Mrs Robinson


Hi, this is my true story of how I fell for an older woman.

My name is Tony. I grew up in a very strict but loving household. My parents were both members of a southern Baptist church and we were always expected there every time the doors were open. I was the older of two sons and had an independent streak a mile wide. I never conformed very well, always trying to out do my friends or see what I could get away with. Well needles to say I was a cliché of sorts. The church deacon’s kids are always the worst of the bunch.

I had tried drugs, alcohol and sex fairly early in life. Had so many girlfriends thru high school I had lost count of how many I had had sex with. I was also a typical 17 year old. I was interested in what pleased me the most and not very interested in making sure my girlfriends were happy. I had as many as 5-10 girls waiting in the wings if I dumped the current top girl.

I was considered very good-looking; I had blonde hair that was almost Nordic looking. A very dark tanned body from swimming and working outside a lot with my father. These looks coupled with a pretty toned body from working out regularly with the wrestling/football teams kept the girls eyes always on me.

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Well the summer of my junior year in high school I started seeing the little socialite that was hanging around my house. She was a hot little brunette who danced in the local ballet guild. All I cared about was those toned legs and how quick I could get into them.

Well the summer went as usual running around, working, screwing this current girlfriend. I stayed over at her house a lot since my parents were so boring and I hit it off with her mom very well. As typical teenagers we fought often enough or my girlfriend was off talking to some other girl on the phone leaving me only to sit and talk to her mom. We dated for several months thru the summer but broke up soon after school started going our separate ways.

Well after while I started really missing my ex girlfriend’s mom. We had had some great conversations as I was natural talker and her mom could converse on almost any subject. But I think honestly why I loved talking to her was her striking looks. She was every man and woman’s dream. She was three quarters Italian, dark hair, little waste, shapely hips. She was 36, 19 years my senior, but looked 24. Seriously, she was carded buying beer or cigarettes every time she went to the store. The woman exuded this sultry sexuality that most men only dream of seeing and when she talked to me I thought I was the center of her world.

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   I guess I had just come along at the right time and place in her life. She had just gotten over a bitter divorce and most of her life had been spent in pursuit of motherly and housewife responsibilities. She hadn’t had a man pay her much attention in years much less a young stud who loved sex more than life its self.

Now I know I was not the greatest lover but I thought I was pretty smooth but when I came around this woman I really lost all sense of my normal “cool dude” attitude. I felt like I was hanging with my best friend and could talk to her about just anything.
Well one night after getting off work, I had gone over to the local bowling alley to play a few video games and drink a beer or two (I could usually get a couple from the bartender since I had known him along time. ) After walking outside about closing time I notice a car that looked familiar. Here came my ex girlfriend’s mother. I could not believe that she was out just driving around so I walked up to her to see what she was doing out that late.

I could tell right away that she had had a few drinks that night, so I scolded her for drinking and driving so she just hopped over to the passenger side and told me I had better get in and drive her or she was just going to do it herself. Well I couldn’t let her drive in that condition, so I hopped in and took off.

After driving a little ways we stopped and picked up another six pack of beer and I asked her was she ready for me to take her home. She said no she wasn’t that She had had an argument with her daughter and had needed to blow some steam off. So I drove out into the country side where I knew there was secluded but open pecan grove we could park in. After getting there, turning off the lights turning the radio down and each of getting a beer.

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   We both started talking and the looks we were giving each other should have melted the paint off the car. There was so much pent up sexual energy wanting to be released but neither knowing what to do about it.

After while I could not stand it any longer so I knew I was going t0o have to make the first move because she was not going to cross this line on her own. I told her that I had been having some really funny dreams and feelings lately. She wanted to know what they were but I said you do not want to know. As she well knew exactly what I was leading to she helped along too, she told me that it was ok and that people should not hold back their dreams and more people should act on them.

Well that did it for me, I reached over and scooped her off the seat and almost into my lap we started kissing, our tongues were a blur, twirling in our mouths wanting to taste every ounce of each other, breathing in each others scents. Our hands were roaming all over each other’s bodies wanting to feel, touch, taste everything at once not knowing where to begin or to stop. After and endless amount of time we finally parted our lips gasping for breath. Neither of us knowing what we were going to do next but we knew full well what we wanted.

As I ran my fingers up her torso, removing her top she had on, I could feel and see the goose bumps crawling across her body. Her body was on fire and my every touch was rekindling that womanly fire that she had thought had so long ago burnt out. I cupped each breast in my hands looking at the two jewels that men so often will do anything to touch and hold. I reached down and licked her right nipple watching them get even harder swelling into hard little buds. She was not a big-breasted woman but had the most perfect b cups I have ever had my young eyes on.

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   As I was sucking on one I was rolling the other between my thumb and forefinger. Pinching and pulling on it, feeling her body responding hearing her moaning was get me so hot and hard.

I know she could feel me growing harder under her, so she rolled around straddling me.
Her skirt riding up to hips I looked down on this beautiful pussy. She was not wearing any under wear, which in my young years just blew my mind. She was perfectly trimmed; her pussy lips had all been shaved leaving just the tiniest fluff on top. The sweet smell of her pussy was filling the car up and driving me insane with lust.

By now she knew exactly what she wanted and she was going to get it. She reached and undid my belt and pants releasing its trapped prisoner. Now I am honest and no I am not some super stud with 13” cock. But I have never had a complaint. It was 7” and had a nice girth to it so women really feel full when I am inside them. She reached down and started stroking my cock. My head started swimming I leaned back and let her do her magic.

She repositioned herself beside me so she could lay her head in my lap.

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   When she took my cock to her mouth I thought I was going to die with anticipation. She started at the base licking her way up with little nibbles, kissing flicking her tongue in and out of her mouth lightly dabbing at my cock. When she got to the top she toyed with my pee hole running her tongue around it, feeling my balls spasming with anticipation, She finally slid my cock down her throat in one long gulp. I had never been deep throated by any of the girls I had been with, most did not even like to do this much less knew how to control their gag reflexes. This woman was very good at this art. She slowly lifted her lips off my cock before plunging back down on it, feeling her throat contract around my cock was almost enough to send me toppling over the edge. Feeling this she backed off again licking my balls and stroking my cock with hands equally talented as her mouth.

As her ministrations were almost sending me over the edge, I had started bucking my hips fucking her fist as she sucked each of my balls into her mouth swirling them around with her tongue. I could take no more and felt the pressure building. As my hips locked up she leaned up and took my whole cock down her throat again.
    Oh god what a feeling, feeling my cock pumping load after hot steamy load into her waiting throat, feeling it tighten as she swallowed driving further into the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. She never missed a drop; pulling off of me she squeezed my cock, pulling every last ounce of seed from my spent cock pulling the last drop to her waiting lips to suck it off.

    Well by now she was fully excited and she wanted more. She got up went outside to the trunk of her car. She pulled out an old camping blanket.

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       Getting the idea I got out and helped her, we were out in the open under the stars between several big pecan trees. It was a beautiful fall night. I dropped my pants on the blanket and pulled my shirt off, reaching over I tugged her skirt off of her hips.

    Well “Mrs. Robinson” sure had some things to teach me. Like I had said, I had never been to worried about how to please a girl before this, so I had actually never gone down on a woman. She lay back on the blanket and motioned for me to come over; as I did I started to climb on top of her she stopped me. She slowly pushed my head down her body, getting the hint; I started trailing kisses down her smooth stomach. Working my way down each thigh watching her reaction, her breathing was already getting deeper so I knew I was on the right track.

    She gently placed my head at the entrance to her love tunnel. The sweet smell over whelmed me and I dove in hard. Driving my tongue deep into her pussy. She knew quickly she was going to have to teach her young novice the finer details to orally pleasing a woman. She the showed me where she liked to be licked, told me how important the “lighter touch” was. I soon mastered this, slowly licking up her outer lips, lightly flicking my tongue over and around her clit, sending spasms thru her body.

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       I also found out that by rolling my tongue up into a “U” I could cup her clit inside my tongue, cradling it, rocking it back and forth. Then she showed me how to slide my index finger up side her while continuing to lick her catching her “G” spot. This put her over the edge. She held on to my head pushing me harder as her orgasms racked her body. She had several roll over her simultaneously, to the point where she finally pulled my head away.

    Before she caught her breathed she pulled me on top of her licking her sweet nectar off my face and chin. As she reached down she found that of course I was very hard again. She slid me into her. She was like a well oiled gloved. She was wet and lubricated but so tight from lack of use in a long time.

    We started out slowly having both quenched our initial passions. Feeling her pelvic bone grind against mind catching her already over stimulated clit between us. She rocked me back and forth going deeper and deeper. Her hands gripped my ass pulling harder with each stroke. I leaned up and picked up the pace.

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       Enjoying the moment feeling my balls slap her ass. She moaned she wanted more, deeper, I lifted her legs up to my shoulders, being very happy I had spent so much time in the gym.

    After raising her legs, I tilted her ass even further back driving my cock as deep as it could go, feeling it hit the deepest part of a woman; the feeling was driving to the edge again. As she goaded me on, talking dirty to me, I enjoyed pounding her pussy, balls slapping her ass in a steady rhythm. I knew I was not far from cumming. Not knowing if I could cum in her, I told her I was getting close. She told me she wanted to feel me fill her up deep inside of her. That is all the encouragement I needed.

    After a final stroke or two, I felt my cock spurting deep into her; She started cumming with me, both of us feeling the energy coursing thru us. I kept stroking my cock for as long as I could, releasing her legs to fall down to my hips. Falling on top of her, I could feel her slowly rocking her hips sliding our union together just a little more, slowly milking the last of me.

    After a while I knew, we had to get home. It was very late in deed, and I was, I knew, in hot water but boy was it worth it. She drove me back to my truck, kissing me good bye, not knowing what she had started but still enjoying the after glow. She drove away.

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