Shelly Caught on Cam


My wife has been a severe pain in the ass lately.   Now I can’t say it is ENTIRELY her fault that we have not been getting along, but to make a long story short we’ve been having difficulties for quite a while.   Due to this, our sex life has been in a nutshell, pitiful.  
I have always been a very sexual person.  My wife, Shelly, used to be as well, but over the past few years she has become less … how can I say … adventurous.   Our sex life now exists of ‘wham-bam-thank-you ma’am’, which really does little for me.   I remember the times when we would have foreplay for hours, use toys, watch ‘adult movies’ etc, but lately it has been nothing but straight intercourse when the urge gets too strong to quell – and that is even far too rare lately.
If I lived in a city I would be likely out in the bars looking for someone with whom to relieve some of my sexual frustration, but since I live in a small town, hours away from the nearest city the possibilities are severely limited.  
That leaves the internet.  
For some time now I have been going into the chatrooms online and meeting up with women who are apparently in similar situations to mine – not getting enough at home and looking for a little fun online.   I was actually quite surprised how many women are out there who are as horny as I am and are willing to share their desires.   It was unexpected that they would tell me about their fantasies while chatting online, but I was amazed that some would play with themselves while doing it.   I was really thrilled when some of these women had cameras and would show themselves playing online – WOW!
Not being shy myself, I too got a camera and had a lot of fun sharing ‘playtime’ with some of these women.
Having the camera was something I had to keep hidden from my wife though. I could not come up with a good excuse for having it, so I kept it secreted away and only brought it out when my wife was out of the house.   Having the camera in secret is the reason I got to see something I never thought I would.

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Shelly and I generally argue about little things, including who is doing more around the house.   Her work is only part-time, so I get upset when I come home from work and find the house a mess when she has been home all day.   She tells me that she is ‘busy’ during the day but I see little evidence that anything is being done around the house.   I decided to give myself an edge in our argument about what was going on at home.   I had seen advertisements on the internet about software that let you watch your house when you weren’t home. I think it was meant for security, or to monitor your kids or something, but I thought that I could use it to see for myself what Shelly did at home when I was at work. I assumed I would see her sitting around watching soaps all day, chatting on the phone or whatever – I was in for a little bit of a surprise.
Getting up early one morning, I hid the camera inside a vase that was on top of the entertainment center in the living room.   Running the cable through the maze of wires that connected to the TV and stereo, I tucked it through the vent that was common to the living room and the study.   I turned on the computer, connected the camera and saw that it gave a very good view of the living room.   After downloading the software, I hid the icon for it, and left the computer on. I was all set-up now to gather evidence that Shelly sat around and did nothing all day, I left for work.
Arriving at my office I closed the door, sat at the computer, and typed in the web address that came with the ‘spy’ software.   I followed the simple instructions and within a couple of minutes I was connected and in control of the computer at home – very cool. I activated camera view and again saw my living room, it was still quiet – Shelly must still be in bed.

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    I decided to give her a call and get her up – hell if I had to be at work all day, at least she could be awake.
Shelly answered the phone groggily, sleep coming through in her voice.
“Hi” I said “Still sleeping?”
“Ummm, yeah…. ”
“Oh sorry for waking you up” I lied, “I just wanted to remind you to get some shaving crème for me when you go shopping today”
“Ok, I will.   Ummm what time will you be home today?”
“Oh, regular time I suppose. Why?”
“Oh, no reason – wondering what time to make supper is all. ”
“Ok. ”
“I’ll let you go then. ”
“K. Bye. ”
The phone went dead and I imagined I would see Shelly on the screen in a couple of minutes.   She was awake now and the trip to the washroom she would likely have to make would take her right through the living room.   I didn’t have to wait long, I saw her at the far end of the room coming through the door.    Still in her PJ’s she stepped quickly through the room and then disappeared through the bathroom doorway.
My work is quite technical, and my boss lets me pretty much run with it, he never asks what I am working on, he just e-mails assignments to me and leaves me alone.

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    I will on occasion leave my door closed while I am working, so I can concentrate, so I was pretty confident I could watch Shelly while at work and no-one would be the wiser.   Besides, I figured, I would just be checking every few minutes to confirm she was sitting on the sofa watching TV or whatever, I would still be able to work.
While Shelly was in the washroom, I started on my first task at work while keeping the camera view open in a small window on my screen.   I was working my way through a problem when I saw Shelly come out of the bathroom and park her ass on the sofa – ah ha! Just as I expected.  
This was cool!  I felt kinda mischievous watching Shelly while she was oblivious to me seeing her sitting there.   Surprisingly, she only sat for a few moments then proceeded into the study. I lost sight of her as she stepped though the doorway.
‘What is she doing now?’ I wondered. ‘Probably on the computer’ I thought, it was a good thing I had put the camera on ‘hide’ mode. I realized something else as well.   If she was going to be on the computer I could see what she was doing.   The software I had downloaded allowed me to secretly view the host computer screen. Cool. I looked into the help file of the spy software to figure how to see the screen at home. Following the directions I soon had Shelly’s screen open on my desktop.

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    Man, this was so cool! ‘I should be a private eye or something’, I told myself.
I soon realized that I was not much of a investigator.   While I watched Shelly’s screen on the computer I saw something that caught me completely off guard, Shelly opened the Yahoo! chat site. That is the site that I always went to when I was looking to fool around online!
I realized though that there were many chat rooms in Yahoo! and I’m sure some would be of interest to Shelly, not all the sites were ‘Adult’ oriented. It would be a ‘Movies’ or ‘Crafts’ site that Shelly would be coming here for I rationalized. That was not the case I soon saw however.
As soon as she was logged in I saw that she went immediately to the ‘Married and Looking’ site.   My god! That is where I always went!  Did she find out that I was going here and was trying to find someone who knew me? Did she know my login name?  My fears of her trying to catch me fooling around were soon put to rest when I saw what she was up to.   I now noticed her login name as well – ‘1456_wet_princess’.   My god!! Was she actually in Yahoo! playing like I do?!
It was obvious she was, and with a passion.   Immediately after she logged in she was actively searching out men with cameras and asking to view.   With a login name like ‘wet_princess’ most men immediately opened their camera to her.
She soon had 4 cameras open on her, and my, desktop.   The men were in various stages of undress - two of them were completely naked and stroking full raging hard-ons!
 I was stunned.   Shelly, who had been so inhibited lately, was now openly watching these men, complete strangers, stroke their meat.

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    I was at once angry and intrigued by the fact that Shelly was watching these men jack off.   I wondered how often she had watched this, and wondered if she played along.   I know many women love to play with themselves when I play on camera, was Shelly like that too?
Shelly opened a chat window to one of the guys who was playing with his cock. It was huge.
            Mmmm …. . nice cock  she typed.
            I’d love to see you cum
            Would you?
            Mmmm YES please.
Holy SHIT!!  Shelly was loving this! She was asking to see him cum! I couldn’t believe it.  
Another chat window opened as someone sent Shelly an Instant Message.
            Hi Shelly…. how’s my sweetie?
            Jason! Great. Yours?
Who the hell was Jason? And why was he calling Shelly ‘sweetie’? Likely someone she watched cum on here I figured.
            So far so good, I’ve got today off.
            Do you? She asked.

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            Yep. Whatcha doin’?
            Oh …. . watching…. J
            You’re naughty…. lol
            Aint I…. lol…. . Where’s Cindy?
Cindy? Must be ‘Jason’s’ wife. She knows this guy’s wife’s name? How long had they been chatting and whatever else on here?
            So’s Brent  J
            Is he?
            Yep…. I’m home all day all alone…… L
            Hang on, I’m gonna phone you.
The typing in the chat window stopped and the mouse was stationary on the screen. It seemed that this Jason guy was what she was looking for in the chatroom. My head was spinning.

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   Here I thought my wife was just being lazy, when the fact of the matter was she was being a bit of a slut.   And now she was going to be on the phone with some guy from the internet!!
In my camera view I now saw Shelly move from the study to the living room and pick up the phone. I had to assume it was Jason. She smiled as she talked and I could see her laugh as well.   She appeared to really enjoy talking to this ‘Jason’ guy.   I was starting to get a bit more jealous and wished I knew what the conversation was about.   They only talked for a couple of minutes before Shelly put down the phone, looked at her watch and hurried out of the room.
I never even considered the work I was supposed to be doing as I was stunned by what I had seen over the last 20 minutes.   My wife was slutting around on the internet watching men jack-off and talking to them on the phone.   I was tempted to go home right now and confront her about it, but really didn’t know what to say.   Actually I was a bit interested in the fact that Shelly liked to watch men, I had always dreamed of a bit of a swinger’s lifestyle and if Shelly was into other men……then maybe…. .
If we were to ‘swing’, would I be able to accept her fucking other men? Would she want to?  I considered that for a minute and realized that if I desired other women, why wouldn’t she desire other men. She obviously liked watching other men masturbate.   It might be kind of kinky to watch my wife get fucked by someone else – imagine fucking some new lover while I watched some guy balls deep in my wife.

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   The thought of it actually aroused me and I could feel a twitch in my pants.
As I sat there pondering the possibilities Shelly re-entered the living room.   She hadn’t changed her clothes but I could see that she had taken a shower, her hair was wet and she was brushing it as she sat down on the sofa.   She sat there brushing her hair quietly for a few minutes then suddenly she jumped up, peeked out the curtains and then hurried out of the room.
Someone was at the door I guessed.
Shelly disappeared from view for a few minutes and then re-appeared – someone was with her.
 ‘OHH…’ I realized, ‘THAT Jason!’ Now I knew who ‘Jason and Cindy’ were.   We had played baseball together last summer. They lived in the same town but we never socialized, or at least we never ALL socialized.   It was apparent that Jason and Shelly were quite more than social.   My god!! If he was with Shelly, with me being away at work – her greeting him in her PJ’s, it could only mean one thing -They were fucking!  Son of a bitch! - some detective I was - had to see it on camera to catch on…
All manner of things ran though my head now…. Was she actually fucking him? How long had this been going on? Did she suck his cock like she used to suck mine? Was he better in bed than I was?  I was really at a loss what to think or do.
I was sure of one thing though…. I was going to watch and find out what was happening.
Well, It didn’t take long to find out.

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    Shelly, still in her PJ’s sat down on the sofa and Jason sat beside her.   She turned to him, took his hand in hers and laid on her thigh.   Then she leaned into him giving him a deep wet kiss.
That BITCH! She was being such a slut! The odd part of it was, I was excited by it - I instantly felt my prick jump in my pants. Quickly getting up, I went down the hall to tell my boss that I was going to have to go home for the rest of the day. I didn’t want him looking for me. I then went back to my office and locked the door.   Turning off the light in my office, lest someone see it on under the door, I sat down to see exactly what was going to become of this – it was pretty obvious I guess…
I fluked out how I had set the camera up, Shelly and Jason were in perfect view, I wondered if they ever considered that I would find out about them, let alone sit here and watch their every move.
As they continued to kiss passionately, Jason's hand on Shelly's thigh was now in full motion.   He took long gently caresses along the inside of her thigh, I knew that this tuned Shelly on.   Apparently Jason did as well. His caresses were soon rewarded as Shelly gratuitously spread her legs for him allowing his hand to migrate up and find her pussy.   This was incredible – here was I, sitting at work watching my wife be fondled by another man, and I felt my cock growing as he did.   I have watched a few couples fuck live on webcam, none of them came close to being as much of a turn on as this.  
‘Damn’ I thought, ‘I should have set up a mic too’, in my mind I could hear Shelly’s sexy moaning, she was never quiet during any kind of sex, and judging by the way she was squirming on Jason's hand now, she would be making all kinds of sexy sounds.

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    Shelly's legs were wide open now and I could see that she was rocking her panty covered pussy eagerly against Jason's hand.   Her own hand now was returning the favor, I watched as she reached between Jason's legs and massaged his cock through his jeans.
Her passion was obviously intense, she broke their kiss and laid her head back on the sofa to gather her breath. As she reclined, her hand never missed a beat, she continued to stroke and squeeze Jason's cock as she regained her breath - her eyes closed in pleasure.
I could feel my cock growing to match the bulge in Jason’s pants – well, almost growing as much anyway.   It was obvious that Jason’s growing cock was huge. Even through his pants I could tell that he had quite a unit, and Shelly was eagerly stroking it to achieve it’s full length.  
Having caught her breath, Shelly leaned forward and turned more fully toward Jason. I caught the lustful grin she gave him before she reached over with her other hand to unfasten his belt.   Her eyes were locked completely on his crotch as she released the button of his pants then lowered his zipper.   Jason continued to massage Shelly's pussy and she was relishing it.   I had fortunately spent the extra $50 and bought a high quality camera.   With it I could see the flush of excitement on her cheeks and throat.   I had not seen her look this horny in a long time.   Her hands were quivering in either her own excitement or anticipation, as she reached into the open fly of Jason’s pants and stroked his cock, now only constricted by his underwear.


    She appeared to be mesmerized by his organ. I had to admit jealously that it was impressive.   As she played more and more with it, the snake that he had trapped in his pants continued to grow. Easily two inches of it protruded out of the top of his underwear and Shelly was captivated by it.  
I felt somewhat embarrassed by my own six and a half inches. I had never had complaints, but it was obvious by Shelly's actions and expression that she really REALLY like Jason's huge cock.
Shelly, broke her gaze away from Jason's cock and looked at his face. She gave him that same slutty, horny smile then slid off of the sofa.   She nestled herself between his legs and bent over his lap.   Due to the camera position I could not see details, but it was obvious what she was doing. Her head began to bob slowly up and down in his lap. Jason's hand was on the back of her head and he leaned back on the sofa – MY sofa, as I watched my wife bobbing up and down  on his cock! 
It was crazy but this was a GREAT turn on for me and I felt my own passion rising.   Taking a quick glance to double check that my office door was locked, I slipped down my own fly to release my cock.   It was fully erect, and as soon as it was released from its confines I instinctively started to stroke it in rhythm to the view I had of my wife sucking Jason's huge cock.
Jason raised himself off of the sofa slightly, hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his pants and underwear, and slid them down his thighs.

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    Shelly took over from there and finished pushing them down his legs.   As she leaned back to toss his clothes aside, I saw the monster they had hidden. My god! It was huge!! Shelly now stood up and turning toward me, or the camera, faced her ass to Jason.   I saw her smile as she gazed unfocused in my direction raising her nightgown slowly up and off of her.   She turned around, looking over her shoulder, then lowered her panties down past her hips, then let them drop.
I could see Jason's eyes staring at my wife’s ass, she wiggled it at him, smiling with that naughty grin, then she turned her head to face him.   She backed up toward Jason bringing her naked ass toward him.   As she neared the sofa she half squatted, reaching between her legs to take his cock in her hand.   With slow and focused movement she held his cock as she lowered herself slowly down, down, down.   Her eyes were closed tight in concentration.   I was certain she was seeing how much of Jason’s missile she could get inside of her.   I was amazed, shocked, and extremely aroused as I watched her take half of it, rise up to relieve the pressure and then lower herself further and further down onto that huge cock. Her glazed eyes were opened wide as she worked on engulfing his organ. Shelly was oblivious to the fact that she was staring right at me as she looked with unseeing eyes and focused her attention on swallowing Jason’s gigantic member inside her pussy.  
With his hands on her hips Jason guided her as she tried to swallow him.

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   With several stop and starts over two or three minutes, she had most of him inside her. She apparently wasn’t content with that however. She swallowed, closed her eyes tightly, I saw her mouth open in a squeal as she dropped herself the last inch or so, landing solidly on Jason's thighs.
 ‘Holy FUCK!’ I thought, she took the whole thing!!. ’  Shelly stopped all movement as she grew accustomed to having Jason inside of her, then after a few moments started to grind her ass into him with a steady rhythm.
The sight of Shelly now rocking gently and steadily on Jason's cock was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.   I knew how wet my wife got when she was aroused and she was VERY aroused now. I could see in my mind’s eye the juices cascading out her pussy, over Jason's balls and leeching down onto my sofa off of his ass.   It was hugely exciting for me and I felt a drop of precum ooze from my cock as I watched this guy, who I barely knew, fuck my wife royally on my own sofa. Again I wished I could hear Shelly's vocalizations.
I could see her mouth moving and it was only from my memory I could hear her squeals and grunts. I never thought I would enjoy watching my wife so thoroughly enjoying fucking someone else, but I certainly was.   My own arousal was intense, I was mesmerized by the scene that had played out in front of me.   I was steadily stroking my cock now, and wishing I was inside Shelly's wet slit feeling its liquid velvet myself.   Trying to get at least some of the sensation I spit on my hand to lubricate my cock.

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   I was rewarded with a great increase in my own pleasure.   I didn’t care now if I was at work, I knew I would cum watching my wife ride Jason. It was exciting to think that I was watching this all like it was a film, but knowing it was live – right now occurring in my own living room on my own sofa.
 Jason's hands were still on her hips as he helped her ride up and down on his cock.   She appeared to be comfortable now with his size and was taking longer and more forceful thrusts down onto him.   Her hands were on her thighs for leverage and she was bobbing her ass steadily now. Her head had dropped down, her chin near her chest, she appeared to be watching her hungry quim as she proudly rode Jason's great member, stroke after stroke after stroke. Her tempo soon increased  in both speed and intent.  She was fucking his cock now like a woman possessed.   Hard and fast she rode him for a couple of minutes, her head thrown back as she savoured him completely filling her.
Shelly slowed her thrusts, likely to prevent her own orgasm, then leaned forward raising herself slowly to her feet.   I saw her reluctantly withdraw from Jason, his cock slowly slipping out of her wet cleft . She had to raise up a long way before he was completely out of her. She half turned to him and I saw her lips move as she said something to him.  Jason rose off of the sofa as well.

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    Shelly now replaced Jason on the sofa except she positioned herself on her hands and knees.   Well one knee, anyway. She placed her hands on the armrest and one knee on the sofa. Her other foot was still on the floor when Jason slid in behind her. He too put one knee on the sofa and one foot on the floor and his hands were on her waist as he drew himself close to her.  
With a side view I now had a full appreciation of the enormity of Jason's meat.   If I hadn’t seen Shelly take it all inside of her I wouldn’t have believed it, but as big as it was, it couldn’t feel better to him than mine did to me right now.
Jason snuggled in behind her and Shelly visibly stretched her ass back to meet him.   He moved toward her, holding his cock in one hand, he guided it toward her like a lance. He stopped coming forward as the tip of his cock touched her slit. She leaned back further until his probing member split her lips.   Shelly’s pussy must have been now accustomed to Jason’s size. She held firm as Jason almost viciously shot his hips forward instantly burying his monster inside her to the hilt.   Her mouth opened in a cry of pleasure that I wish I could have heard.
My cock was oozing precum steadily now and with its lubrication mixed with my own saliva I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

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   Watching my wife throw her ass back against Jason as he fucked her pussy hard was far more exciting than I could have imagined.  
Shelly was firmly grasping the arm of the sofa to brace against Jason’s thrusts as he rammed his huge prize into her over and over.   I knew Shelly. She loved it hard like this, and Jason was giving it to her like I only wished I could.  
Shelly raised her head and as she threw it back I saw the expression on her face.   I felt my cock jump in my hand as I shot my first wad of cum.   Shelly was deep, deep in orgasm.   I could see her quiver as she tried to control her motions while she bucked hard against Jason’s member.   I shot rope after rope of sperm onto my desk, my keyboard and myself as I watched my wife cum long and hard.   Jason held up his pace for Shelly as she rode him through her orgasm then as her gyrations subsided he pushed hard and deep into her.   He grabbed her hips and as he forced himself as deep into her as he could I saw his body twitch as he pumped his cum into my wife.   His orgasm set Shelly off again. She immediately began to push and convulse against him as he splashed her womb with his seed.  
Jason dropped his head down on Shelly’s back as his orgasm subsided.   Shelly too was justifiably exhausted from her own orgasms and she dropped easily down onto the sofa.

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    As she fell away from Jason his cock lazily popped out of her and I saw a gush of their juices ooze from her pussy to drip onto my sofa.
The mess they had made on my furniture was as bad as the mess I had made  myself on my desk and keyboard.   I sat now in my own ejaculate watching my wife relax in the afterglow of the sex she had just had with another man.   I was surprised to find myself not mad or jealous.   I was in fact still aroused, my still solidly erect cock a testament to the fact.   I wonder what Shelly would think if she knew that I was aroused by her fucking other men.   Would she let me watch her do it live?
Shelly, I saw, had still not had enough of Jason’s huge cock. She had already recovered from her orgasm and had taken Jason’s meat in her mouth.
Now, I thought, is the time to find out what she’d think of being watched.   I knew I could sneak in the house without her hearing me….   I began to clean up my mess so I could head home to watch my wife and her lover…….
If you like this story, send me an e-mail   _brent_123@excite. com  or search my name on this site and tell me which story you liked best.

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