She cheated on him


Topic: she cheated on meSo, this is what i have made, based somewhat on a true story.   My girlfriend cheated on me with her ex, while she was dating me.   We have now broken up, and the B*tch is going back out with him.   she kept it secret from me until i ended the relationship do to other reasons.   I know she cheated on me, but, not what, so, this i what i came up with, as, this is what she would do, and you don't know how happy i am to be without her now.   by the way, my spelling is not great, im sorry.  
Alexa was happy, it was the 3rd of july, and she had just won her fencing match.   After changing, they lined up to get their metals, and she smiled brightly walking up and getting 1st place.   She walked back to her dad and handed him the metal.   he took it, and grabbed her bag.   Alexa started walking outside, when her ex, devon, stopped her.  
"that was a nice job Alexa, you did well. "
"Thanks devon, you did pretty well yourself. "
 Alexa had broken up with devon 4 months beforehand, but, she still kinda thought he was cute.   Her current boyfriend, Jack, was a sweet guy.   he did anything Alexa asked, and she knew that she really had got a good catch.

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    She was just worried, because there is several things she lied to him about, and she was always worried about him finding out.   The rest of the fencing club that had come was waiting by the door, with their gear loaded into the van.   The air in New York was a little dirty, but, it would be worst in the 5 hour ride back to New Hampshire.   Alexa went to get into the 15 passenger, however, everybody else already had their place, and the gear was stacked up in the seats near the back.   looking through the van, she noticed the only open seat was in the back, and devon would probably have to sit next to her.   She got into the back, and devon followed, as he tended to do.   Alexa's father, mark, put her bag in, and then go into the drivers seat of the van, with the Fencing coach, Chris, getting into the passenger seat.   With 8 people in the van, it was loud and smelled of sweat and dirty fencing gear.   Alexa, pulled out her Cd player and put on the Cd that Jack had made her.   It was a lot of love songs with a little space inbetween each song, what Jack had recorded himself saying he loved her, or something sweet like that.  
 Devon, sitting next to her, woundered if Jack would get pissed knowing that the whole ride home, Devon would sneak looks at Alexa and her legs coming out of the bottom of her short denim skirt.   He still liked Alexa, but, just her body.   He wanted so bad to fuck her and make her do whatever he wanted.   They had only dated for 3 months, which, was longer the Devon wanted anyway, he just wanted sex.  
Alexa had listened to about half of her cd, when they all stopped for dinner, they all piled out of the van, and went into the fast food place, making sure to use the bathroom, as this would be the last stop for another three hours.

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    She ate quickly, and then gave Jack a call.   He had just goten off of a 12 hours shirt at work, he worked a lot trying to save up money to buy Alexa things.   He seemed tired, and Alexa got annoyed at he seemed to not want to talk.  
Jack was dead tired.   He had been working 12 hours a day for 7 days in a row now, all the time Alexa was in NY.   when he wasn't working on that, he had been building her a jewlery box for a gift for her.   It wasn't their anaversery, or a birthday gift, just a gift to show how much he loved her.   He noticed she was getting annoyed that he was almost falling asleep, tomorrow, he was looking forward to going up to Alexa's grandparents house in the mountains, to spend the 4th of july with her.   He did his best to stay awake and talk, but, she just said they had to go, so, he said he loved her, and she said it back, and then hung up.
 Alexa laughed a little inside, he still beleive she loved him.   she never did, she just said it cause he was nice to her and made her things and got her things.   Tomorrow she expected atleast 12 roses, that was if he even wanted to get a kiss.   She wouldn't touch him sexually , although she let him do it to her.   He was skilled with his hands, and made her cum every time.   It was nice, she knew sooner or later somehing would happen and it would end, but, until then, she could treat him like crap and she would treat him great.

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  . . she loved using guys.  
 They all piled back into the van, Alexa still in the back with Devon, both mostly hidden by the bags in the seat infront of them.   with the other kids talking, and the radio on, it was almost if Alexa and devon were in a different car.   Devon kept looking at Alexa, wishing her skirt was a little shorter, or her tanktop was a little lower.  
Alexa sat there staring out the window, she was getting turned on from the car ride, she didn't know why, but, it was just happening.   she felt her thong start to get wet, and her nipples started to get hard.   She felt devon looking at her, and now she was liking it,  she knew he just wanted sex, but he didn't look bad.   Devon was  5 foot 10, 160 lbs, kinda skinny, but, nice, with blue eyes and 2 inch brown hair, and a 6 pack.   She thought he was cute, but, not like Jack.   Jack was a beast at 6 foot 2 inchs, 235 lbs, he had a little stomach, but was very strong and had killer eyes.   they spoke volumes, and were truly one of a kind.   Jacks eyes changed color depending on the shirt he was wearing, and his mood.   If he was happy, they were lighter, if he was sad, they were darker.

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    She knew jack was better looking, and probably a better guy all around, but, she was out of his class.   Alexa was 5 foot 7 inches, should length brown hair, and a face that stopped most guys in their tracks.   Her body was kept an even 125 lbs cause of fencing, althought it only made her a larger a cup at the most, but it kept her ass round and tone.   She knew that come fall, she would probably dump jack and find a new boy at school to use, most of them were already after her anyway.
 Devon kept looking at those legs, that looked just perfect.   He noticed that Alexa was starting to breath a little heavy, and he noticed her nipple start to get a little hard, damn, the bitch was getting horny right next to him.  
Alexa now was thinking of all the times Jack had gotten her off, she loved it when he got on his knees, with 2 fingers in her, and his lips around one of her nipples, she was always quick to cum.   She closed her eyes thinking of Jack's rough hands rubbing on her mound getting her wet, and then she felt a hand on her leg.   She opened her eyes, and devon had moved closer and put his hand on her leg, and was rubbing it a little.  
"Devon, you know my boyfriend won't like that"
"yea, but you probably do, and he is not here, and your already horny"
He slid his hand up further, and she went to go move his hand, Devon was getting to close and was doing just what Jack did, and she was liking it.   As her hand went to go grab his wrist, he slid his finger right onto her lips, and started rubbing her through her thong.  
Alexa gasped, and felt herself start to get wet as this hand rubbed her and made her moan a little.   Devon undid his seatbelt, and got on the floor infront of her.   He thanked the bag in the seat infront of them, no one would hear, no one could see.   He kissed Alexa's thighs and pulled her thong off.

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    he quickly got his mouth to her pussy and started to suck a little on her clit as he slid his tounge around her.   Alexa was in heaven, he wasn't as good as Jack, but, without getting off in 7 days, it felt just right.   she pushed her legs apart and put her hands onto the back of devons head and pushed it in.   She though about jack, as her ex ate her out, she realized it would just be another lie for her to tell him.   Her thought of jack was pushed out of her mind by devons tounge being pushed into her hole.   She pushed her head in harder and his tounge brought her to a quick orgasm.   As the waves of pleasure flowed over her, she felt his lips and tounge be replaced by his hand, and he got back up onto the seat.  
Alexa, now with a finger being psuhed in and out of her wet hole, was building up quick to another orgasm, she grabbed his hand, and stopped him.   he looked at her, wonder why she stopped him, his answer came quickly as her lips were pressed against his, and her tounge met her inside his mouth.   He felt on of her hands on the back of his neck, the other was undoing his belt  "My god" he thought "she is doing it, the bitch is going to do something"
Alexa, knowing that It would break Jacks heart for him to even hear about this, kept her fingers steady as she undid devons zipper.   She pulled out a rock hard 6 inch cock.   It wasn't as big as Jack's, From what she could tell, Jack was about 8 inches and thick, Devons was just a normal 6 inches and around as round as a broom handle.   She quickly start to stroke his cock, as she made out with him.   After he pulled away to get a breath, she bent down and took him into her mouth, licking the cock up and down as she sucked on it.   She would have prefered it to have been Jack's, but, its not her fault he couldn't take off work, and she was horny now.

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    She sucked on Devon for a few more seconds when her phone call with Jack popped into her head.   She remember how tired he was, and how he didn't seem to want to talk.   Alexa thought to herself "well, ill get him back for that.   when i call him, i want him to talk, i want him to do what i say"
Devon was in Heaven, with the girl he wanted to fuck for so long now sucking on his cock, he could play with her hair and smile, knowing one way or another, his cum was going to end up in her.   he looked down at her face and she pulled off his cock, he said "im not finished, why did you stop, think about your boyfriend you slut?"
 "no, i want more" replied Alexa.   She slid back up onto seat, and thought about how Jack had asked the first time he finigered her, if she was a virgin.   She was, and said yes, and he said one day he hoped she would love him enough to let him take it. . . She laught a little, now she was giving to a kid Jack hated.  
as Alexa moved over onto Devons lap.   Devon thought "wow, i get the whole thing, well, ill take this from her and more. . . she kept me waiting long enough"  He pulled her over onto his lap right were he wanted her.

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    she ground back down onto his cock, and he moaned a little feeling her ass cheaks over his cock, he slid up her skirt and saw that perfect ass, he pulled her up a little, and brought his cock head to her opening.   He was about the slide her down, when she brought herself down onto it quick, taking all 6 inches at once.   She moaned, it was longer then Jack's fingers, and just about as round as two of his.   She didn't have a lot of pain, As jack had large fingers and she was opened up okay.   She pumped herself up and down slowly, making sure She heard Devon moan a little each time.   She was loving it, and felt another orgasm building up.   As it got sronger, devon thrusted into her a little faster and faster.   She felt it buildind and building, but it didn't get pushed past the edge until she felt devon's hands slide up under her shirt and tweak her nipples.   it pushed her over the edge, and she tried to hold back her moan's as she came around devons cock sliding inside of her.   now she had both of her hands on the seat back infront of them, while devons hands were on both of her tits.   She was coming down off her second orgasm when she heard her cell phone ring.   She sat down on devon's cock, making him stop.   As she grabbed her phone, she noticed it was Jack calling.
"hello"  she said out of breath
"hey beautiful, are you okay"
"yeah, sorry, i was asleep"
"oh, im sorry, i didn't meat to wake you.   i just wanted to see if you wanted me to bring you cookies for you tomorrow?"
Alexa started to say sure as Devon grabbed her hips and pulled her up and then slid her back down.

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   She quickly told Jack cookies would be great, and then said she had to go and hung up.   She threw her cell phone back down, as devon just started pounding her now non-virgin pussy.   Alexa was building up to another orgasm, when she felt devons cock leave her wet and waiting pussy.   she looked back at him wondering what he was doing.   Devon leanded forward and said "for talking to your boyfriend, now you get punished"
Alexa didn't know what he ment by punished, but she got the idea as he quickly moved his cock from the opening of her pussy to her virgin ass.   She had not let anybody ever touch it before, and she went to go tell devon to stop, but got cut short by him thrusting up into her virgin ass.   his cock was soaked from taking her viginity, and it slid in a little rough into her ass.   he let her have a few seconds to get use to it, while he covered her mouth so nothing would escape.   Then he started pumping in and out of her chocolate ring while covering her mouth and holding one of her hips.   After a few moments, she started to move against him in her own speed,  Devon took his hand away from her mouth and started rubbing her wet pussy.   with the mix of all the fucking, Alexa and Devon were getting close to cumming.   Alexa's hit first, her first anal orgasm,  she thought that maybe Devon would pull out, and he started to, she didn't know where he was going to cum, but when she felt a hand on her neck as it pulled it down to his cock.   She was still getting over her 3rd orgasm of the evening, so she willingly latched onto his cock and sucked on it until he started cumming in her mouth.   As Alexa felt devon start to cum, she sucked harder and swallowed his whole load.   After licking his cock clean, she sat back down, kissed him, and pulled her thong back on.

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    Devon was smiling, and zipped up his pants, and both fell asleep in the back.  
The next day
Alexa smiled a little when Jack pulled up to her grandparents house.   it was a real smile, but, not to see him, but, because she knew he had things for her.   She smiled and kissed him quickly on the lips and then looked at what he had for her.   The cookies were good, and so were the roses.   She looked up at him with a "is that all" look, and then he produced the hand carved jewlery box.   she smiled more, and started walking inside.   She put it in her room she was sleeping in.   She walked back out, and Jack came up behind her, he slide one arm around her waist, the other was around her shoulder, and he started kissing her neck.   she heard him whisper "i missed you beautiful, did you miss me" as one of his hands started for her pussy, knowing she needed realse.
"yeah babe, i did" she responded, feeling his fingers now trace her not virgin pussy, and his hard 8 inch cock press against her non virgin ass.  

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