My First Time, Truth or Dare Camping


My bestmate Harry had come round for a sleepover, we tended to meet up like this quite often. In the past I have ran around his gadren naked for a joke and mnay a time seen him in his underwear and questioned my sexuality. Harry was 14 and so was I. He has a fairly well toned body and a 6 inch cock. I am also well toned however my cock is slightly bigger at 6 and half.    We have shown each other our cocks before and I was very turned on by the whole occasion.    So it was around 12:30 and we went outside into the tent and we talked for around half an hour. We were talking about who we would like to have sex with at school. We were both getting increasinly more horny when i suggested we should do a dare. I said "Why don't we strip to our boxers and see how far across the garden we could go". He was just as eager as I was. The tent was small so we had to get changed in turns. I sat and watched as he slipped off his tank top slowly exposing his ribs, he then continued to take off his shorts revealing a cotton lining over his arse and cock. I could see the outline of his cock in his boxers and he was slowly getting harder. I Then started to undress infront of him, i watched his eyes which contained a certain eagerness to get going, i took of my trousers and tried to cover my half erect cock. I then slipped off my shirt.

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   By now we were both adjusting to the sheer cold temeperature that was hitting our bodys.  

We creeped out the tent as to make sure noone in the house saw us and started walking through the field next to my home. We had agreed to go to the far left corner, which was around 200m away from the house and not near any roads so it was private. However neither of us knew what we were going to do when we got there.   The adrenaline kept us moving. We bounced across the ground while glancing behind to check if anyone was there. I couldn't help but keep looking down at his massive erection. By this point i too had a boner. I was getting so turned on by seeing his massive prick bursting through his boxers.  We reached the bonfire, we both stood there looking at each other, we were both rock hard and horny. The urge to jump forward and pull his pants down was excruciently hard.

Harry finnaly said "Can i touch it?" while looking at my bulge. The feeling of him looking at it was turning me on so much that i agreed. He got on his knees and approached me, i was so excited, he slowly moved his hand towards my boxers and while pulling them down his mouth brushed the top of my cock sending shivers down my body. He then grasped my cock in his and looked up at my face, I nodded, he started jacking me off, i had never been this hard before and precum was flying everywhere.

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    Faster and faster he went, my cock was soaked with sweat and cum and I could feel myself reaching my climax. Suddenly I felt my balls boil and my cock exploded cum straight into Harrys face. He was as shocked as i was. He wiped his fingers in the cum from my face and stuck his fingers in my mouth. The cum was amazing, it tasted so warm and had a distintivly salty taste. He then licked my cock clean. I gasped "that was amazing. " "glad you liked it" he replied. The sensation of having his cock over my mouth and jacking me off was amazing, i felt like I must return the favour.

 I gestured him to lie down in the grass. I then crawled up to him as he parted his legs. I pulled off his boxers shorts and my eyes widened as his cock bounced up. It was so big, not as big as my own but it was so wierd to be this close to another boys penis. I grasped it with one hand and jerked it. Harry immediately gasped a little, this was obviously his first time too.

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   I moved my head towards it and took it inch by inch into my mouth. It was amazing, it felt so warm in my mouth, my tongue was lapping up every inch of it. Harry was moaning loudly in the background, it felt awesome to make him feel this good. While sucking a stroked his chest and felt up every ounce of his body.  After just a couple of minutes of bobbing up and down on his lovely penis he almost screamed "I'm going to cum. " I felt his cock surge and his spunk filled my mouth. It was the best thing I had ever tasted. It wouldn't stop it just kept coming out of his dick. I swallowed it all bit by bit, hoping this would never end. I made sure his cock was clean of spunk as he took it out of my spunk filled mouth.  He stood up and leaned against a tree, we were both gasping for air.

Harry looked desperate for some more action so i walked up to the tree grabbed his cock in my hand and kisped him square on the lips. His lips were so soft. He was shock at first but gave way and even started to put his tongue into my mouth, my tongue met his and we became a wonderful harmony where eachover were holding each others cocks and our tongues were swivvelling round each others mouth. He stopped the snog and wispered in my ear "fuck me ben, please.

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  " I was nervous at first but i agreed.

He turned around and pushed his arse into the air. I gazed at his tight soft arse cheeks and grabbed them with my hands. I squeezed and he gave a slight moan. I then slid a finger in a he shivvered some more. It was the wierdest sight, seeing my best mate sticking his arse in the air waiting for my cock. I moved forward and wrapped my arms around his waist. My cock was at the edge of his arse hole and he wispered "do it. " This was enough i slowly started pushing my cock into him, inch at a time. He almost screamed with pain so i stopped, it was so damn tight. He then replied "try thrusting". I took it out 3 inches then pushed in again, this time getting 4 inches of my 6 and half inch cock inside him. He moaned loudly. I grabbed his cock and jerked it as I thrust again, with every thrust Harry moaned, he was in agony but i was in ecstasy. His arse was so warm and tight, it suffocated my dick.

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   I continued thrusting being careful not to go any further inside his anus, I didn't want to hurt him.  

That was when he moaned HARDER BEN, PLEASE DO IT HARDER, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR WHOLE COCK INSIDE ME. So with one massive thrust i buried my cock in his ass. He practically screamed, I thrusted as hard as I could, getting as much satisfaction from fucking him as I could. We continued this for a further minute untill I thought like I could take no more. "I'm about to cum. " Harry shouted "wait, jerk me off before you pull out , I want to cum with you. " I quickly jerked him off while remaining in the doggystyle position with my cock buried in his tight soft ass. I jerked him off quickly as i really wanted to cum. He said "ok, I'm ready. " I pulled out and he lied down on the floor. I sprayed spunk all over his face and chest and he licked it all, he then asked me to lie down next to him and he then jizzed straight over me. I felt it hit my face like a bullet. I licked my lips tasting his lovely spunk. I then crawled to him and licked my cum of his chest and face, followed by kissing him once more.

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   I wrapped my arms round him and he did the same, we kissed so passionatly.

We then walked back to the tent completely naked and spent the whole night holding each other. I explored his whole body that night, we would stroke each others legs and chest, lick each others nipples, kiss, jack each other off. It was amazing. When we eventually got some sleep i wrapped my arms round him. It was the most amazing night ever, even having to make an excuse to my dad as to why we were naked in the tent didnt ruin it.  


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