty finger and in an instant I knew he'd popped open one of my buttons. My eyes said it all. I knew they were like sauces as I felt him trying to put his hand inside my dress. I also knew it still felt too tight. You can imagine my reaction as he cheekily popped another button and slid his hand now easily inside and on to my belly.

Automatically I gripped my thighs closer. But this old bugger realising we were rather close to people involved didn't press me to open wide. Oh no! he just excepted what was there and started feeling my naked belly and trying again to get some fingers under and into my knicker's. Crazily I was getting caught up in the excitement of proximity of our spouses. Then as he suceeded in touching my pubes I felt him smoothing first one way and then the other across them until almost without thought I slid slightly down and open with my thighs.

We were suddenly brought back to reality as mum-in-law bit in, - "That your knee? pressing into my back George!" - "Sorry mum,no it was mine,I must have snoozed a bit" - I corrected my position and dad-in-law George took full advantage of my adjusting my position. Right then his fingers slipped while still being inside my knicker's right between my legs and onto my pussy.

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   I froze but never attempted to stop or remove his hand. Barely moving he still had enough movement to make my heart bump and my vagina tingle at our illegal lust. At this moment,I wanted him to make me cum,I also knew he was going too and hoped to god that I could cum quietly so the one's in the front wouldn't know what we were or had been doing,

I know he realised my lust was willing because he stared at my eyes as he was now bringing on my orgasm. The roughness of his hand was bring me to orgasm and I felt my love juices making his fingers soaking. I jerked as he now finger fucked my quim while his thumb raged without mercy on my clitoris. The orgasm came and I knew I made some subdued gasps. - "You alright back there?" - "Yes,she's okay,empty stomach I think,making her a bit queezy. - Bit queezy, your gut playing up a smigg" - Dad-in-law blagged. - "Yeah an orgasm recovered voice responded,I should have had something to eat before we started" - "Yeah! She should have,I know what would have been just right for that" - The dirty old bastard,I knew just what the dirty minded old sod had in mind for me too feast on. This time I responded in kind,not vocally, OH NO! I reached and gripped his cock, Surprisingly it was stiff but not hard. Looking at him,I nodded a NO! again he nodded a definate YES!

Drifting off to the voice of mum still controlling son,I awoke quite suddenly as again my pussy was being played with. "I had to close my eyes that time" - I heard dad-in-law goading his wife mockingly. Recklessly he was masterbating me furiously and in turn I put my hand over and again felt his cock. Realising I was back awake, - "Oh back with the living are we, Jane's back with us folks,having a nice dream were we?"- I pursed my lips and squeezed his knob hard,I mean very hard! He took it without a murmur.

I thought of something then,digging for my mobile I selected something from my galary.

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   pinged the number andIn an instant I shit! I'd in my sleepy moment sent OK,but was it to him? The answer came in a split second,a strange tone came from up front,not the bugle call of dad-in-laws phone. I'd not heard this tone so knew it wasn't my husbands. Shit my blood ran cold as I realised it could only be his mother's! Shit again as she would see it was me! But no, - "Oh my god George,you should see what,it can only be a woman has sent to me!" - "All these new phones,I haven't got who it is,what's yours Jane? have you sorted your new one out yet?" - "No,I lied,still got to sort the zim out" - That card was going and asap as well.

"Come on then woman,stop mucking with it,lets have a gander" - "George,if you see this,you'll never get to the airport,although knowing you you'd play with it for hours if you had it for real" - By now I was beaming and clammy as she passed the picture back to him. - He went quiet as he grinned and kept looking from my eyes to my pussy while wiggling his fingers like mad as he again finger fucked me. He knew alright,he was playing with what he was looking at. I had too admit to him and nodded a yes as he squeezed my cunt again and again.

We arrived,not a bit to soon as my husband was in dispute with his mum as too why she wouldn't let him have a look see at her phone. - "No,it wouldn't be fair to Jane encouraging you to look at what I showed my old letcher" My husband was not happy,I can tell you,as he grizzled about not being a kid! But I was more than happy,he'd recognise that pussy straight away. He took the picture. Remember it wouldn't have took him long to work out the intended destination. - I must change that code of mine from IN I & IN 2

The peck I got from dad-in-law really set our future journey home when we collect them. As he kissed my cheek,he whispered, - "I've seen it! Touched it! Have every intension of fucking it!" - Now do you see why I'm intent on the size of it. - Where's that damn rule,lets measure that picture again. I wonder how much it will grow in size? Will he try straight away or will I have to wait ages? That horny old sod certainly lit a lust in my bonfire.

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   Just looking at the scan is making me damn wet. . . .