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Hi , I am rahul , I am studying btech 2nd yearwhen this happen. My cousin sisterdeepika came tomy house . she is sex goddess . she is beauty. nowher age is 20. If any guy see her first they want to fuck her because she is dam sexy . she is 5’5 feet tall ,milky color skin,33-25-34 super shapeat age of 17 .
I want to fuck her. She use talks freely with guys . my friends visit my home often. she neverwearchunione dayme andmy friendsat in my room . she came slept on bed and talking with us . when she talkingwe sawher white boobs erect half outsideand we can see her bra we both staring at her boobs. she know but didn’t move from there. My friend can’t control that he went to bathroomcumshot. My friends always visit home if he come and stare at her boobs and pussy .

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  she know that make my friend crazy.
My penis always in 90 degree when she is beside me . Onenight she slept beside meand I thought not to loose chance. I start to touch herbody with my hand she did not move again I started to move my hand from neck to boobs. she is wearingtop andpant. I kept hand insideher top to touch boobs. It was amazing first I touchnextstarted pressing. I wantsee her tits colorwe havebed lamp . so use my cellphone to see her titsit was awesome whiteboobs with pink tits and I removed her bra inside.
I putmy hand in pantand move it down. next I move I saw her ass and pussy. What an assand shaved pussy my penis became hard like rock . i make my dick to touchher entire body. . I kept my finger in pussy and mustered … I make soft sex withentire nightshe woke up andsaw herself no bra , no panties.

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  kepther thing inside cupboard and not wear again that night. Icontinue for 3 days…its my first sex story. .

Andif she wear short skirt and t-shirt . she look like prostitute(call girl).
After some month I got know that she have so many sex experiences.
She had Sex with my neighbor boy .
In her hometown i heard something I shockedshe is prostitute(call girl).