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For the past several years, I've frequented the same classy topless club. There, I've had several great sexual adventures, but about six months ago, I grew aware that the girls weren't putting out anymore. It was time to check out some new places.
I started with a topless club just a mile from the classy place. It looks run down from the outside and the inside is a glammed up hole in the wall. My first night there, I paired up  with a real cutie. We went to a private room. She started off by putting my hands on her tits, then turned to let me suck on her nipples. She rubbed her ass against my dick a lot. She didn't push my hand away when I rubbed her clit through her panties, but she did object when I slipped my hand inside. "I'd let you" she said, "but I'm on my period and I have a tampax in there". She turned and pulled her thong aside to show me a string dangling from inside her vagina. She did let me lick her clit, but that was as far as we went.
On my second trip there, I saw a young black cutie there. She had tiny tits and a face that made me seriously wonder of she really was 18. I wanted to bone her, but some young guy was lavishing all kinds of singles on her.

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   Shortly afterwards, I saw a dancer who turned my head around. She looked a lot like my stepsister. I had never had sexual feelings for my step, but this cutie was making my head swim. I hurried to the stage to tip her. You have to tip while they're still clothed to make sure they will give you a dance because other guys will ask.
We went to a private room. Her first act was to stick her pussy in my face and pull her thong aside to let me look at her bald pussy. I stuck my finger in her. "Oh baby, can I put my dick in you?" I asked. "Yes!" she excitedly answered. I started to open my pants. "Shouldn't we talk about price?" she asked. "How much?" I asked. "Two hundred, in advance".
I handed her the money.

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   She handed me a condom. I put the condom on. She lowered herself on me. She thrust violently on me for five minutes, then she lifted herself off me. She grasped my dick. Panting, she said, "You wore me out". She then expertly used her fingers to get me off without the usual sliding up and down of the hand.
I went back about a week later. It was during the day. A young but not attractive hispanic woman was onstage. As I tipped her, she pulled her panties aside to show me her pussy.
She staggered offstage towards me. Obviously stoned, she slurred into my ear:"For two hundred I will fuck you". We went to a private room. She took her panties off and hung them on a hook on the door.

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   I was still unzipping when she lowered herself on me. I was having unprotected sex with someone who might be a junkie. However, like the other girl, she gave up after a couple of minutes. She started a handjob on me. She felt me stiffen and opened her mouth to catch my cum. I paid her and arranged the next day for a blood test.
I next went to a different club in an industrial area. The sign out front had changed from cabaret to Adult Entertainment.   I was swooped in on the second I walked in. An ugly black woman with fake tits let me finger her. I later ended up with a real cutie, but she was pissed at men. Although she let me touch her pussy, she wouldn't let my finger in.
I next went to a nude club. A real cutie took me in the back for a private dance. She gave me three dances and I was about to find another girl when she told me for that two hundred we could "go all the way".

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   We fucked, but she rushed it, and she didn't worry about making me cum.
My second trip to the nude club, I spotted a gal from the first topless club. She hadn't let me anywhere near her pussy during my visit to the topless cub, but this time she explained "I'll let you touch anything, but don't put your finger in me. If you want to fuck you have to wear a condom".
We fucked for a long time, but I never came. She finally gave up on me and told me she was tired. I immediately found another gal. She was multi orgasmic, letting me finger and eat her. She told me she didn't fuck on the first date, but I should see her on my second visit.
I finally looked at my bank statement a couple of weeks ago. It's going to be a while before I visit another club.

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