Topic: LIFES SEXUAL PERKS 19 Fact or fiction? you decide.
 19 pt. 1
 I am still pretty nieve about sexual matters and wonder if we will change as people when living together full we ran up to our wedding, we had much more time together. So doing the rounds of relatives and meeting my grandparents, hers are dead as it happens. Jackie made a great hit with all the family,especially my aunt.  Her side knew me already of course. Aunt got me to one side to tell me, I had got a super catch and she already felt she recognised a lot about her (Jackie) that she had in herself in a sexual manner. This intregued me because my aunt was a "hotty" of the first order in my books. My aunt was quite clear saying, "You will have your work cut out in the sexual department with her" How would she know? But she had not been wrong so far!
 Den was lensing Jackie quietly, I recognized his casual but intense scrutiny,especially of all Jackies sexual assets, her belly and mound of Venus was rather prominent under her light summer dress. As she rose from her chair when we were leaving, her skirt floated up her thighs a bit revealing, black panties above her flash of white thighs with the red suspender belt holding up her black nylons. It was only for a second or two but dead in line with where Den sat and he visibly moved slightly in his seat. I think it may have been hardening cock trouble. This pleased me because in my nieve mind, I had what he desired! Understand that me,Den and Dens father got on like a house on fire and spent a lot of time swimming,pubcrawling and doing men type interests including letching all female form. Obviously I also knew exactly all aspects of their anatomy as did they mine through swimming etc.
 Meeting up with them had of course had eased off since me and Jackie had become a serious item. As we left Ginnys father-in-law arrived.

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   He made his presence noticed by Jackie and I noticed he clocked Jackie from head to toe once but all further clocking failed to rise above the neck. "Eat your heart out matey" "Why were you grinning like that?" "The old git wants to fuck you" WHACK on the shoulder, sssh, "Well you asked!"
 As we got to out motorcycle Den appeared at the door,this was something against his nature. I whispered to Jackie, "The other horny bastards out to take a look at your ass on the bike" WHACK again,shut up! All this attention to Jackie was getting "horny balls,alias the beast" in my trousers all worked up and he was letting his presence be known. "Youve got a hard on" WHACK! "I have got to ride this bike with this arm mind"
 Jackie, never sat on her skirt riding pillion, none of the girls did in those days and female jeans had not been invented, or not in Britain anyway. So plonking her ass down on the pillion,we are all set. I go off in the wrong direction,turn winding the throttle open the two letching bastards more than got their eye full.
 When we were on our own Jackie said "That Dens a bit of a lad? it felt like he could see right through my clothes" "Did it bother you?" I asked. "No,but I felt all hot,I think I was blushing,I wonder what your Ginny will think?" "She takes it all in her stride, he often even says to her "did you see me looking" I am not sure whether he tries to provoke her or give her a buss" "Perhaps she gets off on his getting horny say, he imagining doing you or what he can not see but imagines he can and she receives a good fucking because of it"
 Just imagine,Jackie said,thinking. "I would be jealous if you were on me but thinking its someone else" playing it cool I say, "I am not sure I would. Remember when you thought I would let that peeper have a go on you" "Did you get a buss thinking about watching me getting it from him?" Fuck! I have walked into it again! "Not altogether" "what then?" "Well I did get a buss when you went back to look at his offering to the " Great Pussy God Jackie" "Did you? really? and it did not make you jealous?" "It was like today,I have got you,they want you and I bet it gives you a buss knowing they would like to be in your panties" "Thats stupid! course it did not" "Really?" I bet it does but you wont admit so" Rather to forcefully, "NO! I did not get a buss out of it" "Let me feel it then,I bet its dribbling" "NO! not here,his fathers to old for me anyway! Shut up about it NOWW! anyway,Got her,she got a buss alright and more than a buss talking about it. "Time will tell" I said. "What does that mean?" "Never mind, you will see!"
 Remember,I knew Den had come on to Ross in the past. All blokes do come on to women if given the chance. Do they not girls? So later back in our flat,we start to play mothers and fathers. Saying nothing I work my way down the bed to where I can look at Jackies pussy and I start to play with it, starting from cold,you know, no kissing and necking before hand.

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   I want to know about earlier,now forgotten by Jackie. Yes! theres the give away. Opening her labia and looking in,theres a lot of earlier love juice up inside,not clear new juice but whiter older stuff, so she did get a real turn on then,it went to confirm the dried silvery love juice area on her knickers. Just as I suspected, good for her,what a turn on It confirmed all that I suspected,she did wonder what another cock would be like. I could have given her a description of both to let her think about but did not. Not at this moment anyway.
 More later.

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