Sex and the Married Man


I'd been thinking about fucking my wife all day. I got off work early and stopped by the store to pick up two bottles of Merlot. I got home about 4:30 and started setting the mood. . . put on a bit of music by "GOVI" and started the BBQ.

Made some nice lamb chops and started on bottle number one of the nice BV Merlot I picked up. She really loved the evening. I sat near her and rubbed her back and kissed her neck. Soon, she was feeling great and ready for love.

We went upstairs to our bedroom and I helped her out of her jeans and shirt. Her 38D breasts are really beautiful and just cried out for my lips and tongue. After gently sucking her nipples; first one, and then the other, I slid my hands down her back and gently hooked her panties with my thumbs and slid them over her nicely rounded ass and down her legs.

I could smell her lovely bouquet as my face passed her nicely trimmed pussy. . .

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I was starting to get pretty worked up, but I wanted to put my cock-ring on before I got too big to fit into it; so I opened the drawer and gave it to J, my wife. Her nimble little fingers fastened one of the loops around the base of my balls, and the other loop around the base of my cock. Wow! I got hard in a minute and my cock stood up proud and engorged, making it very sensitive and ready for action. . . .

Slowly, J lowered herself to her knees and took the head of my penis in her mouth. . . swirling her tongue around and around the tip. It felt yummy!

Then, J began to give me a BJ in earnest. Sucking down my swollen cock deep into her mouth, and then into her throat. So HOT! I lifted her off her knees and gently laid her down on the bed, spreading her legs so that I could see the glistening wetness between the puffy folds of her beautiful little pussy.

It was so perfect, that I knew that it needed to be fucked, right then; but I wanted J to continue with the wonderful blow job that she had started while on her knees in front of me.

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   So, I reached into my nightstand and took out my "helper;" a 9 in dildo that is about 3 1/2 inches in circumference. it is flesh-colored and made of soft, pliable material covering a hard, stiff central shaft, which makes it feel a lot like the cock of a extremely well hung man, ready to make my wife's night!

J was laying on the bed with her eyes shut. As she waited for me to return my attention to her lovely tits, she gently rubbed her hands over them, pinching her nipples, just a little. . . as I eased my eager cock closer and closer to her lips, I started to rub the head of "my helper" against the inside of her left thigh, up high. I heard her intake of breath as she felt the massive size of the head of the dong. She spread her legs a bit as if to welcome it in.

She opened her eyes and saw my swollen, hard cock pointing right at her mouth, and smiled. . . she looked up at me, right in my eyes and said "baby, I need to suck that beautiful, stiff cock; give it to me, now!"

I gave it to her; both ends! As I slid my cock into her mouth, I also slid that massive cock into her tight, little pussy! The effect on her was stunning! Her eyes flew open even wider and she moaned. . . it was awesome! She arched her back and with her left hand helped me shove that huge cock as far up into her as we could make it go.

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   She was hot and her pussy was wet; it slid all the way in.

She gulped at my cock and with my free hand I held the back of her head and started to slowly mouth fuck her cute, precious face. She moaned again and again as I eased the dong in and out of her eager pussy, her hand on top of mine! My heart was pumping wild and hard. My dick felt so hard as it rubbed back and forth against the roof of J's mouth. I could feel her soft lips caressing the entire length of my cock as her tongue worked me over as well.

That massive dong was getting a workout! J was really taking it like a champ. . . her hips started to buck and I knew that she was on the edge. . . so I pushed her off the edge by burying my cock all the way to the balls into her willing throat. She clamped down on my cock and the dong that was buried all the way to it's balls, too! J's back arched again and her leg started to shake; a sure sign that she was cumming.

What a start to the evening; we hadn't even finished the second bottle of BV! J always says that I "get lucky" when the second bottle is finished.
J's left leg started to shake and she moaned low in her throat.

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  . . I could feel her hand clench on mine which was holding the massive cock that I was easing in and out of her tight pussy. She pushed on my hand, helping me shove the dildo deep into her dripping, juicy, slit; her back arched and she grabbed my balls with her free hand. I nearly exploded right into the back of her mouth! Instead, I pushed her damp hair away from her beautiful face while admiring her body buck and bob on the dildo in exquisite abandon.

A warm wash of pink blush rose on J's cheeks and her tits and she let out a muffled scream as she came hard.
    I could see the lips of her pussy contracting on my "helper. " I slowly withdrew it from her sweet vagina, and watched as a trickle of her lovely juice escaped past her heart-shaped labia. Her womanly aroma wafted up to me as I continued to slowly fuck her warm, willing mouth. I raised the dildo, wet with J's juices to my lips. I could smell J on it! J opened her eyes and saw me holding the tip of the head of the rubber cock to my lips; she smiled with her eyes and began to stroke my cock with her fingers grasped tight around the shaft and her lips making a perfect "O" around the head of my cock! She nodded her head and I knew she wanted to see me suck the head of the cock that had just been in her pussy. . . so, slowly, slowly I opened my mouth and licked the cock. Yum! It tasted just like J! I started to suck on it; it filled my mouth; what an interesting feeling, and for a second, I had a fleeting thought: "What would a real cock feel like in my mouth?" Holding that fantastic thought in my head I looked down at J.

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       It was clear to me that she was having thoughts about how it would look, feel, be to see me suck a cock as big and hard as the one she had in her mouth right then!

    I opened my mouth and eased that rubber cock back to the back of my mouth, sucking J's juices from it. I started to fuck my mouth with the cock as I continued to fuck J's with my cock. It was quite a feeling; overpowering, sensual and just plain fun!. . .

    J grabbed my hand and pulled my helper cock from my mouth and pulled my cock out of her mouth. It was really swollen and jerked up and down in pre-cum contractions. . . .

    J pulled me down to the bed and kissed me on the lips. "It was really hot seeing you suck that cock," J said with a smile. ""But I think that I need to teach you the finer points of how to suck a cock!" She laughed and threw her leg over my hips, grabbed my cock by its base and gently guided my throbbing dick mercifully into her warm, wet pussy. . .

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      . "Next time," she said, "lets invite your friend, Sean, from work over. I think I could use him to show you how to give a good blow job! What do you think?" Her hips began to buck on my cock and my mind filled with the thought of Sean slipping up behind her and slipping what was sure to be a big, massive cock into her ass! My heart was pumping as hard as her hips!

    Then, as she rode me even harder, she said; "Well, what about it?" Would you like to have me teach you how to suck cock? . . . . .

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