Japanese wife real stories from past - 1 - intro


Before I start. These are 100 percent true but I have changes names.

I'm a white guy from London UK and my wife is Japanese but she's lived in London since she was 14. We met at school and became a couple at 14. Broke u at 16 due to her cheating but stayed friends (ish) and were off and on until we both were 19. Married when we were 20 and have been together since. Now both 30 years old.

She's very small with nearly flat chest (just small points with tiny brown nipples). I'm white, 6ft and in good shape but used to be skinny. I have a fairly big dick but wouldn't say huge.

I was her first for most things. Lost virginity at 15 years old and didn't really have a clue what we were doing. She First put my dick in her mouth at 16 and got good at sucking dick for the months before we broke up. I came in her mouth dew times back then and never really got her completely naked as she always tried to hide her tiny breasts.

First time broke up was at 16. She joined college and hung around with group of black/ mixed race boys so I was always paranoid and accusing her.

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   I wass so scared shed see a bigger dixk then mine lol. So c***dish. At the time i never proved she did anything with the guys shed been hanging with and she would deny anything. Then a few months later I found out she had started having an affair with her filipino friends brother who was 21 at the time. I didn’t expect it as she had always been a bit racist to other Asian cultures (typical japanese) including Indian and most of all Chinese, Korean and filipines.

The following years was obsessed with her and always tried to get back with her even though she had other boyfriends. I became part of here new friends group and over the 4 years we were on and off. Actually spent time around her and her boyfriends during the time. Always secretly so angry and jelus. I got with her behind all her bfs backs and she always made me believe she was just enjoying life and would end up with me which I believed and turned out true.

During that time i saw her first hand, via videos and heard things that most people could not bare seeing the girl they loved doing. These stories are some of the things that happens which turned out to change my way of seeing sex and turned me in to not being embarrassed or shy about the sort of things I wanted to try or fantasized about!

Despite how unreal some things I’ll be sharing seem they are all 100 percent true and in some cases there is vids or pics to prove. The only things I’ve changed in anything I’m sharing will be names. But if you think you know who the people really are then message me and I’ll confirm.

Enjoy and leave me your opinions, thoughts, how you’d react and similar experiences.

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