Poolside Nymphs-Lydia and Maddie Pt. 2


This is the second part of a previous story found in the Group section on this site. Comments are welcome and appreciated.

Poolside Nymphs- Lydia and Madelynn Pt. 2

I finally convinced Dan and Brett to step away from the window and to stop ogling my newfound friends. They were extremely disappointed and sat down on the couch on the far side of the room, trying to quell their raging erections.
“If they want to come in, they’ll come in. ” I told them
“Easy for you to say,” grumped Brett, “You already had your turn. It’s been so long since I’ve touched a tight body like that. ”
Truth be told, I wanted a second round with the girls too. I was secretly kicking myself for blowing it so soon without playing with them a little more. Time seemed to crawl and just when all three of us began to think the girls weren’t coming, the faintest knock came from the direction of the door.
I was quick to spring up, hoping the girls would see a friendly face and not lose their nerve. I swung the door open casually and smiled at my two little nymphs. Lydia had her hands crossed in front of her and she was staring at her feet. Madelynn was fidgeting but trying her best to look me in the eye. I could still see a bit of my cum drying up on her chest.

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I gave them my sweetest smile. “Come on in ladies, I was beginning to think you weren’t coming. ”
They both nodded and stepped gingerly inside. Neither of them could really find anything to say. I felt so bad for Lydia. She was practically shivering from excitement, or maybe fear. Either way she was here in the room with us and I was trying my best not to scare her away.
“There’s no need to be shy ladies. ” I pointed to my friends in turn, “That is Dan, and this gentlemen right here is Brett. ” The boys smiled and waved, the girls smiled back. I motioned to the girls. “And these two beauties are Lydia and Madelynn. ”
The guys’ smiles got even wider. The girls waved again. For several moments silence reigned in the room, neither side really sure how to proceed.

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   To my surprise, Madelynn was the first to speak.
“Umm, do they know what we’re doing here? Did you tell them?” She seemed like part of her wanted them to know and part of her wanted them to leave the room. I’m sure some part of her wished she had left us alone that night.
Before I could answer her, Brett broke the silence, “He didn’t have to tell us, we watched the whole thing missy. ” Lydia and Madelynn blushed, clearly embarrassed they had an audience. Noting their discomfort Dan smiled, “Don’t worry ladies, you both look like you were doing an excellent job. ”
That made the girls smile and relax a bit. As uncomfortable as they were, it was a refreshing thought to know they were accomplished little sex vixens.
Lydia piped up from behind her bolder friend, “Thank you, but I didn’t really do anything. ”
I shook my head, “Not to me, but Maddie sure seemed to like what you were doing to her. Have you girls ever played with each other before?
Both girls giggled and blushed looking away from their friend, “No!” Lydia giggled. Quickly before Lydia could say more Madelynn turned to her and giggled, “I really liked it though. Do you know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you?”
Lydia was taken aback, she shook her head slowly, “I…I had never really thought of you like that. ”
Dan called out from across the room, “But did you like it?”
Lydia paused, as if contemplating the question. Madelynn seemed frustrated.

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   She quickly grabbed the pack of her friend’s head and pulled her close, exchanging another kiss. Lydia’s lips parted immediately and us three boys could see their tongues gingerly exploring each other. Lydia’s eyes were squeezed shut and it was clear she was enjoying it.
They released at long last and Maddie sighed, “I just figured you needed another sample. ”
Lydia giggled and looked across at us, “I guess I liked it. ”
Brett laughed, “Believe me honey, we liked it too.
For once, all 5 members in the room laughed and the air seemed to flood back into the room.
I clapped my hands together and grinned, “Okay ladies, we have two beds for two girls. So Lydia, I would like you to take the bed on the left and Maddie if you could take the bed on the right. ”
Both girls looked at each other one last time before reluctantly letting go. Maddie stepped off one bed and crawled onto the other. Both girls sat with their knees folded under them.
I stepped forward, hands still clasped in front of me, “Now I don’t know if you ladies have done the math yet, but 2 doesn’t divide into 3 evenly. So one of you will have to do double duty. ”
The girls looked at each other nervously, Lydia bit her lip.

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   They sat in silence for a couple minutes before Maddie piped up, “I think I can do it. I mean, as long as you take it easy on me. ”
I smiled and turned to Brett and Dan, “I had her earlier, you boys can have her. Be gentle, let her adjust. Besides, Miss Lydia here has never blown a man. I intend to educate her. ”
Lydia looked nervous but eager. I undid my belt slowly and unzipped my fly unceremoniously. I slid my pants down a quarter of an inch and flopped my dick out.
“Come here Lydia. ” It came as an order, I sensed that Lydia was so scared she would react rather than think. I was right, like a robot she bent at the waist and crawled like a cat toward me. She got close enough to kiss it, but her face shriveled like she had smelled something terrible. I was enjoying my game, I snatched a handful of her hair, careful not to pull too hard. With my free hand I rubbed my dick against her cheek.

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“Lydia, it’s not going to bite. It’s just like any other piece of skin. Be a big girl, and put your mouth on my dick. ” I chanced a glance over at Madelynn, Brett, and Dan. Brett and Dan’s pants were off and Madelynn was in a similar position that Lydia was in. She was switching between the two cocks. While one man was receiving, the other was jacking off and rubbing it on her cheek.
I turned her head to look at Madelynn. “See, Maddie’s taking two? You can’t take one?”
She let my cock rub against her cheek one more time before she tentatively opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Delicately I placed my hood against her tongue and slid upward. Finally, Lydia accepted and for the first time I felt the blonde’s mouth engulf my cock. She went back and forth slowly, adjusting to the size and feel. Before long she was moving at a decent pace, guided by my hand in her hair. After so long, I removed my hand and she stayed on the same pace.
“Good girl,” I purred.

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   I moved my hand down her back from her shoulders until I reached her bikini top. With a swift tug, I pulled the string free and her 34c breasts swung free. The change in her clothes didn’t stop her. She kept moving, using her tongue expertly. I could feel it milking the underside of my cock.
“Hey Jack!” My head snapped up to look at Dan. Maddie’s top was also off and thrown across the floor. Her bottoms were also off, Brett was behind her, fingering her slowly and kissing her ass cheeks. Maddie meanwhile was still sucking Dan. “Look what the baby girl can do!”
I watched in awe as the 16 year old raven headed beauty, slowly swallowing Dan’s cock whole. He grabbed her roughly by her hair and yanked her head up. “You can’t get enough of cock can you little girl?”
Instead of getting angry like I thought she would, Maddie returned to his cock as if she was gobbling it down. She was actually getting off on how rough he was being with her. Brett meanwhile had begun licking her pussy from behind causing Maddie to moan. Slowly and unexpectedly, he drew his tongue up from her pussy and drove it into her asshole.

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   A moan full of surprise and pleasure came from Maddie’s mouth, wrapped around Dan’s cock.
I grinned and lifted Lydia’s head up again. I looked her straight in the eyes and smiled, “That’s a good first step Lydia, go ahead and lie on your back now. ”
She did quickly, I think she was expecting me to mount her, but I didn’t. I knelt at the foot of the bed and dove my nose into her fresh teenage pussy. I slid my tongue expertly between pussy lips and trailed it up to the clit, licking rapidly. She cooed above me, I reached my hands across her chest and cupped her breasts, squeezing hard. Her hands slid to her thighs, anxious to touch something to help her pleasure. I released one of her breasts and put a single finger inside her pussy.
I kept pumping in and out before I raised my head and looked at her. She looked down at me from between her legs, breathing softly.
“Lydia, I’m gonna rock your world, but you have to trust me. Do you trust me?”
I had her, she nodded steadily, kneading her free breast with her hand while I pumped away with my finger. I returned to my work, delicately linking at her pink love box. Then I did what Brett had pulled on Maddie, I slid farther south and stuck my tongue deep in Lydia’s asshole.

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   She whimpered with pleasure. I could just see between her legs and she was squeezing her breasts in pure rapture. I alternated licking the top of her clit before running my tongue down to her asshole while still fingering away at her pussy.
By now, my cock had completely recovered from my orgasm earlier and it was time to feel her pussy wrapped around it. I withdrew quickly and stood up at the edge of the bed. I grabbed the back of her knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Without any warning, I lined my cock up with her pussy and shoved it in. She jerked and her breathing became more rapid.
I started bucking slow, burying myself as far into her as I could go and slowly pulling out. The slow rhythm caused her breasts to shake up and down, even though her hands were wrapped around them, squeezing and kneading for all she was worth.
She cooed, “Oh my god, you’re cock is so big. ”
A heavy panting broke my concentration
Brett was behind Maddie, balls deep in her pussy rocking back and forth. But the panting I heard was Dan, who was busy unloading cum all over Maddie’s face. As she rocked back and forth from Brett’s pounding, she stuck her tongue out trying to catch any cum that my fall on it. Dan finished wanking and drew a fat finger down Maddie’s cheek, collecting as much as cum as possible.

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   He placed it in her mouth and she drew it all in slowly, sucking it all off his finger.
He was still panting slowly, trying to calm down from face fucking the pretty teenager. He picked her face up, her body still convulsing from Brett’s steady rhythm and smiled to her, “Little girl likes my cum huh? Let’s see if your friend likes it too. ”
He looked up to Brett and the two of them nodded in unison as if speaking the same language. Brett pulled out of maddie and she whimpered. Quickly, Brett wrapped her hands around her waist and pulled her over to the other bed and threw her down right next to Lydia and I. Lydia was still playing with her huge breasts and squirming from me pounding her pussy. Maddie’s face landed right next to Lydia’s and Lydia looked up and smiled at her, acknowledging her friend.
Brett deliberately spread Maddie’s legs again and resumed his rhythm, plunging his cock right back into Maddie. Dan reached over and grabbed Lydia’s cheeks while I was pounding her and snarled at her. “Kiss your friend again sweetie. Wipe all my sweet cum off her face. ”
Instead of fighting like the scared little girl I thought she was, Lydia greedily reached back and kissed Maddie’s cheek, catching a little drying cum as she did. Maddie turned her head again and the two girls made out while being pounded by two older men.
I could feel myself beginning to cum for the second time that night and from the sounds coming from Brett, he was nearing his end too.

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   Dan meanwhile was sporting a hard-on once again, regaining his energy again. I pulled out of Lydia suddenly and she pouted, still kissing her girlfriend furiously. I crawled over and stopped Brett, leaving Lydia and the girls kissing without any help from us. Their hands were roaming freely, caressing flesh up and down from breasts to stomach. Feeling frisky, Maddie placed two fingers in Lydia’s pussy and began finger fucking her. Lydia showed her pleasure in the move by groaning loudly. They didn’t notice Brett and I whispering, and plotting how to use their young, lythe bodies next.
Abruptly I lay down next to Maddie, cutting her access to Lydia’s pussy off. Lydia was angry again to be cut off from pleasure but she forgot that Dan was still waiting his turn again. I picked Maddie up and laid her on top of me, her back on my chest and whispered in her ear.
“I missed you baby girl. Are you ready for something different. ”
If Maddie knew what was coming she didn’t try to stop me. I placed my cock at her pussy and pushed in slowly, using her soaking pussy to lubricate my dick. Brett stood over us, jacking his cock slowly to keep his erection.


  Once it was wet enough, I pulled my dick out of her pussy and Brett placed his in quickly behind me. I could feel him above me pounding away, as Maddie’s body shook back and forth on top of me. While she was distracted, I placed my dick at the entrance to her ass and started to apply pressure. Behind us, Lydia was masturbating furiously, shoving two angry fingers into her twat. Maddie groaned above me, scared like a child on a roller coaster about to go down the first big hill. With a soft pop, my head entered and Maddie screamed in ecstasy, Brett’s ramming giving her a necessary distraction. Maddie noticed Lydia’s frantic fingering and with a grunt she managed to contact her friend.
“Omg Lydia you need to try this. ” She grunted again, “Get over here Lydia, I’ll make you feel good. Come sit on my face. ”
Lydia didn’t hesitate and sat promptly on her best friends face. By now, my cock was fully buried to the hilt in Maddie’s ass, and I was beginning to pick up my pace. Above me, Brett was hammering away at Maddie, whose face was buried in Lydia’s pussy who was squatting backwards over Maddie. From beneath the pile I could see Lydia, attached to her own breasts like a magnet, occasionally holding Maddie’s head with her hand.
Maddie’s muffled cries echoed in the room as the other three bodies in the room worked hard to keep her going.

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   Dan finally regained his erection and stood on the bed so that his dick was at Lydia’s level. Without any warning, he shoved his cock into Lydia’s mouth and she sucked on it hungrily while her friend licked her pussy below.
So there we were. Me at the bottom of the pile with a tan nymph lying with her back to me on top of me as I pounded away at her tight ass hole. Above her, shoving his fat cock in her pussy was my best friend Brett. The purring brunette was screaming into her best friends pussy, who was riding reverse cowgirl on her face. Finally dan, stood above us all shoving his dick into the big breasted blonde’s mouth.
We could have stayed that way for hours, but after a few minutes, I finally caved and started a chain reaction. I felt hot cum leaving my cock and I buried it deep inside Maddie’s asshole. While she was still grunting from the cum, I felt her body shudder, and I knew we had finally gotten her to orgasm. I left my cock in her ass, enjoying the warmth. Above me, Brett exploded all over her stomach, just as Lydia was letting out a loud whine. She squirted all over Maddie’s face and her and Brett drenched Maddie in their juices. Lydia slid off and lay on the bed. Dan followed her down, desperately seeking her mouth.

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   Brett and I slid out of Maddie simultaneously, and she slowly crawled over to where Lydia was laying. Tired and exhausted, the two girls took turns teasing and tugging on Dan’s cock. Brett and I returned to the couch and sat down, playing with our balls and enjoying any last excitement we could
With one last exhausted grunt, Dan blew his load between the two girls. Exhausted he came to join us back on the couch. We watched on with amusement as the two girls spooned, licking all of the juices off of each other and sharing it between them. To our amusement, Lydia’s fingers found Maddie’s pussy, and Maddie repaid the favor, rubbing all over Lydia’s pussy. They cleaned each other slowly, falling asleep in each others arm’s kissing and touching the whole way.