Keeping It In The Family Pt. 1


Keeping It In The Family Pt. 1
Katherine Ridgedell pretended to listen attentively to her husband as he discussed his nephew’s pending visit. “Katherine, Philippe is a young boy, and I will be away at the medical conference in Washington State for the first week of his visit, so it will be up to you to keep him occupied. ” “You know how they are at that age; please keep him out of mischief. ” Katherine responded with her standard “Yes, of course Malcolm” she had been using for all of the 13 years of their married life. After that lengthy dissertation regarding Philippe, Dr. Malcolm Michael Ridgedell III got up and excused himself to go pack for his much anticipated trip. Upon his exit, Katherine breathed a sigh of relief. “Two whole weeks without Dr. Pompous, she said aloud to herself. ” It had not been that way in the beginning, Katherine genuinely loved Malcolm when they had married, but Malcolm’s first love would always be his medical career. They started to drift apart shortly after their 3rd anniversary, as his career accelerated. Katherine would not dare to complain, along with success, came more money, expensive cars, clothes and homes. Her empty marriage was always supplemented with material possessions, servants and trips. Malcolm may have not been attentive to his wife, but he always treated her like his most treasured possession in public. He always insisted she accompany him to all his business functions, encouraged her to dress provocatively, showcasing her shapely figure and ample breasts.

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   When Malcolm had finished packing, Katherine drove him to the airport as she usually did. He insisted to be dropped off so she could get to her appointment at the salon. He kissed her on the check, grabbed his bags and disappeared into the airport terminal. Katherine arrived at the salon for her weekly treatment, manicure, pedicure, bikini wax, massage and sauna. If she was fortunate enough, she had the sauna to herself on the weekday mornings. She sat all alone on a long bench with her eyes closed, enjoying her solitude. Katherine removed the oversized terrycloth towel she was wearing and spread it out on the long bench seat in the sauna. She lay down on her back, with her legs on either side of the wooden bench. Katherine took deep breaths as she lay there. Katherine’s right hand traveled up to her cleavage and she began to cresses the area between her breasts. Her hand soon traveled over to her left breast and in no time at all, her nipple was erect from the touching. Katherine’s hand traveled down past her navel, stopping just above her pubic area. She caressed that area in a back and forth motion, just then she heard to door to the sauna open. “Mrs. Ridgedell, are you ready for your manicure?” It was, Corinne who came to retrieve her for the appointment.

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   Katherine propped herself up on her elbows to acknowledge Corinne’s presence. Corinne stood in the doorway eyeing Katherine’s nude body as she lay there spread eagle on the bench. Katherine made no effort to cover herself, she was proud of her body and took advantage of every opportunity to display it, as she sat up; Katherine spread her legs a little farther apart to give Corinne a better look at her manicured pubic area and smooth hairless labia. A few hours later she arrived home, the housekeeper was still there, inquiring if Katherine wanted her to prepare dinner. Katherine declined and told her she could go home early if she liked. Katherine went up to her bedroom and headed straight to her dressing room. She began to take her clothes off slowly, watching herself from every angle in the mirrors that surrounded her. She unbuttoned her silk purple midi blouse and let it fall to the floor, then she unzipped her short black leather skirt, it too joined the blouse on the floor. Katherine reached up and unhooked her red strapless bra in the front, it also landed in the pile of clothes gathering on the rug. Katherine looked in the mirror and assessed what see saw. Her curly hair was jet black and was just a little past her shoulders, although she was rapidly approaching 33, her round 34D tits still looked fantastic with her dark nipples, nearly a ½ inch long when erect. Her waist measured 25” inches around, but her stomach was flat and rock hard. Thanks to working out everyday. She could see her perky ass in the back mirror, the red thong panties proudly displaying it. Katherine watched as her hand traveled down into the front of her thong panties and she began to cresses her smooth lips.

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   She spread her legs wider to accommodate her probing fingers. Her left hand unsnapped her panties on each side and pulled them away leaving her nude except for her heels. She said down on an ottoman and began to finger herself and rub her clit. When Katherine was fully excited, her clit looked like a miniature penis when it was erect. She loved to have it rubbed and sucked; it was much more enjoyable than intercourse to her. In no time at all she was reaching a climax, her hips began to thrust forward and her wet cunt squeezing her fingers. Katherine awoke from her nap at 4PM. She called to confirm her hotel reservations in the nearby city, a 1 hour drive away. Katherine began having discreet little encounters about 8 years ago, using a credit card in her maiden name. She really didn’t count it as cheating; she used an escort service that took credit cards and the bill was sent to a P. O. Box. Besides, she would usually ask for a guy and a girl. The guy arriving first and the girl and hour and ½ later, she would not have intercourse with the guy he would just perform oral sex on her and leave. She insisted that both her “escorts” be young and extremely good looking, he with a large penis, the girl w/ample breasts and a shaved pussy.

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   Katherine arrived at the hotel around 7:30PM and checked in. She went up to her room, unpacked, and ordered 2 bottles of expensive champagne brought up to her room. She showered and put on a flowing long dark blue satin negligee, nicely displaying her tits. Her first date arrived promptly at 9PM. As requested, he was about 19 or 20 and very handsome. While they sipped their champagne, she outlined what she expected of him. After the second glass, he began to strip off his clothes, very slowly as asked, while Katherine watched and sipped her drink. When he was totally nude, Katherine finished her drink, stood up and walked over to him. She began to cresses his limp cock until it sprang to life. When he was semi-erect, he pulled her negligee down over her shoulders exposing her tits; he began to suckle each one, making her nipples pucker and stand up like bullets. He then pulled her gown down over her hips, exposing her pussy. He began to lick her smooth lips putting his tongue in her slit and slowly working in to her clit. His nose was buried in her perfumed pubic hair triangle. In no time at all, he was licking and sucking her clit. Katherine came in no time lying down on the bed to catch her breath.

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   She then took a tube of lubricant from the nightstand drawer, and put a large amount on his stiff tool. Katherine rubbed his thick hard shaft until he exploded all over her tits. Katherine tipped him $50. 00 before sending him on his way. That gave her enough time to shower and get ready for her next date. Katherine put on heels and a short black lace robe and left it untied. Her next date showed up promptly at 10:30PM as planned, she too was just what Katherine ordered; young, pretty and well endowed. Katherine poured them both a drink; they both sat on the bed and talked for a few minutes. Katherine’s open robe left little to the imagination the girl caught quite a few glimpses of Katherine’s breasts and closely cropped snatch. After finishing her drink, the girl stripped down and Katherine removed her lace robe. Katherine began to caresses and explore the girls ripe young body; sucking and rubbing her tits. Katherine instructed her date to lye on the bed and spread her legs wide. Katherine began to explore her sweet shaved pussy, gently rubbing her smooth soft labia before pulling them apart to rub her clit. Katherine slowly began to rub her clit and the girl began to moan softly. Katherine started to lick and suck her clit, a few minutes later she came, lying out of breath on her back.

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