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A few years back my wife Clara arrived home from after work drinks she was pretty wasted to say the least,after the taxi had dropped her off she staggered about the lounge and finally sat down on the floor, told me how some guy at the bar had tried to pick her up but she had said no,removed her shoes and curled up in a ball on the shag pile rug and went to sleep,
I decided to leave her there and went off to bed, about 20 minutes later I decided I couldn't sleep so decided I was going to have a little fun,
I crept out to the lounge completely naked and started to gently rub her back while unzipping her short blue dress,it was pitch black and hard to see I managed to pull it down to about her waist when she woke up. She reached out and bumped into my hard cock and wrapped her hand around it and started to gently stroke it "Where am I?" she asked I just said "Shh" with that she stood up dropped her dress and underwear found my cock again and started to suck it, I lay down on my back and pulled her into a 69 position and started to eat and lick her shaved pussy, her head was really bobbing up and down on my dick by now and she was starting to shove her cunt into my face with a fair bit of force.
She rolled off me and got on her hands and knees andsaid "Fuck me you dirty bastard" so I did, I pumped her until I shot my load into her hot wet pussy, after wards without a word I helped her dress and she lay back down and went to sleep.
The next morning I awoke to find she had found her way down to the bedroom and was asleep on the bed still fully clothed so I got up made her a cup of tea and returned.
"How's your head this morning?" I asked "Sore" came the reply as she sat up to sip her tea.
"Anything exciting happen last night?" I inquired "No" came the reply as she said it her face dropped she went bright red "How did you get home?" "Taxi I think" "God what happened I have bits of memory but I don't know what happened in what order" she slowly said "Hey we didn't. . . . . . " she asked "Did what?" I replied "Nothing" came the answer.
Finally she said "I need to go to the bathroom" she got up and went and was gone a while. When she returned she looked horrified I'm guessing she discovered semen either dripping out of her or on her underwear.
Needless to say she was very quiet for the weekend, she got over it eventuallyshe never mentioned it to me sometimes I think I should have told her but for one reason or another I never did. .

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