Master Mary: Alex


Master Mary: AlexThe following story is for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any part of this story. It is purely fictional and may contain elements that are not suitable for all readers. If you are not of legal age to view adult oriented material do not read this story. If you are offended by any of the topics this story deals with please leave now. It had never really occurred to Alex how insignificant a life he lead. Day to day floating about from his job to home in the most mechanical of ways. Everyday he rose precisely at 5:30am and caught the same train each day at 7:00 am to work. Working as an accountant left little if any room for imagination. Alex simply dealt with his computer, phone, laptop, and files. At precisely 5pm Alex would leave work for the night and catch the 6:30pm train back to his home. Like clockwork Alex made his life into a series of predictable and boring steps that could be followed by anyone who watched him. Alex woke early one morning, waking up ten minutes earlier than he usually did. Unbeknownst to Alex these ten minutes would come to define the meaning of his boring and ordinary existence.   But Alex would soon come to show everyone the impact ten minutes can make in ones life. Having risen every morning for the past six years on time, Alex went about his morning activities unaware of the turn his life would soon be taking.

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   Alex strode out his door towards the train station making his strides perfectly uniform to one another. One could almost see the imprints from the thousands of perfectly placed steps Alex had made over the years. Arriving, Alex strode into the train waiting ahead of him and promptly took his seat on what Alex believed to be the 7am train. However, Alex did not realize that this train was not his until well into his trip. Alex looked up eagerly anticipating his stop ahead. Somehow he still managed to feel childlike inside thinking of the menial repetitive day ahead of him. Even though he suffered from a non existent social life and possessed no sense of humor Alex still trudged on through his day. He glanced up counting the lights as they flashed by. He knew well by now that after six hundred light the train took a turn to the left and then proceeded for another fifty light until he reached his destination. However, Alex quickly realized that something was a miss. They had only passed 233 lights and made a stop on the other side of town. Alex felt bewildered. In his entire adult life, of 28 years. he had never experienced a mistake or error. The debilitating sense of fear that comes over a child faced with a difficult situation hit Alex like a brick wall.

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   He could not move himself and sat puttering in his mind facing what could  be considered the most pivotal moment in his short boring life. Sitting dazed for a moment Alex felt the urge to act. He could not explain himself to himself. The machine that had worked perfectly for six years had just lost its perpetual motion. Shaking, Alex looked forward seeing another stop come up. He stood up quickly pacing as the train came to a halt. The doors whooshed open making a sound he had never heard before. The whole experience seemed so foreign and alien to Alex he lost his mind temporarily. Like a child lost in a crowd Alex desperately bolted from the train and ran towards the stairs looking around wildly. He spun around unsure of what to do and quickly decided to return to the train. As he turned he heard the same whoosh he heard before and the train began to leave. Alex ran in vein but stopped halfway. In his bout of confusion Alex had forgotten to take his briefcase and coat with him. He now stood stranded with no money and no reassurance left. He sat down on the step and felt the strangest feeling overcoming him.

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   Tears poured down his face and smacked the pavement with conviction. Alex did not understand this feeling and shit down. He sobbed quietly for a few moments only stopping when a smooth soft voice interrupted from behind. Alex turned forcing back tears and saw a beautiful creature standing before him. She wore a knit cap of various colors, a long camel colored coat, a large knit sweater of various shades of blue, and jeans covered in paint. Alex felt stunned as she stood near the entrance of the stairs. Her head was illuminated by the beams of light protruding down towards him. He hair flowed in the gentle breeze and her eyes displayed softness that seemed to melt the world around him away. She gently addressed Alex and asked him if he was alright. Alex explained his situation and perfectly portrayed the tedious nature of his job to her. After relating his boring life the woman told Alex her name was Mary and she was a 24 year old artist that lived near by. She offered to take Alex back to her apartment and allow him the use of her phone. Alex unsure of what to do sat with his jaw agape at the possibility of making a decision. He recounted his action which strictly involved waking up, going to work, and coming home. None of these mentioned going to a woman’s house, losing his personal belongings, or getting on the wrong train.

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   Alex sat stupefied muttering to himself. Mary look on with concern and pulled Alex up and began dragging the man towards her apartment. Mary was forced to drag Alex the six blocks to her apartment. Alex protested but not against her dragging him. She noted how confused and out of the system he was. He was like a lost child. He had no inkling of where he was or what to do in this instance. Alex had been rendered a complete vegetable. As if he were stuck in a coma and his brain was fighting to awaken. Mary smiled as she pulled him along. She knew that Alex would soon find himself at ease and he would be given a place to belong. She shook her head at the cruelty of the modern world and cursed the dependence that it forced onto many people. She could only think of the help she would be able to provide to Alex and the opportunities she would provide him. Alex woke unsure of his new surroundings. He was heavily restrained with a gigantic belt and hand cuffs.


   The room he was in seemed to be nothing more than a converted studio apartment with brick walls and a small bathroom off in the corner. The owner obviously did not care for order as the contents of the room were strewn over the entire floor. Just as Alex thought he would yell for help, the door opened and in stepped Mary. Alex felt relieved at the sight of someone familiar. He called to her and she ignored him as she walked towards the phone. She picked it up and dialed a number quickly and walked towards Alex. She quickly told Alex that he would inform his boss that he was quitting his job and taking a position at another firm. Alex couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He felt more confused when he followed her directions. Alex seemed to be hypnotized. As Mary hung up the phone Mary laughed to herself and prepared something in a bowl. She recited the most unusual words Alex had ever heard then placed the mixture in his mouth. The taste was reminiscent of some spicy musty dish that one could pick up in a cheap restaurant downtown. The chunky bit of matter flowed down Alex’s throat and began to give Alex a euphoric feeling. His body tingled all over.

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   The strangest feeling came over him. He felt like he was changing. He swore he felt his shoes fall off and then blacked out as he looked down to confirm his suspicion. Alex awoke some time later. He was lying on a small bed in a room with twenty or so men and women. He rubbed his eyes and looked around as the grogginess wore off. Everyone talked and moved around the room and they were completely naked. Alex glanced down and noticed he, himself, was naked also. He fidgeted grabbing for the blanket near him. The guys near his bed laughed and walked towards him. They explained to him that he was in a different place now and nudity was nothing to be ashamed of. Alex just stared in disbelief and kept asking for help and he wanted to speak to a lawyer. The other men laughed and explained that Alex better get used to the “order”  and that the master will soon train him in his new place. Alex felt so confused he stood up and walked a few feet before being jerked up through the air. Alex turned around and stared at a gigantic eye.

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   A booming voice informed him that he was now a lucky servant of his new master, Mary. Alex felt like he had been slapped as the words hit his ears. The voice explained to him that she had used her magical abilities to reduce his size from six feet down to the one inch being he found himself as. Mary then explained that he would live the rest of his days cleaning her body, pleasuring her, and would eventually die in service. Alex felt depressed but energized at the same time. He starred off again and Mary yelled, although it may have been her regular voice Alex’s ears had not stopped ringing since she began, and told Alex he was to observe the activities of his other fellow servants and not stray from his duties. Just as Alex felt like passing out again a small roar erupted from the box below Alex and his Mary. Alex peered over and for the first time realized how tiny he was. His house seemed so big but now he realized this was all real. Mary looked at Alex devilishly and told him that a small fight had erupted from the servants home. The two peered in several servants backed into the corners seeing their master looking on with interest. A group of  Eight men and two women were tumbling around fighting over who had the right to mate with the women. Mary set Alex down outside the cardboard servant quarters. Peering through the window Alex saw the struggle inside. Mary calmly walked to the cupboard and pulled out some things and a plate.

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   She began making something and got a knife. Quickly finishing she brought the plate to the box and set it down. Mary whispered to Alex, which still made his ears ring, to go over and look at the plate. Alex peered over the edge of the plate. Big white slab with some tan stuff on it. Alex couldn’t figure out what it was. He leaned forward more and the smell hit him. Peanut butter on a piece of toast. He looked at Mary and she whispered that their punishment would be swift since all servants must mind only Mary. Mary shook the box and the commotion stopped. She instructed the servants involved in the scuffle to climb onto her hand for their punishment. Alex stood amazed as they did he thought of yelling to them but he feared invoking her wrath. Mary held the servants close to her face and told them that their punishment would be their death. Sobs and cries came from the people in her hand. They pleaded for her not to crush them like she had  others or cruelly feed them to her cat.

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   She promised she would be fair to them and not do those things to them. She pulled her hand over to the plate and instructed the servants to jump. They all jumped and hit the peanut butter and instantly sank deep in. The servants looked around and began to struggle realizing they would soon be eaten. They screamed and pulled against the sticky thick peanut butter that imprisoned them. The extra thick creamy spread acted like quicksand and held the servants as Mary lifted the bread. She began to rub her pussy as she brought the meal towards her mouth. She paused as she slowly opened and licked the edge picking up an unlucky guy. She toyed with him pulling him to the roof of her mouth. The squirming man sent shock waves to her crotch and she freely began to finger herself and moan. She gulped and swallowed the man whole. The others watched in horror as she bit into the bread and took servants with the bite. She chewed and moaned simultaneously enjoying the creamy peanut butter and servant sandwich. She popped the last bite in her mouth, tiny voices amplified in her gigantic mouth.   The voices died as she chewed the sandwich with her teeth mashing the servants in with the peanut butter.

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    She finished rubbing herself and picked Alex up and placed him in back in his home. The servants in the box all sat around quiet Alex felt sick to his stomach. Mary called out food and dropped a chunk of the peanut butter sandwich into the servants quarters. All starred at the chunk of bread easily three times the size of any of the people there. Some servants sobbed as they went to gather a piece to eat others threw up when they saw a severed arm still twitching attached to the corner. The next day came to teach Alex another lesson. Mary woke her servants up early as she had another important lesson to teach them. She explained to the frightened group that during the night two of the servants had attempted to escape from their masters home. Before us laying on a plate that had housed the ill fated sandwich the previous day. On this plate two nervous servants stood before Alex and the other  servants. Mary instructed them to lie down so as to receive their punishment. As they lie their shivering on the cold plat Mary began to squat and placed her ass three feet above the servants below. She pulled the robe she had on up so all the servants could see her ass and the puckering ass hole that would deal the men their fate. The servants watched as the hole grew and slowly slithered out pieces of shit. The first one, a little chunk fell and hit one of the servants in the legs crushing them.


   The servant cried out and Mary roared for silence. She continued to shit and slowly buried the servants that had attempted to run away. Mary finished and put the plate next to the house. The servants starred at the large brown pile. She reminded them that she only punishes the servants that do not follow the order given by their master. The servants used to the spectacle all went about their business. Most of them noting the white specks of bone left from the groups in the scuffle dotting Mary’s shit. Alex felt something strange overtake him as the emotional and physical toll finally caught up with him. Alex for the first time glanced up at Mary and noticed she wore only a silk rob that was open showing off her perky young breasts and her trimmed mound of pubic hair. She was certainly the most beautiful master Alex could hope for. He immediately felt an attachment to her. For some odd reason the world around him he begun to make sense. He has suffered so much shock from the events that he now believed that he was tiny and insignificant. He no longer lived for any purpose other than to serve Master Mary. He knew that he would die one day serving his master faithfully.

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   Mary came back a few hours later calling all servants for the cleansing. Alex had been informed that daily the servants were allowed the privilege to explore Mary’s body and remove any imperfections and waste that stuck to her body. They were also responsible for trimming hair and if the master wished pleasuring her. On this particular day Alex and the entire group were assigned to clean Mary’s breasts, nipples, toes, pubic region, and ass hole. Alex was given a miniature piece of cotton to help with his tasks. Alex began swabbing the area around Mary’s breasts with vigor. The other servants looked over confused and called to him. They informed him that he would anger the master if he did not use his cotton properly. The master can only be cleaned with the tongue of the servant. It is the masters wish. The cotton is merely for the servants ears explained the group to Alex. Alex set about cleaning the masters nipples as the group swarmed her breasts. Alex soon found out that the moans from his Master were disorienting and that if it weren’t for the cotton he may have fallen off and suffered punishment, death, or both.   The servants worked diligently to cleanse their master. Master Mary felt exhilarated by the tongue bath her servants gave her everyday.

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   The feeling of their little bodies and tongues on her naked flesh sent shivers up her spine and made her arch her back. Some days she would just lay their as they roamed all over her and drove her to a slow but powerful orgasm. She was happy with the progress Alex had made. He seemed so obedient and put effort into his work. Mary decided her breasts had enough attention and summoned Alex to trim her pubic hair. She picked him up and brought him close to her face. She handed him a small sharpened piece of metal and told him what to do. Alex nodded and told his master he would do exactly as she wanted. Mary smiled. She told Alex while he was “down there” to go ahead and fuck her. Alex flushed at these words. He turned her down saying he couldn’t. Mary’s eyes narrowed and she gave Alex a pissed off look. She reminded him that he will do what she tells him to. She was telling him to fuck her and not asking.

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   She shoved him down near her crotch and Alex set about trimming the massive jungle of hair. About 2 hours later Alex had made a smooth low lying field that seemed sexy. His master approved of his trim job and beckoned him to continue with what she told him to do. Alex hesitated but started climbing down towards her private parts knowing full well the wrath that would be laid upon him if he should resist. As he climbed down he accidentally hopped onto Mary’s clitoris. Mary jolted knocking over the workers near her ass hole and the ones still working on other parts of her body. Alex kept climbing and placed his feet carefully. He looked down noticing the whole area was like some gigantic fleshly cave. The labia protruded down off of her pussy like curtains and proved to be very slippery Alex used the lips to slide down until he was facing the opening to Mary’s love hole. Mary yelled at Alex to hurry up she was dying the entire time it took Alex to climb down there. She always got off having tiny people climbing all over her and the thought of having one fuck her sent her to the verge of orgasmic bliss. As Alex gripped stray hairs of the pussy he could not figure out how to best fuck this giantess. The opening to the hole was easily as big as he was. His dick which was never big to begin with was so small it couldn’t even reach it. Not wanting to keep his master waiting Alex put his hands forward near the hole’s opening and began to attempt to fuck his master.

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  Mary couldn’t believe Alex had made it this far most had fallen and were crushed under her thighs or tried to escape but Alex was actually trying and that made her hornier than she had ever been before. She ordered her servants to begin working her clit and ass hole carefully as not to be crushed. (She had lost too many servants and needed not lose anymore carelessly. ) The servants went about stimulating her as Alex worked his microscopic dick into the huge hole. Alex was barely even touching the outer wall of his master pussy. She was so big he was mainly poking the outside part. Alex repositioned his hands and decided to go as hard as possible. Moving his hands down to reposition himself, he began thrusting his pelvis as hard as he could. The hard fast pace motion caused Mary to begin excreting her juices all over herself and Alex. Alex thrust as hard as he could and felt his hands slip forward into the hole as he pushed forward. Perpetual motion carried his body forward and sent poor Alex directly forward. The extra lubrication caused Alex to fly head first into Mary’s love hole and he found himself buried up to his calves deep inside her squishy hot pussy. Mary moaned as she suddenly felt a sharp tinge of pain that almost gave her a wonderful orgasm. The unexpected pain turned her on even more than she thought possible she breathed heavy as she felt what she believed to be Alex inside her humping the walls of her pussy. She felt the orgasm coming and moaned while breathing heavy.


   All the while Alex humped away not wanting to disappoint his master and possibly help get himself out of her. Alex couldn’t take it any longer he believed he would die from the constricting muscles of his masters pussy. Each wave squeezed him with a hug that told him he was doing a good job. He exploded inside his mistress with three massive squirts of his seed. Alex felt the walls squeeze him like a vice several times rapidly and then he felt fluid begin to squirt past him out of his master. He knew she had reached orgasm and he had hit her g-spot. Alex laid down believing he was done  but to his surprise he felt himself being removed. Master Mary brought Alex to her face and set him on her finger to speak to him. She told him that he had given her, her first g-spot orgasm and proven to be an excellent servant. Alex told her he thought he was going to die inside her and he had orgasm within her. Mary narrowed her eyes again. She informed her servant that he had to ask permission to shoot his seed inside his master. He was told to fuck and he had not followed directions. He had entered his master and possible impregnated her. Alex apologized profusely for acting out of line but Mary roared for him to stop.

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   Mary told Alex since he had broken the rules he must be punished but he would be allowed to choose his punishment. Alex thought for a moment upset but decided that if he had to go he wanted to be swallowed whole. Mary felt shocked at his request. Most servants would have begged for their lives. Alex was the perfect servant she thought to herself. She told Alex she accepted this punishment and opened her mouth. Alex bravely stepped down and walked onto her chin and peered into the mouth of his master. The pearly white teeth shown in the light and the tongue stretched out onto her bottom lip. Alex walked over and kissed her lip. He thanked his master for teaching him and walked onto the tongue. He sat down on the tongue and waved to the servants watching from below. Alex pushed off and slid to the back of the throat. Mary felt Alex slide down until he came to her throat. He shifted to be on his stomach and was facing so he could see her mouth. She felt turned on again and thought what a shame Alex had to go she could really use more servants like him.

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   Alex prepared to be swallowed. He felt eager to join his master and become part of her. It was funny this was the first moment in his life he truly felt like he belonged and had a place in the world. He had fulfilled a purpose and brought meaning to his life. He felt the master’s throat muscles tense and she began to swallow and then dropped down into her throat. He slid down quickly being pulled down the throat with ease. Within minutes Alex reached the stomach. The muscle to the stomach opened and Alex fell in. He landed with a splash and felt the end was near. The stomach responded by filling with more fluid. Alex laid down to sleep the end was here and he knew it was perfect. Mary rubbed her stomach as Alex digested. What a wonderful meal he had been. She put the servants away early and gave them a generous portion of food and the rest of the day off. She felt sad Alex was gone but glad she had produced such a loyal servant.

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   She thought about where to get her next meal and where another Alex might be. She patted her stomach again and remembered what the previous days had held. She would need to get many more servants to fill her needs as a master. She felt tired as she laid down to rest. She rubbed her stomach thinking of the life inside her. The one digesting and the one that she would come to love as a mother in a few short months. She knew she would never be without Alex again. .

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