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We sailed from England on a warm evening, and I expected the rest of the voyage to be as smooth as the evening breeze that carressed my face as I stood on deck, watching the lights of the coast fade away, sailing towards the island over which I would rule as royalty, as the old man had promised my family when he took me away from that dirty little town.

The first three evenings on board were perfection, dining, glitz, glamour, quite impressive to a simple girl from a blue collar town at the turn of the century. The days were spent lounging with other young girls heading toward similar fates, chosen for their youth and naivete by much older men. Maids dotted on us, from morning to bedtime, tucking us in to over stuffed feather beds, without even having had to mingle with the older males, our husbands to be, and especially not having to pursue dreaded marital duties. They were satisfied, it seemed, to wait until the marriages scheduled for two years down the road, they claimed.

On the fourth evening, as girls would with too much wine, the giggling dominated the dinner tables. My master seemed a bit uncomfortable, but such was the price of having such a young fiancee. He called Conzuela, my maid, to have me taken back to my cabin and I saw a conspiratory murmur between them but thought naught of it. He rose from the table to see me off, and bent over and whispered in my ear. "Conzuela is to be obeyed, she has instructions as to my wishes. You acted like a drunken little slut tonight, Elvira, and need some discipline. " With that he slyly grabbed a piece of my nipple and twisted it until tears welled in my eyes. "Go, slut, next time I see you, a dick will be stuffed down your throat, another in your pussy, one up your ass, one in each hand and you will be groaning with pleasure and begging for my huge staff. "

Fear overcame me as Conzuela, smiling whisked me, not to my room, but to a galley. "Undress, slut!" she ordered. I cowered into the wall, right into hand and feet cuffs she swiftly strapped me into, spead eagle against the wall.

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   I gasped. She stuffed a rag in my mouth as a brutish man entered, groping his groin, drooling. "Brutus", she calmly stated, "here's your new project. Master wants her like the others, ready, willing, begging for cock. Make her a big cock whore so the island slaves can have pleasure after long work days. Make sure that pussy is stretched out like no other".

She proceeded to tear my clothes off as Brutus whipped out his cock, groaning and tugging on it. She then took a seat in a comfortable chair and watched, sometimes yelling out orders, others masturbating through her dress. My naked body heaved with fear as Brutus started what I now know to be a training ritual for bought brides, or bought whores I should say. He ejaculated his first load on my face standing on a ladder, holding my chin high and straight, slapping it when my eyes would close. "Open your eyes, slut!" Conzuela screamed. After the first cum shower I was unshackled from the wall and bent over a crude wooden bench, and strapped belly down again spread eagle, a position I would learn to be natural. He flogged me with a leather whip on my buttocks, as he and Conzuela laughed. I refused to cry, the sting felt somehow pleasurable.

"Dick flogging!" was her next order.

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   The door opened and five greasy men entered, dropped their pants and started dick slapping my ass, legs and face. There was no pain but plenty of humiliation as their smell wafted around my nostrils. I had ever seen a cock, I had only been fucked in the dark, in our attic, back home, and the cocks I saw seemed much bigger than the landlord's who took me to the attic when the rent wasn't paid, pumping on me for two minutes before unloading with his "Geronimo" scream. The flogging went on for twenty minutes and then they all unloaded on my face, my head held up by a cackling Conzuela.

They left and I felt the worst was over. That's when I realized Conzuela's power. She walked over to me, and when her dress fell off, I saw my first real huge cock, hers, a cock that made the other six look like toothpicks. My eyes were wide with astonishment as it glided past my lips and gagged me. Enormous fleshy balls slapped my chin, my nose was buried in pubic hair, and quicker than I realized, my pussy was stuffed with a cold steel object that streched my pussy beyond words. The inserted object was guided by Brutus, a laughing Brutus, a pounding I had never fathomed lasted 45 minutes as Conzuelas' dick reemed my mouth, stuffed it, gagged me, while she held my ears as guiding handles.

My voyage was turning into a nightmare. Conzuela and Brutus took a break, from me, as Conzuela sucked Brutus' cock, ordering me to watch how it was done. I watched, and became an avid student, for my sake I thought.

"It's time for the finale" she announced. The door opened and my master walked in, followed by several men.

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   "Is she ready"? he barked. Conzuela nodded. Ready for what, I wondered. Before I could plead for anything, I was unstrapped. On another bench, a magnificent steel replica of Conzuela's cock stood waiting. I was impaled on it, as Istraddled the high bench. My tits shook up and down as they helped the monster dildo into my slit and made me slide up and down on it. I was then bent over and my virgin ass was broken by Brutus' pole. I groaned. Master smiled.

Just as promised, I had another huge cock stuffed down my throat, and my hands grasped each a slimy cock, that I stroked, naturally, and willingly. Four more men stood over my my back, spewing their cum on me, as their owners groaned, and as they finished the men tagged in another man to replace them. The cock in my ass exploded and was replaced by a bigger one. The steel cock was pulled out and replaced by yet another bigger replica. The cum in my mouth spilled out of the corners of my mouth and through my nose, eliciting a spanking.

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   "Swallow it all, slut whore!" which is what I did the next twenty times. By morning the gangbang was slowing down, I had drained sperm, several times, out of 87 different dicks, with my pussy, my ass, my mouth, my hands, and had been showered with cum like the whore I now was.

By the end of the voyage, I was in charge of getting myself gangbanged each night, by begging for cock if ever a hole or hand went empty for 2 seconds. "Fuck me!" was my new favorite phrase, and it comes in quite handy on the island. I now service a plantation, all the workers, mostly well hung black slaves who love my amazement at their girth. I can't think of anything I would rather do, but to suck, fuck, and act like the bitch in heet I have become. At any of the slaves' beckoning, day or night, outside, indoors, I spread my legs wide open and welcome their poles, with smiles and groans of pleasure. My pussy is theirs, and their animals'. On friday nights, we all gather at the corral and my adoring fans cheer on as I take on donkeys, horses, dogs, snakes and whatever they wish. If I keep up the good work, I hope I will become a trainer for new brides. In the mean time, I am proud to be the plantation's bitch whore slut, the pleaser of cocks that I am.


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