Kaley Cuoco Meet The Fanboys


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Kaley Cuoco or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

This is a series of loosely connected stories (they all share one character) about actors promoting their projects at a Comic-Con. You don’t have to read any of the other stories to understand any one story. Please to enjoy.

Story Code: M/F, Exhip

Kaley Cuoco Meets The Fanboys
By Muhabba

“Kaley!It’s so nice to see my favorite Celeb Greeter!” Mel said as he held his arms out to hug Kaley.

Kaley Cuoco, sexy star of The Big Bang Theory, held her arms out towards her favorite promoter. “Mel!I missed you,” she cooed out as they embraced.

Mel tried to contain a groan of pleasure as he felt Kaley’s large chest pressed against his portly body. His dick lurched and started to harden and he hoped that the beautiful starlet couldn’t feel it rubbing against her shapely thigh. “And how have you been this past year?” he asked as he broke the hug and tried to nonchalantly adjust the pants of his ill fitting suit.

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  “I can guess your show id doing as well as always. ”

Kaley tried not to giggle as she felt Mel’s dick throbbing against her leg before they parted. “Yep, we’re headed into double digit seasons,” she said enthusiastically. Everybody knew what a old perv the Promotional Manager was, but he was so sweet and never hit on any of the celebs that he worked with so everybody just considered him harmless. Well, maybe not harmless to the booth-babes. He certainly seemed to have a silver tongue as far as the young actresses looking to make a break for themselves were concerned. “Oh well, we’ve all paid our dues,” she thought, shrugging to herself and causing her tan cleavage to jiggle. “And how are you, Mel?Still trying to help find the next hot, young starlet?”

Mel chuckled, trying to ignore the jiggle of Kaley’s large, golden breasts. “Oh, you know me. Always offering a helpful hand,” he said, trying to ignore the beautiful girl’s firm, thick, athletic body. She was dressed conservatively enough with sneakers, blue jeans, a white button-up blouse and just the barest hint of a bright purple bra barely visible through the material. “In fact I’m auditioning a particularly talented girl for the role of Catwoman in the next Spider-Man movie,” he said, barely able to pull his eyes away from Kaley’s spectacular chest.

Kaley cocked her hips, showing off her body just a bit, a little treat to the overweight man. “I thought Catwoman was a Batman thing?Spider-Man had the Black Cat. ”

“Really?I wasn’t aware of that,” Mel answered with a wink.

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“Oh, Mel,” Kaley giggled, her whole body shaking as she did so.

Mel couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kaley’s body as she laughed. As her giggles began to subside he finally manged to tear his eyes away. “So, you ready to meet your fans?” he asked with a clap of his hands.

“Same as last year?” Kaley asked.

Mel placed his arm around Kaley’s broad shoulders and began walking her to the specially set up conference room. “You’re the boss,” he said with a smile, enjoying the way the sexy celebrity’s body felt against his.

“Oh yea!” Kaley cheered as she clapped her hands. “I love meeting my fans!”


An hour later Mel stood at a podium in the large conference room set aside at the Con. On one side of the room was a large stage hidden behind a thick, red curtain and on the other side set the over two dozen Fanboys and girls filling up the room to capacity. “Ladies and Gentlemen, Fanboys and girls, I’m proud to bring you the 8th annual ComicCon Quiz Show!” he said, his voice amplified over the crowd as they erupted into applause. “And here’s your host again this year, Kaley Cuoco!” he continued as the curtain opened and the spotlight found Kaley in the middle of the stage.

Mel looked over the erupting crowd with pride. The ComicCon Quiz Show was perhaps the greatest Meet and Greet idea he had ever had. “Now remember,” he said, trying to talk over the roar of the crowd.

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  “This is not Jeopardy. In Jeopardy the Daily Double are worth points while our Everyday Subtractions are not. Furthermore Jeopardy asks answers and are answered with questions, The ComicCon Quiz Show asks Questions that are answered with answers. I’m your announcer, Mel Blank, and here’s Kaley!”

Music very much like the Jeopardy theme song but legally different enough began playing as Kaley began swaying side to side. She wasn’t the greatest dancer in the world, and she knew it, but for this performance she didn’t need to be, and she knew it. Nobody ever came to the Quiz Show just to see her dance. Her athletic shoes squeaked on the stage floor as she moved her hips around. Her black, tear-away pants were loose fitting down her legs but stretched tight around her thick ass as she popped her tush out towards the audience and she grinned as the audiences’ hoots and catcalls got louder. She turned around to face the audience and began popping her shoulders back, thrusting her chest out and causing her purple sports bra encased breasts to jiggle up and down beneath her zip-up black hoodie. She stopped dancing as the music wound down, her blonde hair slightly curled and artfully framing her beautiful face.

Mel grunted as the wanna-be actress who had apparently hid inside his podium without him knowing swallowed his cock whole. He had tried to explain the difference between Catwoman and the Black Cat to the young model earlier but it had done no good so he had promised to “audition” her after the show but as he had stood behind the podium waiting for the cue to announce the show and Kaley he had been surprised when he felt his zipper being pulled down and the tip of his cock enveloped in a warm wetness. There had been enough light for him to see the young model wearing a black PVC catsuit swallowing his cock and sucking as hard as she could, momentarily startling him,but as the cue was given to start the show and with no way to sneak the model off-stage he just shrugged his shoulders in acceptance and started. With the end of Kaley’s dance she essentially took over the show so he really had nothing to do now but enjoy Catwoman’s oral attentions.

Kaley made her way behind her own podium as partial lights came on.

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  Unlike Mel’s large, wooden podium hers was just a single aluminum pole jutting up from the stage floor with a small table on top making sure very little of her body was blocked from the audiences’ view. “Hi, I’m Kaley Cuoco,” she started as the audience began yelling and hooting at her. “And welcome to ComicCon Quiz Show!”The audience broke out in wild applause again as she waited for them to quiet down a little before continuing. “Allow me to introduce our contestants. First from Kansas City, Missouri is Kevin Conally. ”There was polite applause as Kevin waved. “From Indianapolis Indiana is Bill Forrester. ”More polite applause as Kaley looked over the audience. Nobody came to see the contestants she knew and they were usually met with jealous stares. Everybody in the audience had come for a shot at her special prize but by now the only ones with a shot at her were these three contestants. “Better luck next time,” she thought as she announced, “And our third contestant is Francis Miller of Moose Mouth, Maine. ”

As the audience quieted down again the rest of the stage lights came up revealing the whole stage and the bank of flat screens behind Kaley came up. Where as Jeopardy used a bank of televisions the ComicCon Quiz Show used the flat-screen LED screens which was legally different enough as the categories and point values flashed on. “And lets get started,” Kaley announced as she waved her legally different enough yellow cue cards at the audience. “Kevin, you won the coin toss so you get to go first, kay?” she announced as she laid her cards out on her podium.

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  Just because she worked on a show about geniuses didn’t mean that she knew any of the answers to the Quiz Show’s questions about Pop Culture or Science. She didn’t know whose idea it was to have the star of a show about geek geniuses host a quiz show for geeks and geniuses but that guy had to be a genius themselves.

“Oh yesss. . . ” Mel hissed as the young model tugged on his shaft and tongued his balls.

Kevin licked his lips as he stared at Kaley Cuoco’s sexy body and wondered what her special prize was this year. “Oh, um. . . Nuclear Medicine,” he stammered, hoping the blood flooding to his cock and making him hard would find it’s way back to his brain. “For, ah. . . for a hundred.

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The scores stayed pretty low at the start of the game but they usually did until after the first Everyday Subtraction. Kevin got the first 2 answers right but Francis got the third question right and scored double Kevin’s points but Bill got the fourth question, only getting a hundred points but then scored the Everyday Subtraction on the fifth question, causing the audience to break out in cheers and cat-calls.

Kaley waited for the audience to calm down before starting again. “O. k. Bill, you get the Everyday Subtraction so nobody else can chime in. It’s all up to you,” she said, enjoying making the Fanboy sweat. It wasn't that she didn’t enjoy these Meet & Greets at the Con but there wasn’t any reason to make it easy for them. “In the category, ‘80’s Pop Television,’ what was the name of the show about a adorable robot girl?”

“I, uh. . . I, uh. . . ” Bill stammered as he sweated.

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  He’d gone to the ComicCon Quiz Show every year for the last four years so he knew how important the Everyday Subtraction was. “It was, um. . . ”

“Fifteen seconds, Bill,” Kaley whispered, trying to build the tension.

“Little Wonder!” Bill blurted out, causing the audience to break out in cheers.

“That’s correct,” Kaley beamed. “So, top or bottom?” she asked before stepping in front of her podium.

Bill licked his dry lips, wishing that they were allowed water during the show instead of just during the breaks. “Um, ah. . . bottoms,” he sputtered.

Kaley didn’t say anything, knowing her voice wouldn’t carry over the sounds of the audience as she began toying with the elastic band of her break-away pants. She grinned wolfishly for a moment before tugging at her waist band and then yanking quickly up, pulling her pants away from her toned legs and exposing her tight volleyball shorts and causing the audience to erupt even louder in cheers.

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  Her legs were a perfect golden tan and very toned, not enough to look masculine but her calves and thick thighs made it obvious that she worked out. Her tight shorts fit like a second skin and were the same bright purple as her sports bra but the color was slightly muted as they were pulled nearly transparent across her rounded ass. The material of her tight shorts slid snugly between her muscular ass cheeks and pulled up tight around her pubic mound without giving her a camel toe which she preferred, camel toes always looked icky to her.

Kaley pirouetted like a ballerina, making sure to give everyone a good look at her thick, round ass. She went back behind her podium and lifted up her answer cards. “Let’s see Alex Trebek do that,” she thought, still remembering the long, drawn out court battle. “Bill, you have control of the board. ”

It took Bill nearly a full minute of staring at Kaley’s legs and ass before realizing she had said anything. “Oh, uh. . . Issac. . . Issac Newton for four.


  . . four hundred please. ”

Bill was completely lost over the next few questions, forgetting even how his buzzer worked as he stared lustfully at Kaley’s exposed, toned and tanned legs. Kevin and Francis battled over the top spot, their scores never more than a few hundred points apart as Kevin hit on the next Everyday Subtraction and causing the crowd to explode.

“All right, Kevin, this next Everyday Subtraction is yours,” Kaley announced. “What year was Sir Issac Newton Knighted?”

Kevin tried to ignore the throbbing in his pants as he concentrated on trying to get enough blood into his brain for it to work. He remembered at the Con last year only one out of the four Subtractions were answered correctly and the over eager fans in the audience had kicked the crap out of the contestants that had missed their questions. He took a deep breath to steady his nerves before answering, “April 16th, 1705. ”

“That’s correct,” Kaley said, causing the audience to begin yelling out. “So what will it be, Kevin?Top or bottom,” she asked before stepping around in front of her podium.

Kevin desperately wanted to see more of Kaley’s chest, remembering the year she had only worn pasties over her nipples and the uproar that it had caused, and that was before she had upgraded her boob job. Thinking it over he decided to play it safe anyway and said, “Bottoms. ”

The crowd roared as Kaley smiled coyly and began playing with the waistband of her tight, nearly transparent purple shorts. She placed the front of her body towards the audience and began slowly pulling her shorts down, thrusting her ass back towards the contestants.

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  The further she pulled her shorts down the further she bent forward, keeping the audience from seeing her ass as she presented it to the 3 contestants.

Kevin, Bill and Francis didn’t move, didn’t blink, didn’t breath as Kaley presented her thick, golden ass to them. She wore a purple G-string the same color as her shorts and sports bra, the small strap of material sinking between her muscular cheeks. Nobody hated a quarter inch of fabric more than the 3 contestants, the purple fabric the only thing separating them from seeing her naked from the waist down. Except for her white sneakers which just made her sexier some how.

Kaley released her shorts, leaving them pooled around her ankles and stood up slowly, seeming to take forever to finally stand up and reveal the brief bit of purple material just barely covering up her pubic mound. It didn’t reveal the small strip of pubic hair just barely covering her vagina but she’d have to be careful how she walked or she’d accidentally flash herself to the audience. “And how embarrassing would that be?” she asked herself as she stepped out of her shorts. She turned around slowly, stretching her legs out, flexing her ass, letting the contestants and audience ogle her body that she worked so hard to keep in shape, and as the cheers of the audience vibrated the walls she knew that her hard work was appreciated.

Mel was slightly distracted by the model sucking his cock but was far more interested in Kaley’s show as he fucked “Catwoman’s” hungrily sucking mouth. Kaley winked playfully at him and he suddenly came, filling the young wanna-be actress’s mouth with his hot cum. As he spurted his last shot into the girl’s sucking mouth he suddenly remembered his job. “Oh, oh, oh. . .


  ” he mumbled as he turned his mic back on. “And now for a quick break,” he announced as the lights went down, the curtain closed, and the spotlight found Kaley again.

Kaley’s golden ass was far to firm to twerk, and she was thankful for that, but that didn’t stop her from waving it at the audience. The audience’s cheers were loud enough to vibrate the stage floor as she swayed back and forth, the light from the spotlight gleaming off her tan flesh. She strutted back and forth across the stage making sure to turn slowly with her ass facing the audience, giving them plenty of time to see the purple G-string that she had bought specially for this year’s Con. She stopped again, her thick rear end towards the audience with her toned legs spread shoulder length apart as she bent at the waist with her hands flat on the floor. The volume of the audience’s cheers doubled and she grinned in pride, shaking her ass back and forth before slowly standing back up.

Kaley timed her dance perfectly and was standing straight up as the legally different enough from Jeopardy music started and the curtain began to open back up. She sauntered over to her podium and grabbed her mic before strutting over to the contestants and stood in front of Kevin, her round ass pointed at the audience.

“But I want ouuuutttt,” the model whispered up at Mel.

“Well. . . well, you can’t,” Mel stammered, trying to keep his voice low. “We’ve already started the show.

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“But it’s dusty and my legs are falling asleep,” the amateur Catwoman whined.

“I don’t. . . ” Mel looked around helplessly. He’d already missed his mark announcing the end of the break but even then he couldn’t just let her out, he had a professional reputation to think of. “I didn’t ask you to hide under there. We’ll just have to wait,” he whispered down at the young booth-babe as she glared angrily up at him from around his spent cock.

“So Kevin, you’re from Kansas City, right?” Kaley asked enthusiastically, bending slightly at the waist to poke her ass out at the audience a little as Kevin grunted in agreement. “And what do you do there?”

Kevin could barely take his eyes away from the little bit of material covering Kaley’s pussy. “I’m a. . . I’m a med. .

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  . a medical student,” he muttered.

“That’s soooo interesting,” Kaley said before turning away from Kevin and giving him a great view of her ass as she took two steps away and turned towards Bill. “And our second contestant is Bill Forester from Indianapolis,” she said, once again poking her ass towards the audience again. “Now Bill, it says here that you have the largest collection of comic books in private hands in the mid-west. Is that true?”

Bill croaked before mustering enough saliva to answer. “Uh, yes. Yes, it’s true. ”

“That’s really neat,” Kaley chirped. “Congratulations. ”She turned away from Bill, making sure he got a good look at her rear-end and made her way to the last contestant. “Now, Frances, it says here you train ferrets for fun and profit. Is that true?” she asked, beaming up at him.

“Yes, Kaley, that’s true,” Francis said, gaining a bit of confidence talking about a subject he knew well. “I’ve trained over a hundred ferrets.

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“That’s soooo cute,” Kaley gushed. “I love ferrets, with their little paws and whiskers,” she said, finishing her sentence with a little girl’s sing-song voice and leaning over Francis’s podium, her large breasts pushing out of the top of her sports bra.

As Kaley turned away and walked back to her podium, swishing her succulent ass back and forth, Francis grinned. A new found confidence filled him at the beautiful stars words. “She loves ferrets,” he thought to himself. For some reason the thought lifted him up like a life preserver in the ocean. “Chicks love ferrets. ”

Kaley replaced her mic on her podium and turned back towards the contestants. “All righty, fellas. We’re in round two and the points are doubled. You guys ready?”All three of the contestants nodded and she barely noticed as Francis responded more enthusiastically than he had been previously. “Kevin, you had the last correct answer before the break so you go first. ”

Kevin just stood staring at Kaley’s golden thighs for several moments before shaking the cobwebs from his head. “Right. Right, sorry, right.

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  Um, Silver Age Comics for 400 please. ”

Kaley looked down at her cue card before speaking, wanting to make sure she got the name right. She’d die of embarrassment mispronouncing a superhero’s name at ComicCon. “Jay Garrick, the Golden Age Flash, was replaced by this police scientist, the Silver Age Flash. ”

In barely an instant Francis’s podium lit up. “Barry Allen,” he blurted out.

“That’s correct. 400 to Mr. Ferret,” Kaley said playfully. “The board is yours. ”

Francis enjoyed a four question streak before hitting the next Everyday Subtraction. “All right, Francis. The next Subtraction is yours,” Kaley said, flirtatiously playing with the zipper of her hoodie. With her pants and shorts gone only her jacket and sports bra remained to be subtracted and she playfully enjoyed watching Francis stare nervously at her chest. “In the category of Physics, how do you determine the speed of a falling object?”

“Well fuck me running,” Francis thought as all of his confidence left him.

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  “What the fuck kind of ComicCon question is this?”His head swiveled back and forth as he prayed with all of his might for the answer. There was of course no help anywhere he looked and he remembered hearing the stories of previous contestants getting their asses kicked for not getting the answer to a Everyday Subtraction right. Only one person got Kaley’s special prize that she chose herself every year, the rest had to make due with the Subtraction questions. “I’m fucked. ”

Kaley continued playfully zipping her zipper up and down all the way to her neck and then down to the bottom of her waist. “15 seconds, Francis. 10, 9, 8. . . ”

As Kaley pulled the zipper nearly all the way down a flash of her flat stomach and belly button filled Francis’s vision. “Velocity=-9. 81m/s^2*time or V=gt,” he suddenly blurted out.

Kaley looked from Francis to her card and back again, drawing out the tension but mostly teasing everybody for her own amusement. “OMG, you’re right!” she called out and the audience once again erupted into cheers and catcalls. She stepped out from behind the podium again, her muscular ass-cheeks flexing with each step as she approached the halfway point between her podium and the contestants.

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  She continued to toy with her zipper as the contestants stared at her in wide-eyed awe. She loved that look. She quickly zipped up and smiled warmly at the three guys, keeping the smile as she slowly pulled her zipper down, taking several moments just to reveal the middle of her sports bra. She took even longer to reveal the strip of flesh from her sports bra down to her belly button, and finally the zipper reached the bottom of the hoodie. She held the hoodie together again with one hand as she undid the zipper completely with the other hand before gripping both sides of the jacket and then with a quick yank pulling the sides apart, revealing her sports bra encased breasts and torso.

From behind her it looked like she was flashing the contestants her bare breasts as Kaley held the jacket wide open. She shimmied her whole golden body making her cleavage jiggle for the contestants. She had purposefully bought a sports bra 2 sizes to small for the specific reason that it made her cleavage seem to spill out of the top, it gave her a horrible uni-boob look but the delicious things it did to her cleavage, and also making her hard nipples more prominent, was worth it, especially when she shimmied. She let the jacket fall to the floor and twisted around to the audience. It was almost like the wave done at sporting events, but vocal. The furthest edge of the audience got louder as she slowly made her way around and then quieted as she turned farther away but making that part of the audience cheer louder. She didn’t want to just shake her jugs like a cheap stripper, she wanted to be a classy stripper and her shimmy just seemed classier.

Finally Kaley made her way around the audience, her jacket left on the floor next to her shorts and break away pants as she made her way back to her podium and then faced the contestants. “Now lets continue,” she said cheerfully. “Francis, you had the board.

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“Stop it, stop it,” Mel whispered trying to nonchalantly swat the model’s hands from pinching his legs.

“But I want out. Let me out,” the model whined.

“After the show, I promise,” Mel said. “Now stop pinching me. ”

“But it smells,” Catwoman said, holding her nose.

Francis got the first two questions right before Bill took over. Francis had edged ahead of Kevin and was feeling pretty good but now Bill was picking all the high point questions and creeping up on them as he glared at him angrily with each right answer. Bill slid into second place above Kevin but he stole the board with a answer to a Doctor Who question. It almost took Kevin by surprise when he asked for a Doctor Who question for 800 points and the last Everyday Subtraction appeared.

The crowd broke out into cheers that lasted so long Kaley had to wait several minutes for them to quiet down enough for her to continue. “Is it weird that so many people wanting to see me as naked as they can turns me on so much?” she wondered to herself. “O. k. , o.

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  k. Lets continued. Kevin, this the the last Everyday Subtraction and it’s all your,” she said ominously. “In the category of Doctor Who. What was the name of the junkyard that the Doctor was stuck in when we first meet him?”

“I totally know this,” Kevin thought to himself right before Kaley started tugging at her sports bra and staring at him coyly. “I, ah. . . I, ah. . . ” he stammered as his rock hard dick throbbed in his pants. “I, ah. . .


  ”His eyes darted around in a frenzy. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. . . ” he thought as images of the audience kicking his ass darted through his brain. “Just like school,” he thought. “When I first started watching Doctor Who!”“Foreman!” he blurted out. “I. M. Foreman, Scrap Merchant. 76 Trotter’s Lane!”He stared expectantly at Kaley. He knew he was right but he couldn’t stop worrying that he had screwed up somehow. “What if I misheard the question?What if it’s the 11th Doctor junkyard story?What if I accidentally said it in French?”

Kaley chewed on her bottom lip as if deciding if Kevin was right or not. "I wonder how long I can keep him in suspense like this?" she wondered. The entire room was dead quiet as she stared mischievously out at the audience.

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  Finally she looked back at Kevin. "And the answer is. . . " she began. "He looks about ready to crawl out of his skin," she thought as she chewed her lip for a moment more. "I. M. Forman is right!"

The crowd erupted in the loudest cheers yet and Kaley swore that she could hear the windows vibrate. She swayed her hips dramatically as she moved to the front of her podium, the best place to stand so that the audience and contestants could see her. "Well, most of me," she giggled to herself. There wasn't enough material to the sports bra to try and tease anybody by doing a strip tease so she just gripped the bottom with both hands and jerked up, pulling the bit of material up and completely off in one quick motion. Her blonde hair flared around her momentarily before settling over her mostly bare shoulders. The straps of her purple bra came from around her neck to her sides, almost under her arms, the lacy material of her bra cups barely enough to cover her hard, dark pink nipples. The wonder bra lifted her newly augmented tits up to sit almost like a tan shelf on her chest as she lifted her arms up to pull her breasts up high and tight and made it look like they were about to spill forth.


  The audience was silent for a moment as she lowered her arms, her tits settling back into their cups, their eyes crawling from her barely contained breasts, over her flat stomach and small waist, her wide hips cut off by the tiny straps crawling down to the brief bit of material covering her pussy as her hips spread out to her muscular thighs and toned calves down to her sneakers. And the the crowed erupted in approval.

Kaley posed for the audience and contestants, arching her back to thrust out her barely contained chest and pop out her tight, barely contained ass. She sashayed back and forth across the stage, making sure everybody got a nice eyeful of the body she took great pains to maintain.

“Shut up, shut up,” Mel whispered down at the struggling model. “I don’t want to miss this. ”

“Miss what?” the young Catwoman asked as she tried to poke her head out and see what the crowd was all excited about. “I wanna see. ”

Mel rolled his eyes. “Here, take care of this,” he said holding his once again hard dick up.

“I already did that,” the young model said. “I wanna see. . . ”

“Hold on,” Mel said.

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  “I have lines. ”

Kaley could barely hear Mel announce the break as the curtain began to close behind her. She sometimes thought it wasn’t fair that the contestants didn’t get to see her dances but would always think better of it since they used to the breaks to get a drink or use the restroom and that they had a better view of her body during the show, plus a shot at her special prize. The music finally came on over the speakers and she swayed her wide hips, popping them into place and causing her large, barely concealed breasts to jiggle. She raised her arms up, once again causing her firm tits to nearly pop out of the top of her push-up bra as she shimmied around letting everyone see her swaying tits and flexing ass. Returning to face the crowd she did a quick skipping step, causing her entire golden body to jiggle, getting turned on herself more and more as the crowd roared. “This break better end quick or I’m gonna need a new G-string,” she giggled to herself. She was beginning to sweat a bit, the lights making her tan body seem to glow, and she hoped her make-up didn’t begin to run but luckily, just before she ran out of dance steps, the music ended.

“There’s just one more segment,” Mel hissed. “Just have patience.

“But it smells like feet down here,” Catwoman whined.

“Hold on,” Mel whispered before turning his mic back on. He had nearly missed all of Kaley’s dance but since he recorded all of his Meet and Greets he wasn’t worried. If only Kaley would let him know what her Special Prizes were before hand so that he could set up remote cameras there he’d be a truly happy man. “And now for the ComicCon Quiz Show Finale!” he announced.

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  “Here’s Kaley!”

Kaley grabbed her mic from the podium and then posed herself in front of it, showcasing her tight body for the contestants. She leaned back against the podium, her elbows spread out to rest on top, her fit body making a letter T of toned, tanned, barely concealed flesh. “Welcome to the final round of the ComicCon Quiz Show!” she announced. “Where the correct answer to our last question will be worth triple the contestants’ scores. The scores are pretty close so it’s still anybody’s game. You ready?”

All three of the contestants barely nodded their hands, not wanting to look away from Kaley’s body.

Kaley noticed the looks on the contestants’ faces and tried not to giggle at their expressions. “Alrighty then, lets begin,” she happily announced. “Here’s your question. After I’ve asked it write your answers on the card in front of you, which is totally different than the way Jeopardy does it. Please do not start writing until I finish asking the question. ”All three of the contestants once again barely nodded their heads. “What element is used in the dating of old materials?”Almost at once all the contestants reached for their markers. “And guys,” she interrupted. “The winner gets to take a shower with me.

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  30 seconds. ”She could barely contain fits of giggles as all three of the contestants lost fine motor control and fumbled their markers, nearly dropping them.

From her vantage point Kaley couldn’t tell what the three guys were doing but she made sure they were as distracted as they could be: She threw her shoulders back which thrust her impressive chest out even farther, she stretched first one hip and then the other to give them a great side view of her tits, and she rubbed her thighs together to show off her bare legs. “15 seconds,” she said breathlessly. “10 seconds,” she moaned out. “5 seconds,” she whispered wantonly. And finally, and frankly, she said, “Time. Put down your markers. ”

Kaley shimmied, shook, skipped, and sashayed her way over to Kevin, enjoying the effect her nearly naked body was having on everybody. "O. k. Kevin, show me what you got. "

Kevin looked down at his card and then simply shrugged his shoulders in defeat before hanging his card in front of his podium.

"And it looks like Kevin wrote. .

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  . " Kaley started to announce. ". . . or rather drew, a squiggly line. "She looked up at Kevin and arched her eyebrow as she asked, "I don't suppose that's a symbol that means. . . ?"

"No, no," Kevin answered. "It's just a squiggly line," he said in defeat.

"Oh, sweetie. I'm sorry," Kaley said with a frowny face. She leaned over to ruffle Kevin's hair and gave him an eyeful of her glowing cleavage before making her way down to Bill. “O.

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  k. Billy, show me what you got," she said enthusiastically.

Bill puffed his chest out and flipped his card over, hanging it proudly in the front of his podium. "Carbon," he announced.

"They measure the decay rate. . . of carbon!" Kaley announced before waving her arms in the air, her large breasts swaying back and forth in the cups of her barely there bra. As the cheers of the crowd died down she slowly stepped over to Francis, feeling Kevin and Bill's crawling over her back side as Francis's crawled up and down her front. "Sorry, sweetie," she said frowning at Francis. "Even if you get the right answer Bill had more points than you entering the round. "Out if curiosity she looked down at his answer card still on his podium and saw that it was completely blank. "But maybe it's for the best that we don't know," she said as she ruffled his hair, his eyes crawling over her jiggling cleavage.

"Her body is the reason we have the word 'jiggle'," Kevin thought.

Kaley made her way to the front of the stage to address the audience.

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  "This has been The ComicCon Quiz Show with Kaley Cuoco," she announced. "See ya next year," she finished as she began to shimmy on the spot as the audience cheered and the curtain closed.

As the lights lowered the young model whined to Mel, "Can I get out now?I can't feel my legs. "


"Come in," Bill heard the muffled voice of Kaley call out from behind the door to her suite. He tried the knob and found the door unlocked so he made his way into her hotel room. He closed the door behind him and tightened the knot of his fluffy, white robe and looked around the room. It was definitely bigger than the 8x10 he was sharing with five of his friends. Well, four friends and one ex-friend who had tried to steal his id and take his shower with Kaley. How that plan was supposed to work since he’d already met Kaley he had no idea. "I'm in the bathroom," he heard her call out and he actually walked towards the wrong end of the large room before hearing the sound of running water coming from the opposite direction.

Bill stood just outside the bathroom and poked his head in. "Ka. . . I mean, Miss Cuoco?It's Bill.

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  From the show?"He heard her giggle off to one side and looked over and saw a whole quarter of the room was filled with steam.

Kaley giggled again, her voice seeming to sparkle in the steam. "You can't take a shower in the doorway there, Bill. You'll get the carpet wet. Get in here, I won't bite," she said whimsically. "The body wash I use tastes terrible. "

Bill entered the bathroom and the steam seemed to part before him revealing Kaley Cuoco's wet, fully naked body to him. Her hair was matted to her head with the water streaming down her neck and wide shoulders. She was leaning against the shower wall with her arms behind her, thrusting her chest out, water cascaded around and over her large, gravity defying tits and dripped off of her hard, pink nipples. The water flowed down her flat stomach and belly button and seemed to automatically flow to the area between her legs. She kept a small strip of pubic hair cut close above her vagina and had her ankles crossed which kept her pubic mound barely hidden by her thighs. Her whole body just barely hinted at the muscle tone underneath her skin which was a uniform golden tan except for her pink nipples and her light brown pubic hair. The only thing she wore was a knowing smirk.

"Close the door, Bill. You're letting all the heat out," Kaley said mischievously.

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Bill could only stammer, "I, uh. . . I,uh. . . I, uh. . . "He stared at the sexy T. V. star with wide eyes and a gaping mouth as his erection roared to life and tented the front of his robe. It was four floors up and a hundred yard walk from his room to Kaley's and he had spent the whole walk waiting for someone to jump out and yell surprise, the whole joke's on him. His insecurities probably wasn't help by the what-the-hell-were-you-thinking decision to leave his cloths behind and wear only a robe. It had seemed like the thing to do at the time.


  He had no idea what the protocol in these situations was but it made since at the time.

Kaley giggled again at Bill's blank look. "Close the door, Bill. It's not nice to make a naked girl wait. "

Bill closed the door and shuffled nervously towards the naked Kaley, accidentally tripping over his own feet, completely oblivious to anything other than her wet, naked body.

Smiling sweetly Kaley pushed away from the wall and stepped towards the trembling Bill. "It's o. k. , sweetie. Don't be nervous," she said warmly as she reached out and untied his robe. She pushed the robe off of his shoulders and let it fall to the ground as she took a moment to look over his revealed body. "If he was anymore average I wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd," she thought as she looked him over. His mousey brown hair was shaggy but not artfully so but his body was just a bit more muscular than usual. "Even his prick is average enough," she thought as she appraised his throbbing tool. "He could be a professional stand-in for just about anybody.

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  Well, after today he'll stand out a bit more," she giggled to herself.

"What. . . what's so funny?" Bill asked nervously. The absolute worse thing a man could go through was to be naked in front of a beautiful girl and have her laugh.

"Nothing, sweetie," Kaley answered with a wink. "I was just wondering how good you were with your fingers. "She grabbed Bill's wrist and dragged him into the hot, steamy shower, closing the door behind them and letting the steam envelop them. "First we'll start off with my hair," she said as she moved to a bench set off to one side of the shower stall.

"Your. . . your hair?" Bill asked, slightly confused.

"Sure," Kaley chirped.


  "What did you think we were going to do in a shower?"She tried not to laugh, enjoying the power she had over the Fanboy. "Shampoo's over there," she said as she pointed off to the side and sat down.

"Um, yeah. Yeah, right," Bill mumbled, confused by what was going on. "Well, she did say it was going to be a shower. Plus I get to see her naked which is pretty special," he thought to himself as he filled his hand with shampoo. He'd always assumed that there was a more sexual component to Kaley's Special Prize, at least those were the rumors. He applied the shampoo to her long blonde hair and worked it in, building up a lather as she moaned and leaned her head back against his torso, rubbing her neck and shoulders against his hard prick. "Ohhh, now I get it," he thought as he pressed himself more firmly against her and began massaging her scalp.

"Mmmm," Kaley moaned out again. "You're definitely good with your fingers, Bill. "She pressed herself more firmly against him, her neck firmly pressed against his cock, his balls between her shoulders and her graceful back against his thighs. She moved against him, rubbing up and down against him and she could feel him throbbing against her. "Now rinse it out," she purred as she leaned forward, her firm tits pressed against her thighs enough to cause them to bulge slightly from the sides.

Bill obediently pulled the shower head from the wall and aimed it at the back of Kaley's head, the suds flowing down her back and the bulging sides of her breasts.

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  As he rinsed her hair his hard prick sat on her back along her spine and he rubbed him self against her, back and forth and from side to side across her silky skin.

Kaley shivered at the feel of Bill slowly but firmly rubbing his prick against her, humping her. "This was such a good idea," she thought to herself with a grin.

Bill stood behind Kaley rubbing his prick against her spine as he rinsed the last of the shampoo from her hair. "Enjoying yourself?" he asked.

"Ohhh yeah,"Kaley groaned. "Now wash my back," she told him. "The body wash and loofah are over by the shampoo. "

Bill looked in the corner of the shower stall and saw the peach scented body wash. "There's no loofah," he said, wondering if the hotel's gift shop sold any.

Kaley giggled, "Well, I guess you'll just have to get creative then. Start with my back first. "

Bill looked around for a washcloth or a hand towel for a few moments before realization dawned on him. "Oh, o. k.

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  Right," he mumbled as he grabbed the bottle of body wash and poured some into his palms. He rubbed his hands together to build up a lather and then placed his hands on Kaley's broad shoulders. He worked around her slick skin to her arms and then to the middle of her graceful back. His hands slid back up to her shoulder blades and to her sides where he felt where the warm flesh began to form her large tits. He licked his lips as he made his way down farther to her small waist and rubbed around her wide hips and the upper area of her firm ass.

Kaley grinned as she felt Bill's thumbs slide across the tops of her buttocks, unable to move lower because she was still sitting on the bench. "Okey dokey," she said and felt Bill move his hands away. She slowly stood up, presenting her glistening ass to Bill as she leaned chest first against the wall, her hard, sizzling nipples sliding against the smooth tiles. "Now start down at my ankles and wash my legs," she said warmly.

Bill gulped twice, nearly swallowing his tongue. He bent down, nearly falling as his feet tried to slide out from under him, until he was on his knees with his face perfectly even with Kaley's thick, golden ass. He could see between the under-swell of her cheeks at the point where her ass became her perfect pink pussy lips and the sight made him lick his lips, amazed that they could feel so dry in this steam, amazed at the sight of her wet labia and never broke eye contact as he clumsily soaped up one of her calves and then the other. It wasn't until he started on her thick thighs that he even attempted to break eye contact with his eyes darting back and forth from the tops of her thighs and ass to her clean shaven lips.

Just as Bill's fingertips traced the tops of Kaley's thighs and the start of her ass he heard her clear her throat to get his attention and what she said next caused his dick to throb to the point of pain. He looked up at her as she looked down around the side swell of her tit at him with a knowing smirk on her face.

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"Bill, wash my tushie," Kaley said with a grin.

Bill looked at Kaley's upthrust ass in wide-eyed awe. His hands trembled as they slid up from the tops of her thighs until both golden cheeks filled his palms. He held her cheeks reverently, amazed at how much softer they felt compared to what he thought they would, his fingertips sinking into the soft skin. He wasn't actually sure what he had been expecting but her tan ass felt like firm foam rubber, almost like a sexy nerf ball, covered in pliant peach scented flesh. He began squeezing the thick flesh, softly kneading her firm cheeks like dough and heard her moan erotically above him.

"Mmmm, Bill," Kaley moaned out, enjoying everything Bill's fingers were doing to her. "You really are good with those fingers"

With a small surge of confidence Bill slid his fingertips between Kaley's cheeks. "Jesus. You could crack walnuts with these," he thought as he slid his fingertips across her puckered asshole and felt her shiver in pleasure as she gasped out. He slid his thumb across the entrance and probed it slightly, enjoying the way the sexy starlet was starting to pant.

Kaley's eyes rolled up in her head at the pleasure Bill was giving her. "Oh God, I nearly came," she groaned inwardly as his fingertips caressed her tight asshole. Needing to compose herself she stood up straighter, her cheeks squeezing down on Bill's thumbs between them. She flexed her muscular cheeks, squeezing down on his digits before turning around to face him.

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  "You can stand up now, Bill. It's time to wash my front. "

Bill couldn't hear Kaley, all his brain would register were her smooth pussy lips and small strip of pubic hair only a few inches from his face. Despite the water, despite the steam, despite the soap stinging his eyes he didn't blink and his tongue lolled out of his mouth like a panting puppy.

Kaley quickly slapped her hands over her mouth to keep from laughing out at the look on Bill's face. "Never laugh in front of a naked man", she chided herself. "No matter how adorably puppy like he looks. "Containing her fit of laughter she reached down and hooked a finger under Bill's chin and used it to pull him to his feet.

Bill's eyes trailed up from Kaley's pussy to her flat stomach and then up to her impressive chest but stopped there as he stood straight with his head bent down towards her wet, glistening tits. It wasn't until Kaley knocked on the top of his head that he finally looked up at her face.

"You can start with my arms," Kaley giggled.

"What?" Bill choked out. "Oh, arms. Right, right. "He filled his palms with more body wash as Kaley held her arms straight out to her sides, her large, wet tits pulling up higher on her chest and looking even more gravity defying.

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  His eyes never left her chest as he lathered up one arm and then the other as the water flowed over the tops of her breasts and cascaded down the slopes, running into a stream off of her herd nipples.

This time Kaley didn't even try to get Bill's attention to give him more directions, she just grabbed his wrists and pulled his hands to to her tits, making a wet slapping sound.

Bill's heart was hammering in his chest as his knees buckled slightly at the feel of touching Kaley's breasts when he suddenly came, his white cum splashing across her flat stomach and washing away before she even noticed. As his orgasm subsided he was afraid that the shower would be over, one cum and then done, but since she didn't appear to have noticed and he wasn't going soft he decided to keep going until she told him to stop. He licked his lips hungrily as he fondled her amazing tits, running his thumbs over her hard nipples and enjoying the soft cooing noises that she was making. "And I'm doing that," he thought. "I'm feeling up Kaley Cuoco's boobs and she's getting off on it!"

Kaley began panting in lust, her quick breathes pushing her tits more firmly into Bill's questing hands. "Best Quiz Show yet," she thought as she began mewling in pleasure.

Working Kaley's tits around in circles Bill began pinching and rolling her nipples between his fingertips as she kept her hands on his wrists, holding his hands to her chest. The appreciative noises she was making had his cock throbbing again and without even thinking about it he bent down and took a rosy pink nipples between his lips, sucking hard and licking the rubbery nub with his tongue.

"Oh My God!" Kaley gasped out as she nearly lost her footing when Bill began licking and sucking her tit. "This geek is going to make me fucking cum early," she thought to herself as she unconsciously pushed her chest out, trying to shove more of her firm tit into his sucking mouth. Kaley gasped out as her eager winner switched from one tit to the other. "Mmm, you're good with your tongue too," she giggled as she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him back, breaking the seal of his lips on her breast. "To bad people don't take showers with their tongues," she said with a coy wink.

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Bill looked heart-broken as Kaley once again gripped his wrists. "Don't look so sad," she said with a fake pout, making sure to push her bottom lip out as she pushed his hands down her flush body. "You're not done cleaning me yet," she whispered eroticly, her pout giving way to a coy grin. She chewed her bottom lip as she pushed down on the top of Bill's head until he was on his knees in front of her and then she spread her legs slightly. He looked up at her and a shiver went through her as he stared up at her in awe, almost reverently. "Now finish cleaning me, Bill," she said, her voice trembling a little in anticipation. She couldn't remember being turned on this much at a Con before. "Finish cleaning all of me. "

"Oh wow," Bill whispered as he raised a trembling hand up and felt Kaley's hot, wet pussy with his fingertips, delicately tracing around it's folds. He cupped her mound with his hand and squeezed slightly and felt her entire body shudder in pleasure. "Awesome," he moaned as he slowly slid his middle finger up and down between her plump lips, teasing her and enjoying the sounds of her pants and moans as she reached down and gripped his wrist, urging him to probe harder. Finding her small, slick hole he slowly inserted his finger into her hot pussy and began slowly sawing it in and out searching for her elusive G-spot. She gripped his wrist tighter, her nails digging into his skin as she began humping his hand. He slid his ring finger into her juicy hole and caused her to buck suddenly against his hand as sexy moans escaped from her gasping mouth while he delved deep inside of her wet, sexy body searching for her special spot.

Kaley cried out and her body bucked against his hand again as his thumb slid over her clit.

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  "Oh, oh right there, Bill," she panted in pleasure. "Use your thumb right there. "She gritted her teeth and hissed as he began making long, slow circles against her throbbing clit, so very glad that he had been the one to win the show. She turned herself sideways to him and felt his hard cock slide against her thigh as he stood back up and immediately he began humping against her leg like a horny puppy. She grinned at the feel of him rubbing his hard-on against her and then looked deep into his eyes. "And my tushie. Don't forget my tushie," she said sweetly and innocently.

Bill’s eyes bugged wide open. “I, uh. . . wha?”

Kaley gripped Bill’s free hand and brought it up between their faces. She moved his fingers around until he was making a fist and then brought his thumb up. “My ass, Bill. I like to be very clean,” she said before forcing his hand down and behind her.

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  She released his hand and shuddered as his thumb slid between her taunt ass-cheeks and rubbed against her puckered hole. “Mmm, yeah. Right there, Bill,” she moaned out. Her toes curled as she felt him press against her tightest hole and then popped past the ring of muscle at the entrance to her asshole. “Oh God!” she gasped out.

Bill had to keep a beat in his head to keep up with everything he was doing. “One, two, three, four. . . ” he muttered to himself as he humped against Kaley’s smooth, wet thigh while he pumped two fingers into her hot, tight, pussy while circling her clit with his thumb and began pushing his other thumb into her gripping asshole.

“Ohhh, mmm. . . ” Kaley moaned as she rocked her hips back and forth against Bill’s talented fingers. “I’m gonna.


  . . I’m gonna. . . ” she moaned out in pleasure as she gripped his wrists and held his hands against her pussy and ass. She shut her eyes tight as she shouted out in bliss, “I’m gonna cuuummm!”Her muscles locked tight as her orgasm rushed over her, her toned body twitching as fireworks exploded behind her eyes. Her pussy and ass clamped down on Bill’s fingers as she rode them through her orgasm, her juices flooding from her cunt to mix with the hot water and run down her trembling thighs.

A dopey grin spread across Kaley’s face as she came down from her orgasm and her muscles slowly remembered how to relax. “Mmm, good job, sweetie,” she moaned as she pulled Bill’s fingers out of her sated body. “Good boy, Bill. ”

Bill watched Kaley with wide eyed fascination, entranced by the sight of television star Kaley Cuoco cumming and awestruck that it was because of him.

“Mmm, good boy, Bill,” Kaley continued cooing as she patted Bill affectionately on the head. “Now it’s your turn,” she grinned as Bill dumbly obeyed her as she pushed him facing the wall, his throbbing erection sliding over the front of her thighs as he was turned around to face the wall.


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  . . wha?” Bull mumbled as he faced the wall.

Kaley grabbed her body wash and squeezed a large amount across her impressive chest. “It’s a shower, Bill, remember?” she said with obvious glee. “We can’t have you leaving a shower without getting all washed up, now can we?”

“I uh, uh. . . ” Bill stammered until he was once again stunned into silence by the warm sensation of two spongy objects with hard, little tips pressed against his back. “Is she. . . is she. . .


  ?” he wondered.

Kaley pressed her large, sudsy tits against Bill’s wet back and began moving her chest from side to side, soaping and washing his upper back and shoulders. With her extra weight pressed firmly against him he braced himself against the stall as she stood on her tip-toes and rubbed her breasts against his neck and the top of his shoulders. She worked her firm orbs from side to side and down his back until she finally made her way down to his waist. Using her hands to hold the sides of her tits together she knelt lower, rubbing his thighs up and down between the golden valley of her slick breasts. She couldn’t kneel any lower than her thigh as she pushed her breasts up and down, surrounding the outside of first one thigh and then the other, working herself back up from the bottom of his thighs to the top until her slick, golden orbs were pressed against his ass. She stifled a giggle as she saw his knees shaking and wondered to herself if Bill was closer to cumming or collapsing as she stood back up. “O. k. , Bill. Turn around. ”

Bill slowly turned around, not trusting his legs not to collapse under him, until he was facing Kaley. She giggled as she slowly pressed herself against him fully, molding her body to his before giving him a quick peck on the tip of his nose. He groaned and his eyes rolled up into his head as she began working her chest side to side, sliding her warm, silky breasts across his chest. He balled his hands into fists, trying to force himself not to cum as his cock slid over her flat stomach and he forced himself not to look at the naked star’s body, knowing that would be the final straw.

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  He began panting as she made her way lower down his abdomen, his cock pressed firmly against her as she slid slowly to her knees and her tits rubbed against his waist. He gasped as she pulled her chest way, looking down at her as she wrapped her tits around the front of his thigh and began rubbing her tits up and down his leg.

Kaley had felt Bill’s pulse through his cock when it had been pressed between them and had known he was about to pop. She finished soaping up his thighs and then pulled away from him as she sat up straighter with his cock now pointing at her chest, giving him a small break before he came to soon. She looked up at him staring down at her and smiled warmly up at him. “Well, Bill. Just one more thing to wash,” she said as she leaned forward against him.

“Oh my fucking God,” Bill blurted out as Kaley’s warm tits enveloped his cock. His palms were pressed flat against the wall for balance as his hips rocked back and forth, plunging his cock in and out of her magnificent breasts. He was unable to control his thrusting hips and could feel his feet beginning to slide out from underneath him, luckily Kaley spread her knees, blocking his feet from sliding any farther as she worked her tits up and down his pole. The very tip of his cock would poke out from the top of her cleavage whenever he thrust himself up and he tried to think of the game Whack-a-mole to try and distract him from the liquid pleasure shoot through his body from his cock up to his brain. Her golden cleavage was nearly frictionless as he worked himself in and out and she worked herself up and down and the sensation was driving him wild. Suddenly the warm, slightly amused look left her face and her eyes filled with lust as she licked her lips.

Kaley enjoyed teasing her fans but decided that poor Bill had enough teasing for one day. “Cum for me, Bill.

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  Cum all over me,” she whispered breathlessly as she looked deep into Bill’s eyes.

“Aaahhh. . . ” Bill shouted as he thrust his hips up, the head of his cock poking out of Kaley’s tits, and came. His orgasm seemed to erupt through him like a volcano, his cum spewing up and across Kaley’s beautiful face, graceful neck, and gleaming tits. The white of his cum stood out starkly against her tan skin for a moment before being washed away by the warm water flowing over her naked body. Stream after stream of her hot cum shot out of his prick as he lost all muscle control and would have slid to the floor if the sexy star hadn’t been bracing his feet. Finally his orgasm stopped and his cock began to soften and shrink inside of Kaley’s warm cleavage.

When she felt that Bill had regained the strength in his legs Kaley stood up and affectionately patted the top of his head again. “I just love the showers here at ComicCon, don’t you?” she said as she rinsed the last of his cum off of her body and turned the shower off. “I’d love to spend some more time with you but I’ve got a autograph session in about thirty minutes and I’ve got to do my hair and make-up, o. k. ?”

“Yeah. No, yeah.

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  I mean, yes,” Bill stammered slightly dazed. “Um, can I. . . ?”

“Get a autograph?”Kaley said finishing Bill’s sentence as she began drying off. “Of course you can, sweetie. ”Still completely nude she walked out of the bathroom and into her suite as Bill followed her, forgetting that he needed to towel himself off. Kaley bent over one of the desks, her damp ass high in the air, and pulled out a 8x10 photo of herself from of one of the drawers. She scribbled on it and was about to hand it to him but stopped herself when she noticed he hadn’t dried off yet. “How ‘bout I leave this here until you get dried off?” she said. “You don’t want it to smear,” she finished before heading back to the bathroom, her firm tits swaying slightly on her chest. She came back out with a towel and handed it to the still dazed contestant. “Here you go,” she said before giving him a quick peck on the cheek. “Now I got to get ready. It was nice meeting you,” she said sweetly before heading back into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

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Bill looked at the towel like it was a alien object for a moment, still bewildered over taking a sexy shower with his favorite starlet. He shuffled over to the desk and looked at the picture Kaley had given him. It was the usual star photo, just a shot of her head, and written below it was, “Dear Bill, thanks for sharing the soap. You really are very good with your fingers. Love, Kaley. ”

The End. .

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