My Trip To New Hampshire, Part 1


My Trip To New Hampshire, Part 1

I woke up early that morning and I couldn’t believe I was about to drive 2 hours to finally meet up with a girl I met in a chat room.   As I was on the road I played what might happen in my head over and over and could not wait.   The ride seemed like it would never end until I finally pulled up to her friend’s house.   She greeted me with a hug and kiss, jokingly with a naughty smile I said, “It’s about time huh?” she nodded and we both laughed.   As we made it inside we talked for about 20 minutes when our friends finally got the hint and went for a ride.   As soon as the door shut, she was straddling me.  

We started kissing, and we both wanted it, as we kissed deeper and hotter we wanted it more.   She wore a hot pink sundress that came down to her mid thigh, as we kept kissing deeper, the more she started to grind on me. Teasing me she held my arms back as she went from my lips, to my ears, down to my neck, hitting all my turn on spots but leaving me helpless.   To be honest I could have over powered her grasp but it felt so good I let her take advantage.   I finally rubbed my hands up her thighs grabbing her dress at the same time and pulled it over head and there she was in her bra and booty shorts that accentuated her ass which I loved. Her bra came off and finally her underwear, she straddled me again now wearing nothing as I sat there wearing a t-shirt and towel like shorts.

  We kept kissing deep, biting each other’s lips and her sucking my tongue, which drove me nuts.

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    My hands were roaming all over her voluptuous body, cupping her tits and pulling her nipples.   I started to nibble her ear, down to her neck kissing, sucking, and biting at it until I ran my tongue down to her tits and I started in on them.   Sucking them nice and hard, running my tongue in circles around her nipples then nibbling on them as she started to moan.   Her grinding increased and I was back up to her, lips locked, tongues circling each other like a ballroom dance.   We continued this intense kissing for a few more minutes until finally I asked her if she’d let me watch her, and she pulled back a little giving me naughty grin and got up and laid on the couch and began rubbing her pussy with one hand and the other rubbing and pinching her tits as I turned around.   As I watched, my eyes grew wide watching her do this spread eagle and biting her lips, this was the first time I ever watched a girl in person and I loved every second of it.   She knew it was turning me on but also turning her on watching me watch her.  

I couldn’t take it much longer and told her we needed to go to another room, I needed a taste of her now very wet pussy, and she must have read my mind because the next thing I knew she was leading me into her friend’s kitchen and got up on the kitchen table.   I couldn’t believe I was about to eat her hot, wet and pink pussy on her friend’s table but I didn’t care it was so kinky and hot I was willing to do it in front of an audience at this point.   As she sat on the edge of the table with her legs spread and me pulling up in between her, our lips locked in hot and passionate kiss, our tongues swirling as our hands kept moving and caressing each other.   I then started to breathe lightly and nibble her ear, running my tongue down to her neck sucking and biting as if I were a vampire and I cud hear her soft moans in my ear and I could see her rolling her head back as I moved down to her nice B cup tits, sucking them into my mouth and biting her nipples.   Her moans grew louder and I started to kiss my way down her stomach and running my tongue around her belly button.   I was now between her legs as she laid back not saying anything but could tell she was begging for me to eat her to ecstasy but I could not let in that easy.   I started kiss around her pussy moving in close then moving out to her thighs biting them as I heard her say, “Fuck you,” in a laughing teased manner and I laughed.

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    Before she could take a breath I began doing what I’m best at and attacked her pussy.   She arched her back in pleasure and began to say, “Oh God” as I licked her clit, circling it with my tongue and doing different patterns and speeds driving her crazy.   Her moans grew even louder and hotter as she came multiple times soaking my face.   I stopped giving us both a break, she sat up and we locked lips which turned me on as she licked and kissed her cum off my face and kissing me again saying how amazing it felt and how long she’s been waiting and wanting me to do that, especially since she rarely ever got eaten by her boyfriend.  

I enjoyed every second of it, her pussy was so sweet and wet and I just wanted to have more.   We kissed a little longer and we both decided we wanted more, and I remembered a trick I had not tried yet and noticed a freezer in the corner and went to it grabbing a piece of ice, her eyes grew as if she knew what I was going to do.   I licked some of the ice and got my mouth cold and kissed her.   I then took the ice as I kissed her and rubbed it down her body.   Starting with her neck, I ran the ice down to her tits over her nipples sending shivers down her spine and watched as goose bumps formed all over her body.   I continued to slide the ice down until I got to her hot wet pussy, running it around her lips and watched as her pussy was melting the ice.   Before the ice fully melted I sucked it, chilling my tongue, and began to lick her hot wetness driving her crazy yet again.   Doing this brought her to another multiple orgasms as I licked and fingered pussy, from the bottom of her little pink hole up to her clit.   This continued on for another hour or so and she was convulsing left and right.   Finally our friends had contacted us letting us know they were out back.

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    We kissed a little bit more before she put her clothes back on.   We went out back and smoked a bowl and chatted for a few before leaving.   We had both agreed that the visit was well worth it and wished we had more time to have fun but agreed to hang out again.   We have yet to hang out again but we both know when we do it will be one hell of a fuck fest in many ways.   Part 2 will becoming soon hopefully.   P. S. I have yet been told I am not orally fixated. ;)


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