Me,my older brother and his girlfriend.


I've thought about it and decided to share this with you! - I'm much more mature now and realise many have experiences,maybe similar, but certainly sexual. So here goes!

My older brother and his girl friend had our home to themselves except for me being at home that night. Quietly she talked to my brother as I sat looking at some rubbishy tv program. I couldn't hear what was being said,but got the impression she was including myself in whatever it was.

I caught my brothers low growl [He couldn't whisper with a low bass voice like his] "She's not allowed!" - "She aught to be, - god she's not a baby!" - Brother. "Meg! Trish reckons you should be allowed to have some booze. I told her you're not allowed. That's right, you don't drink do you? Our mum & dad would go ape if they caught on that you had wouldn't they!"

Shifting in my seat, [Did Trish look at my legs just then? I could have sworn she had and knew if she had she'd have seen up my dress] the thought made me feel strangely excited. But I answered that what my brother was saying was true. - "Good thing they're not here for the weekend then,as your baby sitters, we think its a good Idea! Don't we Ben?" [Baby sitters? that's a laugh,he's only a bit older than me. [three years really] But he certainly was at it with Trish and I hadn't done stuff.

I liked Trish and she liked me! She talked about when she was at board school and the girls dorm,but seemed to hold back some. My brother was a dreamy sort of guy. He even on occasions seemed in a dream as he moved from the shower to his room completely naked and the towel over one shoulder rather than covering his middles. I noted his dangling penis but notice was all it was.

So in all innocence I believe he and myself were [on hindsight] being manipulated into what happened next.

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   I really knew nothing about booze and I knew Trish had had alcoholic stuff in their dorm when she was there. - Guided by this, my brother was sent off to the local shop to get this booze for all of us. Trish was knowledgable and my brother knew what he drank, while I just let them get on with it [I was excited, in that, I was about to try booze out]

My brother returned with lager and small bottles,[Pretty coloured stuff inside] - "No glasses required, we'll just drink it from the bottles like in the dorm" - Meanwhile as my brother had gone off, Trish had changed places and was sat in close to me on the studio couch. Ben returned to his original seat opposite us and Trish made no attempt to move back to him.

At my second bottle in, Trish had had 3 or was it 4? my brother about the same. While he'd been away, Trish said, "After the girls had had some booze,things really got going,there was always a nice innocent one, a bit like yourself. We helped them to loosen up I can tell you!" - I didn't really notice this was appertaining to myself. But her next utterance gave me butterflies. - 'You know,after a few drinks,I bet we could make him hard without even touching it! His cock that is! Have you ever seen it? Hard that is!" - I went all hot,but in a whisper answered her question. - "God no, he's my brother - adding - I have seen it all floppy like! he seemed oblivious that he showed it at all"

Chuckling, she added - "Floppy, - if I had a brother, i'd have soon made it hard for him!" [I claim the drink had taken an effect on me] because I giggling said. 'How like?' - She hollowed her mouth similar to how just a bit later her mouth shaped as she put the bottle to her lips. I made a quizzical face - "God you're unbelievable. But more likely with this!" She poked her finger right into the jeans seam right where her pussy is.

Shocked now, I just said, - "With your own brother?" - "Why not? - Don't answer that, not until you see your brothers. Its a beauty I can tell you!" - Ben came in now,but my stone sober mind had me wondering where she'd have taken the conversation if he had took longer! I at least had some idea of what she'd not said when in the recent past refering to their/her dorm antics.

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   - They were sexual, of that I was now sure. One bottle in she confided. - I've put a full one of these up there [waiting for a reaction from me because my brother had gone out of the room] she added, - OPEN!"

Shocking myself I asked, - "Didn't it all run out and down your legs?" - "When you're being held upside down it runs in not out! Then they drunk from me!" - "What you had boys in your dorm?" - "Of course not, the girls, girls do stuff, don't you? That friend you have, haven't you you know done stuff?" - "What us together? [I felt strange with this talk] We've seen each others,but that's all" - Trish's eyes sparkled, - "Remember what I said about Ben's just now, don't make it obvious,but when he comes back in and sits down you note how he's watching us, he's hoping we'll do, you know! Girl stuff. I'm not sure why but they all want us to do girl girl"

Any other time I'd have ran a mile, but some sort of curiosity kept me transfixed in my seat as I felt Trish's hand rest on my thigh. She never tried to move it and I wasn't even sure she was aware of what she was doing at that moment, but it all changed as soon as my brother sat back down again. I'd just thought, 'he's going in and out a lot, I wonder what he's up too, when. . . Trish moved her fingers on my leg almost as though she was playing an instrument,but each time a little higher up. I looked as she'd mentioned and sure enough my brothers eyes were rivetted to her hand on my leg.

Unblinking, I felt a very strange moment as I in turn noticed his jeans were rather highly tentedbelow his flat belly. - In guilt I turned my head into and behind Trish's shoulder as his eyes flitted up to my own before re-attaching to the hand at my thigh. I couldn't believe what I was let happen, my brother was watching as I was getting it on with a lesbo! - I felt Trish ease my skirt up and closed my eyes as I knew by the feel that my brother could now see my panty's being smoothed as Trish's fingers were actually trying to get me to open my still closed thighs.

I felt her breath at my ear as she whispered, "Open up a bit, he's rampant watching us,take a peep, he'll have it out for you before we show him your pussy" - I know not why, but the mention of peeping made my belly react, I knew my vagina was getting juicy. All-at-the-same-time I eased my legs apart as I in turn sneakingly peeped at my brother.

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   Sure enough, his penis was stuck up hard in his jeans and his finger [It seemed absent mindedly] was touching at where the end must be.

I inadvertently shifted as Trish fingered into the side of my knicker's. For the first time I was getting touched by fingers other than my own. Expertly her finger sought and found my wet slit,then seeking the clitoris it pressed on it just as the hot breath came by my ear again. - "Flys undone,here it comes, he can't wait to wank himself" - I let her help open my thighs wide as I looked and saw my brother wrestle a larger than life hard cock out into the open.

The first thing that struck me was, now rampantly hard,the skin that I'd always saw wrapped over the end was peeled back and the red/purple head of it was exposed and wet and shining with what looked like a diamond at the tip. In the light I forgot about hiding my embarrassment behind Trish, then the diamond dribbled from the end as my brother squeezed up its length and drooled down over the glowing red knob.

"Precum!" [My bum rose as Trish masterfully eased my body out of my panty's]- "That's the thought of putting it up his sister!" - I wasn't shocked now, I just wondered what it would feel like. - "Lay around more so we can do more to your pussy" - Now flat on my back with my head to the side so I could watch my brother's hard cock, I felt my legs being opened to the extent that one of them dropped over and off of the couch. - "Lick her a bit, then use the bottle on her" - That was my own brother telling his girl friend what he wanted to see her do to me.

As I said earlier, - I blame the drink - Trish had no problem with licking me and I although innocent, knew damn well this wasn't the first girls cunt she'd licked. As her tongue worked on my tight orifice, her fingers whirled all around my clitoris until she had my bum jerking all over the couch. I forgotten about Ben's hardon, now it was all about my own orgasm as Trish worked a very cold bottle at the entrance to my vagina with her magical tongue still on my cunt making my eyes close so all my concentration was going into one place. MY CLITORIS!

Try as I might, I just could not stop my pussy leaping up to meet her tongue as the cold bottle was discarded, [probably because my quim was still virginal]until I exploded. My eyelids flitting open and closed registered my brothers long strong legs now stood with that beautifully large stiff cock protruding from his thighs with a cobweb like trail on which little diamonds slipped gently down it until my eyes lost sight of them.

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   - Again I opened and the scene had changed, Trisha now stood with no clothes below the waist, her dark bush very close to my face. Near to my body was my brothers arm and in the same instant I felt a hand,his hand opening my lips as his hot cock end entered just the tiniest amount into my vagina. - "Fuck I'm going to enjoy this,she's a virgin you know" - That was Trisha - "Me too!" -

I felt my brothers cock go in a bit more then stop. - "I'll ram past it! - I'm going to pop you, pop your virginity" - Even if I'd wanted to respond it was all to late, in that instant my brother rammed his eight inches straight up to the top of my vagina and in seconds, he jabbed no more than ten times before I felt a whole lot of warm stuff surge right up my cunt. I'd felt my first ever cum and it was my own brothers.

Any pain was lost in the moment as with now ever increasing thrusts he turned me into a raging tigris, my orgasm demanded every ounce of pumping he could muster, before I bucked and panted into something I'd never ever experienced. - It stopped now and after I'm not sure how long My brother pulled himself free of my vagina. I lay there as though something had been removed from my actual body. [It was his cock of course] but it made my pussy feel so stretched, up inside, I felt as tho' my cunt was still wide open!

I lay now contentedly as Trisha sat naked now and jiggled my brothers cock, - In a Girlish voice now. - "Oh naughty Ben now. What has my naughty boy friend just done to his naughty little sister? Naughty Ben has filled his baby sisters puss puss full of cum cum. Come on you naughty dicky, Trisha wants some as well now!" - It took about half an hour for Trisha to take from my brother what she'd engineered him into giving my pussy.

He sat holding his now hard cock as he watched me watching her rest at first above the stiff thing then lower herself down until she sat squarely on his belly with her ass in my direction. - "There see that, this way gives you the complete cock right against his balls" - With that she started bouncing her bum up and down and the shimmering shaft got more and more juicy as she too went to an orgasm,my brother hadn't cum I figured, but after she recovered he just changed positions and holding her doggy he pounded away at her from behind. I knew when he'd started with me, his sac was tight and solid, now his ball swung and slapped against Trisha's ass as he pounded at her,then with great gusto he straightened and as if riding a 'bucking bronco' he let go with a full burst of sperm deep inside her well used cunt.

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I say well used authoritively, because when he pulled his cock out, her quim stayed open and a whole lot of his and her cum lay all milky up in the opening whereas my own vagina had shut as though it had never been opened. Trish now sat as did my brother with all their sexual bits on display, while I although still naked from the waist down, coyly sat with my legs closed and knees up to my breasts and my arms around my knees. - Trish opened the conversation. - "Well what do you think of the experience? Think you'd like to do it some more, not now, but perhaps in bed later!"

Suitably showered and in bed now, Trish has persuaded me to go under the sheets and try at licking her and my brother. Amazingly my vagina is tingling and soaking wet at the prospect of being fucked if and when I bring them near to orgasm. . . So here goes!.