My hot friend and his brother.


I've always thought of my best friend differently. He was hot with his cute biceps and tight chest. He seemed pretty built when I saw him in his underwear last year. Me and my friend are both 16. His parents were out the weekend, and it was him and his 19 year old brother alone in the house. He invited me to sleepover Saturday. I said sure.

I arrived around 8 pm -ish. We played some video games, watched tv and did other shit. At about 1 am we both were getting a bit tired. My friend went up to shower and he returned only wearing his tight boxers. It made me so intrigued. He laid down on the other couch while we watched a show. We heard his brother come home and about 15 minutes later he brother came down only wearing a towel. His brother was even hotter than my friend. Hairless, built, white with a little tanned body got me curious.

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   "Oh hey man" he said as he went by the tv and into their storage room. I asked my friend if we could have another ice cream sandwich and he replied to go look in the freezer in the cold room. Knowing his hot brother was there, I went.

When I entered my dick began getting stiff. His brother was bent over on the edges of his feet squatting down looking for something. Pretending not to look I asked, "hey where are the ice cream bars?" he replied "check the freezer. " I watched as his squatted even more. I could see his thick ass wide open revealing his hot hole. I saw his thick swinging dick flapping back and forth. My mouth watered at the sight. He dick was fairly large. I couldn't decide who I wanted more, him or my friend.

Not being sketchy I looked for the ice cream bars. There weren't any, so I took a last glimpse of his ass before returning. When I returned to the basement living room, my friend was sleeping on his back.

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   With his cute face, hot body, and attractive bulge facing upward. My dick began getting swollen and stiff. I quickly sat down on the other couch and covered my hips with a blanket. Shortly, my friends brother walked out with the towel on. He stopped and looked at my friend and giggled. Giving my friends brother a "What?" look. My friends brother responded, "watch this, im gonna teabag this bitch. " I giggled and nodded. I watched irresistibly as my friends hot brother put his legs over my friend. He slowly lifted up his towel letting out only the sight of his balls. He squatted more as he placed his juicy nutsac in my friends mouth. Expecting my friend to wake up, I stood up and walked a bit towards them. My friends brother giggled as my friend didn't even wake up.

I was surprised. I was certain he was bound to wake up after that.


   My friends brother continued to plop his balls in my friends mouth. Until suddenly I saw something so lovely. My friends dick began to move and slowly got harder. I whispered to my friends brother and pointed at his dick. My friends brother turned to look at my friends dick. My friends brother laughed out loud. My friend then woke up pushing his brother off of him.
"What the fuck?" he replied.
"What we thought you needed some teabaggin" said my friends brother.
My friend replied, "fuck you asshole. " I budged into the fight saying, "Well dude it seems you enjoyed it!" pointing as my friends dick. "Why the fuck you guys looking at my meat?" He said. Me and his brother laughed. His brother said, "K whatever, im going to bed. "
"No!" My friend responded.

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   "I should do that back to you its only fair. "
I instantly thought of both of them naked. I went to sit down to hide my stiff dick.
My friends brother responded, "K then I'll suck your baby dick for you pussy. "
My heart raced as I watched friends brother removed the towel around his waste. His big floppy dick bounced out.
As I was about to touch my cock, my friend looked over. He said, "Yo (name), join him since you were in on this little prank. "

I got up and walked over. Why would I resist this. It was like a dream come true. I contemplated on taking my shirt off or not. I decided not too. I saw as my friends brother began jerking my friends dick from the outside of his boxers. The temptation took over and I pulled down my friends underwear, letting out his beautiful dick.

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   I could see his dick was a little bigger than mine. But I also watched my friends brother who had the sexiest dick of all. The thick veins running up to the big long foreskin. His pubes were cut perfectly. I wish I could suck his instead.

I wrapped my lips around my friends cock and sucked him off. Me and his brother shared by taking turns eating out his dick. It felt awkward until his brother grabbed my face and began to makeout with me. He pushed me towards the couch and climbed ontop of me. My body was racing. I fucking loved it. I could feel his cock throbbing against mine while we made out. I saw that my friend went over and ate his brothers ass out. It was a fiesta we all were enjoying. As I pinched his nipples he got up and crawled towards me, he dick was approaching my mouth.

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   My mouth shot open, "give me that fuckin dick yo. " I said. I sucked the extravagant long juicy thick cock as I could feel my friend sucking my dick. I loved it. His brother shoved his mighty dick deeper down my throat. I gagged a little, then sucked more.

My friend came around over and sat over me with his dick head touching my nipples. My friends brother took his cock back as I caught my breathe. Then was the best thing ever. My friend bent over and began making out with me. I looked into his dark black eyes as he smiled. I was 100 percent sure my friend was straight. I was confused. I went down and sucked his nipples with playing with his abs. Then his brother got up and opened my friends ass.

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   He gave me the notation to fuck my friend. Me and his brother took turns eating out my friends tight ass. I assume it was tight. I've never really "seen" what a tight ass is, but his asshole was really closed. My dick got so hard when I saw his brother insert his dick into my friends ass. Eagerly, I kinda pushed his brother off and he took his dick out. I put my dick in my friends ass. It felt so great. I can't explain. His ass was so tight, but it felt good. I leaned overtop of my friend and rubbed my hands along his hard abs and neck. I giggled in his ear. He moaned and whispered, "god your dick is so tight in my ass bro. " Suddenly I felt a weird sensation in my asscrack. I looked back and saw his brother inserting his thick dick in my ass.

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   I let out a moan.

We were in a huge ass train. We all laid ontop of eachother. "My dick feel nice in your ass baby?" I nodded and said "fuck me harder. " He fucked me faster and harder. It didn't really feel that great but I knew he was enjoying it.
My friends brother groaned, "I'm gonna fucking cum boys. " He removed his dick from my ass. I suggested, "You should hold it until me and (name) are about to blow. " He nodded and I removed my dick my friends ass. I could see I opened his asshole fairly wide. I was stunned but proud haha.
"Hurry the fuck up guys, build your loads. " said his brother. We looked at eachother and and he came ontop of me and made out with me more.

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   "I fucking love you man. " he whimpered. I felt like crying but I was filled with hornyness. I slapped his ass as our dicks frotted. "Pinch my nipples (name), they make me cum. " I began pinching my friends nipples as he jerked both me and him off. We both declared we were about to cum. My friend went first, blowing his warm cum on me and his brothers face. I sucked his dick after to move the cum around his cock. "I need to blow this fucking jizz somewhere yo. " His brother declared. My friend turned around and stuck his ass up. Immediately his own brother put his dick and started fucking him slowly. I put my dick in my friends mouth. My friend squeezed my balls and I accidently blew a huge load in his mouth.

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   I tookmy cock out of his mouth and cummed on his face. It was great seeing my friends pretty face covered in my own batter.

I looked over and saw my friends brother moaning. I walked over and heard a big squirt. "I'm cumming in your ass bitch. "
"Fuck yeah. " My friend replied.
After about 5 seconds my friends brother slowly took his cock out as his cum was spewing from my friends ass. It was so hot. I put my mouth under his ass as the cum spewed onto my face. He was squeezing all the spunk out. We all then sat up on the couch covered in jizz. My brother said, "We gotta clean up boys. " Me and my friend giggled and made out more. Exchanging the cum in our mouths.


   My friends brother went upstairs to shower. I put my arm around my friend. He smiled and got up and said he was going to clean up. I decided I would to.

I followed him up the stairs with the cum still dripping from his tight ass.
Everytime we see eachother at school we smile, and pass by.