Miley And The Bachelor Party


This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain so I wrote it down and share it for free and make no money off of it. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. I don’t know Miley Cyrus or have anything to do with her. Comments are always welcome and appreciated and you should feel free to share.

Story Code: M/F, M+/F, Noncon-Con

Miley And The Bachelor Party
By Muhabba

Pop star Miley Cyrus returned to her hotel completely exhausted. It was currently 3:00 am and she was waving off the hotel’s staffs attempts to help her as she exited her limo. Her video shoot had ran way longer than expected and now she just wanted to collapse in her bed and sleep. In fact she was so tired she hadn’t even bothered to change out of the outfit she wore in the video, she had just walked straight to the limo after the director had yell “cut”. The outfit she wore was a bit provocative but she wasn’t too worried about it as it was now very late in the morning, she was registered at the hotel under a false name and she was using a dark side entrance to avoid being seen.

Miley stumbled through the dark hotel halls trying to find a elevator to take her to her suite. She finally found a elevator but stumbled again as she punched the call button. She sat down roughly in a chair near the elevator to wait. Her boots were killing her and in fact her whole outfit was uncomfortable.

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  Her outfit from the shoot had 3 inch spiked heeled leather boots that ran up to cover her knees. She wore a tight pair of stretch shorts pulled snuggly against her crotch and left the bottom half of her ass-cheeks exposed. Her stomach and abdomen were completely exposed and her top was a black leather push-up bra that lifted and showed off her jiggling cleavage. To finish off the outfit she wore a transparent men’s button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The see-thru material gave tantalizing glimpses of her teenage flesh without really showing anything. Her hair was teased and artfully tousled but she only wore a smattering of make-up. Her outfit and hair screamed “sex kitten” but her make-up gave her a innocent look.

Miley quickly dozed off due to exhaustion and the 3 wine coolers she had in the limo that had given her a warm buzz. As she dozed in the chair one of the hotel security noticed her as he walked by.

“Damn call girls,” he thought to himself. “At least this one used the side entrance. ”The security guard stared at the slumbering girl. She was slumped in the chair with her long legs spread wide and her tits were nearly hanging out of her bra. “The bachelor party upstairs is probably waiting for her. ”

The guard went over to shake the girl awake when a much better idea occurred to him.

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  He knelt by the sleeping girl and gently placed his hand above her leather covered knee. He lightly ran his hand up the girl’s exposed thigh, so smooth and so firm, to just below her crotch. He tentatively ran both his hands up and down the young girl's bare legs, assuring himself she was was good and passed out.

“This is Steven down by the north-side entrance. We’ve got another code 69. I’m gonna escort her upstairs. Over,” The guard spoke softly in to his mic.

“Copy Steven. This is control. Proceed. ”

“Rodger, control. ”

The hotel was very upscale and catered to a very elite crowd and was very good at distrection. There were no cameras down this hall or at this entrance; Hookers, drugs, any sort of special or private delivery, this was the entrance used. The guard was assured of privacy as he once again ran his hand up the sleeping girl's thigh and then gently cupped her groin. He gave a small squeeze to the passed out girl’s pussy and caused her to moan out.

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“The guard smiled to himself, “Nope. Still passed out. ”

The guard continued to softly squeeze the girl's young pussy as he knelt down and bent foreword and began running his tongue up her spread thighs. As he finished kissing and licking one tender thigh he switched to the other until he reached the heat of her barely covered pussy.

“Hot and wet,” he thought to himself as he place a longer, wetter kiss on the material covering the girl's tender pussy.

The guard gave a long, firm lick to the girl's hot pussy and caused her to moan out even louder than before. He looked up at her sleeping face, fearing he had woken her. “Jesus. Still passed out. Good. ”A glint of metal in the girl’s bra caught the guards eye. “What…?Oh yeah,” he said softly.

The guard stopped licking the girl's tender pussy and reached up to the bra showcasing the her tits. She was breathing a bit harder, even asleep she was enjoying what he was doing to her. With a deft hand the guard reached the bit of metal he had noticed and with a flick of his fingers, unclasped her bra.

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The cups of the girl’s bra fell away from her tits, revealing the tender flesh underneath. The guard pulled the cups apart to get a better look at her tits. They appeared smaller out of the bra, enough for a handful at any rate and capped with hard, light brown nipples.

“Not too bad,” the guard said out loud to no one as he stood up and began unfastening his pants. Freeing his now semi-hard prick he released his pants and they fell to his ankles. He leaned forward and softly felt the girl’s bare tits. “Not bad at all. ”

The unconscious girl's tits were plump with plenty of jiggle to them and the guard marveled at how smooth and silky they felt in his greedy hands. He took his finger tips and began to pinch her erect nipples, softly at first and then slowly harder, trying to gauge how deeply asleep she was. She finally started moaning and the guard released her nipples as he watched her tits jiggle around when he let go. He bent forward farther and wrapped his lips around one of her salty nipples and began lightly sucking as he ran his tongue around the hard little nub. In no time the sleeping girl began moaning and panting in unconscious desire as her tits were unknowingly molested.

The guard stood up straight and noticed the growing wet spot in the material of the sleeping girl's crotch and smiled to himself. He straddled her chest and placed his hard cock on the warm skin between het plump tits. He worked up some saliva and spit twice on his cock, lubing it up.

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  He reached down and softly pulled her tits up to surround his cock. The girl's tits weren’t large enough to completely cover his cock but were large enough to cover the sides. She moaned out in pleasure, still completely passed out, at the feel of her tits pressed up against his dick.

“You’re enjoying this you little slut," the guard whispered to the unconscious girl and he noticed a slight smile on her face as he began to slowly push his cock back and forth between her cleavage. He held himself back from just jack-hammering away and waking the girl, after all if she woke up she might charge him.

The guard loved the feel of this young girl’s tit flesh pressed up against his hard dick. In almost no time he felt his balls beginning to draw up and knew he was about to cum. “O. k. Now what?”He looked down at her face and smirked as he was struck by inspiration. He released his hold on her tits and moved around to the side of her head. He held her face in one hand and turned it towards him, with his other hand he applied a gentle pressure to her cheeks with his fingers that caused her to open her mouth. He placed his cock-head on her lips and began slowly jerking his cock.

The instant the guard’s dick touched her lips the slumbering girl closed them around the spongy head and began to softly suck. Still unconscious she licked at his dick-head and continued to suckle at it and drawing it in to just past her teeth.

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“Jesus. Even asleep you know what to do with a cock,” the guard whispered as he came. Shot after shot of warm cum erupted out of his dick and the still sleeping girl sucked it all down as she moaned in pleasure.

“Fuck yeah,” the guard said to himself as he drained his balls into the sleeping girl's talented mouth.

The unconscious girl didn’t miss a single drop as she swallowed the guard's entire load and he pulled his cock out of her mouth. He tucked his spent cock back into his pants and began fitting her exposed tits back into her bra.

“Mmmm…” Miley moaned and smacked her lips as a warm smile spread across her slumbering face.

Content that everything was back where it belonged the guard smiled to himself with pride at a job well done and shook the girl's shoulder. “Ma’am. Ma’am. You can’t sleep here. ”

Miley wiped her mouth with the back of her hand as she slowly woke up. “Huh?Wha?Was I sleeping?”

“Yes. We can’t have ladies of you… caliber falling asleep out in the halls ma’am,” the guard was talking to her like she was a confused child as he prodded her shoulder.

“You’re right.

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  ”Miley stretched her arms and yawned, thrusting her chest out and causing her tits to rise up almost out of her bra. “There could be groupies around. You never know. ”

The guard helped the tired girl to stand. “You have groupies ma’am?”

“Oh sure. They’re always creeping around. ”Miley grabbed the guard’s arm and used it for support. “Shouldn’t have downed those wine coolers that fast,” she thought to herself as she stumbled again.

“You must be… ah… very good at your… ah… job then?”The guard pressed the elevator call button and the doors immediately opened.

“Oh yeah. I’m the shit,” Miley giggled as she got into the elevator leaning heavily on the guard. “You’re cute. Maybe I should give you a private performance. ”

The guards dick began to harden. “I’d like that very much ma’am.

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  Are you free tomorrow?”

“Nah. I’m headed outta town in the morning. Next time I’m in the hotel I’ll look you up. How’s that?”The doors to the elevator chimed close as Miley continued to flirt with the guard, “Hey sweetie, you know what floor I’m on?”

“Yes ma’am. I expect everyone’s waiting for you. ”The guard hit the floor button for the bachelor party.

“Oh God yes. I can’t wait to climb into that bed. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forwards to this. ”Miley hadn’t been paying attention to which button the guard had pressed, she just continued to hang on the guards arm with her chest pressed to him.

“Really?I would think it would get tedious after awhile. ”The guard’s cock was fully hard once again at the thought of a horny hooker.

“Maybe one day, when I’m older. But right now I’m young enough to get off on it still. ”The doors to the elevator chimed open and Miley stumbled out, still clutching the guards arm and shielding her eyes from the bright lights.

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The guard was wishing he had woken the girl up in the first place rather than just titty fucking her while she was unconscious. Sure, a titty ride and cumming in her mouth had been fun but a full on quickie would have made his night. Although the thought that he had taken advantage of a young, unconscious girl spread a wide smile across his face. “Right this way ma’am. ”

Miley and the guard reached the end of the hall and the guard knocked on the suite door.

“Maybe I can catch her on the way out?Nah. She’ll be ridden raw by then,” the guard thought, accepting the fact he wasn’t going to get laid tonight.

“You ain’t gotta knock sweetie. I got the key here somewhere. ”Miley began to pat herself down, looking for the pass key to her suite. It wasn’t until the third pass of her hands over her lushious, little form that she remembered she was still wearing her video shoot outfit and not her regualar clothes.

Before Miley could say anything the door opened a crack. “Yes. Can I help you?” a voice asked from the inside.

The guard pulled the young girl closer to the door so the gentleman could see her.

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  “I believe you all have been waiting for her,"the guard motioned at his guest as he disengaged his arm from her hands to wrap his arm around her wiast.

“Oh thank God. Finally. ”The man opened the door wide and grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her inside. “We’ve been waiting all night for her. ”

As the girl was pulled out of the guards arm he slid his hand down and gently caressed her ass as she was pulled into the room. “Very good sir. And have a pleasant morning. ”

Miley was pulled into the suite and the door was closed behind her. The entrance to the room was very dark and she couldn’t see the man now helping her to stand, the only light was a faint flickering in the main room. “Must be watching T. V. ” she thought to herself as she was ushered through the entrance way.

“Everybody. She has arrived," the man announced to the dark room and a chorus of cheers rang out.



Miley was confused by the enthusiasm she heard from everybody just because she had walked through the door. “How long was I asleep in that chair?” she blearily thought to herself. “Well, thanks I guess, for the support guys. I just wanna get these clothes off and get into bed. ”

Another cheer went through out the dark room. “I have the most enthusiastic assistants ever,” Miley smirked to herself, not even noticing all the voices were male.

Before she knew it Miley’s body was covered in hands. Hands caressing her hair and face, hands stroking her arms and shoulders while they pulled her bra straps down, hands pulling off her transparent shirt and rubbing her back, and hands caressing her legs and thighs as they pulled down her shorts. Miley felt her body become putty in those hands as they freed her from her clothes and stroked and massaged her aching body.

“I have the most talented assistants in show business. I get a massage before bed,” Miley thought to herself as she was stripped naked. Her bra was quickly unclasped and pulled off, releasing her jiggling tit. She was so lost in the sensations of so many hands working her body over she wasn’t even alarmed as those talented hands began to grasp and squeeze her bare tits. She felt her shorts being tugged on and began to shift her hips back and forth, trying to assist. “I wonder who has my robe,” she thought for a moment but the thought was lost in pleasure as hands gripped and massaged her thighs and ass.

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Miley gripped two wide shoulders to both sides of her for support as she stepped out of her shorts. “I have got… umm (feels so good y’all) to get out of these boots. I can’t walk another step. ”

“No way. Those boots are hot!” One of the men said from somewhere behind the teenage girl.

“Yeah. We’ll carry you,” another voice said.

Miley gave out a short giggle, “O. k. But where’s my robe?”

“Don’t worry sexy. You won’t need it," aother male voice answered form somewhere behind the pop star.

It had started to occur to Miley that none of her personal assistance were men when she was suddenly lifted off the floor and lost her train of thought. What felt like a dozen male hands lifted her off the floor and into the dark suite and even holding her up the hands continued pawing at her naked body.

The hands laid Miley on the couch and spread her legs open as a rough hand squeezed her groin. She moaned out at the contact.

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  She was tired so her defenses were down, buzzed on the wine coolers so her inhibitions were lowered, her sore and aching muscles had be massaged and relaxed, flirting with the cute guard and pressing her body up against him had excited her, and the fact she wasn’t all that smart to begin with just added to her confusion.

A thick finger slid between her pussy lips and into her very wet pussy. Miley’s teenage body was excited and her pussy was so wet that the thick finger slid in easily, penetrating her deeply.

“Ohhh, fuuuck," Miley moaned as the finger began sawing in and out of her tender pussy. Another finger strummed against her erect clit and caused her to grit her teeth and hiss with pleasure.

“Where are my regular assistants?” Miley, slightly, thought. The fingers working her teenage pussy continued rubbing between her wide open legs as other hands stroked and caressed her panting body. The hands gripped and stroked her jiggling tits and rough fingers rolled her nipples and caused a sudden orgasm to rip though her. “Oh Fuck Guys!” she yelled out.

Miley’s orgasm cleared her mind a little. “Guys. We can’t do this. This isn’t right. ”

A voice from somewhere in the pile of men rang out, “She’s right. ”

Miley sighed with relief as all the men’s greedy hands left her now sweat gleaming body.

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“It’s Dave’s bachelor party. He gets to go first," the man’s voice continued.

Miley was about to object when the flickering light finally caught her attention. The T. V. was on and she saw the biggest cock she had ever seen. She liked to watch porn on her tour bus with her crew and it was hilarious, so she had indeed seen some big cocks before, but this cock was the largest. The cock nearly reached the man’s knees and was easily as big as the forearm of the girl trying to suck it.

While Miley was enthralled by the T. V. she failed to notice one of the men strip his clothes off and kneel between her outstretched legs. “Hey. What porno is OHMYFUCKINGGOD!”

Without warning the man plunged his hard cock balls deep inside of Miley’s drooling cunt. Her pussy lips and vaginal walls stretched wide as the man slid the full length of his hard cock deep inside of her.

“Goddamn she’s fucking tight," the man moaned as he drew his cock back, leaving only the head inside of the hot girl's pussy before thrusting back in.

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“Ohfuckohfuckohfuck…” Miley started chanting as the man began fucking her in earnest. Her hands shot up and gripped the man’s biceps as her boots locked around his clenching ass and she began thrusting her pelvis up each time the man plunged into her. She could feel the man’s cum filled balls slapping against her ass-cheeks and his groin rubbing against her clit every time he bottomed out inside of her.

“Yesyesyesyes…” Miley moaned as she was fucked by a complete stranger and surrounded by strange men. She'd had sex before, more than a few times even, but the was the first time she was the guest of honor at a gang bang. She threw her head back in pleasure as the man thrusting away inside of her bent his head down and began sucking at her gleaming tits and hard nipples.

“Oh God yes. That feels sssooooo good. ”Miley closed her eyes, concentrating on the complete pleasure her body was feeling; her dripping pussy filled with cock, her swollen labia stretched around the strange man’s dick, the friction of the couch underneath her back and ass, and the man sucking hard on her erect nipples.

Miley opened her eyes and gasped out in shock, all the other men had stripped naked and she was now surrounded by a sea of hard cocks. At the sight of so much naked meat Miley thrust her hips up, getting as much of the man’s hard dick jammed in her as possible, locked her legs around his ass to make sure he couldn’t pull out, and came.

“Fuck Yes!” Miley screamed as her orgasm tore through her. Her pussy clamped down on the man’s invading dick and she thrust her chest father into his face as she rode her orgasm.

As Miley came the man bit down on her nipple as he grinded his pelvis against her, thrusting as deep into her as possible and came with her. The man shot load after load of thick, hot cum into the pop princess’s spasming pussy as he groaned out in pleasure.

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“OH FUCK!” Miley yelled as she came again with the first splash of the man’s cum shooting inside of her. The stimulation of the man nipping at her tit and grinding against her pussy was all it took. The teen pop star’s body slumped back on the couch, her muscles giving occasional twitches as she came down from her sexual high.

The man pulled his spent cock out of the horny girl's cunt and watched as the mixture of his and her cum dribbled out of her body. “Hell. I’m so good I made a hooker cum,” the man thought with pride.

Miley laid limply on the couch smiling to herself and basking in the afterglow with her eyes closed. She was too far gone and didn’t even notice as the first man climbed out from between her spread thighs and another took his place.

The second man positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to naked girl's churning cunt and spoke to the men in the room. “Gather ‘round guys. We all get a go,” and with that he thrust his hard cock deep into her pussy.

“Oh God!Wha…” Miley yelled out as the man quickly plunged deep into her. Her mouth was wide open in surprise and another man drilled his throbbing cock into her face and down her throat. She tried to close her mouth too late as the man had over half his cock buried inside her mouth. Her lips stretched around the man’s girth and her tongue lashed around the bottom of his cock as he began fucking himself in and out of her mouth.

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Miley had never had sex with two men before and she was immobile with shock as they continued fucking in and out of her and she lay completely still in astonishment. She’d never before had two cocks entering her, penetrating her, stretching her, riding her, fucking her and suddenly her body began to respond. Her pelvis began lifting up to meet the thrusts of the man fucking her cunt and her head began bobbing up and down sucking at the hard cock plunging in and out of her mouth.

The man fucking away in between Miley’s legs arched his back and shoved his cock balls deep inside of the teenage girl and came. The man grunted and smiled at her as he drained his balls deep inside of the pop singer. As the last drop of his thick cum filled her pussy the man gave a playful tug to her tits as they sloshed around on her chest before pulling out and moving away.

As the man tugged on Miley’s nipples another orgasm ripped through her and her scream of pleasure was blocked by the cock fucking in and out of her mouth as the vibrations danced across the man’s organ. As she tried to scream the man’s cock slid down all the way and his balls slapped against her cheeks as he shot his load straight down her throat, his cum slid down the pop princess’s throat and she managed to swallow every drop. The man withdrew from her mouth and rubbed his sticky cock all over her face before stepping back.

The group of men lifted the sex-blissed and twitching teen off the couch and turned her over. A man sat down on the couch and the group pushed Miley down to straddle the sitting man’s hips. The man gripped the base of his cock with one hand and used his other hand to guide her dripping pussy over his cock. The man placed his cock-head at the entrance to her wet hole and the group of men let her body slide down and engulf the man’s hard dick.

“Oooohhhh…” Miley moaned out as she took every inch of the new man’s cock and leaned forward, enveloping the man’s face with her tits.

“Ride me.

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  Ride me baby,” the man struggled to say around a face full of teenage tit. He hungrily began sucking and nursing at the sweaty girl's tits as she began to slowly ride him.

Miley began slow, moaning deep in her throat as she started riding this strange man’s dick. She was lost in a haze of lust as her third dick of the night stretched out her tight pussy. Before tonight she had been a tease but only because she had never imagined how much pleasure she could have by being a slut. She wished she had a video camera so she could see what she looked like fucking complete strangers. The thought of watching herself fucking strange men in a dark hotel room and being a total slut sent her over the sexual edge again. She bit down on her lower lip as she came and ground her clit down on the man’s crotch as she thrust her firm tits into his face and her pussy spasmed. She collapsed against the man still fucking inside of her, gasping to catch her breath.

The man underneath the horny girl slapped her ass and stopped suckling her tits to speak, “I think she’s relaxed enough now, guys. ”

The man gripped the bucking girl's ass-cheeks and spread them out, reveling her tiny, little asshole to the crowd of cheering men. One of the men walked up with a bottle of lube and splashed it on her tight asshole.

“Eeep!” Miley squeaked out and she became instantly alert as the cold lube landed on her exposed asshole. She was about to complain and get the group of men to stop but the instant her mouth opened another cock thrust in past her lips. The stranger underneath her began jack-hammering away into her cunt as a moan of pure lust echoed from her throat and vibrated around the other man’s dick.

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The man thrusting into Miley from underneath went back to nursing at her tits and kept a hold of her plump ass-cheeks as the man fucking her face gripped the sides of her head. The man behind her ran his finger around her virgin asshole, making sure it and his finger was well lubed. Slowly the man behind her pushed his finger into her ass a little bit before pulling back out, gathering more lube and repeating the process.

Miley wrapped one of her arms around the head of the man sucking her tits and used her free hand to grasp the base of the cock plunging in and out of her mouth and began jacking on it. She had never had anyone play with her asshole before during sex and she was loving the sensation and moaned and groaned in lust around the dick driving in and out of her mouth.

The man behind Miley slowly worked his finger in and out of her ass, going deeper and deeper each time. When the man’s finger reached his big knuckle he grinned and began working his finger around in circles, opening her ass little by little. Adding more lube the man worked a second finger into the moaning girl's ass and began sawing them in and out and stretching her tightly clutching ass more and more.

Miley was lost in complete lust. All that mattered to her were the cocks pushing and shoving their way in and out of her sweating, pulsing body and the fingers working in and out of her ass.

Miley tried to squeal around the cock in her mouth as the man behind her slid a third finger into her ass and triggered another orgasm to tear through her teenage body. She flayed around as she came and all the men had to hold onto her body until she finally relaxed as the men continued fucking in and out of her.

The man in Miley’s mouth tensed up and came, filling her mouth with his thick, hot cum. She tried her best to swallow the load of the strange man’s cum but most of it dribbled out of her mouth and onto the back of the couch.

“Well, she ain’t getting any more relaxed then right now,” the man behind the lust filled girl announced as he ran a hand full of lube over his cock and shoved the first two inches into her puckered, little asshole.

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“Oh Fuck!” Miley groaned out through a mouth full of cum as the man behind her pushed his thick cock deeper and deeper into her tight ass. She swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth and concentrated on just being able to breath as both her cunt and ass were filled with hard, throbbing dick.

As the man slid the last of his cock into the young girl's ass he groaned out, “This is the tightest ass I’ve ever had. Fuck!It’s even tighter than Dave’s fiancé. ”Everybody chuckled at the joke as the man gave her time to adjust to his cock filling her. “Tell me when you’re ready, honey. ”

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck…” Miley chanted. She’d never had a cock up her ass before now, never have taken two men on at the same time before, had never participated in a gang-bang before, had never had both her pussy and ass filled at the same time before. She’d had sex for the first time when she was fifteen and quite a bit since then. She’d lost track of the number of dick’s she’d sucked. And she had even had two lesbian experiences while her boyfriend at the time had watched. But this was something completely different and there was only one thing she could think to do.

“Get another cock up here for me to suck and then fuck me. Fuckin’ use me!”Miley braced herself as the cock in her ass pulled out and began to slowly push back in. As the cock pushing into her ass filled her the cock in her pussy slid back.

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  Each cock slid back and forth, one shoving in while the other slid out like a piston. “Fuck yes you all feel so good fucking me,” Miley whispered. Another cock was suddenly bobbing in front of her face and she quickly latched on and began sucking it.

All three men started slowly and began increasing their pace. Faster and faster, fucking in and out of the teenage pop princess. Miley’s sweaty body was thrown around as each dick thrust into her faster and harder, she squealed and moaned around the dick chocking her throat. She didn’t care that she couldn’t breathe, all that she cared about was the sensation of all these hard dicks fucking her.

Miley had no idea who came first but in no time she was bucking and thrashing around as she came and all three men filled her with their cum. Miley collapsed sideways on the couch with a crooked smile on her face as all three cocks slid out of her, she was a sweating, cum-streaked mess and she didn’t care. A giggle escaped her as she thought about what all her fans would think if they could see her now.

“W… water,” Miley croaked as she slowly propped herself up on her elbows, her naked, sweaty tits gleamed in the flickering light of the TV. Someone handed her a bottle of water and she took a mouthful, swishing it around before swallowing. She tipped the water back up to her mouth and drained the whole bottle. “Hit me again, boys. ”

Another bottle appeared in front of Miley which she took and opened.


  She dumped half the water on her exposed chest and began using her hands to rub it all over her tits. “Towel please. ”Somebody gave her a hand towel and she used it to dry off her jiggling tits.

Miley used the last of the water to cover her pussy and thighs. Her pussy was very tender and she was very careful as she spread her legs wide and used the towel to pat her pussy dry. “That was… wow. That as great guys. But I think it’s time to head to bed. ”

“Hell Yeah!” All the men yelled out and they all bent down and lifted the wet girl back into the air.

The men all marched into the main bedroom carrying Miley as she stammered, “Wait. No, wait guys. This… this isn’t what I meant. ”But her words weren’t heard over the sounds of the men cheering.

They flicked the bedroom lights on and Miley saw a man already laying on the bed, his cock hard and gleaming with lube. The men suddenly spun her around and lifted her over the shiny cock pointing up at the ceiling.

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  The men positioned her facing away from the man so she was facing his feet in a reverse cowgirl.

“Ohshitohshitohshitohshit…” Miley began muttering as the men placed her over the man’s dick. She felt the man’s slick cock-head rubbing her ass-hole as the men slowly lowered her down.

Miley hissed through clenched teeth as the man’s cock slowly stretched her already lubed ass and filled her. The men stretched her so her feet were near the man’s feet who was penetrating her ass and he used his hands to brace her up a little.

The man laying down gave a quick thrust up and the men let her slide down the rest of the hard cock as it filled her ass completely. “Oh fuuuccckkk!” Miley groaned out as she got accustomed to her asshole being stretched out again. Another man climbed up onto the bed and straddled Miley’s chest and gripped her gleaming, wet tits, wrapping them around his hard dick. She heard the bed creak as another man climbed onto the bed behind the man on her chest and slowly started pushing his cock into her well fucked pussy. Two other men knelt on either side of her head and raised her wrists up so she could grab their dicks to jerk them off. Yet another man knelt next to her head and guided his cock into her gaping mouth as she gasp for breath.

With everybody finally in position the men began fucking the lust addled teen pop star. As all the men began fucking her Miley came again and her body convulsed and shook as the strongest orgasm of her young life roared through her like a hurricane. Before tonight she had never thought of fucking a complete stranger, or two men at once, or three men at once and now here she was getting fucked by six complete strangers all at once. She shuddered as her cunt, ass and mouth was stretched wide with thick cock and her body was used to satisfy three more.

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Miley lost track of how many times she came or how many men she serviced. She just laid limply back and let her body be used to satisfy all these strange men. As soon as one man came and finished with her he simply left and another eager man took his place. Again and again each man use her for their own pleasure, came and then left. Over and over again, load after load of thick cum was shot deep inside of her, or somewhere on her writhing, teenage body.

Miley’s gang-bang lasted for hours. She was sure she had passed out a few times but it hadn’t bothered the men who simply kept fucking her unconscious body. By the time dawn was breaking she had been fucked by every man there several times. After she to disentangled her sweaty body from the sea of naked men she took Dave into the shower with her. He took his time washing her sore body, making sure his hands slid over every inch of her. He dressed her back into her video shoot clothes and she deep throated his cock and swallowed his cum as thanks. As she sauntered toward the front door she saw all the men lined up to see her out. She got down on her knees and sucked each and every cock and swallowed every drop of their cum before leaving.

As Miley walked down the hall she bumped into a woman wearing a to small tube top and a tiny micro skirt. “I’m sorry sugar.

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  You know where suite 304 is?” The obviously older woman asked.

“Down the hall. But trust me. They’re wiped out,” Miley grinned as she made her way to the elevator. The elevator opened as she pushed the call button as she got in. As the door closed she thought to herself, “I wonder if my tour group would be up for some fun?”

The End. .
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