Late Night Romance


Annie and Jenna were best friends, and were almost always together. They decided to go to the movies Thursday night. They left at about 8:00 p. m. and watched a two hour movie. So, now it was 10:00 p. m. and they had just left the theater.
"Hey, let's go get something' to eat," Jenna suggested. Annie agreed and they decided to go to a restaurant a few miles away. They drove and it took a few minutes to get there. They arrived at the restaurant at about 10:15 p. m. and waited five minutes for a table.
After they had eaten, they left at about 11:25 p. m.

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   and decided to have a sleep-over. Jenna would be staying at Annie's house tonight, so they drove to Jenna's house t pick up some clothes and a few other things. They arrived back at Anni's house at about 1:00 p. m.
"I'm gonna go take a shower, I'll be right back. " Annie announced.
"Okay, I'll be out here," Jenna replied. Annie vanished into the bathroom and Jenna waited patiently on the couch in the living room. Jenna made herself at home and turned on the television. A DVD was on and it happened to be a sex scene. Jenna looked back to the bathroom door, and checked to make sure Annie was still showering. . . she was. So Jenna watched the DVD.

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   The scene started to heat up and Jenna felt herself getting wetter by the second. Jenna gently rubbed her pussy through her shorts and got wetter. Jenna heard the shower turn off, and scrambled to turn the television off.
"Hey, that's like my favorite movie!" Annie said walking into the living room, wearing nothing but white towel. Her skin was still wet and glistening from her shower, and water was dripping down her legs.
"Oh, really? I've never seen it," Jenna responded. Jenna watched the water drip down Annie's legs. Jenna imagined that the water dripping from Annie's legs was cum, and Jenna imagined that she was the one that made Annie cum.
"Okay, let's watch it," Annie suggested. Jenna agreed. Annie backed up the movie all the way to the beginning of the sex scene. . . "This is my favorite part," Annie announced. They both laughed.

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"Your not going to get dressed first?" Jenna asked.
"No. We're both girls anyway. . . Why does it matter?" Annie answered. Jenna laughed again.
Annie sat close to Jenna as the sex scene heated up. Suddenly, Annie stood up. . .
"Are you okay?" Jenna asked. Annie just smiled politely as she slid off her soaking wet towel. "What are you doing, Annie?" Jenna asked.
"It's just a little warm in her, don't ya think?" Annie said.

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   "Why don't you get naked, too? You'll feel a lot better. . . "

Soon enough, they were both sitting on the couch naked. Annie had turned off the television by now. Jenna moved in closer to Annie and their breasts were mushed together and they were kissing passionately in the heat of the moment. Annie stopped.
"I noticed you're wet, Jen," Annie said seductively. Jenna gulped. She was nervous. Annie slid her hand across Jenna's upper leg, and slowly slid it between her legs. Jenna sighed with pleasure as Annie's hand worked Jenna's pussy lips. Annie slid one finger into Jenna's cunt and began moving it in and out.

"Oh, yeah. .

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  . That feels so good, Annie," Jenna moaned.
"I've wanted to fuck you for so long, Jen," Annie whispered. Jenna grunted with pleasure. Annie put another two fingers in Jenna's tight pussy and began working her up to a sweat.
"Aaaaahhh! Oh, God, yes! Oooohhh. Faster. Faster, baby!" Jenna yelled. Annie went faster, in and out. . . . Jenna's pussy was so wet and Annie's hand was soaked with cum. Annie stuck her whole fist in Jenna's juicy cunt and started fisting Jenna.
"You like that?" Annie asked forcibly.

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"Yes. . . yes. . . oh God, yes!" Jenna grew louder. She was becoming closer to an orgasm and Annie just kept going faster and harder, until finally, Jenna came. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" She screamed; she was breathing heavily. Annie pulled he fist out of Jenna's pussy, and licked her hand.
"Lay down," Annie told Jenna. Jenna obeyed because she knew it would lead to more pleasure. Annie got on top of Jenna and started grinding her pussy into Jenna's. Annie started rubbing and squeezing her boob in her hand. Jenna held on to Annie's hips as she started to go faster and harder.

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   They both started to sweat.

"Uh, uh, uh. Oh, yeah, baby. . . This feels so good. Fuck me, good, you worthless slut!" Annie demanded. Jenna had never known this side of her friend that she'd known so long, but she liked it. They both came to a climax simultaneously.

This had been the best night of their lives in forever. . . and they were planning on doing it again. . .

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