Me and my aunt


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I got to the office, my dad went out so i was alone for a while. I heard someone open the door and it was my aunt.

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   She was wearing a short skirt nice blouse everything was cool. We talked for some time and i went to the pc to surf. My aunt had a slight cut on her leg so she asked me to come over to help her. I went helped her rub the part with some oil. I was already going to far by rubbing my hands on her laps. she was aroused. Immediately i went to shut the door with key and undressed her and i saw her boobs quite bia and her pussy was filled with black hair. I was already red hot we kissed and i took her to a table laid her on it flat and decided to fuck her the missionary style. It was fuckng interesting and fucked her. Her pubic hair enveloped my dick and was stroking her hard. I fucked her and was playing with her boobs the same time. I cummed into her about 6 times. I was in heaven. . .

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