My Aunts Panties-Love at First Sniff


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It all started one day when my mom got a call for me to babysit. Me being a guy gave me little desire to babysit, but what did was who I would be babysitting for. The request came from my aunt(by marriage), and it was to watch my dickhead cousins. My aunt was a MILF for sure. I had just found that girls made me hard, and boy did my aunt ever, shit almost made me cum in my pants just loo kin at her. She was a petite little blond. I would say 5'4 90 pounds, small perky tits, and a tight little bottom. So as my mom was giving me the details all i could think about was my aunts nice ass as she did her aerobics and before my mom could finish i said, "YES!!!".
Three days had gone by and all i could think about was seeing my aunts perfect body. Every night I laid awake pleasuring myself to the thought of her nude body. As luck would have it she had an emergency at work and had to leave town for a night, so i got to babysit early. When i was done with school that day i hurried home as fast as i could and got ready for my aunt to pick me up. It seemed like an eternity before she got there, but she made it none the less. As we ride to her house i cant help but look at her, shes in a skirt with black stockings and a jacket to go with it, the ride is torture to my teenage meat as is tries to bulge out of my pants.
After a 15 minute ride we finally arrive ate her house, she informs me the kids wont be out of school for a bit and that shes going to clean up and leave, so i was to wait for them.

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  In the meantime i headed to the basement and made myself at home. I sat down on the couch to watch some TV when all of a sudden i hear the shower start up. I could barely stand it sitting there hearing, when i would have given anything to be assisting. So i pull out my cock and start rubbing it while picturing the water roll off my aunts tight body, her hands rubbing and washing her perky little tits. Just as i was about to come i heard the garage door open upstairs, it was my cousins. I put my junk back in my pants and went back to watching t. v. right as the little assholes got downstairs.
They asked me where their mom was, and i told them she was getting ready to leave then they ran off saying something about getting permission. I go back to watching t. v. for a while then i am blessed with the sight of my aunt all made up and ready to go. She informs me the boys had gone over to a friends house so it wouldn't be too taxing on me and with that she gave me my moneys and left.
The time i had been waiting for had finally arrived i was alone in the house, free to snoop about as i pleased. I started off in my aunts room off course hitting up the clothes dresser first.

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   It was a gold mind, dozens of beautiful panties. There were thongs, bikini, briefs, and my favorite boy shorts. I went through them all, feeling them , smelling them, but that wasn't enough i needed more. I widened my search and ended up in her bathroom where i found the mother-load of dirty panties in her hamper. I had 4 pairs to choosefrom 2 thongs, a boy-short and some satin bikini briefs. I picked up a thong and put it to my nose, the aroma was wonderful, my hardon was starting to grow now. i grabbed the other thong and put it up to my nose as i pulled out my dick. I started stroking my dick while taking in the aroma of my aunts sweet pussy, wishing she was bouncing up and down on my dick. I put the thongs panties on my face like a surgeons mask as i grabbed the other pairs. I wrapped the satin pair around my dick as i stroked it, the smooth fabric felt so good on my shaft, as i pictured it going in and out of my aunt. tickling the tip. As i handled the boyshorts more i found a wet spot, which almost made me cum right there. I thought to myself these must be the ones she changed out of. Ive got the thongs on my face, as i picture my aunt grinding her pussy on it, while I'm beating it with the satin panties almost ready to orgasm so i get some toilet paper then put the wet spot of the panties in my mouth. The spot was soaking wet and i sucked a good amount of my aunts girl goo off them till i blew my load all into the toilet paper.

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   i got my self cleaned up and put everything back in its proper place, and as i was doing so i found this long shiny thing. . . . . but that's for another story

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